Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 156

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Chapter 156. An Unbelievable Occurrence
It had already been 8 hours since the Demon King unsealed the Chimera.
Many monsters ranked as tribe leaders had been done in by the Chimera.
It was to be expected, since it hunted with fire in its eyes, acting as if it was a beast that had been starved for days.
Demon King Jamon could sense that many monsters with vast capacities for magical energies and possible candidates to replace him in the future disappearing into oblivion.
It was just like when the humans and Belkoseu were taking them down before.
He did already have roughly 50% of the magical energies in the demonic realm, but he couldn’t help but be wary of those with the magical energy capacities that of a demon king.
Like that, Jamon made a satisfied smile.
The moment that the Chimera left, the Demon King and Ladin left the castle.
The Demon King had met with the Chimera at the castle.
Waiting there was the equivalent of waiting for the Chimera to attack him.
The Demon King completely hid his magical energy signature.
Even with the Chimera’s powerful magical energy searching skill, it wouldn’t be able to find him.
This wasn’t an Authority that he obtained when he became the Demon King.
Jamon already had this ability the moment that he was born.
Since he was the Demon King and could do as he pleased, he never had the need to use this.
There was no need for him to flee from anyone, so he had never done so.
It was the same for Ladin.
No matter how much Jamon hid his magical energy signature, if he moved together with Ladin, he would naturally be discovered.
This was pure coincidence, but both of them had the same Authority.
That was why the both of them were staying together, observing the situation.
The amount of orbs left in the sky was now one.
If that orb disappeared, it wouldn’t be long before the Chimera was sealed away again.
The reason why Jamon had released it was to have it defeat the human who had crossed over to this realm.
Running from place to place and annoying him to no end, the human was even helping Belkoseu, who was a dangerous threat, grow stronger.
That was why the Demon King was so focused on the magical energy signature of the human.
He couldn’t tell the exact location of the it, but he could at least sense if the human was alive or not.
Two hours passed like that.
Jamon frowned and spoke with weight.
“Yes, Demon King.”
“How long until the Chimera is sealed away again?”
“I am not sure of the exact time, but it seems that the Chimera will be sealed away soon.”
“Hm….. However, I can still sense the human’s magical energy signature.”
“And look at the orb in the sky.”
“What do you mean…?”
“Have you not noticed it yet?”
“Huh! What…? The Chimera should have already consumed the orb…..”
“That’s right. In order to undo its last seal, it needs that orb.”
“You are absolutely correct.”
“And on top of that, the Chimera isn’t able to kill anything right now. It’s been way past since it should’ve consumed another orb.”
“Then perhaps…. The human has defeated the Chimera…..”
“Impossible. You are aware of this as well! I have let loose the Chimera into the demonic realm. It makes no sense that the Chimera was defeated by a mere human.”
“You speak sense, Demon King.”
“But this is rather strange. Perhaps the Chimera is not consuming the last orb in order to delay being sealed away again…….”
“Please consider this, Demon King. The only reason why the Chimera madly thrashes about is to find its opponents. It is only concerned with butchering and battles. That is why I believe that it is not trying to buy time out of fear of being sealed away again.”
“Please do not worry. It will definitely get rid of the human and stop Belkoseu from getting stronger.”
“Then we shall wait a bit longer.”
While Ladin was speaking with the Demon King, his expression was that of disappointment.
He had no idea that the Demon King Jamon had the Authority to perfectly hide his magical energy signature.
Only today did he learn this information.
He had thought that this Authority was exclusive to him.
The Chimera’s release.
The one to first speak about that idea was not the Demon King, but Ladin.
Hiding his wicked intentions, he had continued to pretend that he was trying to stop the Demon King from coming to this decision.
However, the fear that he felt when seeing the Chimera wasn’t an act.
After sensing its aura and killing intent, who wouldn’t be scared stiff.
In order for him to take the spot of the Demon King again, he had provoked the prideful Jamon.
Ladin had made the Demon King aware of the Chimera’s existence and lead him to release it upon this world.
After all, even if the Chimera was released, he could hide his magical energy signature completely and stay alive.
Even a Demon King shouldn’t be able to face off against the Chimera.
Then the natural course of action would be the death of the Demon King at the jaws of the Chimera, and in a world where the Demon King is gone, the one surviving with the highest amount of magical energy would become the next Demon King, which would be himself.
It was a plan to take over the whole demonic realm without any effort.
However, his plan had been completely ruined.
It was because right now, the Demon King was standing next to him, completely hiding his magical signature.
Not only that, but the Chimera that was supposed to completely obliterate the residents of the demonic realm had stopped moving.
Ladin’s anxiety was only amplified.
Even if his plan to rise to the title of Demon King had failed right now, another chance was bound to come eventually.
However, looking at this long term, he could not ignore the existence of Belkoseu.
His thoughts were the same as Jamon’s.
And just like that, a large amount of time passed.
