Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 231

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231. Things Have Happened to the Point Where It Is Nearly Irreversible
A little over 20 marquises that had enjoyed the banquet at the castellan Mithrael’s castle returned back to their homes.
Unlike the counts that hesitated because they were afraid for their lives, the marquises dispersed the moment that the castellan had finished speaking.
After returning to each of their estates, they began to survey how many slaves and knights were lost.
Following that, each of them communicated with one another using the messenger spell to come to an agreement on how much they should ask Millions in terms of reparations.
However, the conversation did not stop at concluding how much reparations should cost.
The conversation then moved onto the staggering bounty that the castellan had put on Demon’s head.
The marquises had planned to not to get involved in this incident other than to bring down Millions.
Disliking change and being lazy, they did not care for much other than their own amusements.
However, it was different this time around.
Just by killing a slave that was unstoppable in the Festival of Blood, the reward they would receive would be a rise in the ranks.
This was an amazing reward that had never been given before.
The marquises were preparing to move.
There were about three to four hours before daylight.
This meant that by investing in about three hours, they could reap a massive profit from doing so.
While the marquises mobilizing was a mixed bag for Min-Cheol, it was definitely a negative for Demon.
After all, Demon had not grown strong enough to face the marquises.
All the estates that Demon had been to so far had been visited by counts out of sheer luck, but the chances of that repeating would continue to lower, and things would definitely become more difficult as the marquises got involved.
This meant that if Demon was really unlucky, the duel could end in Hell before even returning to the celestial plane.
While there was no way to determine the winner for sure, the current situation was favoring Min-Cheol as the victor.
Demon would have to at least defeat two or three more counts in order to be able to face off against a marquis.
Min-Cheol would not allow Demon to become any stronger than that.
That kind of authority was only given to those who were stronger than their prey.
This was easily possible for Min-Cheol, who currently had 5 clones under his command.
Inside the estate of a count with Dan, Min-Cheol lied in wait while under stealth for the owner to return.
Despite quite a lot of time passing though, none came back.
“It looks like this one is a bust?”
“It seems so… I was planning on taking one more down before going after the marquises.”
“Huh? Isn’t that too early, master? Even though master and master’s clones are strong, it would be difficult to fight them if they come by the numbers.”
“Is that so? Still, we can’t wait any longer. We have to move. Though I guess we still have to avoid that arsonist going around setting all of Larkenta on fire and the castellan as well, right?”
“So we’re no longer waiting for them, but going out to search for them?”
“That’s right. This could be dangerous, so hide inside the storage. I’ll call you when I have to confirm their faces.”
“Yes. Will do.”
Dan went into the storage, and Min-Cheol began the search through the estates of the counts.
It was the same thing as what Millions was doing.
Because Demon still hadn’t obtained enough power to soar, waiting was the only option.
Min-Cheol used stealth skills and began to move cautiously.
While the bet with Barub prevented the both of them from detecting each other under stealth skills, a lot of Protectors here could still see through such abilities with relative ease.
Planning to ambush the estates of the counts, Min-Cheol was crossing his fingers.
Running into counts and marquises were fine, but he was hoping to run into Demon if possible.
While suppressing Demon’s growth was good and all, but preventing any growth and ending the bet here would be best.
There were around 100 counts.
While Min-Cheol wasn’t checking all 100 places at once, it was likely that someone would be caught if he continued.
Continuing to carefully move forward, Min-Cheol found roughly 10 or so people gathered.
‘If these are marquises, this might be too much…’
Min-Cheol quickly hid his body.
Silently leaping to the roof of the building, Min-Cheol laid flat and observed.
On top of that, he opened to storage to bring out Dan.
It was to confirm their identities.
“Have you found them already?”
“Shh! I did cast Silent, but we don’t know for sure if they’ll hear, so lower your voice, Dan.”
“Huh. What is it? This is the first time I’ve seen you acting so cautiously.”
“Confirm their faces without being spotted. They’re below us at 9 o’clock.”
Perhaps giving too much heed to Min-Cheol’s words, Dan moved slowly to remain quiet.
He moved slow enough to wonder if he was moving in slow motion.
While it frustrated Min-Cheol to see how slow he was moving, he barely kept to himself because he knew that Dan was making sure to do this right.
Dan peeked out just a little bit from the roof’s edge to see who they were.
Following that, Dan pulled out the accounting book and shuffled about, then returned back to Min-Cheol in slow motion after finishing his confirmation.
It almost made Min-Cheol wonder if using a Return Scroll would be faster.
After Dan returned, Min-Cheol asked.
“How is it? Can we take them on?”
“Master. It’s a bit iffy.”
