Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 226

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226. Pandemonium
Late into the night.
A night without as much as a single speck of moonlight fell, and so did that darkness fall upon Larkenta’s castle.
It was the same for the arena for the Festival of Blood, where not even a mouse squeaked despite it being filled to the brim with traffic throughout the entire day.
Even the many stores lined up near it closed early.
As if the night was not aware of what Demon had done, it was dead quiet.
Of course, other than the nobles and some of the citizens within the castle walls, no one was aware.
Demon had snuck through the entrance of the shabbiest looking store out of them all and was in hiding.
Demon knew that taking out at least a count was possible right now.
Breaking into the estates of both marquises and counts to butcher countless slave warriors, Demon had obtained a massive amount of power.
Everything had gone according to plan up until that point.
It was going so well to the point of worry.
However, the information was leaked by a knight who had survived somehow.
With that, Demon’s plan was now slightly off course.
According to the original plan, all of the nobles needed to stay oblivious to Demon’s actions until the banquet was over.
Only then would they return back to their estates with their guard down.
However, the situation was made aware already through the Messenger spell with Millions.
That meant that the counts, which was Demon’s next planned target, could go into hiding.
This also meant that the castellan and marquises that Demon couldn’t handle right now could be on the move.
Since Demon wasn’t on the top of the food chain, this meant that while on the hunt, the hunter could also become the hunted.
19 days remained until Demon had to return to the celestial plane.
Until then, Demon had to obtain as much power as possible while staying safe.
If Demon acted with only obtaining power in mind and not stay safe, there was a chance of dying before even being summoned back to the celestial plane.
After all, the world that came from Karupedan’s mind was filled with those who were strong to the point of absurdity.
While hiding in the store, Demon took a moment to think about how to proceed.
“It’s become troublesome.”
-Will you accept “Millions’” summons?
-Location. Larkenta Castle. (Coordinates 110:448)
“Kuhu! He’s insane. Even though I have much to consider, even this little fly is serving as an annoyance.”
Millions’ summon messages continued to arrive.
Demon concluded that the marquis was searching all of Larkenta with everything he had.
However, what kind of an idiot would accept this summon.
Demon did not accept the summon, but also didn’t delete the message.
The reason for that was simple.
After defeating enough counts to be able to fight a marquis, Demon would accept that summon to defeat Millions and obtain his power.
“Seems I need to stay safe for now. Until dawn breaks that is.”
Demon’s plan was as follows.
Firstly, Demon would observe Larkenta’s response.
Since Demon had caused quite the stir, there wouldn’t be a chance to act for some time.
However, while searching for slaves to kill in the estates, Demon had memorized all of the estates that belonged to the counts.
Demon hadn’t discovered where all 100 counts live. However, Demon had at least memorized those that were putting in a decent effort in raising warrior slaves.
The plan was to go after them after the banquet had ended.
While not aiming for all of them, the first attacks would be aimed at the pre-selected counts as they returned back to their estates.
Demon knew that the number of counts returning wouldn’t be many due to their fear of Demon’s might causing many of them to stay within the castle walls.
However, a single count’s life was worth hundreds of slaves in terms of the power obtained from killing them.
Even with that much, Demon would grow exponentially stronger.
This plan had to be executed swiftly and smoothly.
If it didn’t go as such, then there was a risk of being caught out in the middle of it and perishing.
Demon was not able to obtain any useful spells so far.
Millions had his eyes on Demon from the moment of arrival, and was immediately entered into the festival and then held prisoner in his estate.
The only things Demon was allowed to learn were Soul Messenger and Summon.
The skill that caused opponents to be blended like being thrown into a mixer from the tip of Demon’s hand and the skill that dealt damage after passing through your opponent used against Jurassic were both the result of brute strength after strengthening the body.
Before heading to Hell, Demon had agreed upon setting one’s power to roughly around Min-Cheol’s power level at the start of the bet.
However, unlike Min-Cheol’s special trait or skills, Demon’s were different.
Demon currently did not even have the basic skills to warp or go into stealth if the situation of running into the castellan or marquises presented itself.
Not only that, but Demon didn’t even know the existence of or how to use a simple return scroll.
You could say that Demon’s head was blank regarding information of this world, like a white sheet of paper.
Demon was a monster that had focused only on increasing one’s power rather than one’s intelligence.
While Demon had fought against other Protectors in the festival, the contestants were murdered before they were given enough time to tear open a scroll to escape.
Since Demon knew nothing about skills, the want or need also weren’t present.
“The little insects will come swarming at the break of dawn… Kuhu. Looks like I’ll have to rely on luck.”
Demon picked up a robe from the store for cover.
While Demon did not carry any weapons, armors, or artifacts that would stand out, the bloodied body and face needed to be hidden.
With that, Demon left the store and headed for a count’s estate.
