Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 164

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Chapter 164. Demonic Realm Factory’s Plant Manager (Feat. Belkoseu)
Belkoseu flinched at the small cut on his cheek, unable to hide his shock.
It was an attack that came from Min-Cheol’s hand.
It wasn’t the flashy skills that he had been seeing, but a small chunk of ice had come out instead.
However, this attack that came out from this human’s hand shot out at a speed almost impossible for him to comprehend.
After all, it was so fast that he couldn’t even try avoiding it.
Not only that, but he also couldn’t ignore the power behind the attack.
However, the real reason why he was surprised wasn’t because of the destructive power behind the attack.
He was an immortal existence.
No attack could destroy him, and he never flinched to an attack before.
However, with this single attack, he had met with fear that he had never felt before.
Not only that, but the wound from the attack did not heal.
Since it was a simple injury, he had thought that he could recover using a little bit of magical energy.
If not, he had believed that after some time, it would heal on its own.
However, the injury didn’t show any signs of healing, and instead kept on bleeding out profusely.
The reality that Belkoseu faced was something far worse than what he had expected.
After Min-Cheol woke up from his sleep, even the aura around him was different.
It wasn’t as if he had the ability to sense powers other than magical energies, but he felt it for sure.
He was positive that Min-Cheol had grown several times stronger.
Not only that, but he also sensed that real death could be fast approaching him.
Belkoseu was like a flower in the demonic realm.
To him, Min-Cheol the human, who had come from Earth to the demonic realm, was something akin to a butterfly.
For someone who had difficulty growing stronger even if he struggled as much as he could, Min-Cheol had come and given him the opportunity for a tasty fruit to bear.
At the end though, he had planned to become a carnivorous plant to eat this insect instead.
Since he was aware of the Gate that led to Earth existing in Berdan’s territory, once he had obtained the title of Demon King, he was planning to rule over the human realm as well.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”
“Won’t you focus? Can you still not understand your situation? Are you even listening to me?”
“What happened. I sense an unknown power from you…..”
“Glad to hear. I was worried that I had to bring you halfway to death in order to make you realize.”
“I don’t plan to kill you. Isn’t that good news for you?”
“However, there is something you need to do. I guess this part isn’t that much of a good news?”
“What……. What will you have me do?”
Belkoseu, who had completely submitted under Min-Cheol’s strength, carefully asked a question instead of resisting.
“The Demon King and Ladin. They will disappear within days. Of course, they will die by my hand.”
“Im… Impossible!”
“What part of you needs to be cut off before you fix your habit of cutting people off?”
“From now on, if you have something to say, raise your hand and ask me for my permission. You will only speak after I give you permission, understood?”
“Answer me!”
“Ah! Yes!”
“Good. After all, you are immortal, right?”
“That’s right. I have the immortal Authority…..”
“You should think carefully if you know what’s good for you. After all, you could be subjected to the pain of your body being torn apart without being granted the sweet bliss of death, living like that forever.”
“What do you wish of me…..”
“Obedience. And for you to toil for me.”
“If you need monsters with the magical energy capacity that of a demon king candidate, I shall call forth as many as you need.”
“Hey. Look, buddy. I don’t need anything like that anymore.”
“From now on, you shall become known as the demonic realm’s factory plant manager.”
“I do not understand what you mean by that.”
“Bloodstones. You shall bring me an amount that I will decide on each day.”
“Are you telling me to pick up those pathetic stones! I am Belkoseu, a being with an Authority that grants me immortality…..”
“You can do your self introductions later when you’re alone. Just answer.”
Belkoseu crossed his arms and turned his head to stare off into space.
This was obviously gesture of declination.
Despite his position, it must be due to his pride.
It was obvious for Min-Cheol to not take kindly to such a gesture.
Using Blink to get right next to Belkoseu, Min-Cheol raised his hand.
His forehead turned red as if on fire.
Despite being hit with just a flick of a finger, it had enough strength to blow apart most monsters.
Belkoseu held his forehead in his hands and asked.
“Wait! Then what shall I receive from this?”
“Good. You should’ve said that from the start. I’m not an evil employer after all.”
“Obedience. And if you work hard, then you shall become the strongest monster in the demonic realm!”
“Oho! You plan to let me defeat the Demon King and Ladin with my own hands! I shall be obtaining their magical energies!”
“No, that’s not it. I can’t go back to the demonic realm without becoming the Demon King. Well, there is a Gate, but it’s not a full proof plan.”
“If I absorb all the magical energies of Zekill, Berdan, Ladin, and Jamon, who are the leaders of the demonic tribes, then?”
“I will be holding onto over 90% of the magical energies of the demon realm, right?”
“That…. That’s right…..”
“Out of the remaining 10%, you’ll be the strongest.”
“Is that all!”
“Do you want to obey after you lose your arms and legs? Or do you want to work while you still have them?”
Belkoseu flailed about in desperation.
Not able to hold back his anger, his entire body shook.
Not only that, but purple blood was coming out from his tightly clenched fists.
It seemed that he was quite angry.
“I! I am Belkoseu! Holder of the immortal Authority Belkoseu! My destiny is to become the Demon King! That is why! I shall work while keeping my limbs intact!”
“You little….. To think that we had the same sense of humor.”
“Kuhu……. Just promise me one thing, human.”
“What is it?”
“As you demand, I shall continue sending bloodstones to Earth.”
“Right, right.”
“However, if the amount I delivered didn’t meet your demands or if I failed to deliver them properly, then……”
“Do not come back to the demonic realm!”
