Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 129

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129. Didn’t You Learn That You Die If You Pull Out Your Horns in the Demonic Realm?
Berdan screamed as he twisted his own horns.
The two horns on his head broke off, and his giant form rapidly shrunk as if his body was deflating like a balloon.
Purple liquid sprayed out like a fountain from where he broke off his horns.
However, that wasn’t the blood of a monster, even though the color was the same.
We would soon learn that this was magical energy.
The purple liquid that left his body wiggled and swirled around for a bit before being absorbed by his body once more.
Berdan had only a shoddy piece of cloth covering him before.
However, a single moment, his body was covered in armor.
The armor made him look barbaric, but it covered his entire body without leaving any gaps.
It was as if he had used his magical energy to strengthen his body.
Maybe that was why he wasn’t taking any additional damage from the In Storm electric magic in the slightest.
Finishing his transformation, he let out a mighty wave of explosive force from his body.
The various metal ornaments around him were instantly blown apart.
His body looked like an athlete’s, who had worked out far too much.
On top of that, he had armor covering up his whole body.
His body had shrunk, but his ability and his shape remained the same as before breaking off his horns.
After letting out an attack that wasn’t even meant to be an actual attack, Berdan stood still without a word.
The Eye of Insight that had told me before that his weak spots were his entire body now only pointed towards his heart.
Jong Ho, who had been near him to attack, made distance and came to me to talk.
“Doesn’t he seem really pissed off?”
“Seems so. Even so, do you think he’ll be anything to worry about?”
“How much mana do you have left?”
“Plenty. Due to Mana Drain activating nonstop, I don’t feel starved for mana. It’s enough to make me feel like I have infinite mana like you.”
“That’s good. Don’t get too complacent though and make sure to keep checking how much you have left.”
“Of course. How long do you think I was starving for mana before.”
“Yes, but….. It was risky how you suddenly sprinted forward before. Thank goodness that the results were good…..”
“Ah. You mean baiting them in?”
“Yes. I know what you were thinking when you did that, but…..”
“Pfft. Yeah, I was out of my mind. I’m not even sure why I did that. Don’t know what I was thinking…. My body moved on its own, and I felt a surge of confidence without reason.”
“I guess you felt sure and confident.”
“Is that so? I guess I can say that I instinctively felt that I could take him down.”
“Well, it already happened. Either way, good job. I was quite surprised too.”
“Hey, should we really wait for him while he does that? It’s like how the main protagonists of an anime gives the enemy robot to finish transforming or something.”
“Haha. Almost forgot cause he has no presence. You should finish this up.”
“Me? I should?”
“Since you started it, you should see to its end.”
I gave all the buff skills I had to Jong Ho, then proceeded to become a spectator once more.
Despite the transformation Berdan went through, since there was a huge difference in combat capabilities before, I wasn’t that worried.
I was absolutely positive that Jong Ho would win.
Holding magician class weapons, the staff and wand, he got closer to him.
It was then.
“He’s almost a magician at this point. A magician.”
From his mouth came the sound that monsters without intelligence would make.
Every time he let out his breath, a huff of frosty chill came out, but unlike his breath, his body was giving off searing steam and smoke.
Jong Ho’s attack started.
A fierce blizzard came forth.
It was Glacial Field, a spell that dealt frost damage in a large area.
On top of that, Iceberg rose up from the ground.
He had casted two frost spells that prevented his opponent from moving.
It would be unlikelu for a monster at Berdan’s level to be completely frozen and shatter, but it was definitely enough to prevent his movements.
Glacial Field covered a huge area, but it didn’t do much damage.
Really the skill was to apply status effects.
However, Iceberg was plenty enough to fill the lack of damage.
It boasted enough damage to not lose to any other skill.
Jong Ho’s use of the skill displayed that he did not lack any sense in his decision making.
Delivering hits at the right time with precision, he hit dead center.
The Balrock ring was on his finger.
Within the ring were countless spells.
For being a warrior class, it would have taken a lot of effort for Jong Ho to obtain mastery over skills like these.
I was thankful once more that Jong Ho was person that I could follow and trust.
“Are you cold?”
Frozen stiff inside Iceberg like a stuffed display at a museum, his black eyes stared intensely at Jong Ho.
No matter how much steam he was letting out from his body, it would be incredibly difficult for him to escape the Iceberg spell that had hit level 300.
“Does frost magic not work on him?”
Letting out another powerful wave of pressure, the Iceberg was shattered into pieces at the impact.
On top of that, Berdan, who had been standing still, began to move.
However, his movement wasn’t slowed in the slightest.
Taking this situation into account, the only explanation was that he was either completely resistant to frost magic, or even magic damage itself.
That meant that this was an opponent that Jong Ho could not win against.
Despite Jong Ho being a warrior class and me being a magician class, our roles had completely flipped since the moment we had decided to head for the demonic realm.
However, unlike Jong Ho, I was without flaw in both my physical and magical offensive capabilities.
Just looking at the weapons Jong Ho was holding, it was obvious.
Both Jong Ho’s face and mine had surprised written all over them.
