Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 126

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126. To the Demonic Realm
“Kekek! Human! We must go now! The Gate…. Sir Berdan awaits!”
“Alright, alright. Just wait a bit.”
After returning to the house, I checked the Gate that led to the demonic realm through TV.
The Gate was far bigger than what I had originally anticipated.
Karin kept stomping his foot and tried to hurry me along, saying the he could feel the Gate’s aura.
However, the food still hadn’t arrived yet.
Since I wasn’t a monster that could use magical energy as a source of food, this matter was of life and death importance.
Stuffing his mouth with steaks, I bought as much time as possible.
I proceeded to contact the commander.
“Yes, lad Min-Cheol. Did you confirm the location of the Gate?”
“Yes, I just saw it on TV.”
“Right….. When do you think you’ll arrive here by?”
“Hm… Probably 2 hours from now.”
“2 hours…..”
“Yes. During that time, please prevent any Awakened or civilians from getting near the Gate. They would be sent immediately to the demonic realm if they did so.”
“Yes, I’ve already gave the order for that. But you said it’ll take 2 hours…. Is something the matter?”
“No. I asked for food supplies, but they told me that it’ll take roughly 2 hours.”
“Hm… I see. Since it could become a long drawn out fight, that would be necessary. I shall try and see if I could speed up the delivery for you.”
“Yes, thank you. By the way, did any monsters come through the Gate?”
“Right. So far, there were no signs of such things. Please contact me again when you’re ready.”
“Yes, understood.”
It would still be awhile before the ordered items would arrive.
As I was about to head to the living room, Jong Ho returned from hunting.
It seemed that he ran here as fast as he could so that he could save the Warp cooldown, because he was drenched in sweat.
Catching his breath after being winded, he spoke.
“Whew…. Whew….. I’m not late, am I?”
“Yes. You arrived just on time.”
“Thank goodness. Whew…..”
I casted Mega Cure on Jong Ho.
His breathing steadied, and he was lively once more.
Since he had a massive amount of dexterity and stamina stats, his recovery was really fast.
After he finished recovering, Jong Ho continued.
“What about the goblin? Karin?”
“Probably eating steak in the room?”
“That’s one heck of an appetite. What about our food supplies? Is it ready yet?”
“Yes. It’ll be here soon.”
“So we’re all ready now……”
“What about mother?”
“She’s in her room.”
“I’m so conflicted that my head feels like it’s going to explode. You know, it was enough to make me wish that we weren’t ready to go to the demonic realm?”
“Everything will be fine. Don’t worry too much.”
“Yes, of course! I’m acting like this because I’m way too nervous. It’s the first time I’m going to the demonic realm, after all.”
“Pfft. If someone heard this, they would think that I visited there countless of times because of how calm I’m acting compared to you.”
“Heh heh! The dry humor between us does make me feel a bit better though.”
Jong Ho took in a deep breath.
Seemed that he was trying to get rid of his nervousness.
It didn’t last long, however.
We heard mother coming out to the living room.
“You’re back, Jong Ho?”
“Yes, mother. I’m back.”
“Good. Min-Cheol, are you done preparing as well?”
“Yes, all done.”
The three of us stood in silence for awhile.
There was no way that the departing and the ones sending would be comfortable with this situation.
Mother squeezed both of our hands tightly and looked at both of us in turn.
It was then. Mother took off the ring she was wearing and gave it to me.
“This….. Will you not need this?”
“The ring? You were wearing it well, so why all of a sudden?”
“Mothers just know. Even if they don’t want to know, and even if they want to pretend that they don’t know, they learn everything about their children…..”
“When you first put this ring on me, I still can’t forget the face you made. It was filled with worry, yet kind beyond comparison. This item has to do with my safety, right? This ring, that is……”
“Take it with you.”
“No, mom. I’m okay even without this. You should hold onto it.”
“Mother, it is alright. We’ll finish it quickly and come back safe and sound.”
“Yes, of course. That’s to be expected. But I’m still worried, so take it with you.”
“If you insist….. You should be the one to wear it, Min-Cheol. Since it’ll be a piece of cake, it won’t matter who wears it, right? You should hold onto it.”
Taking the ring from my mother’s hand, he held it towards me.
-Trade with the Reaper- 1
*Once the wearer’s life runs out, blooms.
*A new life is gained.
*1 time use per person.
I had already obtained a variety of defensive skills from multiple different classes, as well as the Mana Shield.
Jong Ho, on the other hand, had a massive amount of stamina points, and his cooldown reduction allows him to always keep up a shield skill. Still, it paled in comparison to me.
There was only one skill that could recover health and vitality in one go.
It was Status Denial.
On top of that, this skill had a cooldown of 24 hours.
If both of us were to get into the worst case scenario…?
Just in case of the unexpected, I thought that it would be best to bring it along with us.
With the thought of giving the ring back to Jong Ho on the way to the Gate, it suddenly happened then.
As if mother knew what I was thinking, she closed Jong Ho’s hand on the ring and spoke.
“No. I think it would look better on my elder son, Jong Ho.”
“Yeah. An old ring like that doesn’t suit me.”
