Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 222

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222. Preparations Completed
I followed Dump into his workshop.
The workshop that was normally messy from all materials scattered about and burning hot from the heat was cleanly organized.
Looking around, I was able to see a neat line of artifacts against the wall on the left.
Armors, swords, and helmets. They were nicely organized by each set.
For boots, since I needed the status immunity from Titan Boots, I did not request for one.
I had planned to replace the armor that raised various stats and the Butcher’s Sword that stole the stats of those I’ve killed with it because Protectors already did that without needing any equipment.
Dump spoke with a confident expression.
“How is it? 6 sets. They’re all of the highest quality.”
“You’ve worked hard. This is astounding.”
“I didn’t know if what was required would change, so I prepared in abundance. Are they enough? If you need more, then all you have to do is give me a little more time. I can make about two more sets in two day’s time.”
“No, this is perfect. The exact amount I needed happened to be 6.”
“That’s a relief.”
Almost as if predicting that the amount of clones I’d be able to summon would be 5, Dump had prepared 6 sets of artifacts.
I did feel a little bad for Dan, but since he wasn’t strong enough to be part of the fighting, I didn’t prepare him for a set unfortunately.
Seeing his expression, it seems that he wasn’t that disappointed.
Dump and Berlette had no way of confirming the stats on the equipment that they had created.
These artifacts could only be identified when a Protector equipped them.
Thinking about how I would’ve needed to harass a hired bodyguard hundreds or thousands of times to confirm the stats on of the artifacts if I didn’t have Dan, I gave a half hearted laugh.
“Even the appearance doesn’t look plain… It’s enough to show that you’ve put a lot of effort into these.”
“I put an extra helping of effort.”
“Seems the job of a bodyguard is quite annoyin-…”
“Won’t these be used in the final fight here in this world? Or perhaps they will shine in another world.”
I was briefly speechless at Dump’s words.
It was the same for Dan and Berlette.
I knew that Dump though I was someone from another world from my conversation with Berlette before, but I had no idea how he knew that I would be returning after this fight.
I gave a sheepish grin and spoke.
“You knew?”
“Yes, of course I did. I don’t know why you’ve come to this world in the first place, but I expected that you wouldn’t stay here forever.”
“I see. You’re correct. The remaining time I am allowed here in Larkenta is 20 days. After that, I will be taken to another dimension.”
“Eh. Master, are you still on about that? How could you still be entertaining what that old woman said to mess with you? Master needs to learn restraint.”
“Were the skills that my clones used something that mage class Protectors used in this world? How could you be so dense? It makes me wonder if what you said about how you survived off your intuition was a lie.”
“That’s… Are you being serious? Are you really a god?”
“I guess you can see me as a fake god for now. Just know that I’ve come to this place in order to take the position of an actual god.”
“Huh… I’ve really outdone myself on choosing the right side here. This isn’t a ladder up, this is more of an elevator. An elevator!”
“Regardless, I only have 20 days left. It’s most fortunate that the artifacts were created on time. Thank you very much.”
“I’m just happy that I was of use. It feels as though I was able to repay the debt in my heart, if even a little.”
“No need to say that. You were the greatest ally to me. Is the past tense a bad fit here? You were and still will be the greatest ally going forward.”
“I know there are still days left, but since it won’t be enough no matter how many times I say it, I will say it. Thank you… Thank you so much. Your appearance before my daughter and I…”
“If you weren’t here, Sir Guardian, then living would’ve been pointless. You’ve returned my daughter back to me, and I know it wasn’t an easy feat to allow us to live in such luxury, you know?”
“As I’ve told you before, what I did was for my benefit. I’m embarrassed by you saying such things.”
“I owe you my eternal gratitude.”
“If I return and win to become a god… Then I’ll be able to see you all again. Don’t think of this as the last time.”
“Of course you must. I’m sure that it’ll come to be.”
“Now! Let’s leave the heavy talk behind and check the equipment. Dan, I’ll need you for this.”
“Of course.”
Dan waddled over to where the armors and weapons were.
He wore an expression of knowing exactly what he needed to do.
The breastplate and the shoulderplates of the armor had dragon and tiger engravings.
A deep blue covered the armor and the pure white sword.
Getting near the nameless artifacts, Dan quickly put them on.
Following that, Dump began explaining.
“As I have mentioned before, the armors have 30% damage reduction and absorption. Also they all increase attack damage by 20%. All 6 of them are maxed out.”
“You’ve accomplished it perfectly.”
“I put my life on line and did all I could.”
“Master, all 6 of them have the maximum stats available. Shall I look at the swords?”
I nodded my head, and Dump’s explanation continued.
“Firstly, in this world, it is impossible to add a defensive bonus to a weapon. That’s why I focused all that I had to increase the offensive capability as much as possible.”
“I see. Most of the weapons in the dimension I was in were the same. So what are the bonuses?”
“30% attack damage increase with electrical, flame, ice, holy, physical, and magical enhancement bonuses have been put on them.”
