Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 186

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186. It Is the End!
Galima’s fishnet-like attacks continued.
These attacks came from all directions, and they weren’t something I could avoid just by moving quickly.
Fleeing to higher ground and hiding my presence with stealth didn’t work either.
Like a heat seeking missile, the attacks chased me relentlessly.
And each time the attacks struck, the King’s Marble’s effects would chipped away, and I would continue to suffer minor injuries that were mounting up.
The frequency of using the marbles and Status Denial had increased severely.
The continued attacks triggered Gera’s attack reflecting ability, but perhaps due to their attacks being the same affinity as their form, instead of dealing damage, their body just absorbed it.
And wasn’t as if the powers of light and darkness added into the reflected attack had any effect on them either.
I felt that I should be able to finish this with just a single proper attack, but it was much easier said than done.
The God of Life Wheatgrass’s ability to revive was useless in this situation, so the only thing left I could trust in was the God of Earth Dehaka’s ability.
Dehaka’s ability was amazing.
Not only did it seal away the ability of the opponent, but it was powerful enough that they wouldn’t be able to ignore it with their powerful defensive capabilities.
I believed that adding mana and magical energy onto Dehaka’s power would bring me results.
It seemed that I would have to pour in every bit of power I could use at my disposal against them.
“Hm? Is this Dehaka’s?”
I used Dehaka’s ability that sealed away abilities.
Countless fist sized orbs spun around my body.
If I was able to hit one of their attacks with this, then they would become powerless as well.
I could 100% hit the fishnet-like attack that tracked me, and their spear and shield were also targets of consideration.
“It was one of the abilities that I wanted most. However, will you be able to hit me with it?”
“I wonder? I’m about to try now.”
“Kuha! A situation befitting of a loser, being without a plan and all.”
“I also am pretty good at swinging in thin air, you know? If you think you can avoid it, go ahead and try.”
Even while allowing their attacks to connect with me, I fired the sealing orbs.
And I didn’t hurl them at Galima’s field of view, but similar to how Wheatgrass pulled the trigger of their pistol, I had fired it at thin air.
If they swung their spear in random frenzy to torture me, then I should repay the favor in the same manner.
The moment that the sealing orbs left my hand, they disappeared from view.
Just as Wheatgrass did, these orbs will continue hiding from view and fly in when I want them to.
“It looks like this is going to be a fight where we trade blows till mutual destruction is guaranteed….. But even I’m out of options. If I just defeat you, then this short but shitty life in the celestial plane is over. Let’s eat these marbles until my belly pops!”
“Kuhu…. It shouldn’t have been long since you’ve obtained the powers of the gods…..”
“To be precise, not a day hasn’t passed. I’m pretty smart I guess.”
“Your actions are in vain! The God of Water cannot kneel before a human! Come!”
I felt that I cannot simply just hurl orbs at them, so I materialized a sword and charged at them.
It didn’t matter how much damage I took.
My real intention was to draw their attention and break their focus.
I was trying to create an opening where I could hit them with the sealing orb.
Both my cheeks were puffed up from the amount of marbles in my mouth, and I was continuing to think of ways to ambush them with the sealing orb while using Status Denial to keep up with the injuries.
Putting myself under a complete trance, I focused only on sealing their abilities.
Due to all the combat I’ve experienced, my body would move on its own.
If it was a dangerous attack, my body would avoid it, and if they showed a weak spot, my body wouldn’t miss that chance.
With such a capability, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that my body was already completely used to combat.
After I swung my sword, the area around us was filled with the sound of a sonic boom, and I saw their shield before me.
The attack definitely struck.
It was an attack with a 100% success rate and ignored resistances after all.
However, Galima’s shield was not penetrated.
No. To be precise, the part that was destroyed from the sword’s incredible destructive force had returned back to its original form in the blink of an eye.
That was right. Since the shield wasn’t a part of their body, I couldn’t stop it from restoring itself.
Using the immense amount of water around us, they had repaired their shield.
I didn’t actually expect this attack to deal any damage to them, but I didn’t imagine in the slightest that it would be so easily blocked.
Despite having the power of five gods in my body, this was all the strength that I could display in a single attack.
This also proved that they were that much stronger.
It was then.
As expected, their fishnet attack came towards me.
The moment that the attack connected with my body, I threw my sealing orb at it.
I could hear the sound of a massive explosion follow.
This sound meant that the sealing orb had done its job.
The net and the orb that made contact with each other were engulfed in a huge explosion, and the countless cuts that I should have been struck with following the net didn’t come, disappearing in a strangely quiet manner.
One of their abilities had been successfully sealed.
“The fishnet is gone. Now what should I aim for next?”
“Kuhu…. You little…..”
“Wheatgrass showed me two abilities, you know? Since you’re much stronger…. How many more do you have left?”
“Do not anger me further! You will regret doing so!”
“Since I’ve already poked the hornet’s nest, shouldn’t I see to it till the end?”
“As I said before, I’ve overheard everything you and Karupedan spoke about.”
