Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 – Demonic Race Berdan
It was another planet different from Earth.
To be specific, the demonic realm was in another dimension entirely.
There existed four demonic races.
Purian, Lubeta, Keruoh, and Dabehneh.
Out of those, the one called Jamon from the Lubeta race was known as the demon king, for he had over half of the total magical energy in the realm.
On top of that, over half of the demon world was his territory.
The rest was split amongst the remaining three races.
The demon king Jamon had decided that peace must be made between the demons.
It was for his plan to go beyond the demonic realm to other realms and the entire universe in a plan for conquest.
Since he had absolute power, the other races had no choice but to follow his will.
Due to the constant war between the races, they knew well how powerful the Lubetas were.
Not only that, but demonic races were born with the innate ability to detect the magical energies of their opponents.
No matter how brave a dog was, it would piss itself in front of tiger. Put in another way, natural instincts.
It was a peace pact only in name, and in reality, an absolute command.
However, the demonic races pretended to follow him only in appearances.
All of them were rotten to the core.
Due to magical energy being limited in the demonic realm, one could not grow any stronger, and thus many planned to grow stronger by pulling in magical energy from other realms.
They planned to take down the current demon king and take over as the new one.
Out of the 3 races, the one that put his plans into motions first was Zekill.
He commanded the weakest of the four races, the Purian.
It was probably because his desire to grow stronger was far greater than any of the others.
After the peace pact was made, he had traveled to the dimension where Earth resided by expending all of his magical energy he had absorbed so far.
He then spawned gates that connected his territory to Earth.
While observing the magical energy that kept on gathering, he recovered his magical energy.
He had waited with bated breath to obtain massive power.
However, there was one who knew about all about his plans from the start.
He was Berdan, leader of the Keruoh race.
The demon king was far stronger than him and the two could not even be compared, but he still was the 2nd strongest in the demonic realm.
Berdan knew why Zekill was heading to Earth.
However, he did not react at all and even pretended to be blind to the scheme.
Instead of increasing his territory in other dimensions like Zekill was doing, he was enjoying his luxurious life in his own territory in the demonic realm.
The reason was simple.
Zekill was considered weak amongst the demonic races.
On top of that, he was still recovering his magical energy, so there was no way that he could match up against Berdan.
The moment that the plan Zekill toiled away for 40 years bore fruit, he had planned to consume the entire world that Zekill had created.
Of course, he planned to do so after he had subjugated the Purians, who were weak due to Zekill’s absence.
He was going to use one of his powers, Dimensional Travel, and travel without any loss of his magical energy.
These powers that demons were naturally born with were called Authority, and just like the special traits that an Awakened could have, they did not cost any magical energy.
Berdan’s plan had him gambling with his life since he would be violating the peace pact.
The demon king, Jamon, could unite all the races under one banner with just brute force if he wished so.
His plan was pretty much spitting at the mercy the demon king showed.
However, if he was able to absorb all the magical energy of Earth and the Purian race, he would be able to obtain enough magical energy to face against the demon king.
However, that scenario he planned was destroyed in a split second.
Zekill had lost to the humans, who he had believed to be vastly inferior to the demonic races.
Berdan already knew that the humans had mutated into the Awakened, allowing them to fight against the monsters.
However, he believed that they were no match for the demonic races.
There was a vast gap between the two, after all.
However, as if mocking at that concept, the humans had defeated one of the four leaders of the demonic races, Zekill.
Not only that, he was defeated by a single Awakened.
Now, he could no longer head to Earth without a plan.
If he also disappeared from the demonic realm, the Dabehneh race would absorb the magical energies of the two races without leaders, obtaining enough energy to fight against the demon king.
Even if Berdan took a huge risk to obtain the magical energy of Earth for himself, it was far from enough to face against the demon king.
That’s why he decided to bring over Min-Cheol to the demonic realm, since he had the greatest magical energy in all of Earth.
By doing this, he would be able to continue fighting against the other two races while obtaining a massive amount of magical energy.
It was simple as killing two birds with one stone.
The amount of magical energy that Min-Cheol possessed was far beyond what one could imagine.
In order to obtain magical energy, they would have to kill monsters.
The magical energy the monsters possessed would naturally be passed onto the predator who took them down.
But would that make any sense?
The amount of monsters Min-Cheol slayed to obtain magical energy was far below the amount all the other ranked Awakened had.
Just looking at the level difference, it was clear as day.
Min-Cheol’s level was not even 400 yet.
However, there were ranked Awakened that were almost level 600 on Earth.
Despite having a special trait of infinite mana, the amount of experience required to level was the same as everyone else for Min-Cheol.
This meant that others had hunted two or more times than how much Min-Cheol had so far.
But how did Min-Cheol obtain so much magical energy that it was difficult for him to be compared to others?
