Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 181

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Chapter 181. Warning
With Karupedan’s power, I arrived at the entrance of the tunnel through time and space.
Opening the shabby worn door, the tunnel filled with light came into view.
At the end, I could see a bleary outline of Barub.
Despite how precious time was to me right now, I had chosen to go meet Barub.
It was obvious that Karupedan would become suspicious of my choice.
Ignoring her dissatisfied expression, I continued forward.
While I was doing that…
“How much does Barub know about what’s going on here?”
“Hm? That guide? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Barub doesn’t know anything.”
“Doesn’t know anything?”
“Kehe. Barub is in the tunnel through time and space. It’s a completely separate dimension from Earth, the demonic realm, and the celestial plane, from the places you’ve tread.”
“The only task Barub was charged with was to serve as a guide. Think about it. Would a human, such as yourself, know about what’s going on with the demonic realm and the celestial plane? Until you became an Awakened, you had no idea about the existences of the other dimensions, right? It’s a different story now though.”
“That’s right.”
“Pfft. So what business do you have with the guide?”
“I needed someone to talk to while taking a quick break.”
“While I was traveling, I came to realize that we get along pretty well. I’ll be back then.”
“Sure. Since it’s your time, do what you will.”
Despite being in a tunnel filled with light, it seemed Barub recognized the majesty of the celestial plane that was far greater than that of the tunnel, since Barub was facing me while staying still.
Behind me was the Unrivaled Goddess, Karupedan.
In front of me stood Barub, whose identity I questioned.
It made me question just what had occurred over the past few months for me to end up in a situation like this, despite having experienced it firsthand.
Walking forward with large strides, I neared Barub.
It didn’t take long before Barub noticed that I approached them and asked me a question.
“Why have you come here already, human.”
“Break time?”
“I’ve killed all the gods. If I take out the Unrivaled Goddess, Karupedan, as well…… I will be able to use all the gods’ abilities and power at command.”
“It shouldn’t be the end though?”
“What would be?”
“That the fighting isn’t over yet.”
“On what grounds are you saying that? How do you know if my fighting is done or there are more left?”
It was just an act I put on to test Barub.
There was a fitting reason why I was suspicious of them.
Karupedan. Even the Unrivalged Goddess had lost her memories and hated the humans without reason.
As she had said, she was aware that she had created humans, but it was odd that she did not have any detailed memories of it.
I felt strongly that there was someone else behind all this.
“I did think that it was strange from the start. I was also curious as to the fishy smile you’ve shown.”
“What did you want to ask? I am but a guide through time and space.”
“Yep. I’m aware, since I’ve heard it countless times already. But rather than the side job you do, I’m curious as to what your main job is….. What is your real identity?”
“It’s true that I’m just throwing out a guess without any solid proof. But this isn’t like I’m a little bit suspicious. And my intuition isn’t that bad either.”
“Will you carry out your right to remain silent? Did you not understand my question?”
“Are you asking my identity?”
“That’s right. The one behind the gods. The one who put Karupedan on the throne of an Unrivaled God. The one hiding, despite having that much power. For some odd reason, I keep thinking it is you.”
“You’re confirming that? Denying it?”
“I do not know what reason you have for you think that way. You’re just poking around, right?”
“Pfft. No. You’re the one my first question was intended for. It’s because I’m curious as to why you’re doing something like this.”
“It seems that it’s not a question, but certainty.”
“The gods were gods from the start. Those are your words while you were guiding me towards the celestial plane. Do you remember?”
“Yes, I remember.”
“But how can a mere guide know of the goings on of the celestial plane so well?”
“I asked Karupedan before coming here. About your existence, that is. It’s not like the Unrivalged Goddess in charge of all things would be incorrect about you, right? Do you have a talent that’s above your station? Or are you really……”
“It’s whatever. You don’t need to drag out time. I didn’t come here to get a clear answer from you.”
“Is that so. No matter what I say, you wouldn’t trust it, so I shall save myself the futile effort.”
“Good. But you know, if….. If you really are the transcendent existence who created the Unrivaled God……”
“Before I take Karupedan’s life, stop this madness.”
“What’s your reason for that request? If you kill her and obtain the power of a Unrivaled Goddess, wouldn’t that be beneficial for you?”
“You won’t answer but you want to hear the reason behind why? Are you saying the equivalent of being drunk, but you didn’t drive while under the influence?”
“I didn’t sense it from the other gods. I only felt something from Gera and Karupedan. And when I heard Gera’s last words, it seems that the two of them were siblings before losing their memories. I wasn’t sure what hardships Gera went through….. There were big and small wounds on both her body and heart. And the way that she looked at Karupedan was filled with pity…. And Karupedan was……”
“Is that the reason why? The personal feelings of an existence known as humans….. Is that why a battle of this massive scale must stop? Something insignificant as that?”
“Do you also want to die?”
“Ah….. That came out wrong. Did you also want to die. Like Karupedan.”
“I am satisfied with how I am and things are. It’s not what I wanted, but I am merely carrying out my delegated task and living through each day doing so.”
