Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 211

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211. When You Have to Hold Your Breath for a Bit
“I think this is enough.”
“Then what shall happen to me now?”
“I think that you will be useful in the future.”
“Thank you!”
“You said your name is Dan?” 1
“Yes, that’s correct. My name is Dan. Please call me as you will.”
“Alright. Head on in for now.”
“I said get in.”
“Are you telling me to return to Swesi? Then…”
“Ha… Where are you going? I said get back in. Back in the storage.”
“Do you really think that I will just trust you and let you go like that? But don’t be too disappointed. This also means that I think I will need you as an informant in the future. For now, stay in there. If it is water, food, or alcohol, I’ll put in plenty.”
“Sure sure…”
“I’ll seek you soon, so no need to frown.”
“Yes. I’ll be going then…”
With an expression that befit someone who had stepped in shit, Dan turned around and headed back into the Mobile Storage.
Perhaps realizing how precious living was, Dan was someone who was very compliant to my orders.
Swesi’s destruction. I was positive that Dan would be very useful in the plans ahead.
I had learned basic knowledge and information of Hell from Dump, but now I would be able to hear far more important information than how a Protector grows stronger from Dan.
After the doors of the storage that Dan went through closed, I walked out of the inn room.
It was to head to Swesi’s headquarters immediately.
Heading to their main base after only an hour passing since the ambush could be considered risky.
However, the reason why I was heading there was to check on their current condition.
It was also to see if what Dan, who had been a guard captain for Swesi for 7 years, had predicted correctly would happen.
Their organization was not to be taken lightly.
Those who had lost their families had previously been able to reach Swesi’s headquarters, but I was told that they were eradicated before the might of the organization.
However, apparently they never had taken such a huge casualty like this before.
When I returned back to Swesi’s headquarters, the security had been increased by a lot.
After the guard regiment of 140 were butchered, only 10 were guarding this place.
But the reason why I still said that the security had been raised was because the speed at which those who were guarding the place hunted the 7th tier monsters could not be compared to the previous speed of how quickly the guards hunted.
As Dan had predicted, I also assumed that part of the hunters had taken on the guard role.
Each hunter seemed to carry the same amount of strength I had before my powers were split in half at the start.
I had obtained the power of 5 gods, though they were mere puppets.
Not only that. I was the strongest person on Earth, and had conquered all of the demonic realm.
How could such a dimension created from Karupedan’s mind be filled with people holding absolute power, and how could there be 40 of them within a single organization to boot?
It was enough to thank my lucky stars that I hadn’t faced them when I didn’t know at the start how strong everyone was in Hell.
However, that wasn’t the case anymore. Their growth in power only made me eager.
Think about it. Just by taking out those 40 hunters, the amount of power I’d obtain.
It would be 40 times the amount of power I had worked myself to the bone in order to obtain from Earth, the demonic realm, and the celestial plane.
If my plan worked properly, then I was positive that I would be the winner on this bet with Barub.
If my hypothesis that the wild beast is Barub was true that is, because there was no way anyone could obtain such a growth that I would be achieving from the Festival of Blood.
“Why am I suddenly under such hardship?”
“It’s the master’s command so it can’t be helped. But I wonder who it is this time…”
“There’s really no way to find out. Was there ever a time where not even a single witness survived before?”
“Don’t grumble so much. Do you think there’s any job easier in Swesi than this? Cut the complaints and hunt more monsters. Unless you want to be blamed when the situation is this strained.”
“But I wonder. Don’t you think that we’d be done in by the person who did this?”
“My friend. Do you still think that after seeing that person over there? Don’t talk nonsense.”
“That’s right… Sir Bernard made the time to come out here, so there’s no way that could happen.”
“Ugh! It feels like only an hour has passed, yet I already feel extremely bored of it…”
“I don’t know how I was able to do this for 3 years in the past.”
Hiding far away, I eavesdropped on their conversation.
After that, I opened the Mobile Storage and called for Dan.
“Send out Dan.”
The storage opened with a thud.
“Looks like the storage is pretty comfy?”
“N… No, that’s not the case.”
“At least wipe your drool before saying lies like that.”
“But where is this place…”
“Aren’t you happy that you’ve returned?”
“As expected, the hunters are on guard.”
“Who is Bernard?”
“Huh! Is Sir Bernard here as well? As I told you before, that person is one of the five in Swesi that I’ve told you about before.”
“So you mean to say that I cannot fight them right now.”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
Seeing Dan talk with a lowered posture was quite amusing.
It even made me wonder just what kind of a person Dan was.
Did Dan become my ally in a single hour?
Is it an enemy pretending to be an ally in front of me?
I could not tell what this person really was up to.
“Yes, master.”
“Ah… Because you didn’t inform me of your name…”
“Call me as you see fit. But what’s your deal exactly?”
“If I were you, I would’ve yelled or ran towards them right now. Not only me, but the majority of those kidnapped would do the same.”
