Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 159

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Chapter 159. Meeting
After parting ways with Barub, I headed through the entrance of the celestial plane.
The dimensional door was different from a Warp or Gate.
Unlike Warp, which took me to a location the moment I crossed through, I had to travel pass the entrance and through a pure white tunnel for awhile before arriving at my destination.
Due to the path being straight, I was able to find my destination easily without being lost.
At the end of the tunnel, I saw a worn wooden door.
I carefully opened the creaking door.
“What… What is this…..”
After opening the door, I couldn’t close my mouth from the sight I was seeing before me.
Since I was quite shocked, I had forgotten to go past the door.
The celestial plane was completely identical to Earth.
No. This was Earth. It was an Earth that had turned into a field of waste from monsters.
Corpses of both humans and monsters littered the place, and there wasn’t a single undamaged building in sight.
Perhaps due to the corpses starting to rot away, a nasty smell began to fill the air.
The blue skies had turned purple, as if this place had turned into the demonic realm.
“What is this….. This looks completely different from what I had imagined? It’s like hell…..”
It was then.
I heard a voice asking a question at me.
I looked towards where I heard the voice from, and there stood a female child who seemed about six or seven years old.
Covered in blood from head to her toes, she was licking a lollipop as if nothing was wrong.
To think that she was smiling so brightly in a barren field destroyed by monsters.
Anyone seeing this situation would find this suspicious and strange.
I spoke to the child.
“What has happened here? This is Earth, right?”
“Hm hm…… Yep! The monsters turned this place like this.”
“Where is everyone else? Where are those that survived?”
“Pfft! There aren’t any. So all those candies over there are mine. Aren’t you jealous?”
“And if you go over there…..”
Whistling a tune, she pointed at a convenience store with her cute little hand.
After that, I didn’t even hear the child continuing to ramble on.
As time passed, I felt greater terror in the air.
To think that the place I had thought to be the celestial plane was actually Earth. And Barub had said that the moment they had met me, time had stopped.
Stopped for Earth and the demonic realm that is.
But Earth had become like this? This is too much even for a joke.
I looked at the child.
“Don’t even think about eating my candies! Okay? They’re all mine, hehe. But since oppa looks nice….”
“Are you god?”
“The one who has made that marble in the first place….. I asked if you were the god that has guided me here.”
“Hm? What. That’s no fun!”
“So everything I’m looking at must be an illusion? Since the moment I had entered this rift in space time, all time should’ve stopped after all.”
“Gosh….. I guess Barub said something that they didn’t need to say.”
Puffing out her cheeks, she pouted.
Tossing aside the lollipop she was licking with excitement, she stared at me intensely.
I stared right back at her intense gaze and asked.
“What is the point of showing me such a horrible sight? Does it have anything to do with the test you’re going to give me?”
“Hehe. Unlike the others, you’ve learned quite a lot, haven’t you?”
“Barub, you little! I’ll have to punish them!”
“If you’re the so called god, then I’ll get right to the point. I have to obtain the abilities on that marble.”
“All those who have sought after me said the same thing. But isn’t that power too great to just give it to anyone? Isn’t that so?”
“I heard that no one has passed the test so far. Are you hoping for the impossible to begin with? Or you don’t have any desire to give the power of the marble in the first place.”
“Hm? That’s not it. I don’t give out impossible tests. However, not everyone can pass.”
“What is this test? Even though time has stopped, I want that power as soon as possible. Let’s begin right away.”
“Oho! You want to? You just need to prove me how strong you are.”
“An absolute existence such as yourself, a god. Are you asking me to defeat you?”
“Wow…. Could you do such a thing?”
“Probably beyond my capabilities……”
“I told you already, didn’t I? It’ll be doable. There are three tests. Of course, you only get one chance. If you fail…… You’ll cease to exist. Shall we start now?”
With one wave of her hand, everything changed.
Almost as if tossing a completed puzzle on the ground, the space fell apart.
The empty space was filled by a pure white snowy field.
The ground stretched on beyond what I could see, all covered in snow.
In the center was a small little Gate.
“Has it begun?”
This was the test that no one had passed.
I wasn’t sure of the others who swallowed the Piece of Time and Space, but it probably wasn’t easy for them either.
I cast Mana Shield, Reflect Shield, and Spirit Armor.
After that, I waited with bated breath.
I knew that something would come out of that Gate.
The hand that gripped the Butcher’s Sword tightened.
A bit of time passed.
“No way……”
“Glad to meet you again, kid…..”
“Killed me. That man killed me. Hehe. I shall have my revenge.”
“To think that a pathetic human such as yourself defeated me, one of the tribe leaders of the demonic realm…..”
“I shall pay you back all the shame you’ve given me!”
This was beyond what I had expected.
All of those who stepped through the Gate, I was acquainted with.
The looks they all gave me were filled with resentment.
Hatred and rage. Their eyes told me that they were starving for revenge and murder.
The radical faction’s Park Hyun and Jin, their leaders Joker, Ghost, Dark Lady, Pierro, and even the demonic tribe leaders Berdan and Zekill were here.
