Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 – Seoul’s Skill Rich Mr. Kim Min-Cheol (2)
The first skill’s name, Blessing of Strength, wasn’t to my liking.
Just from hearing the name of the skill, I could guess what the effect was.
To be fair, anyone else could as well.
If the skill ‘Blessing of Courage’ from the healer class buffs up one’s attack power, this was probably a skill that increased strength stat.
Jong Ho and Ho Jin were thinking the same thing as well.
“I think it’ll be best to skip this one?”
“Blessing….. It looks like a buff skill?”
“I already have 30k points in my strength stat, so I don’t think I’ll need any more…..”
“Yes. Regrettably, we should pass this one up.”
My base stats were already over 30k, so I really didn’t need any increases in my strength stat.
Since there were four more skills beyond ranking I could learn, I did have the luxury of passing up one or two out of the 6 that were brought.
For any other Awakened, they would have been grateful to even have one.
After all, these skill books could only been obtained by defeating a hidden boss or a mimic.
There were many who’ve probably never seen one in their lifetime.
Pushing aside the skill book, I looked over at the rest of them.
[Level Requirement 400]
[Stamina Requirement 1,000]
“Looks like this one is a tank skill. It requires 1,000 stamina stats.”
“….. Would Mr. Min-Cheol need this?”
“Well…….. My stamina stat is nearing 60k……”
“Min-Cheol. Isn’t your expectations too high? Two of them were already misses.”
“Seems so……. For now, I should put this one aside as well. Defensive skills are a must though, so I’ll keep this in the backburner.”
“Yes, we’ll do that for now.”
Out of the 6 skill books, already two were rejected.
4 skill books were left.
I really needed the other skill books left to be good ones.
“This one is also a pass.”
“This one too.”
“This one is a recovery skill, but I can already recover a fair amount with my ring.”
“Yes….. This one too……”
“Yes. Just like the tank skill, I’ll put this one on the backburner.”
After rejecting them one by one, there was only one skill book left.
If this skill book is useless to me as well, that mean that the association’s assistance that Ho Jin mustered up to bring all these skills beyond ranking would end in a fruitless endeavor.
I felt sorry for Ho Jin’s look of disappointment, but what could I do?
Right now, I had to obtain the most cheat like skills possible.
It might have been a different story if the amount of skills I could obtain wasn’t limited.
However, the current situation didn’t allow me to keep my manners.
“Sorry. Even though you went through all that effort to get these…..”
“Hohoho. No worries! It’s to be expected. Right now, you must obtain the most powerful skills. Do not hesitate. I’m just glad that you can separate the bad ones out using your Eye of Insight.”
“Let’s not keep the last skill book waiting.”
My excitement and expectations I had at the start was long gone.
Since all the information about the skills weren’t revealed to me, there still was a bit of suspense, similar to checking the lottery.
However, the current situation was that five of the skill books were revealed as useless to me.
I looked at the book that was under the rest in silence.
[No Level Requirement]
[Required Mana 2,500]
[Required Magic Power 20%]
“Why? Is this also bad?”
“No…. The mana stat needed is 2,500.”
“Oh! Doesn’t that mean this is a decent attack skill? But 2,500? That means that you’ll need to only invest in mana stats for 500 levels to learn this skill. Yikes.”
“That’s true but…..”
“What’s the matter? Is there an issue?”
“No. That’s not the case, but there is something odd about it.”
“What is? Hurry up and tell us!”
“Magic power.”
“Magic power?”
“Yes. It says that 20% magic power is required.”
“Magic power, you say?”
“Doesn’t the Drain Monarch ring has the 20% magic power stat attached to it?”
“That’s true, but…. the magic power stat isn’t a common stat bonus. It can’t be obtained unless one goes through the unknown dungeon.”
“Of course. The first time I heard of such a stat bonus was from you, Mr. Min-Cheol.”
“Well, it means you can learn it right now though, right? Hurry and look at the skill name at least!”
I immediately put the skill book to my chest.
The skill book gave off a bright light.
Afterwards, I heard the announcer voice.
[Requirements are met.]
[Will you obtain Archangel’s Fall?]
“Archangel’s Fall?”
“That’s the name?”
“The name and stat requirements seems to indicate that this is a pretty decent skill at the least. What will you do?”
“The mana requirement and the name of the skill isn’t of importance to me. What I’m really interested in is the magic power requirement.”
“You should learn this skill. This doesn’t seem to be you average run of the mill skill book.”
“Finally, you got one that’s good. Hurry up and learn it.”
The skill book glowed brightly once more.
Almost as if it never existed in the first place, it sunk into my body.
The sensation was odd to say the least.
Obtaining the average skill didn’t cause any sensations in me.
The skill would be obtained and listed under the skill list.
Maybe it was like Dual Casting, a passive skill that fundamentally changed my casting method.
However, I felt as though this skill was causing a change in my body.
“Is it an attack skill?”
“Is it a buff?”
“Mr. Min-Cheol?”
“At least this one went well.”
“Huh? What skill is it?”
“What is it?”
I repeatedly exactly what the skill description said.
[Archangel’s Fall]
Class: ?
Rank: ?
*Obtains the blessings of an archangel who traded with the demonic races to obtain greater power.
*Causes greater damage to the demonic races (monsters). (Additional damage does not apply to those that were created by the heavens.)
*As a passive skill, this applies to all attacks.
“It’s not a skill that I can cast.”
“A passive that does additional damage against monsters?”
