Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 138

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138. Belkoseu and the Lich King. Also, Jamon.
As expected, the Lich King began to pour out magical attacks.
Only his form had shrunk, but the attack pattern was the same as the one I had encountered before.
It was good for me that he advanced at me with fierce attacks.
Even if his attacks reached me, the Roa’s Staff that I obtained from taking down Ghost would absorb all the magical attacks, so I would take no damage.
To be exact, the ability of Roa’s Staff that my Butcher’s Sword had absorbed was what would do the job.
It should be able to absorb any magical attacks without any issues.
Since it had previously eaten up my Transcended Meteor, it had proved its ability without a doubt.
The only downside was that there were only 88 charges left on it.
However, that shouldn’t be an issue either.
I wasn’t going to let the Lich King cast that many spells in the first place.
The only thing I would focus on would be to defend myself against attacks beyond ranking.
That Lich King was going to turn into a pile of ash before the charges on Roa’s Staff’s ability on my Butcher’s Sword would run out.
The Lich King stared me down with his red glowing eyes and let out a horrid roar.
“Kuhuhu. Are you only going to continue avoiding. Is this the attack that you were boasting to me about before? Pathetic. Hurry up and show me. Show me the reason why you did not kneel before the mighty Belkoseu!”
“There’s not much of a difference from the one I saw on Earth. I think magical attacks worked against it?”
“Hm? Another Lich King exists in a different dimension……. Monsters exist in another dimensions?”
“If you don’t know, just sit back and watch. I’ll began the show.”
“Ah! And you’ll be next, so make sure to hold onto your waiting list ticket. I’ll end this quickly and give you the attention you want so badly.”
My banter with Belkoseu didn’t last long.
The Lich King began his barrage of attacks.
Unlike before, he was creating a massive distance between us.
I wasn’t sure if he had used Teleport, because he had moved his body far away in a very short time.
However, the attack that he casted after left me speechless.
I stared at the sky blankly in shock.
The demonic realm’s sky was covered in his spells.
It was the Meteor skill. A giant one at that to boot.
I did expect the Lich King, also known as a archwizard, to be able to cast such a spell.
He used skills beyond ranking, so being able to cast Meteor was a given.
However, the Meteors falling down from above weren’t any ordinary Meteors.
Pitch black burning meteors fell from the sky. These Meteors were Awakened Meteors.
It was a skill that Awakened could learn after getting their Meteor skill to level 100, and then they had to use an Awakened Essence to upgrade it so.
However, I could not bring myself to understand how a monster was using a skill that I’ve only seen Awakened using.
I did not avoid his attacks.
I wanted to check for sure.
It could be a similar looking skill with a different effect after all.
Even if it was a skill that was beyond ranking, it didn’t matter.
No matter what, it could not deal damage to me.
After hitting center mass on my Mana Shield, the shield shook madly.
Looking at how much my shield shook, I could confirm that this really was an Awakened Meteor.
Even though I had casted it countless times myself, I didn’t recognize it right away.
From what I had noticed, out of all the monsters out there, only the Lich King seemed to learn skills, and on top of that, he could Awaken them.
I had many questions to ask, but this wasn’t the time to ponder about them.
I had scouted enough.
I was sure, no, I was absolutely positive that this monster would drop something good.
The Lich King had made quite the distance to cast Meteor.
However, Glacial Field was enough to cover that distance.
The floor froze, and he began to take damage from the cold.
Even the monsters that roamed about without a direction were caught up as collateral damage.
“It’s still just the refrigerator. You’ll soon go to the freezer.”
It used Teleport to try to get away from Glacial Field’s range.
However, no matter how far he fled, he was dancing on the palm of my hand.
A simple leap allowed me to get close without much difficulty.
After all, there was no way that a mage could outmaneuver a warrior.
Of course, technically speaking, I was a mage.
I cast down many Blizzard on his head.
Shards of ice as blue as the ocean began to rain down with massive speed onto him.
Due to it being an AoE attack, it was difficult to be accurate with it.
However, in a pouring rainstorm, how can one not be struck by a single drop of water.
The Blizzard that came down like rain hit his body.
“Still the refrigerator. There’s still more to go before you get sent to the freezer.”
It had barely blocked the mass of frozen rock with its shields, but this wasn’t the end.
The Blizzard skill’s attack still hadn’t finished yet.
Around me and him were shards of broken ice from the Blizzards.
Like the shrapnel of a bomb, the second part of the attack from Blizzard came.
His body was pierced all over by the shards of ice.
He let out an ear piercing howl and as he bled from all over his body.
Blizzard consisted of ice raining down first followed by the shards exploding outwards until it collides with the target, which could only be a description fitting of an S+ ranking attack spell.
The glow from the Lich King’s eyes blazed fiercer.
He must be incredibly furious.
However, I did not give him the opportunity to counterattack.
“I’m not sure if he has a mana bar or perhaps a cooldown to deal with because he has not cast the shield again.”
He was completely sealed off in the giant Iceberg.
The Iceberg that had reached level 300 crushed the Lich King’s form into a pathetic shamble.
Almost as if scattering a 10,000 piece puzzle, his body was scattered beyond recognition.
