Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 195

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Chapter 195. The Way They Live
The head of the guard that was in Barub’s grasp was crushed in an instant.
The body of the guard that didn’t even have the chance to even scream before dying went limp.
The crowd’s gaze that was focused on the competition inside the metal cage all shifted to Barub at once.
Instead of the boring match, they had noticed something far more interesting.
This was the same for the Marquis Millions, who had sponsored this mediocre fight between swordsmen.
Barub had not expected this in the slightest.
They did not expect the mess that this imprudent act done without thinking things through would bring.
“Oho….. Quite the interesting fellow has come. Even their size and how savage they are…”
“We shall call in the bodyguards and capture them at once!”
“No. I want to tame them. That fellow who is completely mine.”
“Huh? Then…”
“Convey this to the slaves and criminals gathered behind them. I shall grant freedom to the one who who kills them.”
“Yes! As Marquis Millions commands!”
“Hohoho. It seems that an interesting entertainment has appeared amidst the repetitive boredom that was beginning to settle down, Sir Marquis. However, since this is a fight of one versus many… For some reason I cannot pinpoint, it feels as though you’re predicting that this savage will obtain victory?”
“Would you like to make a bet? Let’s not do that and enjoy another glass instead. You can’t leave out the alcohol when we’re enjoying entertainment, right?”
“Yes, of course. Hoho.”
Marquis Millions and all the nobility gathered there filled their glasses with spirit and observed the spectacle unfold.
Barub, who was being treated like a plaything of the nobles, let out a strong killing intent with a displeased look on their face.
Because of that, the tens of people behind Barub that were waiting for their deaths pissed themselves.
Instead of meeting Barub’s gaze, they were almost at the point of fighting each other to get to the corner of the area furthest away from Barub.
To the group that couldn’t do anything but be frozen in fear, the guard shouted at them.
“Marquis Millions has given all you incompetents a chance!”
“L… Let me live! I’m innocent!”
“If anyone amongst you is able to take that person’s life, the marquis said he will pardon all your crimes.”
The bodyguard kicked a box of weapons, spilling its contents in front of the group.
After seeing how each other would react, each of them began to pick up swords befitting them.
“Now! This is a chance that will never come again! Prove your bravery so that you may repay the marquis’ heavenly grace!”
“Damn it. I’m going to die anyway! Let’s at least try gambling with it!”
“If we all attack together, maybe we’ll have a chance to win.”
“Let’s all go for it!”
“Hah! The weak always try to group.”
There was a reason as to why Barub responded to such a boring fight.
When they had first smashed the guard’s head, they had felt something within them physically change.
After the guard had died, they had completely absorbed all of the strength of that guard.
It was similar to what happened when Min-Cheol had used the Butcher’s Sword to take down the radical faction.
For Barub, the way to grow stronger was not through hunting, but by murder.
To steal something that someone had worked long and hard to achieve in a single moment.
This was an idea and a method that definitely matched how Barub was.
Barub looked towards the marquis that had given the command.
They thought to themselves, ‘It won’t be long until your strength will also become mine.’
It was then. While Barub was distracted, their attacks began.
“D… Die!”
Tens of people armed with weapons all charged Barub at once.
However, these people were just regular humans, not Protectors.
There was no way that their slashing attacks could deal any damage to Barub.
The moment that the weapons reached Barub’s body, the weapons shook and shattered into pieces.
Barub did not let the vanguard that were now backpedaling to escape freely.
“This doesn’t feel too bad. It’s not that bad of a smell. Amusing!”
“My… My arm! Ugh!”
The battlefield was completely engulfed in chaos.
Even though Barub had only swung their hand once, there wasn’t a single person out of those who attacked that managed to escape unscathed.
One of them put their hands on their stomach that had been cut clean open, screaming as they tried to forcefully put back their organs that were spilling out.
Another tried to hobble away, clutching onto their arm and leg that had been cut off.
Realizing that this fate would befall upon them soon, the expressions of the members in the rear grew cold and frozen in fear.
Contrasting that were the nobles in their seats, laughing with mirth and enjoying the show.
“Oho! As expected, the marquis’ eye for these things are spectacular!”
“This has become a lot more amusing. If you had made a bet here, it could’ve been very bad, you know?”
“Hohohoho! I wholeheartedly agree.”
The situation on Barub’s end had concluded in an instant.
Their robe wasn’t just colored in red, but drenched in blood.
Behind them were corpses. No. There were piles of meat that had been cut apart to the point where one could not recognize what they were before.
Barub, dripping in blood, walked towards the crowd.
Despite seeing that young child’s smile filled with insanity, the nobility did not even blink and continued to laugh.
It happened as Barub tried to jump towards the marquis.
“Seems it’d be a waste to kill you now.”
“I cannot see the desperation in your eyes. Filled with leisure and calmness, I see nothing but arrogance.”
“Was murdering them enjoyable? So you’ve learned the taste of blood, wild beast. However, you cannot grow by consuming the weak.”
