Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 190

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190. Shrimp is a Spectator
Karupedan, who wore a determined expression, cast away her blue roaring flames.
Returning back to her young childlike appearance, she quickly glanced towards Min-Cheol’s direction and steadied herself.
It was a movement that signaled that she was going to follow up with an incredibly powerful attack.
After all, her glance towards him meant that the effect of the attack could go past Barub and reach where Min-Cheol was.
On the other hand, there was not a change in Barub’s expression.
Continuing to surround themself in frigid air, they merely kept their eyes on Karupedan.
Even the slightest nervousness or worry of defeat could not be found on their face.
That was expected, since even an outsider could tell that the outcome of this battle was already decided.
The one amusing factor was that Barub was also enjoying this battle.
They could finish the battle in an instant if they wished so.
However, they were waiting for Karupedan to pour out everything she had instead.
Was it normal for an existence like Barub?
Observing their creations from afar, hiding and not interfering until a new interesting thing pops up.
All the peerless ones that Min-Cheol had met were all like that.
Karupedan and Barub. They were oddly similar to each other, and had the same tendency to boot.
In Min-Cheol’s eyes, they all just seemed to be part of an underhanded and narrow-minded clique.
To be frank, he couldn’t help but think that they weren’t acting mature.
Karupedan, who desired revenge while forgetting everything that she had done so far, and Barub, who gave off a sinister smile while observing the chaos from behind, were the same to me.
Looking at who the two of them were being, Min-Cheol thought that he might be able to use that tendency to his advantage.
Karupedan could not win against Barub.
Even if he delivered the final blow on Karupedan and took her powers for himself, it was true that he wouldn’t be able to match Barub.
These were truths that the three of them knew well.
Even without battling it out, everyone here could sense it.
It was just that other than Barub, the two of them weren’t showing it.
That was why the winner of this fight could only be Barub, the one who possessed unrivaled power.
Truth be told, Min-Cheol could’ve gone back down this road to Earth and live a peaceful life.
This peace would only apply for Min-Cheol and those around him, but that wouldn’t be a problem.
The first dream he longed for when he finally became Awakened was the happiness of both himself and his mother. That was all.
He earned money because he needed it, and he became stronger because he wanted greater wealth.
Other than Jong Ho, Ho Jin, So-Hyeon, Karin, and others becoming involved amidst striving to achieve his goals, the original goal hadn’t changed.
There were humans that suffered even back then, and he did not have any grandeur dreams of saving them all.
However, Min-Cheol didn’t have the slightest intention to kneel before Barub and enjoy the peaceful life he had obtained.
Considering how he had acted all this time, there was no way that he would want a life where he would have to bow his head before the absolute being and hide for the rest of his life while a sword was being pushed to his throat.
It was true that he would have to observe the situation a bit longer before coming to a conclusion, but Min-Cheol had a plan he had thought of.
While Min-Cheol was observing the fight and was lost deep in thought, Karupedan began to act.
“Hm? Karupedan. Are you planning to spare me the effort of having to remove your powers myself?”
“Shut it! I will kill you no matter the method, Barub. Without doing so, I would be too ashamed to see Gera again.”
“You cannot kill me. No existence in this world can face me. I am an existence like so, and so I have taken such a role.”
“Shut up!”
Karupedan’s small little hands gathered tiny but powerful strength.
A sphere the size of a billiard ball and glowing emerald green did not have the grandest of appearances, but it contained a thick amount of killing intent that none could approach so easily.
As if knowing what this mysterious power was, Barub didn’t show much concern.
Holding in her hands the sphere that was the equivalent of all of her powers compressed, she walked towards Barub.
“Are you planning to try your final strike? Kuhaha! With that speed, it seems that it’ll be difficult for you to reach me in this lifetime.”
“Then how about this!”
The sharp sound of friction between metal and metal could be heard.
After that, behind Barub’s form appeared dozens of projectiles.
Each of them looked like halberds, letting out chilly air.
The size was only that of an adult’s forearm, but the shape and threatening aura they gave off was very similar to actual halberds.
It seemed as though they were ready to fly off the moment they were issued the command to do so, and it looked as if they thirsted for blood.
Karupedan had mustered all the power that she could, including the strength she needed to run at Barub. At Barub’s hand gesture, one of the halberds flew towards her.
The halberd that flew towards her at a frightening pace had pierced through her forearm with ease.
Like a bullet leaving its barrel and tearing straight through paper, she didn’t resist and allowed her body to get hit.
Unlike the other gods that bled light after being hit, red blood flowed out of Karupedan’s arm.
Like humans, her blood flowed red as well.
Barub’s attack was so powerful and fast that there wasn’t any blood on the halberd, and it kept going forward until it disappeared out of view.
At the same time, Karupedan’s expression crumpled.
However, she did not stop walking forward.