“Unbefitting of a god…. Despite being one, you’ve eavesdropped on us?”
“Kuha. Do you know why I, a God of Water, is ranked 1st above all?”
“That’s because you are the strongest out of the six gods.”
“That is the biggest reason. However, for a human like you who is trying to challenge the realm of the gods, you will be fearing my existence more.”
“Hm? Are you planning to drown me underwater?”
“You’ll find out soon enough…..”
“But what about this? I’ve already tested it all before coming in here. I don’t need to breathe. This means that I can fight underwater no problem.”
“Now, let’s put that to the test.”
“Such a fruitless effort…..”
With a battle roar, Galima sunk into the floor.
Almost as if becoming foam in a split moment, they had disappeared all of a sudden.
After they disappeared, the situation for me, a human, became especially cruel.
“Die. Perish slowly while struggling and flailing in pain!”
Almost as if by magic, my body was underwater.
I blinked just for a second.
However, the area around me changed and the environment had changed even further.
This is similar to what happened after Karupedan snapped her fingers.
That wasn’t the only thing that changed.
Suddenly, my body that was moving fine before suddenly felt dehydrated.
“Kuhaha! While trying to have fun, you’ve lost an ability instead. Well, with the other abilities you have, this is worth the trade. Now, what happened to you telling me that you didn’t need to breathe?”
Like a regular human, I wanted air.
This situation didn’t make any sense.
Before entering this place, noticing how strange what Karupedan said sounded like, I had prepared myself a bit ahead of time.
Since I was facing the God of Water, I had prepared myself for an underwater fight.
I definitely did not need air outside.
Since I was far beyond the realm of what was considered a human, I thought it was normal for it to be the case.
However, I desired for air right now.
And it was as if I had held my breath as much as possible and desperately wanted to breathe.
I felt as though my eyes would roll over and I would lose consciousness any second.
Only a single thing came to mind.
A balloon made from mana. The air inside of it.
“Pfft! That’s the balloon filled with Karupedan’s mockery. I wonder how long you can last with that.”
“Huff! Whew.”
Since they had eavesdropped on the conversation between me and Karupedan, they knew about the balloon’s existence.
They were speaking as if they were ridiculing me for that.
The idea of saving face wasn’t even on my mind.
Putting my head into the balloon, I drank in as much air as possible.
The thought of even trying to understand the sudden change in situation didn’t even come.
The only thing on my mind was that I needed to drink in this air so that I could survive.
Only after that did my body and mind find calm and began to assess the situation.
The balloons that I brought were 2.
They were quite large mana pouches, but it was obvious that I wouldn’t last 30 minutes.
I decided not to bother thinking about why I suddenly needed air.
The situation was dire enough that my brain using air to think about it felt wasteful.
I pondered for but a brief moment. I moved my body as fast as I could to escape the water.
However, the depth was too great for me to even see the end of it.
Despite taking in air and swimming up for awhile, I couldn’t see a speck of light.
It didn’t take long before I came to a decision.
I had come to the conclusion that I needed to defeat them as soon as possible.
Other than that method, I couldn’t think of any other solutions.
While all this was going on, I could hear their sarcastic remarks.
“The amount of time you have left on your hands isn’t much. But what can you do. You cannot even find the location of my form. It seems that all you can do is watch your supply run out and meet your death.”
“If you are scared of that remaining time, drink the water. That way you can die a quick and painless death at the least. Just a single sip is all that will take. No matter how strong your body is….. No matter what kind of an existence you are, a single gulp is all that’s needed. Kuhaha! Then enjoy this pain.”
I could hear Galima’s voice, but despite keeping both my eyes peeled, I could not see their form.
It wasn’t because of the complete darkness that didn’t have a speck of light.
Despite emitting light to brighten up the area around me or use the Eye of Insight to find them, it wasn’t enough.
Attacking them right now still might not spare me enough time, yet I couldn’t even guess their location.
Time that kept on ticking past without remorse felt cruel.
“Huff! Whew.”
I didn’t have a choice.
I cast forth Dehaka’s ability.
Red magma poured out from my body, and when it came into contact with the water, a violent reaction occurred, evaporating the water.
If it was just Dehaka’s ability alone, it would have cooled easily before Galima’s power, but the situation was different now.
After all, I had poured all of my power into Dehaka’s ability instead.
‘Draining the entire reservoir to catch fish? It wouldn’t be even worth the cost of the manpower.’
“You little! Do you think I’d leave you alone to do so!”
Noticing my intentions, Galima attempted an attack.
Spear shaped pillars of water came at me from all directions.
However, Dehaka and Galima. Was it because of how their elements were polar opposites? I wasn’t receiving any damage.
There was the contrast of elements to consider, but I was reminded of just how high Dehaka’s defensive ability was again.
How much time had passed?
I had already put my head into the mana balloon countless times.
I could see a very small amount of light coming through above my head.
‘It’s almost done. Just a bit more!’
“Die! Die! Give up your powers!”
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