Novel Name : Love in full bloom

Chapter 17 Don't be afraid. I'll protect you.

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&#lt;p&#gt;They were not willing to keep company with her, so why did she flatter herself to explain that she was
from Qin family.
"She's my date now and has no relationship with the Qin family."Xu Ruochen blocked in front of her,
completely put her into his own private category.
"Mr Xu really knows how to be kind to woman. If you spend more money, she would surely be willing to
spend a night with you."Wang yuanyuan scoffed.
“ Miss, why do you still greet me with a stream of abuse when you think you are noble, just as the
country shrew! "Mo Qinyu shot back.
"Shut up, country vixen."Wang yuanyuan said angrily.
"Keep your mouth clean, you know, I never mind hitting a cheap woman."Xu Ruochen’s smile
deepened, but the kill intent was also very heavy.
Wang yuanyuan felt it, shivered, and involuntarily stepped back.
At this moment, a voice came from the club, "Mr Qin came down, Mr Qin came down."
Everyone looked away, and females' eyes shone with excitement.
Qin Yichen was like the god from the palace of the paradise, step by step slowly walked down, with the
king of aura shocked the world.
His outstanding figure became particularly noble tall and straight under the blue evening dress.
Delicate facial features, as if were crafted by the god, no dead Angle from 360 degrees and he was
really perfect.
A pair of charming peach eyes, cold and deep, like the most bright stars in the north.
The bridge of the nose was straight, the lips were moderately thin with extremely beautiful shape, just
as pink as like the cherry blossom, when they slightly rose, they would be filled with a little rebellious
cold arc.
Different from the born smiling face of Xu Ruochen, he belonged to ice department.With mobile
iceberg, people dared not to easily close, only looking up with 45 degrees Angle silently.
Wang yuanyuan seemed to find her saviour, then ran to him. "Mr Qin, there is a poor woman behaving
under your name, who is cheating and eating and drinking, what’s more, she is so rampant!” &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;All the people put on expressions of schadenfreude and waited for Mo Qinyu to be taught..
Only Pang Xiaofan slipped away secretly.
She had to stay out of it because she was still scared about the last accident in company.
Wang yuanyuan was completely kept in the dark with pleasure on her face, she thought she would
revenge later.
As Qin Yichen walked over, Finn behind him lifted a full bottle of whiskey and fell over Wang yuan-
yuan's head.
Wang yuanyuan screamed and was drenched.
Everyone gasped.
Qin Yichen stopped at three meters away from Mo Qinyu.
He lifted his forefinger and curled it, as if to summon a pet.
No one but Mo Qinyu knew who he was calling.
He was summoning her.
She didn't want to go, and wanted to pretend to ignore it.
She hated the devil. He and Qin Yiman were clearly in, but looked on coldly and did not come out for
her, just looking at her being bullied.
Was this a fun show for them?
Brash and stone-hearted bastard!
She clenched her fists and wanted to resist him.
His eyes were extremely cold, as if frozen without a trace of temperature.
If she did not go, he would immediately chain her up and drag her back like a drowning dog!
"You needn't be afraid. Stay right behind me. I won't let him bully you."Xu Ruochen’s gentle voice
passed over.
Xu family's power was far from enough to fight against the Qin family, but Xu Ruochen didn’t afraid of
Qin Yichen, because they were born enemies.
"Thank you, Mr Lu, you're the only good person here."And the only person who could make her feel
warm. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She didn't want to involve him in troubles, so she walked out slowly.
Her footsteps seem to have a thousand pounds of weight, step by step, step by step, so heavy.
Qin Yichen’s heart was full of flames of fury.
Her expression could be described in three words: face death unflinchingly. .
Just now, she smiled to Xu Ruochen brightly and played the coquette, but to him, she showed a look of
going to the execution ground , was he abyss and endless hell?
When she was one step away from him, he stretched out his iron arm, seized her wrist and pulled her
into his arms.
He kissed her without saying a word.
No, it was not a kiss, it was a bite, a punishment, he was declaring his sovereignty.
She was his private thing !
Mo Qinyu's body was stiff as if it had been petrified in an instant.
He felt it and was more angry, he became more bossy, more brutal and more unbridled to vent anger .
She locked her eyebrow in pain, trying to push him away, but she didn’t move.She knew that if she fight
against him in public, she would get more severe torture.
Everyone around was sighing.
"God, she's really from the Qin family."
"Fortunately I said nothing just now, otherwise I would offend Qin Yichen."
"Wang yuanyuan is definitely going to die, and the Wang family will also be involved in."
The derisive eyes of female people turned to envy completely. the arrogant Mr Qin never had emotion
to a woman, let alone a kiss.
And this woman was happily enjoying his solid chest and sexy thin lips.
Wang yuanyuan fell down on the stairs, shivering. No one dared to help her and afraid to be infected
with her bad luck.
Xu Ruochen’s eyes flashed a cold light, in fact, he believed the words of the security guard.
This woman was candid and simple,she couldn't lie. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She intrigued him, not only because of the bracelet.
She said he was the only good man here, those bad people, must also include Qin Yichen.
This was a breakthrough.
After a long time, Qin Yichen loosed the woman in his arms.Her face was pale, as white as a piece of
paper, red and swollen lips oozing blood which made her lips more bright, as if a bit of vermilion on a
white paper.
His expression without any pity, his cold eyes floated over her, finally fell on the face of Xu Ruochen, as
sharp as a blade with bloodthirsty kill intent.
It was a silent warning.
This woman was his, they were courting death if Xu Ruochen or others dare to touch.
Xu Ruochen was a wise man, he knew how to advance and retreat, then he was very self-conscious to
sit in the corner and lowered the head to drink wine, like to compromise.
But in his heart he did not compromise.
Qin Yiman was still on the second floor. She casually took a sip of coffee and looked like she was
watching a play.
This woman was a decoration in her younger brother’s heart in Qin family, and even an ugly
But her ability to attract bees and butterflies was quite strong.
She needed to be reminded from time to time to help her figure out her position.
"Mr Qin, we didn't know this young lady is the person of Qin family, sorry to offend her, we will offer a
humble apology tomorrow."
"Wang yuanyuan made the trouble, and we were also fooled by her."
Everybody was anxious to extricate himself, lest offend the man.
Qin Yichen was too lazy to pay attention to them. He grabbed the woman's wrist and walked away with
Mo Qinyu was bundled into the car like a cat. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She leaned against the window and kept a long distance with him, then turned her head out of the
window into the darkness without looking at him.
Her pretty little face was stiff and tight, and an expression of almost sadness floated at the corners of
her mouth.
His handsome thick eyebrows folded, and a sinister light flashed over his eyes.
She didn't look like this when she faced to another man!
His large hand suddenly reached out, grasped her chin, and forced her head turning to him. "smile!"He
"What?"There was a hint of fear in her face. &#lt;/p&#gt;
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