However, it wasn’t the expression of defeat.
It was just a small shock at his change in form and incredibly high resistances he obtained.
It was then.
Berdan sped up at speeds difficult to imagine and struck his abdomen.
The spell shield that didn’t take any damage before was instantly shattered.
On top of that, it dealt damage directly to his body.
My body that had completely relaxed from spectating immediately tensed up.
Despite the sudden attack, Jong Ho did not panic.
Casting his main defensive skill Otherworldly Skin, he avoided additional attacks that ensued and was looking for a chance to strike back.
His speed was unlike anything before.
It also looked like his attacks had increased in damage in multiples.
Avoiding his charge gracefully, Jong Ho attacked with flame magic this time.
Casting Explosion and Fire Shock, he finished off his combo with the main damage skill Meteor.
Predicting Berdan’s pathing, he landed a direct hit.
“A direct hit…..”
However, that didn’t work either.
Jong Ho followed up with Holy Shock and the spell that did self damage, Chain Explosion.
Even with Chain Explosion, which delivered various types of damages, he could not deal damage to Berdan.
I was absolutely sure of it now.
Due to letting out magical energies in order to obtain that armor, he had obtained a 100% resistance to magic.
It was made even more apparent from the fact that Berdan merely swatted away the intense flames that blocked his vision before walking out of the inferno.
In a split moment, I blocked Jong Ho’s path.
Quietly I whispered.
“Hyung-nim, it looks like you’re struggling a lot.”
“Magic resistance, right?”
“Yes, it seems so.”
“I was wondering why he was taking no damage. If I was alone, I would have been helpless against him.”
“Agreed. It can’t be helped, since you don’t do that much physical damage despite being a warrior class.”
“Yeah. Even though I received his attacks after he became stronger and faster, it wasn’t something that I couldn’t handle. It’s just that I can’t deal any damage to him. His transformation isn’t the deciding factor between victory and defeat.”
“Yes, I understand. May I take it from here?”
“Yes, please do.”
A single strike.
The sight of one of his arms falling to the ground was pleasing.
I merely swung my sword with massive force while leaping forward.
To put it simply, all it had taken was a leap and a single swing.
However, the results were devastating.
A nasty wound was left behind through his armor and on his body.
Allowing me to attack without any resistance, now he was grabbing his severed arm and howling in pain.
However, that didn’t last long.
When I moved in to swing my sword at him again, he had dodged with incredible speed.
One could think of this as a simple dodge.
However, he had dodged and charged towards where Jong Ho stood.
His severed arm hadn’t completely recovered yet, but claws had formed there and they were sharp as a sword.
He was able to deal damage to Jong Ho before from just swinging his fists.
Now, what if he used that kind of weaponry, and if he attacked while losing his sanity and struck in a last ditch effort when he was cornered like a rat?
Noticing Berdan’ s intentions, Jong Ho hurriedly prepared his defenses.
However, I wasn’t just going to stand there idly and watch.
Casting Mass Stealth Jutsu, I hid both Jong Ho and my form.
However, he did not stop charging towards where Jong Ho had stood a moment ago.
Realizing that he was hidden from view, he quickly moved away from his previous location like a true pro.
His charge stopped only when he ran into the walls of the castle, and there I was, standing next to him.
No matter how much he struggled, he was merely a slow moving turtle before me.
Berdan had taken his last breath.
I had stabbed his heart with Butcher’s Sword, the one weak spot that Eye of Insight had shown me.
His eyes that were pitch dark lost its color, and his body hung limp on my blade like clothes that were hung to dry.
As soon as I pulled out my sword, massive amounts of magical energy that he had absorbed poured out from him.
As the sword freed itself from his body, he turned into a pile of ash.
This was something that you could not see on Earth.
After all, this was the first time that we could see magical energy.
The magical energy that left his body swirled around me, unsettling me.
Following that, it was absorbed by my body as if it was natural.
“I don’t feel so good about it entering my body without permission…..”
“Is that so?”
“Well, I won’t be able to use it anyways. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”
“You’re probably right. It’s something that only monsters need.”
“Whew….. We took down Berdan on the first day of arriving in the demonic realm.”
“It’s not a bad start.”
“I agree. Aren’t you hungry?”
“Hey, from running dungeons without a reason to be tense to focusing properly for the first time in awhile, it really does work up an appetite.”
“Pfft. I thought so. Our food storage should be outside.”
“Right, Karin. Let’s go outside for now. And let us rest here for the night while we’re at it.”
“Yes. I wonder what material this castle is made of in order to be this sturdy? To be able to receive Transcended spells without any issues…..”
“Dunno…. I didn’t have the luxury to think about it.”
“I think we have to bring some with us when we return to Earth.”
“Why? You have something to make?”
“I’m planning to make a house out of it for you when you get married.”
“Oh….. But by the time that happens, the monsters would cease existing on Earth.”
“Nope. This is for you and your wife to be able to have your lover’s quarrels without worry.”
“Hey, Karin!”
“Keru… Yes! Great Berd-…… Keruk! Hu… Hu…. Human!”
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