Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 – Preparations
I obtained a skill that was unheard of thanks to the assistance of the commander and Ho Jin.
The ability empowers my skills only against monsters.
This meant that I could not deal bonus damage to humans, such as the radical faction.
However, that wasn’t much of a problem.
Right now, Korea…. No, the entire world was being invaded by monsters, something far more dire than humankind’s greed.
After hearing about the demonic realm from Ho Jin, the commander was further confused.
There was no guarantee that this invasion would come to pass.
Ho Jin already said so, and he agreed.
However, a period of peace that lasted 10 years since the level 28 portal explosion had been shattered.
Higher levels of portals were exploding.
Of course, the radical faction’s portal explosion project was partly to blame.
However, monsters still poured out of the portal even after that.
He believed that there was something beyond the fault of humans that was causing the portals to explode.
Now the commander could guess that the magical energy the monsters released on death that was sent by the demonic realm was the cause.
The 80 days until the invasion was different from before.
To be precise, it had to be different from before.
For 40 years, the commander fought from the moment Awakened began to appear.
Whether due to his personal beliefs or a different agenda, he risked life on the front lines to fight.
Not once had he ever lost or retreated from any battle against monsters.
He was known as the lone general carrying righteousness upon his shoulders.
Still, he could not but worry about the current situation.
They were facing the demonic races, the ones behind the creation of the portals on Earth.
It was likely that they had power far exceeding that of the monsters.
He did not witness their powers himself, but it was obvious, since they could control the monsters.
After steeping in worry for some time, the commander picked up his phone.
-ring ring
-ring ring
“Have you been well?”
“Yes, commander. How about you?”
“For an old man like me, every day is peaceful. I heard from Ho Jin. Were you able to get any decent skills?”
“Yes. About sending you a thank you….. Sorry.”
“No, no. I’m not trying to discuss about the skills. I called, because I had something I wanted to talk with you about.”
“Please, go ahead.”
“About the demonic realm that you talked about with Ho Jin…..”
“What do you think? Do you really think they will invade?”
“Just like you, commander, I think there is a fifty-fifty chance it’ll happen. I am just doing everything I can to be prepared if it does.”
“Hm….. I see. Unlike the situation with the radical faction….. I won’t let you handle all of this by yourself.”
“This old man knows already. No matter what organization or nation comes forth, they can’t hold a candle to your strength. However, there’s a saying that many hands can make light of heavy work.”
“Thank you. It will be a lot of help towards me.”
“Today, I will be summoning all the rankers and leaders of the association, and telling them of what you told me.”
“But if you do that…. It could lead to absolute chaos.”
“Of course, it probably will. However, it wouldn’t be right to put all the responsibility solely on you.”
“I ask you one thing.”
“If you get any new information on the demonic realm, please tell me as well.”
“Of course. However, I haven’t been able to obtain additional information since my meeting with the servant of the demonic races.”
“Is that so…… Rather frustrating, since we can’t tell if what he said is true or not until the gates form.”
“That’s right. If I gain additional information, I will make sure to let you know.”
“Thank you. I heard that you won’t be entering the gate that will form……”
“Yes. Since I’m not sure what will happen yet, until they make their move……”
“I understand. I will call you again sometime.”
“Yes, thank you commander.”
After finishing the call, the commander picked up his phone again.
Just as he told Min-Cheol, it was about to gather all the rankers of the association together.
Until now, he had only commanded the magician rankers of the association, but he was now going to summon all classes of Awakened using his position as temporary president of the association.
Telling his secretary of his intentions, he stayed alone in his office for a long time.
An hour later.
The commander moved into the conference room.
The members of the room was quite rowdy.
Just as commanded, the commanders of every Awakened class were gathered in one spot.
This call to gather has never been done before.
That was why everyone could not hide their anxiety.
Other than those that were already deployed in the field, it seems that everyone else was here.
Yoon Jong-sun bowed his head 90 degrees to greet them.
Taking a sip of water, he opened his mouth.
“Nice to meet you all. I am commander Yoon Jong-sun.”
With one sentence, the rowdy conference room was enveloped in silence.
Each class’ commander stood in the front, with 10 Awakened rankers behind them in a line.
Each commander saluted towards him in a show of respect, and the rest followed suit.
“Thank you for coming, despite your busy schedule.”
“I won’t skirt around the topic. The reason why I gathered you all here is to let you know of the chaos that will be coming for us.”
With just a single sentence from him, the entire crowd began to murmur amongst themselves.
The situation with the radical faction was finally beginning to quiet down.
However, the general was announcing that chaos was coming.
As if he had expected the panic ahead of time, he waited a bit before speaking up again.