That was due to the radical faction.
There were nearly 2000 Awakened in the radical faction before.
Think about how many monsters and the subsequent magical energy they must have consumed.
Just the like the food chain, Min-Cheol, who had killed them all, had obtained all that energy.
Of course, Min-Cheol had no idea of this at the moment.
After all, he didn’t take them down for the sake of magical energy.
Magical energy wasn’t visible to the human eye.
The result was that Min-Cheol had magical energy far greater than anyone else on Earth without him realizing that he did.
Berdan made his decision and sent his servant, Kurin, to Earth.
After finishing his mission, Kurim kneeled before his king and spoke.
“Keruru. Sir Berdan, I’ve completed the mission you’ve tasked me with.”
“Good work, Kurin.”
Berdan spoke as he stroked the giant horn that jutted out of his forehead.
The pathetic form Kurin had seemed far worse in front of the giant form of Berdan.
Not even being able to make eye contact, Kurin smiled nervously as he replied.
“How was his magical energy.”
“Kel. He had enough magical energy to make me doubt that he was human. Despite that, there’s no way that it’s close enough to what you carry. However…..”
“What is it. Speak.”
“It seemed to me that it’s a bit of a stretch……. for a pathetic human to have killed Zekill. Even if he is the weakest of the four demonic races and was recovering his magical energy, he was still the leader of an entire demonic race.”
“He only had 2/3rds of the magical energy that Zekill possessed.”
“He does not know how to use his magical energy. We cannot judge him from just the amount of magical energy he carries. And even that much magical energy is enough. It seems that he possesses far more magical energy than I had expected initially.”
“Keruru. It seems that the evolution called Awakening gives quite a lot of power.”
“Even so, they’re still mere humans. They will kneel before the might of the demonic races.”
“Correct you are, sir. Kel kel.”
“What of the message I asked you to declare?”
“I have delivered your message to the dot.”
“What was his response?”
“Other than swinging his sword in arrogance, it seemed that he would obey without much resistance.”
“What a foolish race. He will never expect that the moment I obtain his magical energy, I will subjugate the Purian race and head for Earth.”
“Kulkerukeru. That’s right. Seeing that they did not understand my words and had to ask multiple times, the humans must be very idiotic existence.”
“Yes. Have you also notified the other two humans as well?”
“Of course. The one called Brook was quite rude.”
“Brook. Is that the one with the second highest magical energy?”
“Yes, that’s correct. Brook was quite weak compared to Min-Cheol, but still had quite a tasty amount of magical energy.”
“Yes…. Yes. Remember that the rest are nothing more than snacks. Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir Berdan!”
“Good. Kurin. Go guard the portal that will soon be formed. The moment the foolish humans cross over, report to me immediately.”
“Yes sir. For you, the all powerful absolute!”
Ho Jin explained what he heard from Min-Cheol to the commander Yoon Jong-sun.
If the demonic races do arrive on Earth as Min-Cheol said, the damage would be insane.
The first wave of monsters would threaten humankind.
Even if the first wave was successfully fended off, the magical energy the monsters left behind would make the portals far stronger, making the second wave that much harder.
The monsters of the dungeons had become 1.5 times stronger due to the magical energy that was spread out when Zekill and his subordinates were killed.
The peace they had so desperately fought for would be destroyed, and higher level portals would appear.
Stronger monsters would pour out and humanity would no longer be able to stop them at a certain point.
With a serious expression, the commander spoke.
“How can such nonsense be true!”
“This information isn’t completely confirmed yet. I’m just informing you what had happened to Min-Cheol.”
“No….. I don’t have a good feeling about this.”
“So what is Min-Cheol’s take on this?”
“He is obtaining multiple new skills and preparing for the worst.”
“Is that so. That’s why our lad Min-Cheol was uncharacteristically asking for skill books.”
“Yes, that’s correct. That’s why I ignored the rules of the the association and asked assistance for him.”
“What use is there for laws and rules in such a grave situation like this!”
“You’re right.”
“There’s something you must do.”
“Huh? What’s……”
“Bring me the list of all the skill books ranging from S to S+ ranks the association currently possesses to me immediately.”
“Humanity’s survival is on the line here. You know well enough that only Min-Cheol has the key.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“Give all the support we can give him. If he needs manpower, then give him manpower. If he needs money, he’ll get it even if I must empty my own pockets. Do you understand now?”
“Yes, commander.”
The commander gave the order to support Min-Cheol in any way possible.
Through the defeat of Zekill, Min-Cheol’s ability was already confirmed.
The commander believed that the chaos that was about to hit Earth once more could not be faced without the help of Min-Cheol.
Continuing to speak for awhile, the commander suddenly spoke in a more serious tone than normal that carried resolve.
“One more thing…..”
“Please speak.”
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