Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 223

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223. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
A night blanketed in pitch black darkness.
A banquet hosted by the castellan of Larkenta, Mithrael was held.
The banquet was filled to the point that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that every noble that resided within the castle partook.
It was just a simple dinner feast without any meaning behind it.
It was such a luxurious feast that the average person outside the castle couldn’t even dream of it.
It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the nobles were putting on a show to get in the good graces of Castellan Mithrael, who held absolute power.
After all, their objective wasn’t to fill their bellies with delicious foodstuffs, but to be noticed by the castellan.
Also present was the master of Demon, Marquis Millions.
Since he was receiving all the attention alone for reforming the Festival of Blood, he was together with the castellan at the center of the banquet.
Even as the banquet went underway, the focus of the conversation was on the Festival of Blood.
After the festival was altered to allow Protectors to participate, the majority of the nobles had been training slaves into warriors, and thus were asking each other’s fighting force and reading the atmosphere as best they could.
All the talks were about the secrets to raising a strong warrior, predictions on who will be winning in the next match, and other such small talk.
The Festival of Blood was a form of entertainment for the nobles, but it also played a huge role in increasing their political power.
To put it simply, it was the easiest way to gain a lot of fame in order to become noticed by the castellan.
However, Castellan Mithrael did not pay much heed to talks of the nobles.
It was because the castellan did not feel much amusement from the Festival of Blood.
The only things on Mithrael’s mind were young maidens and freshly awakened Protectors.
After all, the castellan saw the nobles only as a means of getting a steady supply of said two things.
With the banquet nearly at its end, those drunk on wine dispersed into their own familiar groups.
It would be more accurate to say that they formed groups with those of the same power rankings.
Roughly 10 nobles were gathered around Mithrael, putting up fake smiles.
The one to break the mood was the castellan.
With a cold look, Mithrael asked the the nobles.
“It seems that I can see the end of all of your loyalty towards me. It is perhaps due to the Festival of Blood?”
Everyone knew that the castellan was referring to the cut in the supply of tributes.
However, no one was willing to tell the castellan about the swift disappearance of Swesi.
It happened as everyone was staying quiet while trying to read each other.
With 2 half filled glasses of wine carefully held in his hands, Millions moved towards the castellan.
Arriving in front of Mithrael and lowering his head, he offered up a glass and spoke in a low voice.
The other nobles nervously gave Millions a sideways glance, worried that he would sour the castellan’s mood or earn the displeasure of the castellan.
“Oh great Castellan Mithrael. I am Marquis Millions. Dare I speak to you.”
“Right… Marquis Millions. Speak.”
“I am unsure if you have heard this already, but there is a strange rumor going around in Larkenta.”
“A rumor… What is it?”
“Since this is the place to speak only the truth, I shall inform you with everything bare.”
“Go on. I am pleased with your current attitude.”
“I am most grateful. The rumor is that Swesi, a supplier of goods, has been completely wiped out.”
‘How does Millions plan to handle things after saying such a thing…’
‘He’s digging his own grave… He should’ve been content with holding the king’s seat of the festival…’
The nobles thought such things to themselves.
And they mocked Millions.
They expected his arrogance to receive the ire of the castellan.
However, Millions continued without hesitation.
“Up to here has been confirmed as the truth. The rumor I am trying to convey to you is… They weren’t taken down by an organization or a group, but by a single individual.”
“A single individual crushed Swesi?”
“That seems to be the case. I am aware that this part only amounts to a rumor, but isn’t there a saying that where there is smoke, there is a fire?”
“I expected the fall of Swesi to a certain degree. And I wasn’t worried about it. There are plenty more to take the place of that organization, right?”
“However, I feel a flash of anger after hearing your words, marquis. Yeah…”
“I also feel the same way.”
Seeing Mithrael stare with great intensity into Millions’ eyes, the nobles sneered.
Each of them reacted a little bit differently from each other, but it was obvious that all of them thought that the arrogant Millions has finally made a huge misstep.
After all, everyone could agree that this could only be only interpreted as Marquis Millions daring to challenge the castellan.
However, the events that followed were more than enough to shock them all.
The castellan gulped down the wine that Millions offered in one go and threw the glass down.
Wiping the wine off his mouth, the castellan spoke.
“Count Eind.”
“Yes! Lord Mithrael.”
“Do you know why I am upset?”
“That’s… I believe that it is due to Marquis Millions’ thoughtless rudeness.”
“Marquis Crixie. What are your thoughts?”
“I also agree with the count.”
“Kuhahaha! Amusing. Lastly, Marquis Millions. What do you think? Do you believe it is your fault?”
“If I am allowed to speak my mind, I dare say it is the arrogance of them trying to cover your eyes and ears.”
Mithrael pointed at the shattered glass coated in wine and asked.
“What is that?”
“I asked what that was.”
“It is a glass.”
“It is glass that is broken.”
“No. That is trust.”
“It is my trust towards the lot of you, pathetically broken.”