To the Lich King who was frozen completely and was unable to regenerate, I casted Blizzard once more.
Since Blizzard was a higher ranking spell, it pierced into the Iceberg and exploded.
Almost as if the bullets in a person’s body was exploding, it could deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy.
The red glow from his eyes faded, and he dropped a ton of bloodstones.
It wasn’t that difficult to kill the Lich King.
The moment that I walked towards the loot that the Lich King had dropped, I sensed Belkoseu moving.
However, I did not sense a killing intent behind his movements.
After getting close to me, he spoke.
“Amusing. A race from another realm, and on top of that an amusing show of skill.”
“Customer, you have to wait your turn. You can’t cut in line like this.”
“Wew, don’t worry about it, just wait a bit. Don’t annoy me.”
“You little!”
“What? You little? Alright, I’ll take care of you right away. I’ll make an exception for you right now!”
It happened when I turned my body to face him.
I could hear Karin’s voice.
Despite him being far away, I could hear him clearly.
“Human! Min-Cheol! It’s the demon king! The demon king is coming! Ladin as well!”
“Damn it. Has he detected our scents? Why now of all times…?”
“What are you blabbering about? Come! Belkoseu will be your opponent!”
“Hey customer, it looks like I’ll have to serve you next time.”
“Ha! Are you afraid! Was all that just for show?”
“The demon king is coming. And he’s not alone, because he’s bringing along Ladin as well.”
“Is that true….. Hm……..”
Perhaps Belkoseu had felt their magical energy signatures as well, because he suddenly calmed down and was erring on the side of caution.
I spoke to him.
“You’ll be fine, even if they come, but isn’t it a different case for me?”
“What are you trying to get at.”
“Since you’re a monster too, you can see the magical energy that flows within me! Aren’t you interested in it?”
“If you keep me here, I could die and possibly give all this to those two. Do you understand now?”
“There is no way that I can lose out on your magical energy…. We’ll fight another time.”
“Finally, I got through to you. My goblin ally will remember your magical energy signature.”
“I will find you a few days from now. Wait for me in a place as far away from the demon king and Ladin as possible. I’ll meet you there.”
“Pfft. Seems like quite the flimsy excuse to prolong your life.”
“Or you can let me get eaten up by the demon king. But you won’t do that since you have your own plans, right?”
“Kuha! An amusing race you lot are. So be it. I shall wait. However, if you think that you can save yourself by not coming, you best give up such false hopes. I shall find you myself personally.”
“Were you scammed in the demonic realm before or something? Why are you so doubtful? Whether you come or I go, you’ll be dead!”
“I’ll be looking forward to it……”
As soon as I finished, I ran straight to Karin.
Karin was hiding behind a rock while invisible.
If I didn’t use Eye of Insight, even I wouldn’t have been able to find him.
I spoke to him.
“Karin, get our stuff. We’re going to where hyung-nim is.”
“Kerut! Understood! Good call! I told you that fighting him is a bad idea!”
“What about the other two? How long will it take for them to get here?”
“Kehel. Roughly about 10 minutes in human time! They could get here even faster.”
“Okay. That’s plenty of time. But before that, the empty duffel bag.”
“Kel? H…..Here it is.”
“Hold on to me.”
After receiving the duffel bag from Karin, I went back to where Belkoseu was in order to pick up all the loot.
As expected, the Lich King wasn’t an ordinary monster.
I couldn’t help but be excited from the moment that I saw the Awakened Meteor, but to think that he dropped this many artifacts whereas Zekill and Berdan dropped nothing.
I ordered Karin to start putting them into the duffel bag.
“Take only the stones you want to eat, and throw away the rest.”
“Kel! The demon king is coming, so snacks are not an issue!”
“Oh. You’re pretty good at getting up to speed. Ignore the bloodstones, grab all the artifacts.”
“Keheheheh! Don’t talk to me. I’m busy! Busy!”
I simply looked at Karin toiling away.
It was because there was a chance that an artifact would become soul bound to me if I picked it up.
Since Karin realized that the demon king was coming, he moved quickly, and in less than 1 minute, it was all taken care of.
I couldn’t help but think of him as the number one guide for the demonic realm.
Belkoseu was silently observing us.
His appearance could put knights from the middle ages to shame.
With a cape on his back and armed to the teeth with metallic armor, it reminded me of an Awakened wearing full plate armor.
With him being 2m in height, it even made me wonder if he was actually a human being.
But who knows. There was a possibility that a head of lizard would pop out if I removed that helmet after all.
It didn’t seem that he would move, even though the news of the demon king’s arrival was heard.
As expected of the title he possessed, the undying knight.
The proof of him not dying to attacks by monsters was in his choice to stay here despite the announcement of the demon king’s approach.
Karin carried four duffel bags and urged me to hurry.
The 3 of them held all the meat he couldn’t live without, while the last one was filled with artifacts to the brim.
The weight of them should be quite a lot, but he did not complain as he hurried his little feet to work.
“Min-Cheol! Let’s go! Now!”
“Yeah, you did well. Let’s go.”
“We’ll see each other again, human.”
“Will do.”
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