Novel Name : Love in full bloom

Chapter 18You make me shameful

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&#lt;p&#gt;"I ask you to laugh!”He clenched his teeth, and the words seemed to come out of his mouth after
She found it funny that he asked her to laugh!
She was insulted and bullied in that club, and she was kissed by him, after those. He should wanted
her to laugh!
She was not an actress!
"I can't laugh."She pressed her lips together.
"Don’t pretend, you just smiled to another man."His ironic gaze seemed to cut her pale face.
"He helped me, and I was grateful to him.He is the only one in the club who wanted to help me, unlike
the cold ones who just stood by.”Her tone was mocking, and her eyes were full of the born feral ferocity
"You ask for it and you deserve it!"He snorted coldly, his curved and graceful lips hanging with a
bloodthirsty look.
He was waiting for her to show identity, but she didn't. She never said a word about it. When
questioned, she even didn't defend it.
Stupid as dumb as a pig, the usual tongue had gone,she deserved to be attacked!
"You're right. I asked for it. I shouldn't come here, and I shouldn't marry to Qin family."
She had a sad smile on her face. "it was my cousin who was supposed to marry you. She was raised
according to the standards of a wealthy daughter-in-law.If she married you, you guys would love
her.Not so with me. I'm a free-range tomboy. I don't know manners, I don't know how to dress. I can’t
be friends with you childes!”
There was a flash of ineffable emotion in Qin Yichen's heart, but only for a moment, it disappeared.
Moonlight streamed in through the window and shone on her face.
Her little white face looked pure, clean, bright, but childish, her large eyes which drenched in mist were
like two cold stars in the sky, bright, profound, and white.
If she wasn’t second-hand, if she wasn’t a peacockish woman , he would have thought she was pure
and beautiful. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;But appearances were just appearances, she just had a face which could confuse people.
"Since that, why not get away?"
"I have to keep promise for the Mo family."She stiffened her back a little.
"Is it not for the money?”His pretty mouth curved with a cold sneer, and a light rhetorical question, like a
thorn, went straight into her grave.
She was indeed for money. The dignity and ambition would become clouds when people in a desperate
"I can't get anything from the Qin family except money."She shrugged her shoulders, and a slight smile
came over her face, both mocking and pitying herself.
"If you want to get, you have to give." Qin Yichen squeezed his eyes with anger flashed in his eyes.
Insatiable woman, he would make her pay what she deserved!
Out of the car, he took off his coat and threw it over her body, as if to cover her confusion.
Qin Yiman, who had returned, described the situation in the party to Mr Qin exaggeratively.
Mrs Qin had a sneer on her face, she knew that that woman would lose face.
A wild girl from the countryside, wearing outdated second-hand clothes, to attend a celebrity party, how
could she be honored?
Seeing Mo Qinyu back, her face darkened.
"I'm asking you to expand your horizon, not to be disgraced."
Mo Qinyu breathed deeply.
Her sister-in-law must inform secretly.
Only mother-in-law and sister-in-law are hard to keep !
"Mother, please calm down. This time I did not disgrace the Qin family. There was a woman called
Wang yuanyuan, who insulted me and threw wine at me.I hit her back hard with two slaps on her face,
Yichen has said that the rules of the Qin family is reciprocity, I keep in mind and never dare to break the
rules.Others respect me, I will return to her.We will never disgrace the Qin family."
Saying this, her tone was turned,"But there's one thing I don't know if I did right.They were questioning
my identity, asking if I was from the Qin family, and I didn't dare to admit it.Because if I confess, and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;they will find sister to recognize me..So many people questioned me but sister didn't come out to clear
my name, so I thought she didn’t want to admit me.I couldn't put sister on the spot, so I gritted my teeth
and didn't dare to admit it.Mother, do you think if such a thing happens again in the future, should I
admit that I am one of the Qin family, or not?"
Qin Yichen looked at her shaking her head and suddenly felt very funny.
The small hedgehog had a sharp tongue, and hurt person deeply.
"Good, those two pals were really good, you didn't humiliate me."
His words seemed to help Mo Qinyu.
Mrs Qin originally wanted to mercilessly reprimanded her and carried out of the family law to give her a
lesson, but her words and her son’s "protection" made her swallow all the words, just like being
plugged up by a stopper.
"As long as you don't disgrace the Qin family, you can say whatever you want."
Qin Yiman's mouth twisted suddenly as if being stung by a wasp. Mo Qinyu's remark apparently
countered her and criticized her gloating.
"Can't you dress decently when you go out? Why do you dress like a beggar in second-hand goods?"
“Sister, these are not second-hand clothes. They were brand new when I bought them.My consumption
concept is still in the poor class, not used to throw clothes after the season, so I refurbished them
myself.I will try my best to correct them in the future."Mo Qinyu said with self-deprecating tone.
"Before you change them, or less access to celebrity places, or I don’t know if I should admit you or
not."Qin Yiman said cynically.
Qin Yichen glanced at her faintly, "my woman, I teach myself, if you are free, go back to adjust your
man."he grabbed Mo Qinyu's hand and went upstairs.
Qin Yiman's face turned blue and white. "mommy, isn’t this guy helping Mo Qinyu? Does he really want
to keep a bumpkin in family."
"Well, you must be careful not to scold her in public; after all, she is Yichen’s wife now."Mrs Qin
Entering the room, Mo Qinyu took off her coat and said, "here it is." &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;"Throw it away."He tossed out two words coldly.
She paused lightly, "why?"
"Dirty."He frowned, across a trace of disgust.
She was a dirty woman and dirtied his clothes.
"Can I wash it for you and give it to you back?"She swallowed the resentment hard.
“Can it be washed clean?"He laughed at her.
She couldn't even wash herself clean, let alone his clothes.
She was about to be crazy, "If you think I am dirty, don't give me your clothes."
"It's a shame for me that you look like a ghost."With a petulant look on his face, he came over and
grabbed her collar, tearing her skirt in half. &#lt;/p&#gt;
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