Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 227

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227. Sharing a Meal
I had used the clones for combat before when taking down Swei, but I had never formed a battle plan to use them against a single powerful foe before.
The most complex command I had given them was to nonstop fire spells.
The clones assembled up in a line really inspired confidence in me.
While they each had the same strength as I, they also had different special abilities.
Curses and healing, buffing and even revival.
If I gave them tasks suited to their special abilities, I was positive that it would increase our chances of victory in battle.
“Firstborn, I need you to keep up your curse that amplifies damage taken on the enemy. We’re not fighting a large number of opponents like before. Instead, the enemy is now a single person and we’re the ones with the numerical advantage. Your debuff should be able to shine 100%.”
As expected, the clone was without a word. However, I was confident that the clone had understood.
The curse ability that the firstborn possessed displayed greater efficacy the less enemies were present.
The debuff’s power was set, and it worked in a way where it split that power output amongst the opponents after all.
So when fighting against the counts or the marquises, and the fight with Barub in the future, it will prove to be very powerful.
Replying to my command with a thump on his chest instead of words, he even nodded.
“Next, the second oldest. Pay attention to the surroundings even in the midst of battle. While your brothers and I are able to cast healing spells, they do not come close in comparison to your healing capabilities.”
“Ah. And this could sound extremely selfish, but when all of us take damage, the number one healing priority is me. Understand?”
After I finished my sentence, he also thumped his chest and nodded.
However, maybe it was my imagination, but I could swear that the corner of his mouth curled up a bit.
It was almost as if he was mocking an opponent.
There was no way that he would do such a thing when he didn’t show any emotions or communicate for that matter, but I felt that something was strange.
While it might seem selfish, it was obvious that healing me first should be a priority.
The main body of the clones was I.
If I perish, then all the clones also perish forever.
Of course, they could stay alive for 30 minutes after I die.
They’d be holding on with what little strength they’ll have remaining.
However, if they do not receive power from me after that timespan, they will perish.
If they died instead of being recalled by me, then they do receive a penalty where I can’t summon them for some time.
However, compared to perishing forever, the penalty was more than generous.
After looking at the second oldest’s face, I spoke with an awkward smile.
“I’m just imagining things, right?”
“Regardless, remember it well. Even if you’re attacking less, focus on healing instead.”
For the third and fourth oldest who handled the buffs, they didn’t need any specific instructions.
All they had to do was to make sure that buffs were kept up for the clones and I.
And because the duration of the buffs were very long, they really didn’t need to put too much thought into it.
Unless the fight became drawn out that is.
Because they didn’t need to focus so much on using their special abilities, that also meant that they would be playing the biggest role in offense and defense in combat.
They would purely focus on combat, becoming the main damage dealer and main tank.
“In combat, the roles the two of you will play is very important. While the other clone siblings have to focus on many things, that isn’t the case for you two, right? So make sure to destroy the enemies that I mark, understand?”
-cling. clang.
“Good. Lastly, the youngest. Dearest youngest! Out of everyone here, you have the most powerful and important special ability. The other four are very important to the point where we also can’t do without of course, but…”
“Firstly, as I have told the second oldest, I want you to revive me if the worst case scenario occurs. Until then, save your special ability. The other clones can be summoned again with time after all.”
“Hm? What’s this?”
The youngest clone reached out his hand.
As if wanting a handshake with me, he had his hand out with all of his fingers stretched out.
It seemed that as I continued speaking with them, their intelligence needed to communicate seemed to grow.
I naturally grabbed his hand and shook it.
When I did so, he pulled his hand away then did the same motion again.
Since I couldn’t understand what he was doing, I ignored it and paid attention to the entrance of the estate.
It happened as the waiting for the count’s return continued.
“Youngest. Why are you continuing to ask for a handshake? Are you trying to appeal to me because you’re the youngest? I did what you wanted. Since I played with you a bit already, shouldn’t you stop?”
“This is the last time, okay?”
Like soothing a child, I chided him and shook his hand once more.
Despite his combat abilities and combat instincts being similar to mine, his actions seemed very childlike.
It reminded me of how the summoned creatures Avatar and King Suwoo acted.
However, it seemed that he didn’t know when to quit with his pranks.
He now raised his hand up instead.
“Oh… Are you saying that the cooldown time is 5 minutes long?”
The youngest nodded his head.
It seemed that the one acting foolish was not the youngest clone, but me instead.
To understand his special ability a bit better, I continued to question him.
“So you’re saying that you can revive someone every 5 minutes, right?”
The youngest shook his head this time.
Was there something like a cast time?
Unable to remain patient, I opened the Mobile Storage to take out some parchment and charcoal.
These items were dropped by all the monsters of Larkenta and were essential items to the people living here.
I didn’t have any desire to play 20 questions, and since asking him one by one like this could take longer than this entire night, I had decided to find a workaround.
Passing the items to him, I spoke.