“But you on the other hand…”
“I am someone who managed to survive this far by reading the situation. For some odd reason, my intuition is pointing towards you. Despite being an implausible chance of success, it really is surprising.”
“So you’ll be betting all your chips on me?”
“I don’t hope for a lot, but… Maybe a somewhat useful position…”
“Despite not knowing when and if you’ll be discarded, you’ve thought quite ahead. What an odd character you are.”
“Heh heh…”
“Enough small talk. Now listen well.”
“Yes! Master!”
“Going to kill 10 of the hunters currently on guard duty to obtain their power. And then go for Bernard. Is it possible?”
“It is impossible. You’ll at least need the power of 20 hunters in order to face against Sir Bernard. Not only that, but due to the ambush having occurred recently, there’s a high chance the other 4 are near the headquarters. I believe that not doing anything for some time is a good idea.”
“Damn it. After getting a taste, I’m getting more greedy.”
“To accomplish greater things, one must know when to back off and keep themselves safe.”
“You sure are fast at adapting. So that means that I have no choice but to hunt…”
“Hm… Aren’t you only afraid of the 5 top members of Swesi, and not the hunters, right?”
“Then you just have to fight the other members of Swesi elsewhere instead of the headquarters.”
“Do you know where they gather often or something?”
“Of course. Despite all the contempt and persecution, I tried my hardest to play in the same field as the hunters.”
“You really are something else…”
“I shall guide you. Let’s go to the castle entrance first. Hurry with the storage!”
“Marquis Millions, sir, Demon has arrived.”
“Let Demon in.”
For some reason, Demon had wanted to meet Millions.
This hadn’t happened before.
The two of them only looked at each other at the battlefield of the festival.
Millions was quite amused at this unprecedented outcome.
Millions lifted up both his arms and welcomed Demon that stood in front of him.
“Welcome, king of the festival.”
“Your expression tells me that you’re miffed that you did not meet any opponents for some time.”
“A couple days ago. After the battle with Jurassic, I was not given any opportunities to bathe in blood.”
“That’s right. The king’s mantle is a lonely one. It must be the punishment of a god for having power that is beyond comparison with others.”
“A god… Ha! Perhaps that is the case.”
“But it is a bit odd. For you to suddenly act like this despite not having any issues with the current number of rounds.”
“I am aware that I am obtaining power at an insane pace. To the point where others wouldn’t be even able to imagine such a pace.”
“However, when I fought against Jurassic, I felt suppressed by someone’s presence. It was a power that was too weak to reach the amount I had, but I was still overwhelmed by it.”
“Hm? I was not able to sense it. If you felt it, then I should’ve been able to feel it as well. However, during that day’s festival, I only sensed two predators at each other’s throats. I am referring to you and Jurassic’s killing intent.”
“I also thought that it was Jurassic’s killing intent he was giving off. However, after his limbs were torn apart and his powers were transferred to me, that presence did not disappear.”
“Is there someone you are suspecting?”
“It seems that you don’t want to talk about it. I do not know why you must become stronger. Nor do I want to ask or even hear the answer. The reason why you sought me out is to obtain greater growth, right?”
“That’s right. I want you to increase the number of rounds in the festival. Or if there is another way… It looks like I need to pick up the pace.”
Demon looked at Millions as if looking up from below.
And then a vile smile on a wrinkled face followed.
Millions burst out laughing at Demon’s behavior.
It was almost as if the dog he was raising had learned and showed him an amazing trick.
Millions was acting as if he had been struck by something he had never expected.
“Kuhaha! To think I’d see the slyness of a fox in a bear!”
“It seems that the wild nature I saw in you that satisfied me so much when I first met you wasn’t everything. Right. You must’ve asked me because you know something, right?”
“Kuhu. I shall be straightforward then. I want access to the underground training center.”
“I like how you are brutally honest and even the aggressiveness you carry as well. Very well. You are the main character of the festival. They are but extras.”
“Is that a yes?”
“Of course. Don’t you think the king of the festival at least deserves this much? There are countless willing to be my slave on their own volition. And there are even more coming to my side because I am the owner of you, wild beast Demon.”
“They have already signed up to be my slaves. That means that whether they live or die is completely up to me. Unfortunately it seems that lady luck does not favor them.”
“Have you called, Sir Millions!”
“Lock this beast inside the underground training center at once. Until I give order, no one is to enter, and all guards will be recalled out of there. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir Millions!”
“Kuhu. It’ll be over before the bloody sunset turns dark.”
“Show them. Show them the majesty of the king of the festival of blood that they covet.”
Demon gave a smile filled with intent and willingly followed the bodyguard down the spiraling staircase.
Only after going down for a long time were they able to arrive at the lowest floor.
As commanded by Millions, the bodyguards immediately left, and the guard left too after locking the door.
Because most of the people down underground were Protectors, the lock was essentially useless, but it was more of a formality.
With the closed door behind, Demon walked forward.
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