“Okay. Looks like these bonuses will synergize greatly with my ability to ignore all resistances.”
“That’s a relief.”
“So with just the weapon and armor, my attack damage will increase by 50%. This world’s technology is amazing. Well, it’s only possible because of a talented blacksmith.”
“Hoho. You flatter me. The last are the helmets.”
“Yes, I’m looking forward to that.”
“Master, each of the swords carry different powers. All of them have the 30% attack damage increase bonus though. Looking at just the power of the swords, they are strong enough to be considered part of the top five in Larkenta.”
“Ok, good work. And lastly, check the helmets for me.”
The helmet’s stats consisted of 205 damage reduction, 20% damage absorption, and 30% damage reflection.
With this, my full armor set gave me 50% damage reduction and absorption, and even obtained the 30% damage reflection.
The damage reflection will synergize amazingly with my Reflect Shield to great effect.
This meant that damage would be reflected at a very high chance.
As the enemy attacked me, they would be receiving that exact damage aimed at me.
I summoned the clones on the spot.
It was to make them wear the equipment right away and prepare for battle.
“Take off the weapons, armors, and helmets you all are currently wearing. And wear these instead.”
There were no replies, but the clones moved swiftly as if they were whipped soldiers.
With the artifacts haphazardly worn so far without much care piled aplenty on the side, the clones wore the highest tier armors and swords.
Following their example, I also wore the equipment.
Perhaps learning from when I asked him to change the appearance of my equipments, the new armor that Dump created fit perfectly.
I didn’t feel any weight, and I was able to move freely as if only wearing a cotton t-shirt.
Seeing my clones don the armors and swords, I couldn’t be more reassured.
As my cloning skill’s mastery increased, so did their somewhat muddy form become exactly like mine.
And since all of the clones wore the same equipment as I was, it was to the point where it was hard to tell who was the real one.
With a satisfied smile, I spoke to Dump.
“I am most satisfied. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing armor. And I have a full range of motion.”
“I am humbled. It’s my pleasure that you are happy with the result.”
“However, I see that there is a socket for talismans in each of the armor? Did you make them with Protector talismans in mind?”
“Ah! I almost forgot.”
Dump brought the Protector talismans that were laid upon the shelf above the workbench.
As expected, the talismans were surrounded by a golden light and had engravings.
Putting each of the talismans into the armor of the clones one by one, he finished by standing in front of me and speaking.
“These are Protector talismans. It’s much better than the one you’ve used before.”
“I’m sure that you were short enough on time as it is, but you prepared this as well?”
“That’s not the case. Remember how you rescued those that were captured by Swesi before?”
“It seemed that among them was an apprentice of an alchemist working in the marketplace. They came and said the following. They really want to meet Sir Guardian one more time.”
“However, since you haven’t visited this place in days, they decided to show you their gratitude by leaving these talismans here. With the hope that I would deliver these to you as a must. Since a professional has made these, I’m sure these will be useful.”
“Whew… It feels as though I’m quite indebted moving forward.”
“The ability provided is relatively simple. However, while I do not know who you will be facing, I am sure that they have a similar amount of power as you. I’m sure that it’ll come in handy.”
“The ability of the talisman is to protect the equipped artifact. No matter the attack received, the talisman prevents it from breaking.”
“Hm… is it possible that you can make another socket for another talisman?”
“Hoho. I thought you might say that and made another in advance. I thought that it might be possible for you, who isn’t of this world, to be able to use two talismans at once. Please check the waist area of your armor.”
It seemed that Dump knew exactly what went on in my head.
To think that he’d know my thoughts so well and prepare in advance for it.
As with what he had said, other than the socket in the chest, there was also another socket for a talisman in the waist area.
At that location, I put in the Fire Dragon’s Talisman.
As expected, I felt a massive amount of power flow in.
Normally only the effects of a single talisman can be active at a time.
But as they say, it can’t hurt to try.
I expected my victory with utmost confidence, but I didn’t know if there would be a time where I’d need to use the power of Fire Dragon’s Talisman.
There wouldn’t be time to switch out the talismans mid battle.
Dismissing my clones gave the signal to those present that all preparations for the battle had finished.
“Where will you go now?”
“I move to return Larkenta back to normal. It’s also to increase my strength, obviously.”
“I see.”
“Mr. Dump, we’ll be going to the castle. We’re going to take care of the troublesome nobles there. Well, master will.”
“I won’t be going right away. It’s because I haven’t been able to estimate just how strong the castellan is.”
“If that’s the case, I see that you’ll move when you’re about to head for the other dimension.”
“Yes, that’s correct. I plan to strike quickly and go.”
“I’ll see if I can think of anything that may be of use in the little remaining time before you head out. Please come visit me before you leave.”
“I understand.”
The clones had put on the artifacts that Dump had made.
Fire Dragon’s Talisman.
And the cursed scroll with unconfirmed effects.
I was positive that there wasn’t much time left before a great battle unlike anything before would occur.
“Let’s go, Dan.”
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