“I shall also speak bluntly. Do you think Marquis Millions has brought young maidens and Protectors as tribute to me before?”
“No. Not even once. You must think of him as someone extremely arrogant. How dare he not show gratitude towards me, the castellan. However, why am I hearing the truth from him!”
“It was because it was just a floating rumor…”
“Was Swesi’s destruction also a rumor? Furthermore, if the rumor is true, that means it was done by someone who is at least strong as a count, if not a marquis. Doesn’t this means that everyone gathered here at this banquet could be a suspect for having attacked Swesi in order to interrupt the tributes towards me?”
Due to the aura of killing intent that the castellan was letting out, the entire banquet was halted immediately.
The banquet area had become silent to the point where you couldn’t even hear the sound of breathing.
The one to break the silence and speak was Millions.
“Bring them in!”
With a single sentence, the door opened, and everyone’s attention turned towards the gates.
Millions’ armed knights were positioned in the front and the back of the group, with 20 young maidens or so between them.
They were young maidens captured in order to give tribute to the castellan.
It was timed as if he had expected this exact moment to occur.
With his head bowed to the castellan once more, Millions spoke.
“Shouldn’t we avoid stopping the merriment of the banquet with such things like this? Please show mercy and recind your anger, Lord Mithrael.”
“Kuha! Kuhahahaha!”
“An amazing display of foresight. Millions! I had the wrong idea about you. Now! A toast to you!”
Millions earned the envy of every noble gathered at the banquet at once with this move.
The castellan’s attention was on Millions and only him alone.
It was almost as if Swesi’s demise and the identity of the one who attacked them was no longer a concern.
The mood had already been soured, but because the castellan was pleased, the nobles were unable to leave the banquet and were busy raising a toast as well.
The owner of the strongest slave in the Festival of Blood.
On top of that, he had now become the noble who the castellan most favored.
It all happened within a single day. And he had done so in front of every noble to serve as witnesses, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he was effectively second in command of Larkenta.
However, Millions’ happiness wouldn’t last long.
The misfortune that would come his way would be hundreds of times more brutal than the happiness he had experienced today.
A luxurious estate befitting the king of the festival.
Booze and food were in a surplus, and there were more than enough whores and slaves to satisfy the carnal desires of the flesh.
The master of this place was the king of the festival and Millions’ loyal dog. Demon.
If you took out the constant surveillance of the knights, then Demon was living a life without lacking.
Demon heard the news that a banquet would be held by the castellan.
Until Millions left, Demon had been drinking alcohol like water, as if having all the time in the world.
With only 20 days before being summoned back to the celestial plane, Demon was planning something grand.
“Kuhu… Is now the time…”
“Hm? Did you run out of alcohol? Do you need a whore?”
Hearing Demon mutter, one of the knights looked through the bars on the door at Demon and asked.
However, instead of a reply, Demon carried a sinister smile.
Thinking that he misheard, the knight moved his attention elsewhere and returned to focusing on the conversation between other knights.
It was only then that Demon walked towards the door.
“Hm? What is it? Do you need something?”
“My master. I wish to meet Marquis Millions.”
“Didn’t you know this already? That the marquis has left to partake in Friday’s banquet. He will return at midnight at the earliest.”
“Is that so…”
“If there’s nothing else, you should go back to resting quietly.”
“That would mean that Millions isn’t here right now.”
“What? Millions? Is the marquis your friend or something? You insolent slave.”
“And it’s a situation where all the nobles have left their homes to boot…”
“What are you saying? Stop distracting me and go finish your booze.”
“Huh! Urgh! W-Why are you doing this, Demon! C-Calm down!”
“With just one of you, it’s plenty. I don’t need the rest.”
“Stop Demon! Restrain the slave!”
“You bastard!”
“Uwaaa! D-Demon…”
Stationed to guard the door were Millions’ knights.
There were 10 of them, but after Demon broke down the door, only one remained.
All 9 had their heads torn from their bodies before even having the chance to scream.
Weapons and skills weren’t used.
Demon had just punched them at a speed that was hard to believe.
With a single flurry of attacks, Demon had subdued some of the more decently powerful Protectors.
Of course, these knights weren’t placed in order to stop Demon.
It would be ridiculous to expect a group of knights to stop Demon, who had risen to the seat of king in the festival.
All they had to do were to keep up surveillance and to have even one survive in order to report to Millions if anything went awry.
It had been 80 days since Barub had obtained the name of Demon and worked as Millions’ dog.
Demon hadn’t caused any troubles that entire time, and had never disobeyed Millions even once.
That was why the marquis must’ve let down his guard and attended the banquet.
The only surviving knight had his armor crumple like paper as Demon grabbed him by the collar.
Demon spoke to the man who seemed on the verge of foaming at the mouth and fainting.
“What I need from you is to serve as a guide.”
“The only things you need to serve as a guide are eyes, ears, and your mouth.”
“L-Let me live… Please!”
“I don’t need you to have arms or legs. Do you understand what I mean by that?”
“Eek! Just say the word! Where would you like me to guide you to?”
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