Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 177

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Chapter 177. Compromised Happiness
Two towers that didn’t match the field of lava were formed.
The one created only from mana was transparent and glowed blue, while the one with added magical energy was far more thick and solid.
The towers that rose up stood still without movement.
These towers only acted on my will.
This meant that both the start and end of the attacks would be dependent on my will.
These towers were going to pour down attacks on Gera, but it wouldn’t be a problem.
After all, her ability would return the attack back to the tower, not me.
Making some distance between the towers and I, I commanded the attack.
The core of the tower, located near the upper half of the tower, had a massive density of mana and magical energy compressed.
It seemed stronger on another level than what I had seen before in a fight against myself.
The towers attacked without end.
However, it didn’t even take a few seconds for Gera’s ability to activate.
Thankfully, it was the moment that my theory came true.
The attacks that were headed for Gera all changed targets to the towers and began to destroy them.
A tower made from mana with an attack made from compressed mana.
It was a fight between spear and shield, but it seemed that the spear won by far.
The core that unbeknowingly torn away at itself was slowly losing that brilliance in its glow.
However, the situation of not being able to deal damage to Gera remained.
If none of the attacks I used worked, then this would end up as a tie.
I, who failed to defeat Gera, would not be able to defeat the remaining gods.
That would cause the Unrivaled God, Karupedan, to enrage, and it seemed obvious that the rage of this god would not only consume me, but Earth as well.
Thus, it would be my defeat.
However, there really wasn’t a way for me to find out, and I didn’t have any other ideas.
The only answer I had was to try things out for now.
From the first skill I learned, Ice Orb, to the most recent ones I’ve learned, like Blizzard and In Storm.
I decided to use all my attack skills in order.
Only one cast for each of them.
Any additional casts would return back to me like poison.
“Whew….. I think I’m going to go crazy.”
Only 5 skills remained.
I even summoned Devil Avatar and King Suwoo to launch an all out assault, but it didn’t even leave a scratch on her body.
Even the Full Heal that healed summoned creatures couldn’t take effect due to the debuff that prevented me from healing, and instead laid on the floor pathetically.
Chained Explosion, Blizzard, In Storm, Iceberg, and Formless Sword Aura.
If I didn’t get through her with these 5 remaining skills, then it was the same as my defeat.
I continued attacking all this time, but Gera’s shield? Or whatever mechanism behind her defense, I did not find out.
With a desperate plea, I cast Chain Explosion.
A total of four explosions. Each explosion had different amounts of power behind it, and my Mana Shield shook violently.
Since the area of effect wasn’t large, I got as close to Gera as possible before detonating my body.
My mouth that had only spoken cheers now only let out sighs of disappointment.
“Damn it…. Just what kind of a shield is this!”
The attacks that followed resulted in the same.
Despite using every attack that I could pour out, I wasn’t able to defeat the undefeatable Gera.
To obtain twice the attack power, I had used King’s Marbles.
Looking at the many leftover marbles, it seemed all was in vain.
With a dejected heart, I looked at Gera.
“Even till the end, you remain in the same position.”
A vast amount of time had passed, but Gera remained in the same pose, continuing to let out red steam the entire time.
I moved close to her.
You might be thinking that I might be trying to land a punch on her out of frustration, but that wasn’t the case.
Rather, I was going to admit my defeat to Gera, who didn’t attack at all and gave me a chance instead, and it might be strange, but it was to show my thanks.
Until now, Gera gave plenty of opportunities to humans.
It must be that I failed to turn that opportunity into success.
Her robe had turned ragged from all the attacks that I had poured on her.
Between the shredded bits of her robe, her thin frail body showed.
“To think that I am defeated by myself, of all things. This is enough. I’ve lost.”
“What more are you expecting?”
“….. Have you not given up yet? Even now, you refuse to give up on humans? Huh? But there are no other options left. There isn’t a way for me to defeat you. Unfortunately, it seems that I’m unable to meet your expectations due to a lack of potential.”
“Thank you. This is the most I can do for you.”
When I first saw her, I felt bothered by her form.
Just what did she go through for her form to turn this wretched.
Regular healing skills didn’t work on other life forms besides the Awakened.
However, since I obtained the proficiency to wield all powers, that rule was nothing to me at all.
I was able to use heals on any life forms that still clung on to life.
Putting a hand on Gera’s shoulder, I casted Mega Cure.
I did worry that since the target was a god, it wouldn’t work, but thankfully her form slowly began to recover.
When her body that was similar to dry firewood had recovered somewhat, Karupedan suddenly appeared before us.
“What? Are you here to make fun of my pride from when I boasted before?”
“What are you doing.”
