Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 194

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194. Hunting in Hell
“Thank you very much.”
“There’s no need. I hope that your memory returns as soon as possible.”
“Ah….. Yes. I suppose the first thing I should do is to find out which rank of monsters I can defeat.”
“Of course. I cannot find out how strong the equipment you are wearing is, but having your starting point at the edge of the market, which is where rank two begins, and progressing slowly is probably for the best.”
“Yes. I really mean it when I say I’m grateful. I shall continue to visit this place now and then.”
“It is an honor. And also this….”
Dump pulled out a yellowed ragged scroll from within his clothing.
Made from high quality leather, the parchment seemed quite thick and tough.
While looking at Dump, who handed the item to me, I asked.
“What is this?”
“It might be of help, so please take it.”
“It’s an illustrated index of all the known monsters found from rank 1 to 10.”
“I’m not sure if I can accept this.”
“Do not worry and please take it. I am giving them away as gifts for beginner Protectors.”
“Ah…. Beyond the price, I am very thankful for your kindness.”
“Haha. It’s old because my son had been using it, but since I had made it from the finest leather, it should be serviceable for over a decade.”
“Really, thank you very much. Also, is there an inn nearby?”
“Hm… You really are in a bind. Since you aren’t able to remember your family or home…”
“Yes… Well. Things turned out like this.”
“How long will you be hunting for?”
“Since it is the high noon…. I think I will be doing it until dawn.”
“Huh? Until dawn?”
“I was wondering if I focused my all on hunting, my memories would return…..”
“Still, you shouldn’t overdo it. Time will solve that issue. And on top of that, I worry for your safety.”
“Yes, I shall do so.”
“The inn is at the 9 o’clock direction from the castle’s front gate. Until we meet again, I shall wish you luck. Please come again, sir Protector.”
“Yes, thank you. I shall do as you say. Farewell…..”
After leaving Dump’s shop, I headed for where the monsters were located.
Even during that short time, both my eyes and mind were fully focused on the index.
From monsters I was quite familiar with, to the unfamiliar monsters I’ve never seen until now.
In the index, there was information on monsters from rank 1 to 10.
I did not know how many ranks I could handle with the current strength I had, but obtaining the index by meeting with Dump was huge.
I felt as though it was best I could achieve on the first day of falling into Hell.
It happened the moment that I was a bit away from where the shops were concentrated at.
“Keick! Keeick!”
“Oho… There really are no borders, huh?”
I heard the monster’s howling Fear that I could commonly hear in Earth’s dungeons.
If I had arrived here without a goal, that sound would’ve been the signal for me to bail, but right now, it was music to my ears.
“How many ranks can I climb?”
I stopped before I could dash forward with a single step while empowering my Butcher’s Sword with the power of light, darkness, mana, and magical energy.
Quickly dispersing my power, I quickly looked around.
Since I couldn’t use my Eye of Insight, I couldn’t do a perfect scan, but I did not see anyone with my eyesight.
The lower the level of the hunting ground, the more people often gather, but I was relieved to find it otherwise this time.
Using a different alias to hide my identity was just the start.
Even though my form had changed completely, there still was a need to hide the usage of my powers.
If I used all the powers that I had obtained for hunting, Barub would notice and immediately recognize who I was.
After all, they were already aware of all the tricks I had up my sleeve.
It would be uncomfortable, but I had to adjust my powers to a decent level as I hunted.
If I was able to earn money through hunting, the first thing to do would be to obtain equipment.
I was very lucky that the first person who helped me was a skilled blacksmith.
If reforgeable artifacts like bloodstones existed, I was sure that Dump would turn them into wonder equipment.
“Oho? A 5 group party?”
It was then that I saw a group that was hunting as a party.
In a split moment, many thoughts raced past my head.
The monsters around me were tempting to hunt, but I spent a brief time watching them hunt.
I was especially focused on the magic they were letting loose.
Their magic didn’t seem that different from the ones that I had obtained from Earth, but it was to make sure that I didn’t miss out on the smallest of details.
It was then.
“Oh! It’s quite big this time!”
“To think a jewel this big would drop from the 2 rank zone. I think we’re quite lucky today, hyung-nim!”
“It seems so. I feel motivated from the start! Now, let’s pick it up.”
“Yes, hyung-nim!”
Something floated above the monster’s cold corpse.
The shape looked similar to the bloodstones one could obtain on Earth and the demonic realm.
Seeing as to how happy they were, it was obvious that the item had great monetary value.
Or perhaps it was used to empower people’s bodies or artifacts.
Quickly taking the jewel, they continued forward deeper.
“Should I follow them for a bit?”
Scanning around, I casted Mass Stealth Jitsu and Silent.
By doing so, getting close to monsters still didn’t draw their aggro.
Stealthed and even canceling noise, there was no way that I would be found by them.
