Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187. Standing Above the Head of a God
“Die, you! Die!”
Quite the rugged projectile flew towards me, but I was able to withstand it.
No. As if I had collided head on with a fly, it would be more accurate to say that I didn’t feel a thing.
Abilities of polar opposite elements had collided with one another.
However, it was obvious that I would take the high ground here.
If a regular Iceberg and Meteor Call met with one another, then both cancelling each other out should be the expected result.
Both would receive massive amounts of damage and fall out.
In this case, however, you could say that this was a fight between a regular Iceberg and a transcendent Meteor Call.
There was that much of a difference in terms of raw power.
Even with Galima’s fierce attacks, the water continued to evaporate.
The lava that was coming out from my body that had changed its appearance to that of a magma golem was causing the water to evaporate at an incredible rate.
The visual effect was strong enough to prevent me from seeing the area around me.
Giving up on my sight, I focused only on getting rid of the water around me.
While I did so, I continued to keep in mind the oxygen inside of the mana balloon and consuming the King’s Marbles.
“You little! Argh!”
In the middle of all that noise, I could hear Galima’s yelling clearly.
It seemed that they were quite furious that their attacks weren’t working on me.
It wouldn’t take long before they would appear before me.
Water was Galima’s strength and life.
Their strength was disappearing before their eyes so easily, so how could they just stay hidden.
Even if they did appear before me though, I wouldn’t be able to see them, since the situation around me was too complicated.
It was then.
A growl.
‘What, human, no. Did they give up being a god?’
It was hard to believe that this howling was something that they could let out, as I could hear the sound of their fierce Fear.
Since Galima had the appearance of a normal human, the sound they were making right now didn’t fit them at all.
Since I couldn’t open my mouth or breathe at this moment, I quietly thought to myself these thoughts.
However, since the Fear continued on for quite a long time, I couldn’t help but check.
But it wasn’t as if I could afford to slack off on getting rid of the water in the limited time I have left.
Desperately hoping that I could see their form, I casted Eye of Insight.
After confirming their appearance, I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of air.
That was the sight that came into view was something that I couldn’t hold back my surprise of.
With a massive body size that was hard to describe, four legs befitting that size, and wings on their back, it was a Chimera.
‘That’s insane. It can’t be. Why is something like that here?’
“Chimera! Destroy that human. Take that human’s soul and fill your belly.”
“Kuhaha! It seems that you’ve just confirmed the presence of the Chimera. Can you handle them?”
“Unlike the one you’ve slain in the demonic realm, this one won’t die so easily. That one was only a copy that Karupedan tried to mimic! Demon King? Demon king’s Chimera? They aren’t worth anything. Go! Destroy him!”
All sorts of profanities were at the tip of my tongue.
This situation felt far more hopeless than the time I faced the Chimera for the first time in the Demonic Realm.
If what they said was true, this Chimera was far superior and stronger than the one from the demonic realm.
I had defeated the Chimera in the demonic realm with Eternal Rest, which I had obtained via chance.
Exactly as I had said, all I had done was use that one skill against them.
Chimera’s destructive capabilities, defensive capabilities, and how strong they were didn’t matter at that time. That Chimera was annihilated into oblivion on the spot.
Eternal Rest was a skill beyond ranking that could only be used once.
It had taken up one of the 5 slots of the skills beyond ranking I could ever obtain, and continued to take that place even after its use.
At the time, it was a skill that was absolute and important, but now, it was useless.
If I was able to use that skill continuously, it wouldn’t have taken even an hour to clear things up in the celestial plane.
However, I couldn’t use Eternal Rest even after obtaining mastery over mana.
It was true that after I’ve obtained complete control of mana, cooldowns didn’t matter to me, but that didn’t cover this spell.
It really was a one time use skill.
Thus, this meant that I had to use my strength, not Eternal Rest, to defeat the Chimera.
The one good thing was that I had grown a lot stronger since the demonic realm.
When I had conquered the demonic realm, I had obtained the power of mana, magical energy, and the King’s Marbles.
Right now, however, I had the ability and powers of 5 gods.
And right now, Galima’s attacks weren’t working on me.
There was the factor of being polar opposites in elements, but there also was the difference in strength between me and them.
And while this being the case, they summoned a creature?
I should be able to defeat the summoned without much difficulty.
After all, there wouldn’t be any summoned creatures that would serve a master weaker than themselves.
Ah. There is the Chimera that could be summoned using the Demon King’s Authority, but since it wasn’t a contract of absolute dominance, it didn’t count.
The Chimera charged me quickly in an attempt to body slam me.
A creature this big doing an attack like this would cause a massive shock.
However, right now, my form was far larger than that Chimera.
That was because I had copied the form of Dehaka, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a mountain had been moved here.
That was why there wasn’t any shock or damage to me.
Almost as if mocking me for worrying, it was a pathetic attack.
The Chimera saw that I didn’t even budge and made some distance between us once more.
Then it tried to do the same attack again.
‘Let me give you a snug hug.’
“W…. What! Chimera! Hurry up and get away from him! Now!”
‘I really want to tell them that it’s too late.’
After crashing into me with massive force again, it attacked with its front legs.
