Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Seoul’s Skill Rich Mr. Kim Min-Cheol
“All of the skill books beyond ranking the association owns, we must give to him.”
“Huh? Skills beyond ranking?”
At the commander’s words, Ho Jin was shocked.
He had been working for over 20 years in the association.
However, during all that time, this was the first time he heard that the association possessed skill books beyond ranking.
Leaning in towards the commander, he asked.
“Do you mean that the association owns skill books beyond ranking? I have never heard of such a thing till now, commander.”
“Maybe it’s because you’ve been working in the special unit for taking care of the Awakened.”
“That and the usage of skills beyond ranking has never been authorized before.”
“What do you mean……”
“As you know, skill books beyond ranking cannot be identified without using it first. If you’re lucky, you could gain a very powerful passive or attack skill, but you could also be unlucky and obtain a skill that does not have synergy with one’s class.”
“Well, the only downside of the bad outcomes would be a loss of a skill book and a useless skill for the user. Of course, the loss of that skill book would be equivalent to a loss of a very valuable item.”
“That’s true, but there’s actually a set limit of skills beyond ranking that an Awakened can obtain.”
“Five. Any attempts after that would result in no skills being obtained and the destruction of that skill book. Even if you learn the same skill twice, it applies to the total count. Same for if you get a skill that doesn’t have synergy with your class.”
“Is that so. I guess you can only leave it up to luck.”
“That’s right. There’s also a chance that even if a good skill drops, it wouldn’t be an attack skill.”
“But what does this have to do with the association having ownership of unranked skill books?”
“Do you know why the Awakened rankers joined the association, giving up the benefits they would have had if they didn’t join for a period of time?”
“It’s because of the skill books beyond ranking.”
“It’s a trade they make with the association. They get a skill book in return for serving a certain amount of time. This is because no matter how much money you make as an Awakened, you cannot purchase unranked skill books.”
“That makes sense. From what I learned, Mr. Min-Cheol already has one skill beyond ranking.”
“Is that so. Hm…. Then he can obtain four more. Since the leaders of that association and the government must agree before the skill books can be given, it’ll take a long time. We should hurry.”
“Yes, understood.”
“I’ll take care of the unranked skill books, so please get me the list of S to S+ ranking skill book list you mentioned before.”
“Yes, I shall take care of it at once.”
“Yes, please do.”
[Skill level has increased.]
“Is it finally level 40? Looks like the cooldown and cast time has decreased by a bit.”
In order to level up the skills that I’ve obtained recently, I was completely devoted to hunting.
All of them were S+ ranking attack skills.
Since they were all area of effect skills, all of them had cooldowns and cast time other than Chained Explosion.
It was like the case with Meteor and Iceberg.
I headed for the dungeons with the highest number of monsters to level up the skills as quickly as possible, but it was quite the tiresome task.
I was using magic on monsters with 100% magic resistance.
If I didn’t do that, the sheer power of skills would clear the entire dungeon with one cast.
The attacks of hundreds were easily absorbed by my Mana Shield.
Receiving all of their attacks, I was casting my skills as they came off cooldown.
Chained Explosion, which did not have a cooldown, was already Awakened after hitting level 100.
It was already two weeks after meeting the goblin named Karin.
According to what he ranted on about, there were roughly 70 days before the portal would open.
There was enough time to get all the skills transcended.
Just like that, I was completely focused on leveling my skills each day.
In the midst of leveling, a call from Ho Jin came.
He called often, but since it was rather early in the morning, I expected him to call for business.
“Yes, Mister.”
“Mr. Min-Cheol, are you in the middle of hunting?”
“I just came out.”
“Is that so. This is about what you said earlier.”
“Ah. About the demonic realm?”
“Yes. Due to how serious the situation was, I informed the commander about it without asking for your permission first. For that, I’d like to apologize.”
“No need. I trust the commander, so it’s ok.”
“Yes. Thank you for understanding.”
“So it doesn’t seem like you called just for that…..”
“Yes, that’s right. Before I get to the main topic, I’d like to ask a few questions.”
“I heard that you have a skill beyond ranking….. Is it true?”
“Yes, I have one. It’s called Dual Casting. It isn’t an attack skill, but as a passive skill, it figuratively gives me a third hand to cast spells with.”
“I see. Is it possible to see the skill book’s info with Eye of Insight? I’m asking if you used the skill book knowing that it was Dual Casting.”
“For skill books beyond ranking? Hm…. I obtained the skill before gaining the Eye of Insight, so I’m not sure on that.”
“You said that you had 5 essences of transcendence?”
“Yes. But am I getting taken away by the police? Unlike how usually it is, it feels like I’m being interrogated…..”
“Hohoho. I apologize if I made you feel that way.”
“It’s just that the commander said he will be supplying you with skill books beyond ranking.”
“Ah. The association has things of that caliber? Guess they’re quite rich.”
“I’m not sure if you knew this already, but it seems that there is a limit as to how many skills beyond ranking one can obtain. Five, to be precise.”
“No, I didn’t know that.”
“Since we have no idea what skill you’d obtain, I wanted to know if Eye of Insight could confirm it before learning it…..”
“I understand what you mean.”