Only then did the two of them realize that something was wrong.
The orb in the sky was still there, and the monsters with massive amounts of magical energies weren’t being annihilated.
This meant that the Chimera had stopped butchering altogether.
Both Jamon and Ladin’s expressions hardened quickly.
“Damn it……”
“D… Demon King.”
“Chimera! What has happened!”
“Is it possible that it was defeated by the human……”
“There is no way that’s possible! It must be planning something!”
The Demon King could not believe that the Chimera might have been annihilated.
He could not even begin to imagine that the human, who could not even match his strength, had defeated the Chimera.
The Demon King was absolutely positive that the Chimera had other plans.
He was enraged, letting out all of the magical energy he had been hiding in an instant.
Just like when the Chimera had first appeared, all the lowly monsters nearby were wiped out.
After all, a massive amount of magical energy had been released.
Ladin began speaking words he didn’t mean in the slightest.
“Demon King! If you let out your magical energy like that…. The Chimera will come here immediately.”
“Tsk! It doesn’t matter! Didn’t I say this before. I will not be defeated by it. Do you think that I’ll be defeated by a mere servant!”
“I have made you second in command in the demonic realm, but it seems that you’ve been consumed by fear first!”
“Demon King, I seek forgiveness…..”
“Shut up! I shall go find the Chimera myself. Be thankful that you’re the last demonic tribe leader. If that wasn’t the case, I would’ve cut you in half where you stand right now. Kuhuhum! Fool…..”
Just like that, the Demon King moved as fast as he could to find the whereabouts of the human and the Chimera.
It seemed that his anger would not be extinguished so easily.
‘Eternal Rest.’
I casted the skill on the Chimera.
It boasted confidence that it could take on my attack.
A small but intense ray of light came out from my hand.
That ray went straight for the Chimera.
The Chimera saw my attack, but did not try to dodge.
After all, even with all that speed, the Chimera could not avoid an attack this fast.
However, the effect looked really pathetic.
It was a simple looking attack, similar to the basic skill Lightning Bolt.
The light from the Eternal Rest spell was absorbed into the chest of the Chimera.
A skill that was hard to see due to how small it was had hit the massively giant Chimera’s form.
The Chimera laughed at this sad display of an attack.
From its point of view, this attack must seem pathetic.
The Chimera stared at me as it spoke.
“Kurururu. How pathetic you are.”
“I’m embarrassed that I rated your strength so highly.”
“As I said, it’ll be a disappointing end.”
“I had hoped that you’d show me the strength of a race different from the demonic race. Kurung! My amusement is no more.”
“Since I ruined your fun, I guess I’ll have to take responsibility. Do I need to play you a sad song or something?”
“You blabber utter nonsense. I wasted my time. I shall end you now!”
“Kururung! Your strength has met the wrong master and never had a chance to display itself proudly, but instead meets a disappointing end……”
“Kuru…. What’s happening….. Kwuhh! Kurungung!”
“This skill has met the wrong target to kill, but there’s no point in regretting.”
The Chimera that was running towards me suddenly stopped.
The skill had hit directly at its chest.
The small dot of light had suddenly started to grow into a massive size.
On top of that, its body was cracking at the seems as though the ground would in a drought.
Between those cracks shone intense bright lights.
“Kururuhung! You! What have you done!”
“You told me to attack, so I attacked. Is there an issue?”
The Chimera struggled as hard as it could to move.
The more it struggled, the more the cracks widened and the light shined brighter.
The front leg that it had raised to swing at me disappeared a long time ago.
After all, who would think that they would lose their lives to such a simple attack.
Even I, the caster, was this shocked, so imagine how flabbergasted would the Chimera be.
All it could do was growl, unable to muster up any resistance.
And just like that….
Its body was completely obliterated.
Not a single trace remained, as it had been completely removed from the demonic realm.
Only a cluster of light in the shape of its form remained, lighting up the area.
The light shined as if polish had been put on a statue of the Chimera.
The hunter of the demonic realm that was thought to be immortal had met its end so anticlimactically.
Something floated up where it had disappeared.
If things lived up to my expectations, a pile of artifacts enough to cover up this entire area should’ve dropped.
However, I couldn’t be further off from my mark.
Only a small black marble the size of a fist had dropped.
This wasn’t at the level of not meeting my expectations, but rather enough to question my sanity.
This was the reward for defeating the absolute being of the demonic realm.
For killing the one that has never been killed and could not be defeated by any, this was it.
I couldn’t hide my disappointment and trudged forward to where the marble was.
I didn’t even think of identifying the marble using the Eye of Insight right away.
It was probably because I was so heavily disappointed.
I picked it up and while I didn’t feel like it, casted Eye of Insight on it.
The situation flipped onto itself at that very moment.
When I identified this black marble that I held with disregard, I realized that I should be holding onto this with both hands and as if I was a servant to it.
“Ha….. Even though it was for a brief moment, I’m crazy for doubting…“
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