At its fierce spirit, a bit of the lava fell off from my body into the water, cooling and hardening away.
However, this was just the tip of the iceberg.
It was the equivalent of removing a fistful of sand from a sandy beachfront.
Ignoring that attack, I swallowed the Chimera whole.
Similar to how you covered the stuffing with flour when making dumplings, I had completely swallowed it whole.
I could perfectly sense the Chimera’s screams and resistance as it struggled to get free.
It was no different from being eaten alive, so it was expected that its struggles to survive would be intense.
I focused a massive amount of strength to the area that had swallowed it whole to compress the Chimera.
It was to speedily and to increase the guarantee a bit further on getting rid of it successfully.
“Ah… No way…. This can’t be……”
The Chimera’s resistance didn’t continue for long.
The body that flailed around slowed down, and the strength behind its Fear was reduced.
Even while this was happening, I wasn’t slacking off on the task of evaporating the water around me.
Galima’s groaning continued, and I replied with putting more strength into the task.
“Whew. Caught you, you little shit! I was so frustrated that I was going to die from it.”
“Kuhu… You little…..”
“It’s awful that you’ve held on for this long with this ugly form. Eating so many marbles made me extremely full too.”
“Why is it that none of my attacks are working against you! Dehaka was definitely a much weaker existence than I…. And even the Chimera as well…..”
“Dunno? Why don’t you think about it while I beat you up?”
I had evaporated all the thick and sticky water that Galima had made.
It was a massive amount, but my body did not cool, still leaking lava and boiling nonstop.
I could already see the ground of the area they had created, which had become a prairie.
This meant that the area where we were had no water left anymore.
In turn, Galima’s power and lifeforce had been completely drained.
Also, the Chimera that was trapped inside my body and had struggled was no more.
Melting away completely, it had turned into a tiny leftover that the lava had finished digesting.
After getting rid of their ability, their real form was revealed.
The radiant figure was nowhere to be found, and instead was replaced with a pathetic appearance instead.
The armor and weapons had lost their light and were covered in fractures, and the fair hair that had come down to their waist had become disheveled.
It seemed that with this attack, Galima had used up everything that they could.
Canceling Dehaka’s magma golem ability, I returned back to my original form.
My body was still red hot, and the floor around me was beyond dry, searing into a crisp.
The mana balloon that was floating above my head like a speech bubble had completely deflated.
I had nearly used up all of the oxygen and King’s Marbles.
If this went on a bit longer, then this situation would have turned for the worst.
I walked over to them, who was hunched over and barely holding on.
“This…. It’s a dream. This is something that cannot be…..”
“What a nonsensical fellow, aren’t you? Do you even sleep? Do you even dream?”
“Folks like you seem to search for her when you’re about to die.”
“Give me one more chance! I will share allegiance to you! Karupedan!”
“Time for expressing your opinions is over.”
“Since we’re on the topic of dreams, the seat of the Unrivaled God that you wanted so badly. I shall be the one to fulfill your ambitions and dreams in your stead. Your power will probably be a huge asset to making that dream come true, so I’ll show a bit of thanks as well.”
Grabbing on to their throat made them writhe in pain.
Since they couldn’t breathe in the first place, their groans weren’t because they were struggling for air.
It was because the force behind my grasp was strong enough to twist their neck, and the pain made them groan so.
Having lost their fighting spirit and combat capabilities, they couldn’t put up any resistance and were drowning in pain.
I held their throat in one hand, while I materialized the blue flames of Full Fire on the other.
It seems to burn faintly at first glance, but the heat from this skill was the equivalent of Meteor or magma.
This was an attack skill that wasn’t from being an Awakened, but something that you could make with mana.
A flaming sphere was created near Galima and I.
This was the worst punishment I could give.
Killing the God of Water by burning them with fire.
Was there any other method as painful and cruel as this?
“You are already aware of your sins. The punishment is becoming cooked fish. Any objections?”
“I’ll take that as no. One, two, three. Case closed.”
Despite their legs slowly burning into a crisp from the flames, Galima did not move.
Their bodies shook as they stared at a single spot with fixed eyes.
Their body did not shrivel up and there was no smoke.
Emitting a bright light, their body was slowly dissipating.
Galima’s rigid shoulder went limp.
It looked as though they either lost their consciousness or their life.
At the same time, I tossed them to the floor.
“Whew…. Just when did you become this cruel? Oh my…..”
The place that Galima stared at until the end.
I wasn’t able to see with my own eyes, but that was where Karupedan was.
It seemed that they begged for Karupedan to save their lives at their last moments.
From over there came Karupedan.
Extinguishing the trail of flames and standing near me, she made an awkward smile as she spoke.
“Guess it really is over?”
“You went through a lot. Even though it was difficult, you did well.”
“Serious expressions and talks are awkward for me.”
“Kehe. It’s because it is complicated. Complicated.”
“That’s why I said you’ll regret this.”
“I don’t regret it. Now. Shall we end it around here?”
“Hm….. I can never end the Unrivaled Goddess at a place as shabby as this.”
“This time, I’ll lead you. Follow me.”
“Kehe. You really are an amusing person.”
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