Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 128

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128. Face off with Berdan (2)
Like an angry bull, Berdan charged forward to strike with his massive fist.
Despite his abnormally large size, his movements were like lightning.
However, there was no way that Jong Ho and I would be done in by that.
After all, the two of us had trained with our lives on the line to grow this strong.
In a split moment, we distanced from him and waited for the right moment to strike.
His charging attacks continued to push us back.
The reason why I wasn’t able to attack and was only able to avoid the attacks was due to the distance between me and Jong Ho.
The interior of the castle was bigger than the average dungeon, but due to the sheer amount of monsters occupying it, there wasn’t actually much room to move around.
Unless I used attack skills that only targeted the ones I wanted to hit, Jong Ho would take collateral damage.
I continued to avoid his attacks as he chased me closely, but it didn’t take long.
“These shitty bags of flesh…. Hyung-nim!”
“Not yet! A bit more. It’s still too close.”
“What are you doing! Where has you fighting spirit that you’ve been boasting about moments ago go! It’s amusing to see your hands full just trying to flee because of our difference in power! Kuhahaha.”
“Can I do some cleaning at the price of one of you shields? I think I’ll just wipe out everything.”
“You said safety first! I’ll give you the signal.”
“When will that be……”
“Now! Clean them up!”
“What! Hyung-nim!”
There was nowhere left to run.
The monsters were behind me.
As he called out to give the signal, in a single leap, he landed on the path where Berdan had just run past.
It was probably to gain distance between him and I, as well as to get his attention.
As Jong Ho had expected, Berdan’s focus was now on him instead, and he turned his body around in an instant to throw punches at Jong Ho as he charged.
Using this chance, I casted Chain Explosion and ran around to turn the thousands of monsters around me into dust.
My body kept exploding. 1
The castle shook with the sound and massive shock waves from the explosions.
At this moment, Berdan and his two retainers were focused on Jong Ho.
This situation could come to a terrible end if I wasted any time.
Even the time it took for me to react to his sudden action felt too precious to have wasted.
I had my Mana Shield that wouldn’t even shake under their pathetic attacks.
My body was covered with powerful Chain Explosions.
On top of that, I was using the Dual Casting passive to pour down countless Transcended Meteors with my third hand.
With the additional damage from Archangel’s Fall applying on these monsters, it became a fierce attack.
Without even being able to scream out properly, they became ash and disappeared.
It didn’t even take a single minute for all of them to disappear like dust before a vacuum.
It was so easy that I wondered if these monsters were really the top 1% of all monsters.
However, this was an obvious outcome.
I was trained in body and equipped to the teeth, to the point where it was hard to see me as a human being.
It was then.
This wasn’t the sound of my spells.
However, these were the sounds my destructive spells made.
It was definitely the sound of Iceberg and Meteor Call.
This meant that the fight between Jong Ho and Berdan had began.
Intense heat that seemed hot enough the melt the demonic realm itself covered the castle.
Going through those flames, I ran with all my might towards Jong Ho.
Due to how much speed I traveled at with my 30k strength stat, some of the fire became extinguished.
Until I arrived at where he was, I looked with Eye of Insight to get a hold of the situation.
As expected, countless marks surrounded Jong Ho’s form.
With that, I put more force in my legs.
It wasn’t that I didn’t have faith in Jong Ho.
Since he had worked even harder than me to grow stronger, I trusted and depended on him more than anyone else.
However, the reason why I was worrying was that I had no idea how strong Berdan and his retainers was.
If Berdan’s strength only reached the level of Zekill, I would be walking back leisurely.
Jong Ho definitely had more than enough power to handle someone like Zekill.
Trying to push down my anxiety, I continued to run.
Jong Ho came into view.
“I should’ve have been the one here. Damn it! Please be safe….. Huh?”
As expected, he was surrounded by three monsters as he fought.
However, the situation was quite amusing.
My worry disappeared in an instant, and the spectacle in front of me was enough to make me question what I was seeing.
My legs that ran with such force relaxed.
Instead of running, I slowed down to a walk.
I couldn’t help but look in awe.
“These little shits. They met quite the opponent….”
I am Karin, the loyal servant of the great Berdan.
Sir Berdan trusts and depends on me.
That’s probably why he had me take care of such important work.
To bring the lesser human from Earth was a difficult and dangerous task!
I had accomplished the task!
No one else but me would’ve been able to do this.
When I had first arrived, Earth was quite amusing, to the point where I couldn’t hide my surprise.
That world was filled with colors that didn’t exist in the demonic realm.
Perhaps due to how they all had intelligence, they conversed with one another continuously and seemed to enjoy themselves by doing so.
And compared to what I had expected, there was a lot of concentrated hot spots of magical energies present.
Kel kel. These stupid humans couldn’t use any of these magical energies present here.
If I wasn’t commanded so, I would’ve absorbed all this for myself.
I had met a total of 3 humans in that world.
The first human I met was really horrifying.
The moment I spoke to them, they tried to stab me with their knife.
Even after seeing me, they weren’t surprised or hesitant for even a second. With madness in their eyes, they had attacked me.
