Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 217

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217. Mutual Aid
Seeing the swords in my hands, they all charged at once.
The archer also pulled out their dagger and dashed towards me.
Obviously, the overboss was the fastest out of all of them.
The first person to approach me pointed the blade of the sword away from their body and spun fiercely.
It looked like the skill of the warrior class, Whirlwind.
The air around them warped as if being sucked into the spin, and their crescent shaped sword approached while aiming for me.
Despite putting all of my strength into these shield spells, they were slowly being chipped away bit by bit by their attack.
It convinced me that the attack must deal a lot of damage.
However, because I had an infinite amount of mana, the shields would recover after a little bit of time.
I put forth my swords to block their attack, and checked what the others who followed suit with the charge were doing.
Each time the swords clashed, the sound from the friction was enough to swallow up the sound of the torrential downpour.
While the overboss was buying time, the others attempted to attack me from different angles.
If I wasn’t able to focus around me because of a close quarters fight, these attacks would’ve been sharp.
However, there was now quite a gap in power between them and I.
It was true that the overboss’ attack was very powerful, but it wasn’t fast and brutal enough.
The brawler and the archer that had tried to attack me with this window of opportunity were hit with the Sword Aura I swung towards them.
It was a sharp attack that went for their vitals, but they twisted their bodies to receive the cuts on their shoulders and forearms.
It wasn’t enough to do a lot of damage, but I was 100% positive that I would be able to hit their vitals with any following attacks.
It was because they were hit with the Formless Sword Aura.
They would not be able to read into the attacks that I would follow up with.
It was the equivalent of receiving my attacks with their eyes closed.
I wasn’t able to land a single hit on the overboss so far, but due to the Beserk that would activate while fighting against the two I’ve landed a hit on, the overboss would be forced to kneel.
“The heat is picking up. I’m done warming up.”
“What? Focus your attacks! We must get through his defenses!”
As expected. My body turned red and my blood began to boil.
Despite not being able to read ahead into my Sword Aura, they were receiving my attacks while avoiding having their vitals hit.
However, the moment that Berserk activates, a slaughter so graphic that it would be hard to watch would begin.
They charged at me as the overboss’s command dictated so.
At the same time, my vision was dyed in red, and I could feel my focus and obsession towards them increase. My destructive power increased as well.
It happened before the coordinated attack even reached my body.
The only one who didn’t fall, the overboss, had their mouth wide open with an expression of disbelief.
It was because they were seeing their subordinates fall in a despair-inducing manner before their very eyes.
The bodies of the brawler and the archer had countless cuts, as if they had just waded through a forest of thorny vines.
However, the cuts were incomparably deep and lethal.
So much to the point that death would have been instant.
The blood that sprayed out of their bodies fell down like rain onto the ground.
Due to my vision being dyed red already, I could not tell between the pouring rain and the spray of blood, but it wasn’t enough to hide the pungent smell of blood.
The downpour of rain washed their bodies of blood, and it also washed the layer of blood off my body as well.
Berserk activates after the Formless Sword Aura.
To wield that power wasn’t easy in the slightest.
When Berserk first activated, I had lost my memory as if I had drunk too much and the film was cut short as I had lost my sense of reasoning.
However, it was different now. It wasn’t as if I had used this in battle only once or twice since then.
I was able to completely control up to the point where my body was boiling and steam was rising off my body clearly.
And of course I was able to do all that while not losing my memory or sense of reasoning too.
Another positive was that I didn’t need to swallow a King’s Marble even after the powers of those two flowed into me.
Was it because my body was heated as much as it could already?
Or was it because the amount of power I could handle within my body had grown to the point where I no longer had trouble absorbing only this much power?
Whatever the reason was, the only thing on my mind was to take down the remaining overboss before the Berserk effect would end.
“They should’ve been able to avoid an attack of that magnitude…”
“You’ll soon find out that it isn’t possible.”
“You little!”
“Pulling petty tricks?”
It seemed that they had at least noticed a little bit of the secret behind the Sword Aura I had swung around.
Unfortunately they had only noticed that after seeing their subordinates receiving the attack they were capable of dodging or blocking with their vitals directly.
In an instant, the overboss kicked the floor and made distance, then put their twin swords into the shape of an X before swinging through thin air.
Sword Aura that let out a bright glow formed where the twin swords were swung at, and immediately flew towards me.
They must’ve sensed that being hit with a melee attack would lead them to the same fate that those before have fallen to.
I moved my body to avoid the Sword Auras that flew towards me like missiles.
A massive amount of shockwave was released from the explosions as the Sword Auras that flew past me seemed to have collided with the terrain.
The amount of light emitted was also intense.
To think that they were able to keep pouring out attacks like that as if it was nothing.
I was positive that they definitely had enough power to be called an overboss.