“It’s ok. Who was the one who said that since nothing will happen, it won’t matter who wears it? That means that you can be the one to wear it, right?”
“Even though I became both your mother in different ways, remember that you two are my sons…. You know how I feel about this, right?”
“Yes. This is fine…. It should be like this.”
“Thank you…….”
“Shouldn’t you two eat first? There’s a long way to go, so you can’t leave on an empty stomach.”
It took less than an hour after we finished our meal for the truck to arrive.
Just from a glance, I could tell that there were tons of supplies.
Looking at this, Jong Ho spoke.
“Hey, Min-Cheol. Does all that fit in the duffel bags?”
“What, do you think the duffel bags are some magic pouches or something?”
“No. That’s why I’m asking. Why did you order so much if you don’t know how we’re going to carry all that? And the duffel bags are already filled with frozen beef.”
“Hyungnim, did you perhaps heard of the great Karin?”
“The goblin?”
“Yes. His pockets are the magic pouches.”
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all.”
I spoke in a tiny voice to prevent from Karin from overhearing.
“Hyungnim. When we get to the demonic realm, you will be able to see Karin.”
“You cannot harm him under any circumstances. He’s our meal storage.”
“Huh? What do you mean? Are you saying that we’re going to eat goblin meat?”
“He has the ability to carry his own personal pocket dimension.”
“Pocket dimension?”
“Yes. His pockets are enormous. All the items we’ve gathered here are going into Karin’s pockets.”
“Now do you understand?”
All the items were put out in the courtyard.
Checking that the truck drove away far out of sight, I called Karin.
I wondered how much meat he had eaten, cause his belly was nearly touching the floor.
“Keru. Human. I don’t think I can eat anymore steak. Let us hurry to the Gate.”
“Okay. But before that, you are going to keep your promise, right?”
“Keru…. Okay. I just need to put all the items here in my pockets, right?”
“Yep. All of it!”
“With my ability, this is a piece of cake.”
“Yes, that’s good…….”
Karin started to shove in all the items on the floor into his pockets.
He spoke while looking at me.
“Human. As promised, I put everything in. Now let us go to the Gate.”
“Yes, let’s go. Hyungnim, let’s go.”
“Yes….. I think we should at least give our farewells to mother before leaving though.”
“No. She told me to go without giving farewells.”
“She said that she might change her mind and prevent us from going. Told us to give greetings after we come back.”
“Alright….. The location of the Gate?”
“We’ll go to the level 34 dungeon in Yangpyeong with Warp, then run from there, I think?”
“Keruk! Human, we can go there through the Warp I make.”
“Keruru. Did you already forget about the Authority for dimensional traveling that sir Berdan had bestowed upon me?”
“Ah….. So we can go to the Gate right away?”
“That’s right. We aren’t able to go to the demonic realm in one go, but that much is possible.”
“Then let’s go…. To Yangpyeong. To the supposedly amazing demonic realm.”
“Kerurururu. Got it.”
With a single sweep of his hand, the space before us tore open.
It had a different appearance from the Warp that regular Awakened used.
With both his hands behind his back, he walked through first.
Jong Ho and I followed suit.
For a split moment, it felt like my body was being sucked down through the floor.
At the same time, the surrounding view changed, and we were able to arrive in front of the giant Gate.
“Oh! Jong Ho! Mr. Min-Cheol!”
“Young Min-Cheol. Young Jong Ho. So you’ve both arrived.”
Near the Gate were nearly a thousand Awakened gathered around.
Not only were there Awakened from Korea, but rankers all over the world were gathered, being deployed by the global Awakened organization.
Of course, they were keeping a certain distance away from the Gate and coming not an inch closer.
I could hear Ho Jin and the commander’s voice from far away, which was soon followed by their hasty run towards us.
“Why didn’t you contact us earlier!”
“That’s because suddenly a method to get here much easier suddenly appeared.”
“Jong Ho, I’m sorry. I should be coming with you…..”
“Hey, no worries. You should be protecting your family.”
“Look at you, acting all cool. And Mr. Min-Cheol……”
“Mr. Ho Jin, don’t worry. We’ll be careful.”
“Yes….. Is everything ready on your end?”
“Yes. We plan to enter right away.”
“I see……”
“After entering, there is a chance that monsters will come out of the Gate. Of course, this is just a speculation, but I am counting on everyone here to protect this place.”
“Of course! I am already ashamed for having you two take on this burden. Do not worry at all!”
“Yes. And also……”
“Your mother? Do not worry about that either. I will protect her, even if I have to sacrifice all the lives of the thousands of Awakened gathered here. I promise you!”
“Thank you.”
“Please stay safe! I will be waiting, hoping that we meet again with smiles like this.”
“Yes. Hyungnim, let’s go.”
“Huh? Oh…… Just a second….”
Jong Ho ran towards So-Hyeon, who was standing far away.
It seemed that he was handing over something.
It wasn’t the resurrection ring, of course.
After talking with So-Hyeon for a short while, he quickly ran back to the front of the Gate.
“Let’s go!”
“You can talk for a bit longer, if you want to.”
“It’s enough. Love is like this, kiddo.”
“Pfft. Let’s go!”
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