I didn’t receive any injuries, but I didn’t feel so good.
‘A talking goblin….. I wonder if killing one will give me the same thrill as killing a person? Kuhu, kuhuhu!’ – is what they had said.
The second human was pretty much the same.
I thought that all humans were barbaric, and despite having intellect, they were pretty much the same as the monsters.
My hopes of finding something new that was amusing had been completely crushed.
So I continued on, appearing before the 3rd human.
As expected, he swore and tried to ignore me.
However, thinking that all humans were the same didn’t last long!
Out of nowhere, he had suddenly changed his way of addressing me, becoming friendly.
The name of that human was Min-Cheol.
I was able to converse with any lifeform, no matter what dimension they were in.
I had lived hundreds of years pointlessly amidst the monsters that possessed no intellect.
Having no combat abilities, I had lived under sir Berdan’s protection as I carried out his orders.
I believed that the human named Min-Cheol that I had met on Earth was the reward for enduring that stagnancy for so long.
He had spoken to me and even gave me the sweet gift of steak.
I had sacrificed that human to sir Berdan and now was waiting outside of the castle.
I was given the attention that I had never received.
I felt a warmth that I had never before.
But even so, I had sacrificed this human to sir Berdan.
Because if I didn’t do that, I would be the one to die.
This was the first time I felt this way.
Death was natural in the demonic realm.
It was as natural as the wind blowing, breathing, and even blinking.
But I, who had left that human behind and walked outside, could not accept his death.
On top of that, I felt regret and even apologetic towards the human that I had led to his death.
I tried to tell sir Berdan.
I tried to tell him that instead of Min-Cheol, I would bring the magical energies of many humans.
However, I could not finish what I was saying.
It was because he resorted to throwing very scary things and berated me.
He said it must be Min-Cheol, and to hurry up as soon as possible.
Next to me were 6 giant bags.
Inside were meats filled to the brim of the bags that could be used to make steak.
On top of that, the pocket dimension I carried was filled with Earth’s foodstuffs that he had gifted me with.
Even though he knew that he was going to die, he had gifted all of this to me.
Min-Cheol had given all of this to me.
Additionally, he had me evacuate the castle in worry that I might perish from the collateral damage.
I think I heard him say something about a food storage, but he probably spoke nonsense at the fear he was feeling against sir Berdan.
Steak was tasty enough for me to think about even on my deathbed.
But I could not bring myself to eat this steak.
It wasn’t because it was frozen solid.
I just didn’t feel like eating it.
I felt that I didn’t deserve to eat this.
“Human made good steak…..”
I could hear the sound of screams inside the castle.
It was a sound that I hear thousands of times a day in the demonic realm.
I put my head between my legs and covered my ears.
After a very long time, I stopped covering my ears.
Thankfully, I couldn’t hear any sound.
No! I wasn’t relieved.
Human….. Min-Cheol would have perished by now.
It didn’t take long for the doors of the castle to open.
However, I did not feel as though I could go inside.
Right now, I just wanted to avoid facing this situation.
I heard someone call for me.
“Hey, Karin!”
“Keru….. Yes! Great Berd….. Keruk!”
“Kuhuk! Human who carries such insignificant magical energies…. But how do you have such strength…..”
“Whew….. Whew……”
“Hey, hyung-nim. Did something bad happen? You need to control your temper.”
“Kuhuh….. Lowly human! This isn’t possible!”
“What are you doing? Asking us where our fighting spirit went? Pfft! It’s right here. Hyung-nim, who had come with me, I think he has shown you a little bit of his fighting spirit. Not sure if it got across to you properly though.”
Berdan’s underlings had all perished.
All the monsters without intellect and the two that did had perished.
As expected, they were quite strong.
They were strong enough to call them as Berdan’s best.
However, they were no match for the rage of the hunter of had left his lover behind on Earth.
As if to deny their existence in the first place, not even a trace of them remained.
The interior that did not have enough room to even move around was now completely spacious.
In the fight with Berdan, all I had done was to take care of the monsters taking up all this space.
The one deserving of the credit for making Berdan kneel and spit out blood was Jong Ho.
It was true that I hadn’t seen him in combat since the moment he was able to clear the level 38 dungeon by himself.
The last time I was able to see how far he had grown was roughly a month ago.
To think that he had grown this strong in a single month.
It was enough to make me wonder if there was anyone more persistent than him.
It seemed as though Berdan was in great agony, holding onto both of his horns, his head lowered and body trembling.
Casting healing magic on Jong Ho, who was catching his breath, I spoke.
“Hyung-nim. Let’s end this now. I don’t want a long tour of the demonic realm.
In a split second, electricity gathered around Berdan.
The spell In Storm had been casted from the Balrok ring.
It was a S+ ranking magic that targeted anyone inside the targeted area into corpses.
The smaller the area chose, the more condensed the flow of electricity became, showing power that was enough to give me goosebumps.
Leaving his hand, it was the moment that the electricity was about to hit Berdan when it happened.
“What the….?”
“He’s resisting?”
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