“Is that so? But this concept of emotions that you look down so much on. Maybe it’s because I’m human, but it seems that those residing in the celestial plane could use some, you know?”
“No. They are but a worthless hassle. You could say that it was a mistake from the gods.”
“Are there only crazy folks up here? Do you know how many people suffered and died because of these emotions that you folks look down on? Each of the dead children were the more important and treasure person to someone else. With not an exception, but all of them! Well, I already said my piece. If you really are what I think you are….. Let’s not overdo it, okay? Let’s end it here.”
“Then what will you do? What can you do? If what you think is true, then I would be a transcendent existence that could make even the Unrivalged Goddess look like a joke. Will you surpass me? Aren’t you aware that it’s impossible? So what are you going to do?”
“I dunno the method and don’t have a plan either. I’ve received similar questions from all over the place before, you know? But looking at the results, I am still alive, and all those that have asked the question have perished. You’re finding such a insignificant human issue a warning like this amusing, right? But don’t take it as an empty threat. No one knows how things will go, right?”
“Kuhaha. Sure. You want to confirm it as soon as possible, right?”
“Since there are still three left, the road ahead will be long.”
“To be exact, two. The moment that it becomes three, it would mean that you have accepted my threats.”
“Kuhu. It seems that you’re busy. I shall guide you.”
“No. Go back to your main job. I shall find my own way out.”
“What? Is it over already?”
“Yep. I thought that we got through each other pretty well, but it seems that the truth was far from what I had thought all this time.”
“You don’t need anymore rest?”
“This is enough.”
“Kehe. Then shall we begin the next battle?”
“You said this would be the God of Life, Wheatgrass, right?”
“Right! You are probably aware of it already, but this god is the second strongest out of all that you’ve met so far.”
“Don’t put down my spirits from the start. Perhaps you don’t want to die?”
“Kuhat! Maybe?”
“It’s pointless to change your mind now. Hurry up and guide me.”
“You won’t even need to try finding them.”
“Guess they exist everywhere like before?”
“No. Wheatgrass should also know that the other gods have died. If you wait a little bit, they should come to you?”
“Is that so….”
Karupedan had clenched her fists and laid on the ground, kicking her feet.
Every time I saw her innocent expression, I couldn’t help but smile.
Of course, I caught myself by reminding myself what she had done.
Sitting next to her, I enjoyed a bit of rest.
This is the first time I’ve sat down since I’ve arrived in the celestial plane.
I was strong beyond physical exhaustion at this point, but the rest with the beautiful scenery of the celestial plane was quite enjoyable.
A beautiful melody was coming from somewhere I could not tell, and it was accompanied by a scenery that could only be made from the imaginations of humans.
If I forgot about my objective for coming here and just looked at the scenery, it was a great place to rest.
Just like that, about 10 minutes had passed? Karupedan spoke.
“They’re running later than I thought?”
“Before you were a goddess, what kind of existence do you think you were?”
“What? I thought you were silent, but it seems that you like to chatter?”
“It’s not like there isn’t anything to do while I’m waiting.”
“I haven’t thought about it seriously until now….. Looking at my appearance now, I guess I was a child back then? Or perhaps I wanted to live in my memories of being a child. Why do you ask all of a sudden?”
“Just because. What Gera had said came to mind.”
“Hey, forget about such sentimental words. It’s pointless.”
“You also don’t remember why you hate humans, right?”
“Yep. Almost as if someone had cut that part out, I don’t remember a thing.”
“Even though you’re a goddess, you’re not much.”
“Right? I think so too.”
I thought that she would point a finger to the sky and say some nonsense like destroying earth right now with a childish mischievous smile, but her answer was something that I did not expect.
Karupedan had a serious expression I hadn’t seen before, being lost in thought.
With my appearance and Gera’s demise, she was probably in disarray.
Her current expression wasn’t that of a Unrivaled Goddess, but that of a human.
Matching her appearance, she was like a child in her 10s.
“Just like with Gera, my memory should return to me right before I die, right?”
“No clue.”
“Despite being a human, you’re not much.”
“Pfft. I’m insignificant, remember? Like you gods keep telling me.”
“Kehe. That’s right. Will I be able to pass without regrets?”
“What? Instead of enjoying eternal life as a goddess, saying that you wanted to die and bringing your own demise?”
“That too…..”
“Yep. Despite what I said, that was the first time I felt this way. I guess the best way to put it would be that I feel tight around here?”
“That feeling. I know it well.”
“Even though you’re just a human.”
“If you ever change your mind, just let me know. Despite being a crazy goddess, I have intentions to show you at least that much kindness.”
“How arrogant of you. Hm?”
While we were talking amongst ourselves…
My eyes looked in the same direction as where she was looking with raised eyebrows.
With my eyes still looking at the same place where she was looking, I asked Karupedan.
“That’s Wheatgrass?”
“Hehe. End of break time! Guess it’s time to get back into it. I’ll wish you the best of luck!”
“Guess time to use this head of mine. Nice to meetcha?”
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