Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 196

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196. An Absolutely Different Start
“From now on, your name will be Demon.”
“How dare you! Show your respects towards Marquis Millions right now! Hurry up and answer him!”
“No. How could taming a beast like this be so easy to do so.”
“I said enough. Leave us be.”
“Yes, Marquis Millions!”
“Now… Let us have a private conversation between only the two of us, wild beast… No, Demon.”
Barub was having difficulty accepting this current situation.
To think that they had been subjugated by someone else.
The feeling of humiliation they had never felt before, they were positive that what they were feeling now was embarrassment.
They had never even considered the thought that another existence stronger than them would exist in this world.
However, in this place where the demonic monsters have recently appeared at, it wasn’t that surprising to find someone as strong as Millions.
The demonic monsters and the Guardians. It was because when these two types of beings were defeated, one would perfectly absorb all their strength.
Just like how it was in the demonic realm.
“What did you want?”
“Kuhahah! You’ve finally spoken, Demon.”
“My name is not Demon!”
“No. From here on out, your name is Demon. I, Millions, has decreed it so.”
“I shall answer your question. What you want isn’t that amazing.”
“On the stage that everyone is waiting for, a position without equal… You will become the main character.”
“Main character?”
“That’s right. Warriors constantly fight bloody battles on the daily. It’s true that only the trash like that barely deserves the title of a warrior are everywhere. However, it won’t be like that anymore. Only those with true strength will gather now.”
“Are you talking about how everyone killed each other yesterday?”
“That’s right. We call that the Festival of Blood. It is a very important entertainment and betting event for the nobles, so if I stand in the center of it all… The glory that follows will be guaranteed.”
“I do not need glory. I only want strength…”
“Yep. That’s how it should be! You will become strong. Far more than anyone waiting for their deaths!”
“So that means that I have to take down my opponents?”
“That’s right. The matches will continue. If they are the nobles of Larkenta, then any of the dogs they raise can participate. You must become the strongest wild beast of them all. Obtain the power you want. I shall become the owner of the strongest wild best then.”
“Good. I shall do as you say.”
“If you stay patient for just a couple of days, those with strength will appear. Look forward to it.”
Barub decided to accept Millions’ suggestion.
To be exact, they had decided to follow his command.
It was because they knew that they would not be able to leave this place alive.
In 100 days, they would be summoned to the celestial realm.
The deal had been made while thinking that they would defeat Min-Cheol, and then rip apart both this world that Karupedan has created and Millions, who wore a fishy smile in front of them.
Obviously the nobles, as well as some within the Larkenta castle’s walls, were able to obtain the power of the Guardians.
Ironically, higher ranking nobles such as Millions obtained even greater power.
However, they hid within the thick walls of the castle and enjoyed a lavish life.
The reason was simple.
There were no separating boundaries between the demonic monsters and their residence, but not once did a powerful demonic monster cross over to Larkenta before.
That was why after setting up the first 10 ranks, the nobles held zero interest towards eradicating monsters beyond that rank.
Barub had been coerced into the Festival of Blood, which was an event that had been garnering popularity amongst the nobles as of late.
However, as Millions had said before, only dull easy fights would continue for awhile.
Nobles that specialized in growing strong warriors were extremely rare, and there were definitely no slaves or criminals that would surpass Barub as of now.
However, that wouldn’t last for long.
The plan was to bring in stronger talents who would want to catch the eyes of the marquis, even if a bit more.
The intense political battle between the nobles had already started.
“What will you do? Even if you join the Festival of Blood right now, it will be filled with regular civilians rather than Protectors. Your body will be soaked only in blood, and you won’t be able to obtain any strength. Will you wait?”
“No. I will still go out there.”
“Good. This will excite the other nobles greatly. This will benefit you greatly as well!”
“Let’s go, Demon.”
“Is anyone here?”
“Yes. On my way out.”
On the fourth day of arriving in Hell, I visited Dump’s smithy.
I looked far more raggedy than the first day, but the pouch over my shoulder was filled with jewels.
The reason I had come to this place was to change the appearance of my weapon and defensive gear.
It was also to repay my helper in Hell.
Since it was quite late into the evening, most of the shopkeeps of the market were busy closing down.
Normally, they would be busy coming out to the entrance to try selling me something.
I waited but a brief moment in front of the store.
“Is there an item you’re looking for, Sir Protector?”
“I’m someone who received help from you before. Do you remember?”
“Ah! Of course! How could I forget. Your name is… Right. Sir Guardian, right?” 1
“Yes. That’s correct. So you remember. I came here because I needed to tell you something. Is it okay if I come inside the store to speak further?”
“Ah.. That’s…”
Dump turned around while making a troubled expression and peaked inside the store.
I could hear sounds coming from where he had taken a peek at.
Since I could hear the sound of tupperware being shuffled around, I assumed that he was having a meal with someone.
I was positive that it was Dump’s child that I had heard only the voice of from before.
Remember that he had stressed that the child was a son, I carefully asked.
“It seems that you have a customer inside.”
“Yes… I apologize, but could you please tell me what you wanted to say here?”