“Can you spare some time in the evening?”
“Sure. Can you come to my house? It’s been quite awhile since we had dinner.”
“Yes, will do just that. I shall contact you later.”
It was late evening.
Much time had passed since the last time the estate was this lively.
The wide table was fully seated.
Ho Jin, who made a promise with me, was there. Along with him was Jong Ho, who was living with me.
Mother and those who assisted around the home were all present for dinner.
The food prepared could be compared to the buffets of hotels.
After filling up my hungry stomach, I went into a room with Jong Ho and Ho Jin.
Ho Jin then brought out the skill book he carried here on the table and spoke.
“This is it.”
“Wow….. Ho Jin hyung-nim. This is the skill book beyond ranking?”
“Hoho. Yes. Seeing the real thing is a first for me too.”
Jong Ho said that this was the first time he saw this skill book in person.
That was to be expected, as this drop was difficult for one to get, even if one got a mimic from a dungeon.
The drop rate was insanely low even if one defeated a hidden boss.
Even I had only obtained one after all this time.
Before confirming what the skill was, I headed for the safe in the corner of the room that held the essences of transcendence.
I wasn’t quite convinced, but it was true that my hopes were high.
Even if I had obtained the skill, I wouldn’t be able to transcend it right away.
I would have to level up the skill to 200 first.
However, the reason why I was bringing an essence was to decide on how I was going to use the remaining essences.
-beep beep beep beep
The safe opened.
The only thing inside was a small pouch that would go together with a hanbok.
None on Earth could use these essences.
Regular Awakened already had enough difficulty trying to hit level 100 to Awaken their skills, but you would have to hit level 200 with your skills to transcend them.
They would probably consider these unevenly shaped essences as broken essences.
The only reason I had these in a safe was because the room already came with one.
It was the same with my weapons and armor.
These were artifact class equipment that would not activate unless they were equipped by me.
I brought the essence over to the table.
Looking at the skill books beyond ranking, I spoke to Ho Jin.
“They’re shaped differently from the skill book that I’ve obtained.”
“Yes, it should be like that. The books come in many shapes and the abilities cannot be revealed until the person obtains them.”
“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and learn it, Min-Cheol.”
“I heard that there is a limit to how many you can learn.”
“Is that so? I had no clue.”
The three stared intently at the skill book.
To put the skill book hastily to one’s chest could result in a massive loss after all.
It was different from when I learned Dual Casting, having no clue of the limit back then.
It was only like that for a moment.
Ho Jin spoke up.
“Mr. Min-Cheol. Could you confirm it with Eye of Insight first?”
“Yes, will do.”
“Wow….. I didn’t think of that at all…..”
I casted the Eye of Insight that had been transcended.
Information about the skill book was revealed.
However, something seemed off.
Usually explanation about the skill book is revealed to me next to the book like post-it notes, but it seemed that almost no information was revealed in this case.
Looking closely at the revealed information, nothing about the name, explanation of the skill, or the class the skill was for were revealed.
The only thing that was shown to me was the requirement for obtaining the skill.
Previously during the time I was trying to obtain Dual Casting, the requirement needed was the proper level.
Since I had no idea of knowing that, I had shoved the book in the corner of the room for awhile.
There was no information or even rumors about unranked skill books after all.
Looking at the skill books that Ho Jin brought with him, they seemed to have different requirements to obtain, ranging from levels to strength, mana, stamina, and dexterity stats.
I could learn the names of the skills when the announcer voice would ask me if I would learn said name of the skill, but the name wasn’t very important.
It was then.
I could hear the sound of Jong Ho and Ho Jin swallowing their saliva in anticipation.
Perhaps unable to wait after seeing my confused expression, Jong Ho spoke up.
“Well? Do you see it? Is it coming up?”
“Mr. Min-Cheol. How is it? Is any of the information being revealed to you?”
“Yes…. It did come out but…..”
“Yes! Success!”
“It worked! It worked!”
“But…. something seems off? The skill name and explanation isn’t showing.”
“Huh? What do you mean? Then what is showing up?”
“The only thing that I can see is the requirement needed to obtain the skill.”
“Look at it again carefully! What kind of a half assed reveal is that?”
Even after casting Eye of Insight a second time, the result was the same.
Just in case I could’ve obtained information on the books. Ho Jin had brought 6 books instead of the 4 that I could use.
It was also so that I could take my pick of the better skills.
Making a smile fit after a complete defeat, Ho Jin spoke.
“Ohoho…… I didn’t expect an outcome like this. Guess it can’t be helped. We’ll have to leave it up to luck……”
“Yes, it seems so. But I think just by looking at the requirements, I could tell what class the skill books are for? And I could learn the names by putting them by my chest.”
“Hey. Even so, what’s the point? You don’t know if they’re offensive or defensive skills.”
“I’ll have to play detective. By learning the name and requirements, I can make an educated guess.”
“Hohoho! I am sorry that I raised your hopes for nothing. Apologies.”
“No need. I’ll learn the skills that require mana and strength stats first.”
“Ok. Do as you see fit.”
I picked up the skill book that require 600 strength to use and put it on my chest.
The skill book glowed brightly.
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