Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 124

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124. Looks like It Will Get Busier on Earth
It was roughly two weeks after Jamon and Berdan met.
Karin’s voice rang near the Gate.
His high pitched annoying voice was quite hoarse.
“Hurry! Get in there!”
The Sand Hound licked its blood soaked snout.
With a loud howl, it looked towards Karin, this weakling of a Puppet Goblin.
Puppet Goblins were part of the lowest ranking monsters out there, but due to obtaining the strength of Berdan, the tribe chieftain, the Sand Hound could not even think about attacking but had to follow every beck and call of the goblin instead.
It was following its natural instincts.
The natural course of the weak were to submit to the strong.
The Sand Hound did not show any resistance and headed into the Gate.
Its form exploded, leaving behind only white smoke.
With the Sand Hound bursting into nonexistence, the Gate became a little less ethereal.
Due to constantly sacrificing condensed mana into the Gate, it was nearing its final form.
Unlike the Gate, Karin’s wrinkly face was becoming more brittle as time passed on, and his green skin had age spots all over, making it look like he was covered in bruises.
It was because he had been overseeing the Gate for days on end without rest in order to try saving his hide.
Monsters did not need sleep, but since he moved without rest, he could not hide his fatigue.
Inhaling the magical energy that flowed freely through the demonic realm, Karin thought of steaks.
Since he had followed Berdan’s orders to the letter, the Gate would open soon.
This meant that the Gate would open half a month earlier than what he had told to human, so he would most likely be sent back to Earth to notify the human.
Karin couldn’t help but smile.
There was a spring in his steps as he headed for Berdan’s castle, looking livelier than ever.
“Kelkeru. It’s Karin. I am here to see our great sir Berdan.”
The massive doors of the castle opened and Karin wobbled as he ran towards Berdan as quickly as he could.
The killing intent that Berdan had been giving off had cooled somewhat.
Arriving at the foot of the throne, Karin kneeled before Berdan.
“Keruru. Sir Berdan. As you ordered, the Gate is nearly completed. Kel kel.”
“Is that so? When will it be finished?”
“Keheh. Looks like it’ll be done in a day.”
“Good…. You’ve matched the day that I’ve asked you to complete it by. Make sure that you see through it proper…..”
“Understood! But…. sir Berdan.”
“The formation of the Gate has been hastened by half a month’s worth of time than what I had told the human.”
“Yes, I got it. I shall reward you generously. Now leave me be.”
“Kel. That’s not what I mean…”
“Is there something else you wish to say.”
“I believe that the human should be told? If left as it is, the idiotic human would enter the Gate 15 days after the formation.”
“That would mean that the reason for finishing the Gate early would not be met. Keruru. So….”
“I see what you’re trying to say.”
In a split second, blue energy went into Karin’s body.
Berdan had granted his dimensional travel Authority to him.
He spoke as he stroked his chin.
“Finish forming the Gate, then head towards Earth. Let the human know of this.”
“Keru. Understood.”
“I am taking the magical energy of that human. After quickly absorbing the magical energy of Zekill and his Purian tribe, you and I will head back to Earth. It will be to harvest the fruits of Zekill’s hard labor!”
“Keruru. The pathetic demon king will kneel before you.”
“Kuhuhuh! Go! Go and bring me magical energy that will satisfy me!”
“It’s sir Ka! Rin!” Karin shouted.
Almost as if this was his home, he split a rift in space in the middle of my room and jumped out.
I, who was sleeping peacefully, was shocked into curling up my body and casting all my shields on instinct.
“Woah! You little sh…..”
“Kel kel. Human. Karin is here.”
“What. Why are you here again?”
“Kelkelkelkel. I have something to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“Steak! I shall tell you as you make steak.”
“Ah….. I get it, so first get off the bed. Stop drooling.”
“Kemuruk. Ok.”
“What’s the matter? Are you here to remind me that there is half a month left?”
“Keruru. That’s not it. I shall tell you if you give me steak.”
“Ahh…… You’re the destroyer of sleep! Just wait a bit.”
Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I saw that it was 3am.
It had only been 3 hours since I had fallen asleep.
Even as I complained, my steps took me to the kitchen naturally.
Being woken up was annoying, but I did not dislike him revisiting me.
After all, he was the only means of obtaining important information regarding the demonic realm.
I had high expectations for the information he said he was bringing me now.
“Whew…. I told you not to drool all over the place, but instead he’s jumping up and down on the bed.”
I took out the meat that was stockpiled in the fridge onto a frying pan that was decently heated.
The meat that Karin acted as if he could not live without was coming along nicely.
The sound of the bed buckling stopped all of a sudden, and I found him sitting down at the chair and staring at me.
‘As long as he’s quiet, he can be cute…… Never mind.’
Looking at his face and how he was drooling everywhere, I realized that I made a huge mistake in finding his antics cute.
It was bad to judge everything based on appearance, but there was a limit to it.
He was far beyond that point where I could give him leeway.
“Kerururu. Is it done?”
“5 minutes.”
“Is it done yet?”
“You know, not even 10 seconds has passed yet? Stay put.”
“Is it done yet?”
“I’m crazy for thinking that you were cute for even a second. Here!”
As usual, he ate the meat as well as the plate itself tastily.
Stomping his feet on the ground, he could not hide his happiness.
The dinner table would be a mess after this, but I did not feel too bad.
