Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 122

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122. Demon King. Jamon.
There was an explainable killing intent behind every step Jamon took.
A single step was all it took for Berdan’s servants to scatter.
Every one of them lowered their heads as does a pup before a tiger.
Even simple lifeforms without higher intelligence could instinctively recognize that they would perish from just getting near him.
The crowd in his path scattered as if the Red Sea was parting, opening up a path.
Jamon had arrived in front of the castle.
Despite him not moving an inch, the giant doors of the castle opened up.
The interior that did not have a single speck of light now lit up as if countless candles had been lit.
The situation was the same for the monsters inside the castle as of those outside.
They felt great fear and made themselves scarce as possible the moment they recognized who he was.
The castle was built only for the sake of Berdan’s use.
Just as Berdan had appeared before in Min-Cheol’s dreams, his height easily surpassed 20m.
After all, what I had thought to have been a cliff that I saw in my dreams was actually his sword.
On top of that, his body was more ripped than a overly buff body builder.
A horn grew out on each side of his head, and only stumps of what might have been wings once were left on his back as if they had been cut off.
In the tunnel that led to the room where Berdan’s seat was, many massive swords he had collected were embedded into the walls, forming walls of their own.
These swords did not grant him any stats, even if he held onto them.
They were the spoils from butchering many strong monsters up till now.
These items could be considered equivalent to trophies of a hunter, or a museum of one’s accomplishments.
The sheer number of them proclaimed just how many fights he had been to rise to his current status.
Compared to Berdan, the demon king was far smaller in size.
Unlike the other monsters, Jamon wasn’t huge nor did he look fierce like them.
He looked just like a human, a doll like monster.
He was a little bit taller than the average adult male of Korea, which was 180cm.
His skin was smooth like flawless pottery and without a single blemish.
His eyes were cold without any emotion behind them.
His body gave off a dark red glow similar to heated iron, and the heat from his body seemed to scorch the air around him.
As the demon king Jamon got closer, Berdan stood up from his throne and kneeled before him.
His subordinates couldn’t help but find this sight to be strange beyond belief.
To think that Berdan would be kneeling before someone.
However, no matter how high ranking Berdan was, this was not someone he could defy so easily.
Above the counts, marquees, and dukes was the king.
And the king of this place was the demon king Jamon.
Berdan, after lowering his head, spoke.
“Demon king Jamon, what brings you to honor me with your presence?”
“Just what are you planning……”
The demon king began to interrogate Berdan.
Hiding how he felt being humiliated, he returned the question.
“You said that I’m planning something. I have no idea you…..”
“It has been 40 over years since I have suggested the peace treaty. Even you know, right?”
“Zekill of the Purian race. Ladin of Dabehneh is biding his time, waiting for a chance to absorb more magical energy. Perhaps they’re aiming for my position? Or perhaps to increase the territory of the demons as I have willed? The reason does not matter….. They are making a move!”
Berdan silently swallowed his own spit.
He already knew what the demon king was going to say next.
Jamon continued.
“However….. You have been guarding this place for over 40 years…. Not making attempts at anything, right at this spot.”
“On top of that, I haven’t been able to sense Zekill’s magical energy recently. I have already been informed that he had traveled to a different dimension. Apparently he had left the moment the peace treaty was put into effect, following his own ambitions. However, even if he’s in a different dimension, he isn’t able to hide his magical energy completely. That would mean that Zekill has perished…..”
“Zekill’s death…. Your complacency…. What part do you have in this!”
“I’d like to object. How could I, who had been staying only in the demonic realm, have left to another dimension to kill Zekill?”
“Do you think that I’m unaware of your Authority….”
“As I have been saying, I have nothing to do with the death of Zekill.”
“Hm…. Is that so? I’ll pretend that I have been fooled by your lies.”
“Listen well, Berdan of the Keruoh race 1. All of your territory, servants, and monsters will be confiscated and be placed under Ladin.”
“For someone who hadn’t done anything in the last 40 years, this magical energy is wasted on the likes of you. You do not deserve such power!”
“……. I shall follow your will as you say……”
Berdan was grinding his teeth.
His plans were going awry after all.
Due to the arrival of the demon king, not only was he unable to absorb the magical energy from his subordinates as he had planned, but had now lost them all at the demon king’s decree.
Since he could not oppose him with his current strength, the only thing he could do was calm his rage and listen to his words.
“Your complacency comes from a lack of urgency. Witness and understand how it feels for those under you climb their way up and take over your position. Move and think. And regret without end the mistakes of your past. This is the punishment I give you, as well as the last bit of mercy I shall grant you.”
“I surrender to your words, oh great demon king……”
“There will be no more warnings from now on. Berdan….. Remember well that the peace treaty was not made for your convenience…….”
Finishing his speech, the demon king immediately turned around and left the castle.
Lifting up his head, Berdan looked at the demon king’s form until he disappeared out of view.
He stared while holding down his rage with great effort.
There was no blood spilled or lives lost, but this was basically war.
After all, it was the demon king last command to Berdan.
Berdan’s mind became clouded at the demon king’s sudden appearance.
Until now, everything was going according to plan without a hitch.