All of them had lost their lives to me.
I was shocked for a brief moment at their reappearance.
I felt someone poke me at my side.
‘Wait…. They went through my shield so easily and applied physical force on me?’
The person behind that was the little child. No, it would be accurate to call them a god.
The god spoke with a curious expression on her face.
“Why are you looking so surprised? Hehe. These are are familiar faces, right?”
“Is this the first test you were mentioning before?”
“Yep! Doesn’t it seem fun?”
“They’re those that lost their lives to you. You already are aware of that though, right? If we brought the total number of those that died to you, there would be a lot more, but none of them had such resentment against you as these folks here. Despite having lost everything, those here seem only intent on getting revenge against you.”
“I told them to reflect on their behaviors and live with goodwill in their hearts in the afterlife….. But I guess there wasn’t anywhere their wickedness could go.”
“Hehe! Now, begin already.”
“I just need to get rid of them all?”
“Yep! Hurry! Quickly!”
Voice filled with elevated excitement, the god sat down on the spot.
She acted as if she had found some entertainment to watch.
Licking her lollipop, she stomped her feet.
Looking at their faces, I was somewhat relieved.
If an opponent like the Chimera had appeared, I’d fail from the very first test.
I already knew all their attack patterns.
On top of that, even if they all attacked me at once, there was no way that I’d lose.
It had been quite awhile since I had destroyed the radical faction by its roots, growing vastly stronger beyond comparison of what I once was before.
Not only that, I had defeated those two leaders of their own respective demonic tribes without much difficulty.
While looking at them as they approached me, I took out one King’s Marble from the folds of my armor and put it in my mouth.
It wasn’t likely that I’d need to swallow it, but it was good to be prepared just in case.
The cooldown on my Status Denial was over too.
All preparations were done.
They were preparing to charge me at once.
“I’m using the gifts you’ve given me well. The armor, weapons, and even stats…… However, I have no plans to return them to you. You all say that you’ve been only dreaming of revenge? None of you even have the qualifications to do that.”
“I shall send you all to hell!”
I poured a torrent of attacks on the group that was charging at me.
The transcended Meteors that had become dozens of times stronger than before rained down from the skies, while the powerful lightning attack In Storm followed.
A fierce barrage of magical attacks rushed forth.
In an instant, Ghost moved to the front and absorbed the spells.
“Roa’s Staff?”
Roa’s Staff was a weapon that absorbed all magical attacks until its durability ran out, and Ghost had used that to absorb my attacks.
However, it wouldn’t last that long.
With my endless mana, my attacks would come without end, and since the skill had reached maximum level, no cooldown existed for this skill.
Roaming the battlefield, I continued to pour down my skills.
It was impossible for them to catch up to my speed.
There was no need to even worry about them catching up, as they had difficulty even keeping track of my position.
It was possible due to the radical faction, since I had stolen massive amounts of strength stats from those gathered here and their subordinates.
Other than Berdan and Zekill, the humans needed Ghost to block my attacks using his staff, and thus needed to stay grouped together with him.
This made area of effect spells the ideal choice here.
It was taking everything for them to just hold out against my attacks.
Since they could not retaliate, the only sound that came from them were all sorts of swears and curses.
I wonder how much time had passed.
It happened when 6 meteors covering the sky were falling down on them.
“I think I heard a rather welcoming sound?”
Before they could separate, Meteor and In Storm buried them.
I don’t think I really need to explain what happened after.
As expected, their bodies disappeared without a trace.
From the start, they did not stand a chance against me.
Sadly, due to how they had lost their lives before, I wasn’t able to obtain additional stats with my Butcher’s Sword.
The only ones left were Berdan and Zekill.
Casting buffs that increased my offensive power, I charged at them.
A noise sounding as if the air itself was being cut apart resonated, and before that sound had even stopped, my sword swings at them with Formless Sword Aura had begun.
Right now, even Formless Sword Aura’s Wild Beast had activated.
The speed at which my swords cut through their bodies increased to another level.
Not only that, but the wounds left by the sword became far deeper.
The pure white field of snow was being smeared violet by their blood.
With labored breath, life in their eyes were becoming dulled.
Unlike them, my shields weren’t taking any damage.
Not even a single chip or crack.
This meant that I wasn’t allowing even a single attack to hit me.
With my continued attack, Zekill was the first to kneel.
“Ha…… Hah ah…..”
A long sigh escaped from his mouth, signaling that he had taken his last breath.
As if to say that he wouldn’t let Zekill go alone, Berdan also lost his life after him.
Just like that, the fight came to an end.
The first test had ended so easily, almost making me disappointed.
Cleaning the blood on my sword, I approached god.
“Wow! Aren’t you something? Hehe!”
“Did I pass?”
“To think that you’d kill your fellow humans despite having such a kind looking face. I’m impressed!”
“Congratulations! Passed the first test! I look forward to the next test, you know?”
“Since we don’t have time to waste, let’s get started right away.”
“Yep! Yep!”
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