Karupedan had an expression full of rage, unlike anything she had shown me before.
It seemed that she was extremely upset at something.
Not at me, but it seemed that she was mad at Gera.
“Gera! What are you doing!”
“What do you mean? The loser to this bet is me.”
“Stop right now…..”
“What are you saying?”
“Why are you always covering for humans?”
“Aren’t you hungry?”
It didn’t take long for her form to completely recover.
Removing the robe that covered her head, Gera looked at Karupedan with maturity.
Her jet black curly hair ran down all the way down to her back.
With freckles all over her face, her face looked young, somewhat similar to my age.
Showing a perfect even set of teeth with a smile, she continued to speak.
“If it’s bread….. I could buy you much better and tastier food as much as you want…… I’m sorry.”
“Gera. What are you saying! Just answer me. Why to the humans…..”
“I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to protect you. I should’ve shown you a better world. I’m sorry. Please forgive me for only planting the seeds of resentment towards the world.”
“It’s not too late for you to stop your hatred of humans. You’re not that kind of a child.”
“You’re a fool who gave over your life to a human.”
“There’s no need for you to return the pain we’ve went through.”
“Us? Ha! Since you’re nearing your death, you’ve reobtained your past memories? So. Has anything changed? Reobtaining memories of the past that you were so curious about and meeting such a pathetic death again. Is this what you wanted?”
“Shut your mouth. Do not address a peerless god’s name so casually. I feel goosebumps from disgust just from feeble minded weaklings calling me like yourself.”
“If there is another life after our deaths for us….. If we are allowed that privilege. Will you be my sibling again?”
Just like that, Gera spoke her last words and turned into smoke, disappearing from the world.
I couldn’t make heads or tails of this situation.
I merely had cast heal on her.
After being completely healed into the most beautiful form in the world, she had faded from the world like that.
Was this the only way to kill Gera?
Since they were gods who could not kill themselves, it seems that was the only logical conclusion.
“As expected, for her to not move at all…..”
“Hehe. I thought she would be a difficult opponent. I guess you got lucky?”
Karupedan quickly had come back to her usual playful expression.
She was acting as if she hadn’t even heard what Gera said.
Almost like how she didn’t show any care that Hai Yanta and Lai Yanta had perished, she seemed only eager to the next fight.
The reason why Gera had merely retaliated and not attacked wasn’t because she didn’t have any ways of attacking.
I had considered the possibility, but to think that I was right on the mark.
With what Karupedan had said and how Gera had completely perished, I could tell.
Gera’s defeat was planned.
As she had said at the start, she had given me an endless amount of opportunities.
It was to allow me to find the solution on my own.
My heart should be filled with joy on how I had taken another step forward on closing the gap between the Unrivaled God and I, but instead, my heart was heavy with a sense of dissatisfaction.
The look in Gera’s eyes in her last moments. Her last words. Even the childlike expression she had towards Karupedan.
It was so pitiful that I couldn’t find a shred of happiness to express.
I didn’t know if Karupedan knew that or not, but she continued regardless.
“With this, you’re halfway there, I guess?”
“Aren’t you curious?”
“Hm? About what?”
“Gera’s last words. Aren’t you curious about the hidden meaning behind those words is what I mean.”
“Is that important? The past. Of course I’m curious. Of how I became a god. I am curious as to how I lived that I ended up on the seat of a god.”
“But…… What I want right now is to be completely obliterated from existence. I’m not going to cry tears from such pathetic emotions!”
“Won’t you regret it?”
“What do you mean?”
“That you have only shown her the most shameful display at her last moments. Do you have the confidence to not regret it?”
“Kuhaha! What? Such a pathetic emotional will from her causing me regret? Don’t make me laugh. I’m a god. A god who rules over all to boot. Someone like that regretting? Isn’t that too much even for a joke?”
“Humans are but an insignificant life form that you have created. Being one of those humans, should I tell you my opinion?”
“Kehe! Well, it’ll be amusing. Let’s hear it.”
“I think you’ve wasted countless years of your life with how you lived.”
“Despite not living for a long time, I can see. I can tell how she thinks of you.”
“Don’t act so full of yourself. I’ll hear out those words after you’ve killed all the gods. Do you understand?”
“As you will.”
“Not a single person is on my side. Both humans and gods alike!”
Karupedan frowned and showed her displeasure.
However, what she had said just now had a very big flaw.
I didn’t know why, but I could feel it.
Just a moment ago. I speak of how literally the only one on the side of the Unrivaled God had just been obliterated, considering that even her last words had Karupedan in mind moreso than herself.
“Then let’s head for the end.”
“Who is next?”
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