Barub had been pinned down by Marquis Millions.
Having grabbed by the neck mid air, Barub had been pinned down onto the ground just like that.
This situation was hard to believe.
Barub currently had all the powers of the gods of the heavenly realm, endless mana and the same level of growth Min-Cheol had achieved as an Awakened, and even had all the powers of the demon king.
However, they had been defeated in a single blow from not even the duke, but by Marquis Millions.
It was enough to make Barub wonder why Karupedan had made such a crazy world.
As for what Millions had said, there was no way for Barub to obtain power from butchering tens of those without any strength.
Killing at least those at the strength of guards or those walking in the path of Protectors were the only way to obtain more power.
Millions looked down at Barub, who was struggling from just his arm, and continued to speak.
“The butchering you want to partake in, I shall let you soak in blood to your heart’s content. There will be joyous days to come. You and I… And we shall send out to the world what everyone wants.”
“Damn you…”
“Become my servant.”
“What will you do… Will you die here? Or will you stand at the peak?”
Barub was filled with rage that they had never felt before.
They immediately wanted to rip apart Millions, who was talking as if he was something worthwhile.
They never had imagined that they would have to kneel and obey someone else, because they were the peerless absolute existence.
They had believed that kneeling and obeying was exclusive for the weak, and these actions did not suit someone like them.
However, it wasn’t as if there were any other options.
It was obvious that if they refused the commands of Millions right now, they would die a dog’s death right here.
Forget a hundred days, they couldn’t be sure if they’d make it to tomorrow.
Their world that would be taken by that human. Their power and abilities.
Just thinking about it made Barub grind their teeth.
Not even an hour after crossing over to Hell, they had to make such a decision out of desperation.
‘100 days… I just have to endure this for 100 days. This disgusting dimension and world will also be completely destroyed in 100 days anyways.’
Deciding to follow the marquis’ demand, Barub weakly shook their head.
After that, Millionsgave a bright smile to the crowd and raised Barub up.
From the stands came a loud cheer and many applause, with Millions’ name being chanted.
“Wow! Millions! Millions!”
All the nobles gathered here knew.
They knew how Barub would be used, and what would be Barub’s fate.
*    *    *
“How much to rest here a night?”
“3 Berk, Sir Protector.”
“Because I’m on my way back from hunting, I only have jewels, no currency, but is it possible that I can still stay?”
“Ah, Sir Protector. We do not have enough money to return you the change after receiving a jewel.”
Out of all the gems I had, I put the one that was right in the middle of all the sizes on top of the receptionist desk.
I had been able to hunt to the 7th rank.
If I tried my hardest, I could’ve definitely gone past that, but because I was wary of how others may perceive me, I stopped.
The growth I gained from hunting here was definitely different from the way back on Earth.
Unlike Earth, where you would raise your level by gaining experience from killing monsters, you directly absorbed the strength of the monsters slain here.
This meant that you could grow stronger much faster and by far more so than on Earth.
With the leveling up system, despite filling up the exponentially growing experience bar, you would only get 5 points of stats.
Here, however, you would become stronger as you hunted.
Addicted to this growth I could feel from hunting, I had hunted countless monsters, and now the amount of jewels I had were enough to fill up an entire truck.
I did gather them because I was worried that I’d need the money at some point, but to me, these were worth nothing more than rocks to me.
Seeing the jewel placed on the countertop, the eyes of the innkeep went wide as saucers, then lifted their head to look at my face.
“How many days can I stay with this?”
“Isn’t this a C ranking jewel? And with a size like this… You should be able to stay for over 100 days.”
“Is that so? Then please give me a room.”
“Ah, understood, Sir Protector!”
I put a jewel twice the size of the one that I had handed over.
The owner’s vision shook and swallowed down spit as if they were thirsty.
Lookin at them, I spoke.
“The fact that I will be residing here is a secret to all. Understood? If you can keep mum about this, then I shall reward you with far more.”
“Yes… Absolutely! There won’t be a single instance of me speaking out. Please believe me!”
“Good. The amount of time I’d need to stay will be less than 2 hours a day. You don’t need to worry about serving me food or cleaning the rooms, so all you have to do is give me an environment where I can stay as if I’m not here. Ah, and if possible, could you keep the rooms on the floor I’ll be residing in empty as well.”
“Yes! Yes! Sir Protector. Understood. I shall guide you up.”
The owner dropped everything they were doing and used a lantern to lead the way.
This inn was so old that each step would cause a creak from the boards underneath.
That was part of the reason I had chosen this location to reside in.
This was a place that no one would suspect a Protector would live in.
After obtaining the abilities of gods, I did not feel hunger or drowsiness, so a place of rest could be considered useless.
And to some degree, that would be correct.
I did not sleep or eat.
A place of rest here meant nothing more than a storage space to hold my items.
I could’ve used a mana pouch to carry everything with me, but I needed to make sure to avoid any suspicious activities.
Completing the packing procedure, I left the inn in garments befitting of a bum.
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