“That’s nothing. If there is a good employee at the workplace, why would the boss come out to the store? Okay. This, I shall be happy to do so. After all, only by doing this will you have some pride still left as the best employee of the demonic realm.”
“I do not understand these concepts of shops and employees, but….. I shall take it that you have agreed.”
“Yeah. Since there is not an official contract, let us shake hands and settle on this. After all, I have a lot to do.”
Min-Cheol pulled Belkoseu’s hand and forcefully shook hands.
Belkoseu’s expression was the definition of having eaten shit.
Just from putting out his hand forward, Belkoseu was freaking out intensely and went into a defensive stance.
The reason why Min-Cheol didn’t kill Belkoseu and instead planned to use him as a source of bloodstones was the following.
As said beforehand, the Demon King and Ladin will soon be removed out of existence.
We still had 7 King’s Marbles, and now I had the power of the Piece of Time and Space.
Not only could I use mana, but I could now use it in any way I wanted to.
With this, I did not need to grow any stronger before I could defeat my opponents.
After that, as the one with the most amount of magical energy, I would naturally rise to the title of the Demon King.
Since the dawn of the demonic realm till now, I would have the most amount of magical energy by far of any Demon Kings in the past.
Since it will be over 90% of the magical energy in the demonic realm, it would be quite a lot more than any before.
If that is what comes to pass, then we would be able to return to Earth safely.
Not only that, but I could remove the portals and dungeons formed on Earth one-sidedly.
Removing the portals and dungeons on Earth was a good thing, obviously.
After all, I would be putting an end to the monsters causing destruction upon our world.
However, humans had adapted bit by bit since the monsters appeared.
The biggest example was the appearance of the mutant Awakened.
Also, bloodstones that dropped from defeating the monsters were incorporated into our society.
Right now, bloodstones had become a resource that humans couldn’t live without.
Not only were they responsible for keeping machinery and factories powered, but even the creation of the smallest everyday products required the stones.
But if the portals and dungeons disappeared, cutting off the supply of bloodstones to us humans?
It would cause chaos equivalent to the first appearance of portals on Earth.
To put it simply, it would be the equivalent of coal and fossil fuel that were the main source of energy 40 years ago disappear all of a sudden.
That is why Min-Cheol did not plan at all to remove all portals and the Gate that connected the demonic realm with Earth once he had risen to the seat of the Demon King.
It was the only way that humanity could be supplied with this stuff, so why would he.
Continuing to kill the monsters that spawned endlessly, humanity would continue obtaining the stones.
There wouldn’t be many who could do this job.
That is why I put Belkoseu on the table.
Sealing the deal with a threat, Min-Cheol called for Karin.
“Keruru. What is it?”
“Let’s use your ability a bit.”
“Keruk? Is there a monster you’d like to locate? Who is it?”
“Demon King.”
“Ah, I made a mistake.”
“Kehhehheh. I thought you went insane for a second, Min-Cheol. Without being insane, why would you go to the demon king? Kel kel.”
“Instead of the Demon King, let’s go find Ladin first. Well, I think they’d be together, so I guess it doesn’t matter.”
“Kehheh? Jong Ho! Min-Cheol is being strange! I think he didn’t sleep well!”
“Pfft. He’s fine. Please search them out for me.”
“Kehet! Have both of you given up! Have you lost your sights on getting back to Earth alive!”
“No, that’s not….”
“Keruk! I am disappointed at the two of you!”
Karin had no idea that Min-Cheol had become strong beyond description at this point.
It was to be expected, since Karin had been happily eating away some steaks after Min-Cheol had woken up.
To him, it must’ve looked like I was just trying to end this long journey in the demonic realm.
He must be thinking that I had given up on everything, planning to die at the hands of the Demon King and Ladin.
As he spoke out passionately, food from his mouth spewed forth all over the place.
Seeing this little goblin rage, I found it cute without understanding exactly why.
Jong Ho set about the difficult task of calming down the upset Puppet Goblin.
“Karin. We’ll be heading back to Earth now.”
“Kehheheh…… Min-Cheol, is it very difficult for you? You can talk to me. Family is supposed to be like this.”
“No, you fool! I’ve become incredibly strong. Not only Ladin, but I could easily defeat the Demon King now.”
“Keruuuuuuu. Jong Ho! Min-Cheol is hurting. I think he is hurting on the inside a lot.”
“Sigh. Let me show you. Hey, Belkoseu.”
“Let’s get this whole pecking order all cleared up. From now on, consider Jong Ho-hyung and Karin as equals to me and address them accordingly. Understood?”
“Finger flicking again?”
“Kuhu….. Understood…”
“And isn’t there a way to address people respectively in the demonic realm? Why are you not addressing me with respect since the moment we met.”
“Kel kel! There is! Even in the demonic realm, there is a way to refer others with respect in a way that follows etiquette.”
“Oho? Is that so? Sir Belkoseu? I ask that you address us respectively now, please?”
“Tsk! I understand…. Sir.”
“Kehhel! Kehhel! Kehhel! Say it properly!”
“Karin…. Sir…..”
“Keh heh heh heh!”
Karin laughed as if he had owned the entire world for quite some time.
His happy expression was as if he was swimming in a pile of steaks.
Without much thought, I looked at his expression for awhile.
I was hoping that the life in the demonic realm that I thought would never end would conclude happily as Karin’s laughter right now.
“Karin! Find us the Demon King!”
“Kel! Understood!”
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