“The radical faction! Even though we knew of their existence, we stayed idle and let the situation go out of hand.”
“That’s right. It’s all in the past now. But do you think that it was possible with just our strength? Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible to stop them without the sacrifices of our association and that of the guilds. We paid the price of cleansing the wound of its infection that we allowed to fester, after all.”
Yoon Jong-sun looked towards the second highest magician class Awakened Lee Sang-Ho.
He had sustained a heavy injury while trying to defend against a portal explosion before.
The commander spoke.
“Hey Sang-Ho. Did you find out the identity of A?”
“Thankfully, I was able to meet A. The portals exploded. Many lives were lost in Incheon, Gapyeong, and where I was able to meet him, Busan. It was there.”
The commander looked towards the crowd again and began to speak of the main topic at hand.
“80 days. In 80 days, we will be facing chaos far beyond what we faced before.”
“What do you mean…..”
“Commander. We barely obtained this period of peace. What are you trying to say?”
Each commander of their respective classes began to speak their opinions.
To reply to that, the commander spoke of A’s identity, Min-Cheol.
He spoke from the start of Min-Cheol weakening the radical faction to the defeat of the overboss of the radical faction, Zekill.
He did not reveal A’s real identity as Min-Cheol, but all of his deeds were revealed.
Listening to the commander, each of the leaders of their respective classes thought to themselves.
When the portals exploded, the commander forbid certain areas from being deployed to.
Not only that, but some of the portals disappeared without a trace.
Everyone expected that some kind of entity did exist, but they had no idea that this entity would be this powerful.
They began to focus on the commander’s words.
“This is what I heard from A. They were the ones behind the creation of the monsters and the portals to invade us with on Earth. They are still in the midst of their plans to invade us with monsters. We are not absolutely positive that they will. However! We cannot let the blood that spilled due to our lack of preparations be in vain!”
The commander spoke louder.
The heavy air of the conference and anxiety that followed grew stronger.
“Our association must be prepared. Panic may spread due to this, but we must start by asking every guild for assistance. Not only Korea, but all the nations in the international organization must recognize this truth and prepare.”
“I hope that everyone is aware our strength is nowhere enough to block portals beyond level 30. It’s of human nature to become complacent in a peaceful world. However, I believe that things will change the moment we leave this conference room.”
Just like that, the commander’s speech continued for awhile.
He spoke of countless defensive tactics and countermeasures against the great chaos that was approaching rapidly.
After he received the command from Berdan, he was guarding the gate that would soon form to connect Earth with the demonic realm.
In the demonic realm, strength determines one’s position.
This meant that the puppet goblin Karin is at the lowest position.
He did not have noticeable combat capabilities or any special authority.
However, there was a simple reason why he was able to speak directly with Berdan, who was far above him and an absolute existence, and even acted as his subordinate when completing this mission.
It was became he had intelligence.
Perhaps this could be counted as a type of authority?
Most monsters did not possess intelligence or the ability to reason.
They only moved to the will and command of those possessing stronger magical energy than them, and they carried out their primal instincts to kill as they lived on.
Heading to Earth and meeting three humans, Karin’s heart was soaring.
His intelligence wasn’t high, but he had some.
It was also his first time traveling through a different dimension.
Berdan had gifted him this ability.
He did not know when it would be taken back, but for now, he had the freedom to travel back and forth unhindered for awhile.
“Keruru. That idiotic human is scared of me! He listens well because he is scared of the great Karin! I want to go back to toy with him again. Stupid human! Should I give a quick visit?”
Berdan, like usual, was relaxing as he was indulging in his wealth and power.
He was always checking on the other demonic races, lost in his dreams of bringing his grand plan to fruition.
Karin headed towards where Berdan was.
Countless monsters were lumbering around, fighting amongst one another.
Of course, they were consuming monsters weaker than them.
However, none were attacking Karin or even making eye contact with him.
It was because they instinctively recognized the Authority that Berdan gave him, flowing with magical energy.
Greeting Berdan, he planted his head on the ground before speaking.
“Keruru. Sir Berdan!”
“Karin…. Has something happened at the gate?”
“Kerukeru. Not at all. I have come to visit for your permission to see the idiotic human, since I believe that I should give him another reminder!”
“Hm… Is that so?”
“Yes! I am sure that you are aware just how ignorant they are. He won’t be able to come on the right day if I don’t remind him again.”
“Lending you my authority wasn’t a mistake. I will allow it.”
“Kerururu! I shall be off then!”
“Kerururu! Human!”
It was a time that I desperately needed information.
He had disappeared after only telling me to come to a gate previously.
That same goblin had come on his own volition.
‘How should I coax him?’
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