Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 173

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173. Be Careful of What You Say
Hai Yanta had the form of a white haired old man.
It looked as though he had difficulty even staying upright.
His hands continued to shake, and his body was drooping without any vitality behind it.
Even still, his mouth kept blabbering on.
“Kuhu. You humans think that you are above the rest. Well there are parts that I do acknowledge. You all have a decently high intelligence, are able to adapt to the environment, and made quite the progress.”
“However, do you know what the gods of the celestial plane that hold reign over your lives think while seeing all of you?”
“If it was me, I’d be proud. Isn’t that why you created us? To see us obtain enlightenment and stand up on our own two feet to progress forward…. But seeing how you speak about us, it seems that you think the complete opposite.”
“Kuhhuhhuh. Truly revolting. A mere human being makes jokes with a god? Predicts what the gods think and mocks it? This is why you humans must be completely obliterated from this dimension! Not knowing their place, thinking they’re the best, and dare challenging the gods with their recklessness and stupidity is precisely why!”
“You’re speaking nonsense, hm? You made us with such great effort, yet now you’re spouting bullshit? Telling us to die?”
“I can’t help but sarcastically laugh. I saw that you freed yourself from the monsters? I had hoped that you all would be slowly drowned to death by them.”
“I had thought it possible, but it were you gods that were behind it?”
“Planned? Not at all. We merely let it happen. All we did was to follow the playful whims of the Unrivaled God Karupedan. It was they who made the demonic race, who were created to be much stronger than you, and was also the one to connect the dimensions.”
“Ah! You call those living amongst you as the Awakened, right? Those who imitate the powers of gods that is.”
“You know well. Me, the one who’ll be killing you, is also one of the Awakened.”
“Foolish boy. Be thankful of Karupedan’s blood relative, Gera. Gera was the only one to show sympathy towards the humans and given you all power. Of course, Karupedan knew of what Gera was thinking. Of course, there was no way that the peerless god wouldn’t be aware. However, they pretended otherwise. It must have been very amusing for them. To see humans struggle and flail about trying to survive….. Kuhuhu. And on top of that, they had created skills and equipment for these Awakened, then spread them out for the taking, so how amusing must have been from them to spectate this show.”
“Guess I have to take off Gera from the death note.”
“You’ll be meeting Gera soon. Gera’s domain is over death. It will be a fate that will find you soon.”
“Is there anything else you all are to blame for? Poverty, disease, war, or anything like that. Are any of these your fault to blame.”
“Kuhahat! Don’t be so full of yourself…. Poverty? Disease? War? All of them are things that humans brought upon themselves. All of your greed had brought them upon you! That’s the true nature of humans, and that’s the class that they are. Now do you understand your situation? Human!”
“On trying to insult you, I ended up being insulted instead…. Well, let’s put the facts together.”
“The Unrivaled God Karupedan and all the gods of the celestial plane look down upon the humans, with the exception of the God of Death, Gera, right?”
“Kuhat. Disgusting human. You show arrogance until the end……”
“I’ll take that as a yes. Next. Despite taking only a snap of a finger from Karupedan to wipe out all of humanity, I, a human being is still alive. What’s the reason? Is it because they can’t due to their blood relation with  Gera?”
“What? Pfft! As expected, you aren’t even worth facing. Of course, they could cleanly wipe you out. However, wouldn’t the pain that you humans suffer be too short then. As I have said, to watch all of you slowly die while suffering. That is the method which we truly want you all to perish by.”
“Enough. Did the peerless existence tell any of you other gods how to act before talking?”
“I asked if any of you had received warnings before.”
“I am a god. Who would dare to command us…..”
“Listen well. No matter if you’re a god, human, or monster, it’s not okay to just blabber without thought, alright? For something you can be hit once as punishment can turn into something that deserves being smacked dozens of times. There’s a saying, seeing is believing. I’ll show you what it means soon, so enjoy it, okay?”
“Kuu…. Arrogant fool….. I shall begin the annihilation of humans starting with you. I shall send warriors of the celestial plane stronger far beyond comparison with the likes of the monsters from the demonic realm to the human realm! Every day, their lives will be a living hell. All that you share blood with and those that are acquainted with you!”
“You win the prize. Instead of being hit dozens of times, you’ll need to be hit hundreds of times.”
The moment that I had finished talking, I stabbed my sword into the pitch black darkness.
For some reason, his brows furrowed and he let out a painful moan.
Was it to prepare for some kind of attack? No. It was because I had thought that instead of killing Hai Yanta with my sword or skills, I should kill him with my fists.
Hearing him blabber on, an anger I did not carry before had boiled up.
My shaky determination and goal had become clear thanks to him.
I shall kill this god.
Their complacency was far beyond anything that I had felt in the human realm.
To experience it in simple terms, it was that a parent had given birth to a child.
Instead of giving the helpless child that couldn’t do anything on their own love care and love, they had wanted nothing more than the child to perish.
Not only that, they had borrowed external power to harass them.
“Your responsibility isn’t over after giving birth. You at least have a duty to follow. You don’t understand, do you? It’s been fun for you all this time, right? Great God of Darkness, Hai Yanta. Let’s get this started.”
