Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 192

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192. Messing Around From the Start?
Barub’s gaze moved from the floor to my feet, and as if inspecting me, continued to follow up the body until they met my eyes.
There was enough light radiating to turn one’s eyes sore, but Min-Cheol did not look away.
Barub’s face that had been so blurry had finally become as clear as day.
It looked like a pointless battle of wits between two men thirsting for victory.
Barub snickered quietly and spoke.
“Human. Half of your strength. You said that I will be starting with twice the amount of that.”
“Yeah, I agreed you should, right?”
“Good. But there is no need for my abilities to be equal to yours, right?”
“Since the conditions that you’ve suggested did not rule that out.”
“Do you object?”
“You really like to joke, huh? After we fall to Hell, we do not know how we will look like or have an ability to detect the energies of each other, so unless set by fate, we won’t run into each other. On top of that, you’re going to hide your abilities from me? Unlike you, my abilities are already exposed. With a talent like this, why are you even playing as god? Go start a business. A business.”
“Why do you not like this condition? If that’s the case, then this bet……”
“No, fine. These conditions are the ideal ones that I wanted. You have the leverage in this negotiation, but….. Then I’ll take it as you agreeing to it?”
“Now. Let’s start with adjusting your strength. You just need to seal your powers into the referee Karupedan. And Karupedan, you just need to confirm that the strength difference between Barub and I are twofold.”
“So be it.”
Barub shook their head and faced Karupedan.
Their appearance was akin to a sheep that was in denial of agreeing to the terms of a nonsensical offer as if they were lured into it.
They immediately raised their hand and put it on the shoulder of Karupedan.
Shrinking back at Barub’s touch for a brief moment, she accepted the situation.
Barub’s hand was on Karupedan’s shoulder.
Since she had her health recovered back to full, she resisted the endless cold air that came out of Barub’s hand without breaking a sweat.
It was then.
Almost as if her body was covered in flames, her entire body glowed red.
I was a bit surprised that such a large amount of power had transferred into her body all of a sudden, but it didn’t feel as though she was being hurt.
The transfer of power lasted for over 10 minutes.
It was as expected, since the amount of power Barub had were unfathomable, and so befitting of that, it seemed that much time was required.
“Hm? It seems that Karupedan has quite the large storage capability. Enough to fill up all your power, that is.”
“If I gave her strength in a form that she could use, then it would overflow. She would be shattered like glass.”
“Shouldn’t you say something before doing something like that? Eh, what am I hoping for. Enough about that. You’re sure that you only left yourself with exactly twice the strength of mine, right?”
“That’s right. Why not have Karupedan confirm it then?”
“Karupedan, how about it? Can you confirm their strength…..”
Min-Cheol looked at Karupedan while asking.
Instead of answering, she moved her body to check if the transfer was done correctly by looking at both of us in turn.
However, something felt off.
She was stiff in her motions, almost as if her body was not following what her mind was saying.
It was the movement of someone drunk.
Was it because of the strength that Barub had transferred messing her up?
The worry didn’t last long. I could hear the reason for her movements from Barub’s mouth that had opened with laughter.
“Kuhuhu. Why do you act like a bug half stepped on? Is it because your body won’t obey your commands of your mind trying to target me? Kuhahaha! Pure amusement, this is.”
“Barub….. You little…..”
“In accordance with the rules set by the human, you are nothing but a storage to hold my powers. Only after a 100 days will you be able to show your hatred towards me. However, that also won’t happen. Isn’t that so? There is no way that an absolute existence such as myself will lose against a mere human. Repent and reflect upon the actions beyond your station that you’ve committed all this time. Taking your life will come after that.”
“With this, we’ve confirmed sealing your powers. Karupedan?”
“Whew…… It’s exactly twice your strength.”
“Good. I guess the only thing left is creating Hell and going there?”
“If that’s the case, then I’ve already finished preparations.”
“Isn’t that something that should’ve been done before I handed my powers over?”
“That’s true, but….. That was a lot faster than I thought. Almost as if you’ve planned it ahead of time, that is.”
“Kuhu. You’re not suspecting me of creating a more advantageous environment for myself, right? I also do not want some advantage like that.”
“You’ve already set your conditions to having twice my powers though….. So what is it like?”
Barub’s hand pointed at Karupedan.
Following that, Karupedan made quite the shocked expression.
“The world is from her mind. Wouldn’t that be a fair dimension that isn’t advantageous for me, or disadvantageous for you?”
“That’s quite the welcome news.”
“If it is a world that I had imagined…..”
“Why? Is it a makeshift place you just threw together? Doesn’t matter. Even if you created it with the utmost effort, it will soon become a wasteland.”
“Additional explanations will only serve to confuse me. Let’s go.”
“So be it. Karupedan, open the dimensional door with your powers.”
Karupedan created a dimensional door without much effort.
Unlike the worn door that leads into the celestial plane, it was shaped like the portals you would commonly find on Earth.
Even the faint swaying of the portal was similar.
Min-Cheol shouted at Barub, who was trying to enter right away.
“Exactly 100 days after, you got that?”
“Kuhu. I wonder if you’ll be able to survive that long.”