Snickering at their rather cute struggling, I approached them one step at a time as I waded through the muddied battlefield.
“Making distance? Sensible.”
“You won’t be able to keep talking smack for long!”
“Quick on the uptake too. You definitely would’ve won if you had fought someone with a similar amount of power. I’ll admit that.”
“You’ll die here!”
“But… You were just unlucky. Just think of it like that. You unfortunately ended up messing up with an acquaintance of some crazy asshat, and unfortunately got that crazy asshat’s eyes on you. You showed them a way to get a crazy amount of power.”
“That distance you made. I’ll show you that it makes no difference to someone who is truly strong.”
“Kuh… Ugh!”
A split second.
After closing the distance they had taken the time to make, I arrived right in front of them before they would even react.
Following that, I stabbed both charged swords in each of my hands in their chest.
It was an attack that not only didn’t allow them enough time to avoid it, but didn’t give them enough time to even twitch.
You could say I only gave them enough time for their brows to furrow?
It was such a fast attack that no blood sprayed out from their chest cavity where my sword stabbed into.
Even though the Sword Aura had pierced their body and was sticking out of their back, this was still the case.
“I know it’s hard to believe, but it is the truth.”
“How did you…”
“It looks like you can’t even move your body. Or maybe you’re not moving your body? Whatever the reasoning, you made the right call. The more you move your body, the faster you’ll arrive at death’s door.”
“Swesi is finished.”
“Fool. Even if you defeat me, the world does not change. There is evil in every heart. Another organization will rise to continue Swesi’s legacy.”
“You really are a rare type of villain. To think that you’d be spouting that type of garbage enough at death’s door.”
“Do you find it strange that I’ve followed that path of the world and became nonsensical just like it?”
“I wonder. What if I also kill all the nobles who bring evil into this world? I would be bringing at least a little bit more sense into this unfair world. Even the castellan you have so much faith in.”
“Kuhaha! I’ll be closely observing the living world even after my death. I’ll be waiting for the moment that your smug mug will be painted with fear and blood!”
“Be my guest.”
I pulled out the swords.
The moment I did so, blood poured out as if a dam had burst, and with a smirk, kneeled onto the ground without being able to close their eyes.
Berserk also ended right on time and the heat from my body cooled.
It was then.
I heard someone’s call.
Dan was there.
Also the clones that I had summoned were behind.
Seeing as Dan and the clones were safe, I knew that the rescue of the kidnapped, including Berlette, was successful.
“Are you okay?”
“What of the people?”
“They’re all safe and sound. As you, the master has commanded, no one died or was injured!”
“Good work.”
After wiping off some of the blood, I headed for to castle entrance where Dan and the clones were at.
There were enough people to fill the castle’s lobby.
They must’ve all the people that were captured by Swesi.
Out of them all, I saw a familiar face.
It was Berlette.
“Sir Guardian…”
“I’m sorry. I was a bit late.”
“Let’s not waste any time and go back. I’m sure that your father is waiting for you anxiously.”
“Master. Please open up the storage.”
“I guess that would be the best way to transport this many people to the village, right?”
“Of course. Let’s hurry.”
“Shouldn’t even the ending to all this be perfect as well? I shall guide them.”
“Now! Everyone, please come in this way! This location is in the middle of the 7th tier hunting grounds. It’s a place filled with monsters. If you want to be safe until you return back to the village, please enter the storage.”
All of the rescued people were shaking in fear.
Dan raised his voice loudly to try guiding them, but they were hesitating.
It was then. Berlette spoke.
“We were already dead. Or at least nothing different from having died once already. What do the dead have to fear? It can’t get worse. Let’s hurry in. Don’t you want to return back to your families?”
To Berlette’s calm but strong voice, the people followed.
She also had been captured and must be mentally exhausted, but she was leading the people with such confidence.
She really was a leader.
Berlette plunged her body first into the pitch dark of the storage.
The Mobile Storage was able to catch her safely.
It really was different from how Dan went in and out of the storage.
After she went in, the others that were just standing still began to enter the storage one by one.
“She isn’t an ordinary girl.”
“I agree. To do that wouldn’t be easy in a situation like this.”
“Check if anyone is remaining. When you enter as the last person, I shall return to the village.”
Dan went back into the castle to check if anyone was remaining.
The clones didn’t forget my original order and went along with him as well.
After 10 minutes, Dan ran out while panting for air, letting me know that no one was left and entered the storage.
The remaining copies looked towards me as if waiting for their next orders.
“That’s enough. Today’s business ends here.”
“Good work.”
With their work complete, the copies vanished.
As the only person left in the spacious main headquarters of Swesi, I tore open a scroll to safely return near the castle.
Thinking about Dump, who would be waiting anxiously for Berlette, and the families of those who were kidnapped here, I moved quickly.
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