Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 208

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208. Lunch Box Bomb
The function of the Mobile Storage is amazing.
After all, it allowed me to store a near infinite amount of artifacts I harvest.
Due to all the investing I put into the skill until it was as powerful as it could be, the amount of storage space and even the weight limit had been removed quite some ago.
There was a reason why I was suddenly praising the Mobile Storage out of the blue.
It was because the skill’s usage was so versatile that it would even be useful in the strategy to wipe out Swesi.
*Living beings can enter, but cannot leave the storage without the permission of the caster.
Just as the explanation says, I could store living creatures into storage.
For some reason however, the monsters resist entering the storage at 100% health.
I don’t mean that they crawl out by thrashing around madly, but they repel each other like the same ends of a magnet.
It was almost as someone had set a rule.
Most would think that storing monsters into storage was useless.
What kind of a Protector in this world would store monsters into storage when they don’t even have enough space to store all of their artifacts.
Unless they had some twisted desire to raise these demonic beasts as pets, it was highly unlikely.
That’s why the method to store monsters into the storage wasn’t well known in this world.
Even if someone did know, they would keep it hush hush.
After all, it’d kick up a huge ruckus if some crazy Protector stored monsters into their storage and released them in a populated location.
However, the method to do it was so much simpler than I thought that I wouldn’t have been shocked if that did happen time to time.
It was to reduce the monster’s health to below 10%.
The 10% was just an estimate that I came up with, as it was more akin to the monster being injured enough to not have the strength to move and had enough hp left to breathe with great difficulty.
To put it simply, the monster would have to be unable to battle.
I was able to store the monsters like objects into storage if they lost their strength and will to resist.
Just like how they were back on Earth and the demonic realm, these monsters had incredibly powerful regeneration in Hell as well.
There were quite the gaps between each ranks of the monsters, but all of them were tenacious by default.
Some of them even had the ability to regrow their limbs if they were cut off.
However, it would be impossible for them to recover after receiving my attacks.
This was due to the ability that I had obtained from Karupedan.
All attacks succeed and those who get hit by the attacks cannot recover from the resulting wounds.
Unfortunately, that ability was a huge hurdle that was in the way of the plan I had come with.
“Please take out the attack magic marble. If possible, ones that deal area of effect damage.”
With all the monsters bound down and unable to move, I opened the storage and spoke.
The storage was an existence that seemed to possess some form of intelligence.
Not only did it sort the items by rank and size, but even brought me the items I wanted.
While it didn’t reply, it made me wonder if there was a servant more trustworthy.
Well, the fact that it didn’t reply could be a bonus.
Within seconds, there were magic marbles organized neatly at the entrance of the storage.
And it didn’t just organize them haphazardly, but had done so while considering the level and ranks of the skills.
It almost made me want to call it ‘Mr. Kind Storage.’
There are several consumable items that exist in Hell that do not exist back on Earth.
Examples are the Return Scroll I keep using frequently and the magic marbles I plan to use.
As explained before, the Return Scroll allows me to warp to a location that I wish to go to. [/note] I wonder why the author didn’t name them Teleportation Scroll. [/note]
And these magic marbles I’ve pulled out from can be explained as items that hold skills.
While the drop chance for this item to drop is low, a lot had piled up in storage due to me killing quite a lot of monsters.
Simply break the marble and the item activates.
Each marble’s ability is set the moment it drops from the monster.
The skill’s type and level are set randomly.
My plan was to bind down the monsters using my power, then deal damage using the magic marbles.
Since the marble was independent from my powers, it wouldn’t apply the anti-healing debuff.
Just like that, the monsters that have lost most of their health would end up transported into my storage, and it wouldn’t take even a full day for the monsters to recover to full, making it so that my storage is filled with fully recovered monsters.
The one thing that I had to be careful about was that I could not open the storage until I arrived at Swesi’s headquarters.
As I mentioned before, monsters with high health will be repelled by the storage like the same poles of the magnet.
Thankfully no living creature that enters the storage can leave without the permission of the caster, but if I accidentally open the storage, it would cause hundreds of monsters that I had caught to burst forth and spill out in an instant.
“Will this be enough?”
“Kuhuk. Kuhuk…”
Since these monsters were drawn from the border of the 7th tier and 8th tier hunting grounds, it was obvious that they wouldn’t budge at most attacks.
However, thanks to the number, rank, and level of the spells held by the magic marbles, I was able to easily chip down their health.
I opened the Mobile Storage right next to the panting monsters.
Throwing them in one at a time would be inefficient.
Using my head, I thought of and started casting Bind continuously to move them bit by bit.
The scene reminded of an automated slaughterhouse.
After all, the monsters had become like pacified sheep, waiting in line to enter the storage.
To the monsters that kept healing midway through the transporting process and were repelled out, I broke the single target magic marbles to deal enough damage to the point where the monsters were weak enough to be stored.
This complex process only took about 10 minutes to finish.
This was possible because I had infinite mana and could use all the powers I possessed.
“To think that all of them went in. This is a lot more amazing than I had thought.”
The roar of the weakened monsters were sealed away inside the storage.