“Hey, why are you worrying about something that I should be worried about.”
“After the set time passes, we will be summoned back here, in the celestial plane anyways. I hope that the summoning will bring back at least a rotting corpse. I hope you will have good fortune in battle. Kuhaha.”
“Oh? Damn. Look at how they’re acting. Seems I’ll have to show them the power of an incredibly experienced veteran dungeon grinder. I’m going. The power that I’ll be taking, take good care of it.”
“No need. Even if you explain, I won’t remember. Isn’t one of the conditions for this bet that we both start on equal footing? And my name isn’t human, it’s Min-Cheol. Kim Min-Cheol. After the 100 days pass, call me that name as you greet me, okay?”
“But they have twice your power…..”
“Doesn’t matter if they’re two or three times stronger. I will grow far stronger than that and return. I’ll even pick you a present leisurely, so you can look forward to it.”
“Pffft! You really are crazy….. I’ll wish you good luck.”
“Alright. I’m going.”
Following Barub, I walked through the dimensional door that Karupedan had opened.
Normally, I would have to go through the time space tunnel in order to travel to another dimension, but it was different this time.
Since this dimension was independent from the rest to begin with, the moment that I put my foot through, I was sucked in and absorbed into the dimension.
The first thing that came into view was a giant wall.
Outer walls of a castle stretched without end, making it impossible for me to tell what was hiding behind them.
“Am I inside Karupedan’s past memories…… The mood is somewhat familiar. Is this the market road? Can I even grow stronger at a place like this?”
Since I had already experienced Karupedan’s past memories before, the scenery didn’t feel so alien.
Around that outer wall far from here, the market was present.
Oxen and horses pulled carts filled with all types of vegetables and fruits, and each of the merchants were busy trying to sell their wares to passersby.
Bustling people that did not lose their smiles. I wasn’t too opposed to this scenery.
It was true that I felt a bit more relaxed with how peaceful things appeared to be, but a far greater problem occupied my mind.
I wondered just what I had to hunt and kill to grow stronger.
From first impressions alone, there seemed to be nothing wrong with this place.
For me, however, the lack of problems was a huge problem for me.
Going through the dimensional door to arrive here wasn’t for leisure or to enjoy the scenery of people.
I had entered here to grow strong no matter the method, which in turn would allow me to beat the absolute god, Barub.
I had on a gaudy armor, helmet, and sword, but none looked at me strangely, and I blended in naturally with the rest of the scenery.
Was it because of the times this place was in, which painted a gaudy picture of knights that I matched?
No. I thought to myself that it would be great if this village was filled with Awakened wearing similar armor like mine.
Blankly looking at people moving around didn’t last long. Since I didn’t have any other ideas, I decided to go take a look around the market road.
It was because I needed at least some information in order to make a plan.
At the same time, I thought of Barub.
I wondered what they were doing and if they had already found a way to grow stronger.
No. Barub probably hadn’t figured it out either yet.
I muttered to myself as I moved my feet one after another.
“Method? I’ll be thankful if they don’t go around butchering every human.”
“Sir Protector 1 Please come here and peruse these before you go. Great quality sheepskins have come in.”
“Ah, sir Protector! Look at these too before you go! A very solid greatsword is here for cheap.”
“Protector? Are they calling me so because I’m wearing armor?”
“Oh my! How are you so manly. Sir Protector, please look at these boots before you go. Special….”
“Sir Protector.”
The entire time I was traveling through the market street, I was called by the title of Protector.
I wonder, do they call soldiers or officers as Protectors?
While being dragged along by stray hands here and there, it happened as I was passing by a polished shield that reflected quite a lot of sunlight.
I saw a man reflected on that shield.
A scar that went down from the forehead to the cheek somewhat hidden by long red messy hair.
Ungroomed sideburns and a mustache to boot.
It was the appearance of someone that unless they smiled, it would be hard to initiate the conversation with them.
“It really is hard to just get by. Trying to sell goods by initiating the conversation with people even like them, whew. If I were them, I would’ve ran away already. How can someone look so intimidating….. Just looking at them gives me goosebumps….. Hm? Huh? What?”
Grabbing the shield as a mirror, I tried to deny reality.
“What! That’s me?”
“Ah, sir Protector. Do you seek a shield? If you’re interested in this shield……”
“Mister, how is my face right now?”
“Huh? What do you mean…..”
“A gash from a sword on my face and the beard…. No. Is this severely intimidating face really mine?”
“Uh…. Sir Protector, I do not understand what you’re talking about……”
“Wow….. I didn’t expect my disguise to be so over the top. Whew…..”
“Ah. Sorry, I have troubled you. I do not have the money to buy a shield.”
“Ho ho ho. As befitting of your youth, you are filled with wit.”
“Huh? I am?”
“Hm? Do you really not know? I am too much of a lowly merchant to tell if you’re jesting or being serious……”
“I am being serious here. I had hurt my head very badly a couple days ago. If it is okay, could we talk inside for a bit?”
“I would be most honored. Please, follow me.”
“Yes. Then…..”
I followed the merchant into the ragged and poorly pitched tent that served as a shop.
In doing so, I hoped that this person would serve as my first informant.
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