“There are 9 counts and one marquis.”
“That’s doable.”
“While that’s true, there is one mixed in that isn’t in the accounting book.”
“And that person is well known in Larkenta as wise and fair. Many give recognition to this person to the point where envy and jealousy follow from the other nobles, and are also respected by the citizens.”
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“I see… I’ll take care of that myself. Firstly, we wait until they go into the estate.”
“I understand. It would be difficult to fight in such a large-scale battle without making exceptions for collateral damage.”
“There is no such thing as an unavoidable sacrifice or murder. I believe that’s something that someone who is weak would say as an excuse when making a mistake. I have a plan, so wait just a bit.”
Min-Cheol hopped down from the roof and carefully entered into the estate grounds through the entrance.
Perhaps because this house was one of theirs, it seemed that one of them was moving around explaining the damage the estate took from Demon’s rampage.
Min-Cheol’s focus was on the only marquis present.
He was thinking about how to effectively face him.
It was then.
He noticed that the group of nobles were moving away from the estate grounds.
Confirming that no one else was present at the estate grounds other than them, Min-Cheol appeared before them.
“Who are you?”
“How dare you call a noble’s name so casually!”
“Were you looking for me?”
A neat and clean person who looked at most 40 replied with a light smile.
Quite young for a count.
Maybe due to hearing from Dan that this person was a wise and fair, each word and expression seemed kind.
Well, unlike the other nobles who threw profanities from the get go, it was a completely different reaction.
I wondered if this is how Dump felt when meeting me for the first time.
Audu did not pay much attention to the others and looked at Min-Cheol while asking.
“I am Audu. I think this is the first time we met… What is the occasion for this visit?”
“As the rumors put it, it seems you are kind to those of lower status to point where I could just address you as Sir Audu.”
“I shall get right to the point th…”
“Sir Audu. Kuhaha. You really are so mischievous.”
The Ice Spear that the marquis fired pierced the ground right in front of Min-Cheol’s feet.
It was an attack that would’ve landed if it was even 1 cm closer.
A warning for Min-Cheol, probably because his behavior wasn’t welcomed.
Seeing Min-Cheol stare blankly at the Ice Spear, the other counts laughed hysterically while holding onto their bellies.
They were thinking that Min-Cheol had frozen from fear due the marquis’ attack and didn’t know what to do.
In that situation, Audu was trying his best to stop the nobles.
“He’s my guest. While it was rude of him to do so, I beseech you to stop with the dangerous pranks here.”
“Oh, Count Audu. Why do you care for those of such lowly origins.”
“Sir Marquis Leon. You talk as if it’s his first day being stubborn. Hoho!”
“It can’t be helped. Everyone in Larkenta knows that person is kind. Listen well. You, who brazenly speak without knowing your place, has been saved by Audu. You arrogant fool. You can return back to your dwelling, Audu.”
“Yes. Let us be off.”
The others excluding Audu walked towards the entrance to leave the estate.
Walking close to Min-Cheol, who was standing still, he spoke in a low voice.
“Are you okay? Please forgive their impertinence.”
“I am alright. And also sorry. I cannot think of another way other than this.”
“Huh? What do you mean… More importantly, why did you look for m- Urk!”
Min-Cheol grabbed Audu by the neck and threw him into the Mobile Storage.
Because Min-Cheol was plenty strong enough to handle a marquis, Audu was tossed into the storage easily without being able to put up a struggle.
This happened in an instant.
It was so fast that not only did the nobles not have the time to stop Min-Cheol, but enough so that they didn’t even know where Audu went.
Though it seemed that one of the nobles trailing behind the rest of the group must’ve seen it, as he was rushing to report to Marquis Leon.
“S-Sir marquis!”
“What is it?”
“T-That man has taken Audu!”
“Hm? What? Where is Audu?”
“That man suppressed Audu and threw him into a Mobile Storage.”
The doors the storage closed, and Min-Cheol spoke to the remaining 9 nobles.
“You all will regret this. Regret that you weren’t able to make it inside the Mobile Storage like Count Audu was able to.”
“You little! How dare you lay a hand on a count!”
“I am positive that he has used some devious trick. Otherwise, how could he so easily apprehend a noble…”
“All of you step back! I shall handle him.”
“As expected of Marquis Leon!”
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“Do you think that because you took a single count hostage, that I wouldn’t be able to kill you?”
The counts were busy hiding behind Marquis Leon and flattering him.
None of them knew even in their wildest dreams what would occur next.
Min-Cheol gave a sinister laughter while pulling out the accounting book.
“Each of you, line up in an orderly fashion and take a page. These are your tickets to the afterlife.”
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