“It seems that we can’t tell how much that bonus damage is just from looking at the description.”
“Yes…. Jong Ho hyung-nim.”
“Are there still lots of Meteors left in Balrock’s ring, right?”
“Of course. It’s overflowing with Meteors.”
“Let’s go to the dungeon. I’ll need to confirm this firsthand.”
The three of them rode in Jong Ho’s car to head for the level 34 dungeon in Gapyeong.
The artifact ring called Balrock’s Treasure Storage allows one to store identical spells of the caster, allow the wielder to use those spells.
This meant that the ring would have stored spells of my skill level and the 20% magic power increase stat.
However, the passive I just have obtained wouldn’t have applied to the stored skills, since I had stored them before obtaining this passive.
I was going to compare the skills that Jong Ho would be bringing forth using the ring against the spells I’ll be casting.
If this passive was the real deal, the difference should be clear as day.
“I’ll hide the car with Mass Stealth Jutsu.”
“Alright. Let’s go in.”
The three of us entered into the dungeon.
Since this wasn’t the first time Jong Ho and Ho Jin have been to this dungeon, they stood next to me as if to show how much they were used to this situation.
“Hopefully it’ll show good results……”
“Hyung-nim. The name of the skill has archangel in it. Not just any angel, but an archangel. Do you really think this skill would be bad?”
“Hohoho. Even if you say that…….”
While the two of them were continuing their conversation, I pulled the aggro of the monsters.
I had brought 5.
I used Frost Orb to deal the least amount of damage while drawing their aggro.
These monsters would reflect the damage they receive.
Until they were attacked, they would not attack first.
Casting Mana Shield, I came closer to them.
Since the amount of damage and the area affected was huge due to the skill being transcended, Jong Ho and Ho Jin were already keeping their distance.
I yelled towards Jong Ho.
My voice echoed as if I had yelled from the interior of a cave.
At my call, Jong Ho casted Meteor as if he had been waiting all along.
“I’m ready!”
3 meteors formed and crashed into them.
The portal shaped monsters shrunk down in size greatly, and 15 meteors rained from the sky towards me.
I was able to stay relaxed because of my Mana Shield. Most would have pissed themselves if they saw such a spectacle.
It didn’t take a genius to figure out that if that connected with one’s body, he or she would not survive.
The shockwaves and quaking was enough to make me wonder if the dungeon was going to be destroyed.
My Mana Shield shook heavily to the point where I could not see in front of me.
I shouted again.
“Continue please!”
The meteors continued to come out from the ring, and it took 3 casts to completely annihilate them.
Since each cast summoned 3 meteors, that meant that total of 9 meteors had rained down.
A regular Meteor would have needed to be cast 10s of times before it would be able to annihilate the monsters here.
This triple cast clear was only possible due to transcending the skill and the magic power stat.
“Looks like it took 3 casts.”
Finishing the conversation, I pulled 5 more monsters.
The method was the same as before.
In order to confirm the passive effect, I needed to make sure that the starting conditions were the same.
The Frozen Orb that I had casted on them were reflected back to me.
I turned around to confirm the distance between me and those two.
“I’m going!”
Both of them nodded their head from far away.
Meteor had fallen on them.
However, the dungeon was quiet.
Jong Ho must’ve felt that something was off, since he spoke immediately after.
“Min-Cheol! Are you sure you hit them? Don’t you think it’s too quiet?”
“It’s possible. They say that even monkeys do fall from trees occasionally. Try again.”
I was sure the the skill was a direct hit on the opponents.
There was no way the skill would’ve missed.
However, that meant that 15 meteors should have been heading my way.
Instead, not a single speck of flame came.
“Are you doing this because you’re embarrassed? Hurry up and go again…..”
“No way……..”
I used the Eye of Insight on the forms of the monsters that were out of view due to the intense flames left by the meteors.
Their weaknesses and positioning should have been revealed to me via red dots.
However, nothing was there.
This meant that the monsters were decimated without a speck of dust being left behind.
“It’s over…..”
Jong Ho and Ho Jin came running impatiently.
It seemed that none of them could come what just had happened.
It was the same for me.
Casting Blizzard, I stopped the fire.
“Is it over?”
There were only bloodstones left where they were standing a moment ago.
3 times the damage? No, it could be even more than that.
It could be that the damage done was far greater than how much health the enemies had.
I blankly stared at the distance for awhile.
“Archangel’s Fall…… Where is the demonic realm?”
“What the hell…… Try doing it again.”
“Hohoho! Wonderful! Wonderful!”
Aggroing all the monsters in the dungeon in one go, I attacked once more.
The result was the same.
Just look at this insane skill.
The enemies weren’t able to retaliate in the slightest before dropping their loot.
The 5 other skill books Ho Jin brought were no longer on my mind.
It was enough with this. No. This was more than enough.
I spoke to Jong Ho, who was completely zoned out.
“Huh…… Huh?”
“Did you just say huh!”
“Student number 36! You are to empty out all the skills in that ring today. Is that clear?”
“You are to reply with a yes! Is that understood?”
“Hohoho! Shouldn’t you hurry up and answer?”
“Yes! Understood!”
If I put these improved spells in the ring, Jong Ho should be able to clear the level 34 dungeon without any defensive skills, because there would be no counterattack.
He would be able to gain all the experience from solo clearing the level 34 dungeon, and on top of that, bonus stats on his armor.
‘If I do go to the demonic realm….. looks like I won’t be going alone?’
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