I did not miss the opportunity and asked him straight away.
“Now, tell me. What is it that you wanted to say?”
Chewing the meat and plate in his mouth noisily, he responded.
“Human. It’s tomorrow.”
“What is?”
“The Gate that connects this world to the demonic realm opens.”
“What do you mean? There’s still half a month left. Just be honest, aren’t you here because you wanted to eat meat?”
“Keruru. I hastened the process. It can’t be done unless I am to do it…..”
“Shit! Are you serious?”
“Keru….? That’s right. The Gate will open tomorrow.”
This was far worse of a news than Sora Aoi’s retirement. 1
There wasn’t enough time to begin with, but now the deadlines had been brought closer.
Looking at Karin, who was eating away without understanding what he had done, I became very upset.
Thinking that perhaps he misspoke, I asked him in a calm tone.
“So what you’re saying is that…. You’re absolutely sure that the Gate will open tomorrow?”
“That’s right. Karin does not tell lies. I keep my promises.”
“Where is it going to be?”
“Where is it opening at?”
“I do not know.”
“I have to take human to the demonic realm. Tomorrow.”
“How are you going to take me to the Gate when you have no idea where it will open?”
“Keru. That’s why I’m here. I can find it. I can read the flow of magical energy.”
“Okay. I got that. But do I have to go tomorrow? Why can’t I go 15 days from now?
“Kel kel. You cannot. It’s a direct order from Berdan. If human does not come to the demonic realm tomorrow, he will waste this entire world.”
“I’m already pissed off as it is from being interrupted from my sleep, but this just gets better and better.”
“Keruru. Is there any more steak?”
“Human! More steak!”
I could not hear what Karin was saying.
I had to head for the demonic realm tomorrow.
It was the equivalent of fire falling before my feet. 2
There were many things I had to prepare for.
Putting his rants behind me, I headed for Jong Ho’s room to wake him up from his sleep.
“Please wake up.”
“Huh? Ish it alweady tiome ta hurnt?”
“Did you bite your tongue at dinner or something. It’s not time the time to hunt. However, something far dire has come. That’s you need to hurry and wake up.”
“Ugh…. Ookae.”
Forcefully waking him up, I guided him to the kitchen that had become messy.
Looking at the kitchen table with an expression as if his soul had left his body, he spoke to me as if he had sensed something.
“Is he here again? The goblin named Karin that you mentioned.?”
“Oh. That’s good. But why did you wake me up when I cannot even see him?”
“That’s…. The news he brought this time isn’t that good.”
“Why? Is it because he eats a lot of meat?”
“….. Please wake up, hyung-nim.”
“Okay….. So why are you saying that this news isn’t something to welcome?”
“It’s going to be tomorrow.”
“What is?”
“The date of when we’ll have to head for the demonic realm.”
“It’s been brought closer…..”
“What do we do? We’re not ready at all.”
“First, we should head for the market as soon as the sun rises. Since we’re not sure how long we’ll be staying there, we’ll need to get basic necessities sorted at the least.”
“But….. What do I even say…..”
“There’s nothing we can do about it. I plan to tell them as it is. It’ll be for the best.”
“Whew…. When is it?”
“Location and time isn’t set in stone yet.”
“First, I’ll wash and wake up proper. It’ll take only a moment.”
“Keruk? Human, is that human that you’re raising also coming with us?”
“Yep. You said that you need magical energy, right? Isn’t it better if there is more?”
“Keru….. That human also has a lot of magical energy. Sir Berdan would like this. All right.”
“He’d be overjoyed. Hm?”
“What’s the matter?”
“Hey, Karin.”
“How are you able to grab onto objects and eat things when I cannot even grab you? You even brought back meat with you before.”
“Kel kel. That’s…..”
“I’m not sure either, keruru.”
“Hey, you said you’ll be going to the demonic realm with us, right?’
“Hm… Is that so…. Karin. I’m usually not this type of person, but I think I’ll have to rely on your help for a bit.”
I traded meat for the S ranking stones that filled Karin’s pockets.
Perhaps he had an overflowing amount of stones or something, because he traded them without any hesitation.
I really didn’t have much time left.
I was about to be dragged along to the demonic realm soon.
The first place I went to was the weapon shop where I socketed a jewel into Banwol Jincheon which had become my shop of choice.
Wearing casual running shorts, the owner of the store greeted me.
“Oho…. So you’ve come?”
“Yes. It’s been a while.”
“What weapon have you brought this time?”
“It isn’t a weapon…… Remember the Awakened duffel bag you’ve created before?”
“I’ll be counting on you for that again.”
“Of course, it can be done. Will you be….”
“Yes. With S ranking stones this time.”
“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a S ranking stone. You always bring good items that would make any smith happy, both in weapons and stones.”
I put the bag of S ranking stones that I sto-, I mean, obtained from Karin.
The owner’s eyes went wide with shock.
“A….. This…. All of these?”
“Yes. How many do you think you can make?”
“Pff! If processed well, I can make up to 7.”
“Then please make 6. Think of any leftovers as payment for the work. However…..”
“Ah…… Yes!”
“3 hours. It must be done within 3 hours.”
“O….. Of course! It can be done. I’ll get it done even if I have to drag all the smiths around here to do so.”
Day 1 of entering the demonic realm.
Instead of training to grow stronger, the preparation for the real deal was about to begin.
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