“Please finish your meal with your daughter first. I shall wait.”
“Ah, no. I already told my daughter to eat fir… No! He’s my son. My son!”
A gentle hum filled the air.
“Now, the conversation between us will absolutely not be overheard by anyone else.”
“The voice that I heard from before was definitely the sound of a woman. And back then, you also had stressed that he was your son back then as you have now, right?”
“Is it something that I cannot know? As you know already, I had lost all my memories. And since you have given me a great amount of help, I do not hold any ill will towards you, Mr. Dump.”
“I know… I am aware that Mr. Guardian is different from the other Protectors. However…”
“If it is something so difficult to answer, then it is okay. I shall come back tomorrow at daybreak.”
“No. Please come in.”
“Are you okay with that?”
“Even if you leave, you already know everything. I am aware that continuing to try hiding it even after realizing that you already know everything would be too rude.”
As if giving up, Dump, who was slouching in resignation, led the way in.
I followed while wondering ‘Is he afraid that because his daughter is too beautiful, I’d be tempted?’
As expected, a lady that seemed to be his daughter was seated in the corner of the store, having dinner.
Dropping the spoon that was in her hand, she had a very shocked expression.
Seeing her reaction, Dump spoke up.
“It’s okay. It’s the Protector that visited us before. Greet him.”
“Ah… Hello. My name is Berlette…”
“Yes. Nice to meet you. My name is Guardian.”
“Just as you said, Sir Protector, this is my daughter.”
“Yes. She is beautiful.”
Despite having short hair, she had a beautifully feminine face that anyone could recognize as a female after seeing.
As if dyed, her hair was jet black, and that only highlighted her pale face.
Her emerald eyes and freckles here and there were quite charming.
Next to her was a helmet.
And seeing as she was wearing armor, she seemed to be a Protector.
I asked Dump.
“Why did you hide her so desperately?”
“I am very sorry to tell you this, but… Starting from a couple years ago, the castle started taking young ladies in.”
“Ladies from 16 to 19, one taken from each household. And if the child is a Protector, regardless of age or gender, they are all being taken away.”
“What’s the reason?”
“I do not know. However, no one from outside the castle has been able to see the Protectors and young ladies ever again after being taken into the castle. That is why I dared to lie, doing such a thing to you, Sir Protector…”
“So that is why you hid her.”
“Yes. I committed a sin worthy of death.”
“No. It’s fine with me. However, seeing as how she is dressed, it seems she is a Protector as well…”
“N… No. She is wearing that in order to hide her appearance.”
“I see.”
“If it is money or weapons, I shall give as many as you want. So please…”
The sound of pouches dropping onto the floor rang throughout the room.
“Regarding money, I have more than enough to spill over. And I do not even have the slightest intentions of sending your daughter to the castle.”
“Thank you. Thank you.”
“I will do my best to help your daughter so that nothing bad will happen to her.”
“Just hearing you say that already makes me feel reassured. Thank you.”
“Moving on from that topic, what I wanted to talk to you away from the eyes of others was something else entirely.”
“Ah, I see. Give me just a moment…”
Putting up the sign that informed that the store was closed for the day, he quickly closed the entryway of the store.
Returning back after that, he waited for me to speak.
“Yes, please continue.”
“Could you perhaps alter the appearances of equipment?”
“Of course. As long as I have the materials, I could change them as many times as you wish.”
“Will this do?”
I pointed at the two big pouches that I had plopped down on the floor.
Opening them, Dump was slack jawed from shock and looked at me while speaking.
“To get this much in only 3 days…”
“I managed to do so along the way somehow. So is it possible?”
“It’s plenty. No. Even with just one of the pouches, I should have more than enough.”
“That’s good. How long will it take? I want my helmet, shoes, armor, gauntlets, wrist guards, and weapons all changed in appearance.”
“I do not know how much extravagance you would want your armor to show off, but I only need but one hour for each piece.”
“The appearance should be similar to the armor your daughter is wearing. Something that doesn’t catch the eyes and plain as possible.”
“Then starting as soon as daybreak falls, I should be able to finish by lunchtime…”
“I know this is asking a lot, but I ask if you could start right away. You can use as much materials as you need, and the rest will be payment for your work. Is it possible?”
“Huh? You will be giving me this much as processing fees?”
“Yes. Also consider this as payment for the encyclopedia as well.”
“Ahh… I do not deserve such grace. How could I dare…”
“I will be asking a couple questions while you work. The answers you will be giving me will be far more valuable than any of these jewels are to me, so please do not feel troubled and receive them.”
Taking off the weapon and defensive equipments, I handed them over to Dump.
These were artifacts that could not be moved around, much less equipped, unless you met the minimum stat requirements, but Dump took them without any concern and started on his work.
I concluded that this was only possible because the concept of stats did not exist in this world.
With the sound of his hammer, I began to ask my questions.
“I’d like to know what is happening within the walls of that castle.”
I previously thought the author had made a mistake in chapter 193 when Min-Cheol said to call him Protector until he ‘remembers’ a name, but I was wrong. The author really named Min-Cheol ‘Guardian’ and the class ‘Protector.’
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