Novel Name : Love in full bloom

Chapter 195 “Killed my child.”

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&#lt;p&#gt;Aunt Qin had been silent and she said slowly after watching everyone, “It’s late, let’s go into the
conference room.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Mrs. Qin nodded and greeted everyone into the conference room and she gave up the middle position
to Aunt Qin, “Auntie, you are a judge and I wish you preside over this meeting, you know better than
me what to ask.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Aunt Qin had already seen the surveillance video when she came and had some understanding, “Well,
no one is allowed to cry from now on and this will not solve the problem.” Of course, her words was to
Mo Mengshan and her mother. Mo Mengshan and her mother looked at each other and knew that Aunt
Qin was the mysterious figure as Qin Yiman said, which could be a powerful person and they had to
deal with it carefully. They came forward and sat deliberately next to Qin Yichen, as if they were his
wife and mother-in-low but Mo Qinyu was a lover.
&#lt;p&#gt;However, Mo Qinyu didn’t care about it and sat opposite them.
&#lt;p&#gt;Mrs. Mo felt bad for her daughter because Qin Yichen could hook up with Mo Mengshan, which
showed that he didn’t care about her daughter at all and was very playful by nature. How could such a
man she trust? Besides, there was a fierce elder sister who treated her daughter like an enemy, Mo
Qinyu would never have a good life if she married Qin Yichen. Relatively speaking, Xu Ruochen was
much better who was warm and gentle, Mrs. Mo thought that Mo Mengshan would be much happier if
she was with him.
&#lt;p&#gt;Aunt Qin opened the LCD screen and there was the surveillance recorded from the hotel in it.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No one knows what happened in the corridor, so why are you dragging inside? Express your
explaination one by one” Mo Mengshan said sarcastically, “Let my sister tell you first and she would
have chance to explain it.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Mo Qinyu said slowly and clearly, “I was going to take my parents to dinner on the other day when Mo
Mengshan and aunt came and they forced me to talk about something in the corridor but I didn’t know
what happened, which they had to go to the corridor to talk about. I went with them and I was asked by
Mo Mengshan if I spoke ill of her in front of Qin Yichen, I told her that I didn’t but she didn’t believe it
and suddenly became excited, saying that I was jealous that Qin Yichen like her and said that I wanted
to drive her away and harm her child.” Mo Qinyu paused for seconds and continued, “No matter what I
explain, she didn’t listen to me and desperately pulled me with her hands, I was worried about being
dragged by her, holding on to the fence and I asked her to let me go but she didn’t and drag me crazily,
pulling my sleeve broken. I didn’t know how she fell and if it was caused by me, what I did was a
normal reaction to protect myself from being dragged down…”
&#lt;p&#gt;After Mo Qinyu said, Aunt Qin nodded and asked Mo Mengshan to say, who pretended to be shocked,
“Qinyu, did I specifically went to the hotel to ask if you speak ill of me?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“That’s what surprised me, why do you have to go to the corridor to talk about it instead of a coffee or
tea shop?” Mo Qinyu shrugged but Mo Mengshan twitched, “Qinyu, why don’t you tell the truth? why
did I ask you to talk in the corridor? What was it?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I don’t understand what you mean?” Mo Qinyu froze slightly, not knowing what tricks she was playing.
&#lt;p&#gt;Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “Say! What are you talking about?” Mo Mengshan
said, “I wanted to talk about it with you alone considering our relationship but I didn’t expect that you
would kill my child cruelly.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mo Mengshan, you can speak out your thoughts directly, by the way, there is no relationship between
us.” Mo Qinyu said without hesitation. Mo Mengshan was the one who killed her baby but now sued
first. If it weren’t for her pregnancy, she would have to expose all their evil deeds so that they would get
the punishment they deserve.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Mo Mengshan looked distraught, “Well, since it’s what you want to say, then I don’t have to hide it for
you.” She opened slide on the conference table and passed the picture on the phone, which were a
bunch of scary and bloody pictures that the peeled fetus and the fetus soaked in formalin, terrifying
&#lt;p&#gt;Aunt exclaimed, “Oh my God, what is it?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“It was sent to me from Qinyu on QQ and she used these pictures to intimidate me every day.” Mo
Mengshan held her arms and trembled while she said, “I can see these horrible pictures as long as I
opened QQ, these pictures were so terrible, which were all unborn babies, I don’t know why she
treated me like this, I’m about to collapse!”
&#lt;p&#gt;After that, she busted into tears, which shocked Mo Qinyu, “Mo Mengshan, you didn’t take any pictures
at all that time and these pictures were not sent by me.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Qinyu, All these pictures sent from your QQ and you confess to me personally in the corridor that it
was you sent.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Mo Mengshan stared at her momentarily and every word seemed like strong evidence to nail her to the
cross of sin and nowhere to turn.
&#lt;p&#gt;Aunt slammed the table and shouted, “Mo Qinyu, why are you so vicious, are you trying to scare
Mengshan into a miscarriage?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mrs. Mo, things haven't been figured out yet, calm down please.” Aunt Qin said in a low voice.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Isn't that clear? Everything was made by Mo Qinyu, who sent horror pictures to scare Mengshan and
pushed her downstairs, causing her to have a miscarriage, you’d better to hurry her off or you would
never have a good life and there would no peace in your home anymore.” Aunt said violently.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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