“Write it down. And in Korean please. Since you’re a perfect copy of me, it should be possible, right? Write a description of your ability here.”
Because he was amazing at understanding my words, he immediately received the parchment and charcoal to write.
Watching him cutting the charcoal with his sword like sharpening a pencil and putting in great effort to write, it made me proud.
I didn’t know when the count would come busting through the door, but since I could easily defeat him with the 5 clones present, I wasn’t nervous in the slightest.
A little bit of time passed before he handed back the parchment to me.
Seeing his poor penmanship made me realize that even his writing skills were similar to mine.
“You didn’t have to be this similar to me. Now let’s see…”
*Cooldown 5 minutes.
*Casting time 5 minutes.
*Resurrects a dead target. (Usable on all lifeforms.)
*Can only be cast on targets that have died in the last 24 hours.
*The resurrection is canceled if attacked while casting.
*I like being called the youngest.
“So you’re saying that it’ll take 10 minutes. This includes me as well.”
“Pff! What is this? I was reading this seriously and you made me laugh. You really liked being called the youngest?”
“Then I’ll continue to call you that. Hm…”
The skill Resurrection that the youngest clone wrote in the parchment to explain was an amazing ability.
After all, it was capable of resurrecting someone every 10 minutes.
Also the youngest clone’s charming appeal was something else too.
However, there was one weakness to this spell.
If attacked in the middle of the cast, the resurrection spell would be interrupted.
This was quite the risk.
Not only was this a skill that wasn’t an instant cast, but it became interrupted upon being attacked.
I had 3 King’s Marbles remaining. And I could also cast Status Denial as well.
Unless it was a very powerful attack, there was no chance that I would lose my life.
However, if the amount of damage I received in an instant was beyond my healing capabilities, then I couldn’t avoid death like anyone else.
That would be the moment that I would desperately need his special Resurrection ability.
However, if this powerful attack was strong enough to defeat me in a single hit, then it would be the same for the clones.
It seemed impossible that these clones would be able to hold off such an opponent for 5 minutes while the youngest stood still casting this spell.
“It feels like this isn’t a spell for me, you know?”
“Even if the remaining clones try to guard you, it’ll be difficult to hold out for 5 minutes…”
“Youngest. It seems that you’ll have to cast your Resurrect on your siblings. I’ll do what I can to survive, so do that instead.”
While I was a little disappointed at the youngest clone’s special ability that I had high hopes for, this ended the dividing up of responsibilities and roles in combat the clones would be undertaking.
With the strategy meeting over, now the only thing left was the real fight.
Almost as if waiting for my conversation with the youngest clone to be over, the massive doors to the estate opened.
It was an old man with a rugged beard.
The clothing he wore was expensive to the point where most people would never even see it, and I could tell just how pricey it was just from looking at it.
While it may not be Morse that Dan had mentioned, I was positive that it was at least one of the nobles.
Thankfully there were no soldiers backing him up.
He had come to the estate on his own.
Seeing me and my clones standing casually in the lobby, the count yelled at the top of his lungs.
“Who are you!”
“Are you Morse?”
“What? You seem like a knight that has survived. How dare such a lowly fool dare speak of my title with no regard to his status? You arrogant bastard.”
“Guess I’m right. Morse.”
“Are you also trying to start up a rebellion while a slave named Demon is causing a ruckus?”
“Well, it’s a bit similar. But I’m a bit different from Demon.”
I tossed a part of the accounting book that Dan had torn up before leaving.
Written in there were detailed accounts of Morse trading with Swesi.
A total of 76 trades. Thus, it meant that he had 76 accounts of human trafficking violations.
Despite doing such a thing, he was talking as if nothing was wrong.
“Hm? What is this?”
“Seems you’ve purchased quite a lot of maidens and young Protectors from Swesi. I assume it was to give them as tribute to the castellan?”
“How is that a big deal? You’re asking such a boring question. But… Are you the one who single handedly destroyed Swesi?”
“Finished confirming who you are. You’ve admitted to your crimes. Now the only thing left is your punishment, right?”
“You little… Does the power of a count of Larkenta look so laughable to you!”
“Since this is my first proper fight while using the clones, it may be a little bit of an overkill. It seems that they might be a little bit too eager to destroy you. If you really can’t handle it, feel free to try running away. To the afterlife that is.”
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“Your jokes aren’t funny at all. You think that because you have numbers, things are to your advantage? Now! Fight me!”
“Oh? Clones? If that’s the case, I won’t be outdone.”
“Pfft! I am able to summon up to 3 clones! Out of all the counts, I have the highest mastery of this skill.”
“Is that so. How unfortunate. Even though I’m no noble, I have 5.” 1
“Your jokes go too far. How dare you try scaring me when you all are just wearing matching artifacts! I shall take all the glory of taking down not only Demon, but also taking down the one who defeated Swesi. Argh!”
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