Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 172

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Chapter 172. God
“What is all this! You left for a week to collect all this?”
“Yes. The stones are in the center of the garden, so please ask them to take it.”
When Jong Ho opened the door to my room in order to find his cellphone, he faced a huge mess.
After all, enough King’s Marbles were present to cover the furniture and bed, and nearly all of the floor.
I had forgotten how many monsters I had killed.
All I did was to use the Demon King’s Authority to find the Unknown Dungeon and turn them into barren wastelands over and over again.
Due to that, I was nearing level 900 as an Awakened, and the magical energy I had lost from opening the dimensional gates had been completely replenished.
Other than the stones and marbles, plenty of artifacts and jewels dropped, but I didn’t even give them a glance.
I wasn’t aiming to level up either.
Due to the massive amount of monsters I had slain, it had risen naturally during the process as a byproduct.
While the other Awakened would exercise caution when putting their status points in after a level up, I wasn’t interested.
They were numbers on status window that merely covered my field of view. These stats were meaningless to me.
It was a hindering annoyance, so I just put them in randomly between stamina and strength stats.
After all, further growth as an Awakened didn’t matter anymore.
“Whew! Just what is that…. Did you turn the demonic realm on its head? Just how many did you kill?”
“Not sure. There were a lot of Unknown Dungeons all over the place, so I ended up spending an entire week on hunting.”
“You’re insane. Absolutely insane.”
Jong Ho opened the window to look out at the garden.
When his eyes met with the glittering stones, he couldn’t hide his surprise.
That was to be expected. After all, the pile of stones gathered far surpassed anything Jong Ho and So-Hyeon had obtained during their time as an Awakened.
Due to the sack made from condensed mana becoming bigger than the Gate, we had to make the bag stretch horizontally and change its shape in order to have it fit through.
This was enough for the few nations that survived the outbreak of monsters to use for a month and then some.
Due to the sheer amount of stones present, the large plot of land I had obtained from spending a massive amount of money appeared small.
“Let’s skip discussing about the stones. Just where are you planning to use all these marbles, farming so many to do so?”
“I just felt like it. I felt like it was a waste to just bring the bloodstones back.”
“I guess, since these are rare items you can’t get on Earth. But what about the artifacts? A lot of them should’ve dropped. Where did you put all of that?”
“I left them all behind.”
“What? If they dropped from the Unknown Dungeon, aren’t they worth a lot?”
“That would’ve been the case a couple months ago, but now, humankind has no need for them.”
“These tools would be dangerous to have around here.”
“Hm…. An Earth without monsters. It’s the same as the Awakened losing their purpose.”
“Yes. When everything turns peaceful, you know that people’s minds start wandering off, right?
A war could start for land or natural resources, or even bloodstones, especially with the current situation.”
“That’s true.”
“We won’t fight with guns and swords like the past, right? Each nation will use their Awakened as weapons in this war. Human weapons will become a thing.”
“Bringing the artifacts from the Unknown Dungeon to earn some money, which will release them on this world, is the equivalent of putting wings on these weapons.”
“What you’re saying makes sense. So you left behind all the artifacts and jewels?”
“Yes. Right now, all these items should be in the pockets of Puppet Goblins, such as Karin.”
“Kel kel. Shiny things are good.”
“Well, since these items are useless as you said, now I don’t feel like leaving them behind is a waste.”
“Yes. The marbles will also be stored after some organizing.”
“Then why did you follow the commander?”
I was going to hide the fact that I had been summoned to the celestial plane from everyone.
After all, the moment that I enter the tunnel of space and time, time stopped.
This freeze in time included both the human realm and the demonic realm. All time would stop in the realms that I was a part of.
This fight was going to be mine to bear alone, so why would I worry everyone else with something that they could not be involved in.
I spoke while fidgeting with a marble in my hand.
“Ah. That’s because of the issues caused by the lack of bloodstones. The intake is still the same as before, but the supply has been cut to zero.”
“That’s why I urgently headed for the demonic realm. Before the situation became dire.”
“If that’s the case, why didn’t you say something before going!”
“I was told that it was that urgent. Also, I told mother beforehand.”
“What about me? Your sister-in-law? Karin? Did you consider that we’d be worried for you?”
“You weren’t honestly worried about me though. At least hyung and Karin, right?”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
“I’m sorry, sister-in-law. Due to the urgency, I wasn’t able to tell you before leaving.”
“No worries, young master. All that matters is that you’ve come back safely.”
“Whew. Then I’ll be going back to my room to rest. I’m not really hungry, so you don’t need to wake me up for a meal.”
“Right. Since you’re tired son, go get some well deserved rest.”
“Go rest.”
“Kel kel. Min-Cheol! Am I allowed to jump up and down on the bed?”
“You can.”
“Keh eh! I knew that Min-Cheol was different from the other humans!”
Karin, now with his human form, stared at one person in particular with his eyes squinting.
The person in question was So-Hyeon.
“Can I really do it? Kel kel.”
“Sure, you can do it. If you want to die.”
“Kehel…. I want to go back to the demonic realm…. Everyone here is scary.”
“Pfft. Why are you not using the bed in your room and insisting that you do that on mine? Either way, I’ll see you at supper.”