Well, even if I was discovered, nothing would happen.
Just like that, I continued to track them for 30 minutes.
There weren’t a great number that I learned from following them, but the information obtained was going to be quite useful.
Firstly, the jewel they mentioned before dropped 100% of the time.
As I had expected, the jewels were the same as the bloodstones in terms of usage.
They were used to craft weapons or to enhance them, and had monetary value.
Only Protectors could obtain them, and the price differed vastly depending on the jewel’s rank and size.
I did not know how much money I needed in this place, but it was probably better to have too much than too little.
Money was also necessary to keep a mutually beneficial relationship with Dump.
The next information was the real reason why I had followed them.
It was to check the effect that was produced by the magic of this world.
It was because I needed to use my infinite mana in the same way that I had observed.
There was no need to learn the magic’s name or damage, nor did I want to learn.
As long as the shape was the same, it wouldn’t cause too much suspicion.
There were a lot to consider thanks to Barub’s possible presence, but it wasn’t too much of a hassle.
It was because the fruits of my efforts would clearly show after a 100 days.
“Now. Shall I test my limits?”
“Koong koong! Koog!”
“Oho. What was the name….. That’s right. Bug Pig.”
“Koo koong hoong! Kweh ang!”
“Oh my. I’m sorry… Guess this isn’t a place I should stay at.”
Bug Pig was a boar the size of an ox from Earth.
I was able to tell, because I had seen the index beforehand, and both their attack and defenses were written as D-.
Due to how tasty the meat was, they became daily meals for beginner Protectors and a decent source of income.
Their thick and rough fur were durable enough to block the sword of an average person, which was why these were sometimes used as armor for beginners.
But unlike their reputation, the monster perished in a single hit from the lightning strike discharged from my hand.
Not only that, but the monster was cooked into a tasty looking meal.
Due to the smell, I almost obtained an appetite.
It almost made me want to run back here with salt and ssamjang. 1
However, the hide and fur weren’t damaged in the slightest, retaining their durability perfectly.
It was as if I had put the monster in a pot and steamed it to perfection.
“Then shall I….”
“Hm…. It would be good if I can get rid of the smell….. It’s still somewhat stylish though, I guess?”
Putting my full trust in the index as if it was a textbook, I peeled the Bug Pig’s hide off with efficiency.
The smell of the meat was quite potent, but the size of the hide was perfect to hide the armor that I was wearing.
The horrible scar on my face, unfriendly appearance, and now with the Bug Pig’s hide that covered me, I looked cruel enough to outdo a barbaric warrior.
Thinking about how well it went with the rest of my look for a brief moment, I used the hide as a sword belt to hide my Butcher Sword.
Since I was able to defeat the representative of the 2 rank monsters, the Bug Pig, I decided to head for the 3 rank right away.
This was just my guess, but I felt as though I would be able to get to at least rank 7 or 8 without any issues.
Despite losing half my strength, I had obtained all the powers of the celestial plane’s gods, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to be able to defeat monsters like these with ease.
That was why I headed for the opposite direction of the town leisurely, towards where the higher ranking monsters would appear.
“Hm….. How uncomfortable…..”
Just like Min-Cheol, Barub also fell somewhere in Hell.
Moving their body a little bit, Barub frowned and let out a complaint.
It was to be expected. They who had no form were now trapped in a fence called a body, so it was to be expected that they would feel discomfort.
Moving their arms around and trying to get used to the situation, they looked around.
“Ugh! Die!”
Barub blankly was spectating what was happening in front of them.
Two slender males were swinging their swords in what appeared to be a duel.
There was no wonderful and fancy armor involved, both wearing only ragged worn cloth pieces instead.
The battlefield where they spilled bright red blood was no better.
The sand floor wasn’t smooth due to the pebbles sticking out here and there, and the duel fought within an iron fencing was akin to a prison.
There was no cheering from the crowd, only mockery and jeering instead.
This wasn’t a fight between Protectors or swordsmen.
Giving swords to criminals and slaves, it was a forced fight to the death.
It was but a show for the rich.
Barub watched without much interest.
It was then.
“You little!”
“Leaving your area! Hurry and return!”
A guard with a spear as tall as Barub pointed their weapon at Barub and threatened them.
Barub was bare save for a robe covering their body.
Since they were a god to begin with, there was no need for them to have weapons or armors in the first place.
Barub looked towards the area that the guard had pointed to.
There were slaves and prisoners waiting to die in turn there.
Barub’s lips twitched for an instant.
It was amusing to see the guard treat them like a slave.
“What? You little!”
“Huh? Let…. Let me go!”
The guard thrusted their spear towards Barub, who had ignored their command.
Since these folks were treated as less than human, there would be no hesitation towards killing them.
However, the spear was twisted like taffy, and since the attack closed the distance between them, Barub was able to grab the guard’s head with one hand.
And then.
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