Despite having turned many places into rubble, there was no hesitation in Demon’s footsteps.
It was the place where Demon saw the most number of slaves being trained.
And it was also the place where there was a lack of guards in comparison to the size of the estate.
Demon’s choice here was superb.
The counts that still decided to return even after hearing a wild beast is on the loose must be strong compared to their peers.
The size of the estate and the number of slaves would attest to that, and the lack of knights would be proof of their confidence in their own ability to defend themselves.
Cloaked in complete darkness due to the lack of moonlight, Demon moved towards the estate with haste.
It didn’t take long to return to the estate, still lacking any presence of living beings.
It was certain that the count had not returned yet.
Barub carried a sinister smile while heading into the estate.
Inhaling the smell of blood permeating the lobby, Demon pulled out a chair to the center and sat down, waiting for the count’s return.
Demon had memorized most of the faces of the nobles that had taken part in the festival.
Since the festival was for the nobles, most of the nobles including barons, viscounts, counts, and marquises came to observe.
Not only that, but Demon knew the handful of marquises by face so well that it would be possible to draw them eyes closed.
Seeing a marquis or a new face meant that Demon would have to run immediately.
After all, since that new face could be the castellan.
An unknown amount of time passed.
The sound of footsteps could be heard from the entrance.
“Yes. That’s the one, master. It’s the estate of a count named Morse, and a bastard who was one of the most active in their trade with Swesi. He is truly the most evil amongst evil doers.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes! Don’t you think that I’ve said enough when I told you Morse has defaulted on a huge payment for trading slaves with Swesi?”
“They really are the scummiest.”
Flipping the pages of the accounting book, Dan nodded and answered by questions.
Even though I had came here to defeat nobles, I could not stoop down to murdering without a just cause.
The death penalty existed back on Earth, and there were laws that brought judgment upon the guilty.
While I didn’t know that I was crossing a line by acting as the judge, I could not stop.
This was to make myself stronger.
However, there were plenty of evildoers that would make people considering reinstating the death penalty.
It was the same here as it was back on Earth.
Perhaps by targeting them, I would be able to reconcile with myself by reducing the guilt of murder, even by a little bit.
“Demon really did a number here.”
“Whew… Even though it hasn’t been long, the smell of blood is thick here.”
“Since Demon has grinded the people here like how a meat blender would, it’s that much worse. Dan, your work ends here. Return back to the inn first.”
“Huh? Why don’t you open the storage for me? It’s more comfortable being in there.”
“From here on out, I cannot guarantee that I can win these fights. If I die, the storage ceases to exist. That includes you if you’re inside of it.”
“Remember the inn where we first met?”
“Yes, I remember it.”
“I shall contact you using Soul Messenger after taking care of Morse. Stay there for now.”
“Hm… Master. Even though I’m a spineless coward, don’t you think I should at least help out a little? I am aware that my fighting capabilities are next to none and useless. But if I just run away like this because of that reason… At least let me stay as a lookout to warn you if anyone is approaching.”
“Do you remember the old lady that vendored the skill scrolls?”
“Yes, of course. How could I forget that old woman when she called me a dried out dead cricket?”
“Have you seen anyone else with the same ability as her?”
“Which ability? Did you mean an ability that gives true sight?”
“Yes. An ability to detect what someone’s abilities are, or to detect stealth.”
“Hm… I’ve never seen that old woman’s ability before. However, someone on par with a marquis in terms of strength would probably at least have the ability to detect someone who is stealthed.”
“Then you can’t come with me. You have to turn back.”
“It’s a command. A command for your well being. So please don’t argue with me and do as I tell you to.”
“I understand. Then please contact me once the fight is over!”
“Of course. You’re the guide for my next target.”
“Take care. And you must win. Off I go then!”
Dan ripped a scroll to retreat to a safe location.
After confirming that Dan had left, I prepared myself for battle.
First, I summoned my 5 clones.
With Dan’s help to obtain the shoes, the 5 clones looked perfectly identical to me.
Before giving the clones instructions, I opened up the Mobile Storage to pull out a return scroll.
Then I tore it roughly around halfway and held it in my hand.
No matter what happened, surviving was the priority here.
Depending on my opponent, there was a chance that I wouldn’t even have time to cast Warp and throw myself through the portal.
Just like how it was when Jong Ho was done in by the demon king’s overwhelming power and the resurrection ring activated.
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So that was why I made preparations by thinking of a location ahead of time and making it so that the return scroll would activate with the slightest bit of force applied to it.
After that, I spoke to the clones.
“Now, I didn’t even name you guys yet. I’m sorry about that. For now, let’s make this easy and call you firstborn. You can be second… So on and so forth, with you being the youngest. Understood?”
Since they were unable to speak, they lightly struck their chest in reply instead.
“Good. Now, let’s begin the planning for the battle ahead. Firstborn.”
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