Enclosing the King’s Marbles with mana, I lifted them all up in one go.
The promised grace period that I had agreed with god had passed.
I had prepared the best I could for the coming battle, and now waited for this god’s call.
I felt some resentment towards the god who had chosen me to bear all this weight, even though there were many others humans to choose from.
From the radical faction to the Demon King. However, as exposed before, it was true that I had looked forward to this a little bit.
I wanted to continue rising to a higher place.
Instead of a state where I’d be still, I wanted to live a life where I could continue moving forward and pushing my limits.
I had at least thousands of marbles.
Defeat? Would I even consider that word after seeing this?
With the power of the Piece of Time and Space and King’s Marbles combined, other than the peerless god Karupedan, I would be able to defeat anyone.
It was obvious that I would exclude Karupedan.
After all, just a sentence or action from Karupedan would become a universal law and rule.
To put it simply, this god could seal my mana and magical energy without blinking an eye.
Considering that, their goal of dying was something I should be thankful for.
“I wonder when they’ll call me…. I hope that they call me quickly, so my family won’t notice.”
“Oh shit! You surprised me!”
“Sorry if I did. Are you ready?”
“Is it okay for you to just go to the human realm like this?”
“Kehehehehe. I couldn’t bear to wait because of how excited I am.”
“I’m ready. The moment I head to the celestial plane, all time stops, right?”
“Yep! If you want that, then we’ll do that.”
“Do you want me to stop it? Should I just removed time itself?”
“I don’t need you to be so overly considerate. Just stop time during my leave.”
“Hehe. This good?”
It was just like how a god would act.
Almost as if proving that they were an omnipotent existence, they casually stopped time.
After that, they spoke excitedly to have me hurry.
It was almost as if they wanted to die and be obliterated as soon as possible.
Peerless strength. And to live for an eternity. It made me rethink if these were a blessing or a curse.
Even if the one behind the choice was willing, it could still become a curse, and even they weren’t willing, it could become a blessing.
For this god right now, it was the worst case scenario of a curse they never asked for.
“Then I can go, right?”
“Where are you, god?”
“Just what is this darkness……”
It seemed that I had arrived at the celestial plan at that god’s power.
However, this place looked far different from what I had seen a week ago.
It was pitch black without a single ray of light.
To brighten up the area around me, I casted Lightning Spray and condensed it in my hand.
However, the situation did not go as planned.
I could sense the mana of the Lighting Spray spell in my hand.
This meant that the skill had been casted without any problems.
However, I could not see the overwhelming bright light the spell produced at all.
I tried using different skills, but the results were the same.
For a moment, I had thought that I was in a dream.
However, what that god had told me before came to mind.
After that, I quietly muttered to myself.
“High Yanta…..”
It was then that I was sure of it.
The place that this god had tossed me in was where the God of Darkness, High Yanta, resided.
I was sure after seeing that I wasn’t able to emit any light, having it stolen from me.
It seemed that the peerless god Karupedan was in quite a hurry.
I assumed it so after seeing that they had tossed me into this place without any explanations.
“They really want to die, don’t they.”
I was in quite the disadvantage.
It wouldn’t be strange to be attacked from anywhere, and I wouldn’t be able to see it coming.
I had more than plenty of marbles, to the point of spilling. I swallowed one King’s Marbles.
After that, as using a magnifying glass, I casted Eye of Insight.
Perhaps due to the effects of the marble, Eye of Insight not only showed the weaknesses of my enemy, but also outlined the forms of those in hiding.
Not far away from here, I could see someone.
Messy hair. Also seeing their bent back and shoulders, I could tell that this being was an old man like Karupedan said.
Due to how he was perfectly blending in with the darkness, it would be incredibly difficult without my Eye of Insight to see him.
I dashed at him.
“High Yanta?”
“Aren’t you a human being?”
Noticing how High Yanta was genuinely surprised, it seemed that he had no idea I had arrived here.
That and noticing his form of an old man, it made me question if he had any combat capabilities.
It was also true that I didn’t know if it was okay to just kill him.
I wondered if it was okay to believe in the peerless god’s words to kill one of the gods in charge of a part of all the dimensions.
Unlike before my arrival here, which was filled with determination, now I was filled with uncertainty.
High Yanta spoke with dignity and a great amount of effort.
“How can a human walk around in the celestial plane…. It’s the work of Karupedan, right?”
“Sending just an insignificant human? Kuhuhhuh. The weakest lifeforms that should’ve been wiped out from the start.”
“I want to hear the reason. What is your business here? Why have you come to visit the God of Darkness.”
“Karupedan wants death. That’s why that god had chosen me. However, to do so, I have to take powers of gods such as yourself.”
“Kuhuhu. They still haven’t given up on that dream? How pitiful…..”
“But looking at your appearance, it made me question that, you know? Is it really okay to kill you after all.”
“No matter what, you won’t be able to kill me. You’re aware of the difference between gods and humans, right?”
“However, I shall help you become sure of your uncertain goal.”
“What do you mean…..”
“I guess Karupedan didn’t tell you. Kuhuhhuh.”
High Yanta was basically asking to be killed.
If he didn’t speak up, he might have lived a bit longer.
That’s why I felt thankful to him.
He had given me the motive to kill him without feeling any guilt.
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