Soon, the Gate that would connect to Earth would open, and the human with the high amount of magical energy would step through.
If he killed the human and obtained the magical energy for himself, the Purian race that was once under Zekill would naturally come under his command.
Then if he obtained all the magical energies of all the races save for the Lubeta race that the demon king was from, it wouldn’t be difficult at all to take the throne of the demon king.
Berdan urgently searched for Karin.
“Karin…. Bring Karin to me! Now!”
“Y…Yes, sir Berdan!”
At his rage, all the monsters within the castle shivered in fear.
Even during the endless war between the monsters, they had never seen such anger from him.
After all, he had thought of the butchering as just a game and genuinely enjoyed it.
It didn’t take long for Karin to urgently run towards him.
“Kelkeru! You summoned for me, sir Berdan!”
The commander, Ho Jin, Ho Yeong, and even Choi So-Hyeon was present.
These powerhouses with both strength and political power were all gathered in my living room.
The 20 workers around the house and their family members were looking at the commander, a hero of the country, and Choi So-Hyeon, who was easily far more popular than any idol, with looks of admiration.
“Mom! It’s the grandpa and old lady from the TV! Right?”
“Oh my. My child, hush!”
“Ahahaha! That’s right, little lady. Do you think I look more handsome in person than the TV? Or do you think I look uglier instead?”
“You look far younger than what the TV shows. You’re not that much of a grandpa. Just a little bit.”
“Ohohoho! I’m glad that’s the case.”
“I’m so sorry. My child isn’t well mannered….”
“No, not at all. I’m so happy cause of the compliment that I cannot hide my smile.”
So-Hyeon, who was standing next to Jong Ho, asked him in a whisper.
“It’s unlikely but is he referring me as the old lady on the TV?”
Jong Ho couldn’t help but smile before answering.
“Other than the ones working right now, the only females in this living room are mother and you….. I’m not sure?”
“Can I use magic in here?”
“Hey hey. Even as a joke, don’t go saying stuff like that. It’s scary.”
“I’m just joking. Though, I think it’s still a bit too early for me to get called an old lady….”
Looking at this scene unfold before me in silence, I spoke up.
“Mom! Look at Jong Ho-hyung already trying to sweet talk her! It’s too much.”
“Hohoho. You said that you’re Ms. So-Hyeon? Nice to meet you.”
“Yes. Happy to meet you. I am Choi So-Hyeon.”
“Same here. I am Jong Ho’s mother. My, how pretty you are. When will you be marrying Jong Ho….”
“Mother! We haven’t been dating that long, so a marriage is out of the question…. Or is it?”
“Hey, can you stop this hyung of mine.”
“Hohoho, Jong Ho. They say that one should delay marriage and death as long as possible….”
“Hyung-nim, I could tell your wife you said that.”
“Haha. Sorry, sorry. You’re quick on the uptake, haha.”
“Hoho. Dinner will be ready soon. Please wait a little longer.”
“Understood, madame.”
“Haha, thank you.”
The atmosphere couldn’t be any warmer.
That was to be expected.
If those gathered here did not unite under one banner against the crisis Korea faced before, this nation wouldn’t have been able to overcome it.
It was obvious that friendships and unity forged under overcoming hard times together were stronger than anything.
Just like that, a bit of time had pass, and I gave a look towards the commander and Ho Jin.
It was because I needed help convincing my mother to let me go to the demonic realm.
That was why I requested help from these two.
Jong Ho’s situation wasn’t that different from mine.
He wasn’t able to tell mother and So-Hyeon about his plan to go as well yet.
An awkward silence came about.
The one to break that silence was So-Hyeon.
“Hm…. It’s a bit disappointing if it’s like this.”
“What are you boys hiding?”
“It’s obvious so tell us already. If I find out the truth after this moment, I don’t what I’ll do, but you won’t like it.”
“Department head Kim Ho Jin?”
“Mr. Min-Cheol? No, should I be calling you young master?”
“Go ahead and tell me. I’m not an unreasonable person. Right, Mr. Jong Ho?”
“Huh….? Uh…. No. Ah. No. Right. Unreasonable. No. Reasonable.”
“Do you have a death wish…..?”
“Well. You probably have received word from the association. There was a public announcement that in a hundred days, a Gate that would connect us to the demonic realm would open.”
“Yes, I have seen it.”
“There are roughly 30 days left already.”
“Yes, there should about that much left. What about it?”
Jong Ho, noticing that I was having difficulty telling her what the plan was, stepped in to take over for me.
“Hm….. This is just a plan we have in place for now. Don’t take it too hard and just listen, okay?”
“Yep. I got it.”
“Going through the gate.”
“Me and Min-Cheol.”
“That’s all.”
“You’re saying that the two of you are going to the demonic realm? From what I read on that announcement, the monsters over there are incomparably stronger than those on Earth though?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“You seem pretty okay with this?”
“Huh? Hm…. The two of us should be able to take care of this without much difficulty. Don’t worry about it too mu-”
“Alright, go ahead.”
“Are you being serious right now?”
“I’m thankful for how understanding you are. I thought that you wouldn’t let me go so eas-”
“Over my dead body.”
“Guess it’s the start of a hellish party.”
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