The storage had disappeared from view, but would pour out hundreds of monsters at my beckoning.
I could’ve captured monsters from a higher tier hunting ground.
After all, I was strong enough to capture even the monsters from the unexplored territories.
However, since my objective was to get the members of Swesi to gather in one spot, this would suffice.
Let’s say that I had captured and released a stronger monster in order to get all the guards more effectively gathered in one spot.
Since a monster stronger than what usually appears at the compound appeared, it would get all 150 of the guards to gather at the location of the monsters with great haste.
However, this would mean that members stronger than what counted as guards here would appear as well.
Right now, I didn’t want to welcome any members like that.
It was definitely unnatural for an incredible amount of monsters to suddenly appear all of a sudden.
So suspicious that it would be enough for people to suspect that this was done by a trespasser.
However, strange situations like these happen time to time in Hell.
A phenomenon where an explosive number of monsters all appearing in one spot called Monster Wave is what I’m talking about.
One of the reasons why Protectors did not work alone like how I was doing right now was because of the Monster Waves.
I had finished lightly preparing to launch the first attack.
Before the monsters snapped out of it and began rapidly regenerating, I headed for Dump’s residence.
Since I wouldn’t be able to come here for a while, it was to hand over high tier materials he would be using for his craft.
The sound of Dump’s hammering rang loudly.
While I knew he normally worked hard, there seemed to be greater force behind those swings due to the current situation.
I went up to Dump who was focused on his craft and spoke.
“Did you already get started?”
“You’ve come, Sir Guardian. Of course. I must succeed, even if an hour earlier.”
“I’m sure that things will work out as well as the amount of effort you’re putting in.”
“Of course! Berlette will return. I’m sure that she’ll return safe and sound. And because I believe in that, there’s no need for me to be sad.”
“Yes. I am sure that will be the case. Where should I put the materials?”
“It’ll be quite a lot, right?”
“Yes. I think…”
“Then please put them here.”
Dump opened up the entrance to the underground storage space next to his workspace.
Because he had moved recently, the storage had items he did not have time to organize shoved inside.
The size was big enough that I did not believe I’d have a shortage of space.
“I forgot to mention ahead of time, but no need to be frightened. They will be playing a very important role in this plan. To put it simply, they are allies.”
“My goodness… I thought my heart would stop.”
Dump had fallen backwards after seeing the swarm of monsters that filled the Mobile Storage.
Since he wasn’t a Protector, this must’ve been the first time he had seen a live monster.
He probably has only learned about them through the encyclopedias, books, and rumors circulating in the marketplace.
Seeing as how their howls were a lot livelier than before, my guess was that their regeneration has finally kicked into full gear.
This probably meant that this was the last time I would be able to open the Mobile Storage until release.
“Bring forth all the materials that are used in the A to S+ ranking artifact crafting here.”
With my command, the Mobile storage poured out enough artifacts to cause a sound that was loud enough to drown out the roars of the monsters.
The shift in items kept going for a while like a waterfall before stopping, and I immediately closed the storage.
“I have placed here all the high ranking materials I have here.”
“I will succeed for sure. I definitely will!”
“Yes you must. After all, the success of crafting an artifact here will directly affect the outcome of success I will have in the battle. Also, I won’t be able to visit you often like I am doing now.”
“I plan to take them out without as much a squeak, but it is because there is a possibility that either of our identities are exposed.”
“Yes… I understand.”
“I shall keep visiting from time to time while keeping an eye out on the situation. I know it’ll be frustrating, but please bear with me.”
“Sir Guardian. With you already being this considerate, I do not know how I can show my thanks. I know I’ve already told you this frequently, but please understand that I am willing to offer my insignificant life if it is for you.”
“Of course. I am aware.”
“Then I shall go succeed in the crafting of the artifact, even if it is an hour earlier.”
“Yes. Then I shall be heading out now. I plan to start the first plan tonight right away.”
“Oho… Please be careful. If even you, Sir Guardian, becomes harmed… then… “
“Do not worry. Then I’ll be off…”
“Yes! Please and again, be careful!”
The sky slowly became stained in darkness.
Stationing myself at the location where I originally scouted out Swesi’s guards, I waited for the right time.
It was then.
A carriage arrived at their headquarters.
Perhaps due to the location of this compound being in the hunting grounds where monsters appeared, even the appearance of the horses were quite different.
A translucent body with a blue tint. On top of that, there were red flames coming off the mane.
The monster wasn’t tamed, but probably created by the magic of a Protector.
From the carriage that arrived at the entrance of the castle without being stopped at all disembarked a person, and the man who was diligently fiddling around with the ledger bowed his head.
“Ah. You’ve arrived.”
“You’ve succeeded in getting two today.”
“Open the door. I do not have time to waste on you.”
“Of course! That is how it should be. Open the door! Sir hunter has returned!”
A strong looking man. There were people on each side of his shoulders.
A maiden, or perhaps someone who looked like a Protector were limp on their shoulder.
Just like what Herb had said, those people must’ve been hunted.
‘Seems like a stronger opponent. I will begin the attack after he leaves.’
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