“It’s amusing to see you only running your mouth.”
“It won’t be over easily. Until your life ends, I will bring you to the edge. I shall teach you that you cannot get used to pain. I want to teach you at least a fraction of what suffering humans had to go through.”
Above me floated a sack made from mana, similar to a speech bubble.
I shoved my hand in and pulled out a fistful of marbles.
Shoving them into my mouth, I charged at Hai Yanta with my body that had changed to the color of charred black.
Using my Eye of Insight, I saw each of my fists giving off intense sparks.
I had condensed mana and magical energy to empower my body.
The result was similar to an explosion, as if two materials that shouldn’t come into contact with each other had.
As if still amused by me, he stood still with a thin wrinkled smile and some supplies on his back.
I landed the punch on Hai Yanta’s face.
I could feel the deep impact my fist had.
Following that, as if a cannon had gone off, a shockwave of sound and quaking force rang out through the area.
I had definitely landed a critical blow.
As expected, his face was blown apart.
The path that my fist had traveled had left nothing in its wake.
I even thought that I need him to not die this easily.
Letting out a short scream, his body melted to the floor like a melting snowman.
However, due to the King’s Marbles empowering my Eye of Insight, there was no way for him to escape my eyes.
All he did was to hide his body into the darkness in a hurry.
Using the darkness around him, he was recovering his face that had been blown apart.
He was in the middle of recovering from such a critical wound.
“Wait. Recovery?”
Wasn’t that strange?
One of the powers from the Piece of Time and Space I had obtained was the power to prevent recovery altogether.
But here he was, recovering as if that power didn’t exist.
Was it because he was a god?
That wasn’t probably it. That was near impossible.
This Piece of Time and Space was a power made and given to me by the Unrivaled God, Karupedan.
No one could break the rules that the peerless god created.
Even if the opponent was a god…..
After all, the world functioned only to the whims of Karupedan.
Following that train of logic, my conclusion was simple.
This body that I was seeing was merely a part of the whole.
To be precise, all of the darkness in my view must make up Hai Yanta.
The form of an old man he took was merely a part of his entire existence.
I now understood why he had let out a painful moan when I had stabbed my sword into the darkness.
“Oho. So it seems that this darkness itself is your body and your strength?”
“Kuhak! Karupedan! That crazy bitch had given you, a human, peerless power!”
“Feeling pain for first time? How is it? Can you withstand it?”
“Knowing your true form, I’m relieved, you know? This means that you won’t die until all the darkness in this area clears. This means that I’m able to kill you in the same way that you tried to kill humans, in a slow painful death.”
“You think that I’ll just sit here and take it! Ahhh!”
“It’ll be like that. It’ll be a one sided fight, where you’ll be the only one taking it.”
With a yell from him, spears made from darkness appeared all around and charged towards me.
However, it was impossible to pierce the body of an immortal.
All the attacks that reached me shattered powerlessly, scattering to the floor.
It was such a pathetic attack that it was almost unreasonable.
It could only be so. After all, the King’s Marbles was another rule the the Unrivaled God had created.
When I had confirmed the existence of a pure white Gate and headed to the celestial plane to face off with that god, do you know why I accepted their offer?
It was because they had said with their own mouth that I could use all the power at my disposal.
This included all of the powers of an Awakened, the Demon King’s, and even the artifacts that I could obtain.
That god must’ve not realized just how much of a disaster those words would bring.
At this rate, I would not only be able to defeat the God of Darkness, Hai Yanta, but all the other gods with ease.
“Let’s get this started properly. Kuraa!”
I kneeled in the darkness.
There wasn’t a need for me to chase after his form to attack.
My mentality was to hit and hit them again.
I gathered more mana and magical energy to my fists than my previous attack.
Following that, both my arms slammed into the ground, letting out a thundering noise.
On the point at which my sights focused on, I continued my attack with reckless abandon.
I could see an end to the darkness that had went on endlessly.
Almost as if getting rid of a plug in a filled swimming pool, all the darkness seemed to get sucked down the point at which I was attacking.
After regaining my composure and looking around me, I could see the beautiful scenery of the celestial plane.
I couldn’t hear the pained screams any longer, but only heard his labored breathing.
Half of the marbles in my mouth had been used up.
It must be that I had swallowed them unconsciously.
The only darkness left of Hai Yanta was the form of an old man.
Going over to him and grabbing him by his head, I spoke.
“Two, four, eight. I think roughly 10 minutes had passed?”
“Huhuh…. Huhuh…..”
“Thanks to gods like you, humans had to suffer like this for 41 years.”
“Kuhuh….. I… I am….. the darkness’….. Kuhhuh…..”
“I hope that you realize, even if you do later.”
Hai Yanta’s form was crumbled and blew apart all over.
The God of Darkness had been completely obliterated.
At the same time, I had obtained another power that I could use.
I wondered how much I could grow stronger.
It seemed that I really would arrive at a point where I would be stronger than the gods.
“If this is how things will go, even I am afraid of myself…… Even still, I’ll keep going until the end.”
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