Just like that, another step forward. It happened when she was about to finish another step.
“You’re being stubborn about something that cannot even be. Let’s see how long you can endure.”
A halberd flew once more, piercing through her left thigh and impaling the ground this time.
Despite being quite far away from them, this attack was strong enough for Min-Cheol to feel the power and vibrations of it.
It was an attack that was simple without any unnecessary flair, yet could leave lethal wounds still.
Min-Cheol knew well that he could not defend against that attack even if he tried everything that he could.
The admiration for Barub’s power didn’t last long. Looking at this situation, Min-Cheol knew for sure.
That this transcendent existence called Barub was enjoying this situation.
Since Karupedan wasn’t resisting at all, it was more than easy to aim for her vitals.
However, they were only proceeding with attacks that didn’t threaten her life.
As if not wanting the fight to end so quickly, they were completely focused on drawing ire from their opponent.
It looked like a struggle to quench the thirst that wasn’t sated.
This scene reminded Min-Cheol of meeting the Chimera in the demonic realm, and that in turn gave him goosebumps all over.
It was absolutely terrifying that an absolute being that ruled over all of the world had the appearance of one who was famished for blood and butchering.
Even still, Karupedan did not stop.
Barub continued their attacks while avoiding her vitals, but she kept pressing on.
Parts of her body became ragged to the point where it became hard to watch.
She could have easily healed her wounds from the power she was holding in her hand, but as if using even that much would be wasteful, she only shook her head and continued stepping forward.
Well, she had poured even the strength required to move towards Barub. Min-Cheol could tell what the strength that drove her forward right now was.
Them? I guess I should refer to them as her? Since Min-Cheol had seen her past with great realism, he could easily predict why.
This was only possible because they were both human.
“So you still managed to stand before me. Now! Do as you will. Isn’t there a reason for you to endure all this pain and get here?”
“Hu….. Hu……”
With ragged breaths, Karupedan was barely standing.
However, her hand that was holding onto the sphere was shaking severely, as if she was squeezing out the last of her strength.
Barub, after seeing Karupedan arrive right next to them, instead of trying to defend or avoid her attack, spread out their arms to show that they were defenseless.
From Earth to the demonic realm, and the celestial plane, it seemed that out of all those Min-Cheol had met so far, none were sane.
He felt as though he was trapped in a den of those who lost their minds.
The air around became heavy to the point where it felt as though one would have to be cautious of the noises their breathing would make.
Karupedan raised her shaky hand, and then she struck what was in her hand into the chest of Barub.
The strike that struck Barub made a noise similar to hot metal cooling from coming into contact with water.
Unlike the expectations of a powerful strike and a destructive blast of sound, the resulting attack was that of a weak and downright pathetic strike.
Barub lowered their head and looked down at Karupedan.
Their difference in height was what caused the difference in eye levels, but one could feel that there was another meaning behind it.
It felt as if this difference represented their combat capabilities.
“Ha…. Haa……”
“Pfft. Now will you accept?”
“No matter how hard you struggle, the results do not change. Just like how this world does not change.”
As if she had given up everything, there was a thin smile on her face.
She probably knew it as well, that there was no way she could defeat Barub with her own powers.
However, as an apology to Gera, she had exhausted all of her powers still.
After that, she looked towards Min-Cheol instead of Barub with her usual playful and childish look and spoke.
“Kehe. The punishment that the human spoke of….. It seems that I’ll be receiving it a bit faster than I thought…”
“Hm? What?”
“I’m unsure of when it’ll be, but you will also be receiving the same punishment that I am receiving, Barub.”
“It seems that you still haven’t figured out the situation. Karupedan. I do not kneel before anyone. I am this world and its laws. There is no one who can best me. Who would dare try punishing me!”
“I’ll acknowledge that. I’m unsure how long it will last, but just like how I lived as a puppet under your control….. Who knows if you aren’t also a subordinate under someone else?”
“Kuha! That’s something that you hope for. However, that’s impossible.”
“It seems that all of your toys that you played with are dead. What will you do?”
“Karupedan, do you really think that you were chosen?”
“All the gods, including you and Gera. And all those living in the other dimensions are nothing but expendable. I can always replace and remove them at any given time. There are many more who desire for power. All I have to do is take one of them and put them on those seats, and the problem is solved.”
“I can’t even swear at you to my heart’s content because of how similar I sounded before.”
“Then I shall end you here.”
Finishing their words, Barub grabbed onto Karupedan’s head with one hand.
The cold air that they let out spread to her body without any resistance.
Since she had already taken a lot of damage already, it wouldn’t be long before she would lose her life.
At this rate, all the strength and power that Karupedan had obtained would return back to Barub.
It was then.
“Huh. Isn’t this end a lot more duller than I thought?”
Min-Cheol, who had been observing the situation from afar like a spectator for a sports game, appeared before the two of them.
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