Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105 – Nibble (2)
The rift that the Puppet Goblin jumped out of disappeared.
With its hoarse cackling voice, it began to speak again.
“Ah, my introduction was late!”
“I don’t care who you are, so just tell me why you’re here…..”
“I am one of the 4 demonic races in the demon realm called the Keruoh! I am a servant of Sir Berdan, who is ranked second highest of the demon realm and equal in power to the demon king.”
“Just shut up and get to the point….”
“My name is Sir Karin! Kerururu! You, oafish human, should consider it an honor for to have met me, who is of pure demonic blood!”
“Eh? This guys isn’t listening in the slightest……”
“This is the first time I’ve met a human! Just like the rumors, humans have ugly twisted faces! Keruru.”
I swung at the goblin’s arm for interrupting me repeatedly and for his arrogance.
However, as if his form was projected from a hologram, the sword went through without much effect.
This meant that I couldn’t deal any damage to him.
Well, it wouldn’t be easy for someone to cross over here from the demonic realm.
The goblin I saw was probably nothing more than a shell.
And even this shell seemed to be unstable, barely showing his form.
Seeing my attack, the goblin spoke.
“Kell kell kell! It’s 100 years too early for you to reach me! Kell kell.”
“Wow…….. You’re really pushing your luck with me.”
“Listen well, twisted and ugly human!”
“Sir Berdan has selected you as a worthy sacrifice! That idiot Zekill didn’t know this, but Sir Berdan had known all of Zekill’s plans from the moment he headed here. He knew that Zekill was trying to gain magical energy to increase his powers. If Zekill had taken over this world, he would’ve taken him down immediately and taken all the magic power for himself. Kell kell. Funnily enough, he lost his life to a human though.”
“Sacrifice? Why is it me again? It’s really bothersome.”
“It’s because you have the strongest magical energy in this world.”
“Magical energy? Then you picked the wrong person. I’m not part of the demonic races nor am I monster. There’s no way that magical energy would be flowing through my body. I’m just a human, like you said.”
“Kerukeru. As expected of a lesser lifeform. You don’t even know how to wield magical energy. The fact that you’re even speaking to me makes me want to hurl, but I, Sir Karin, shall forgive you, for I am very compassionate!”
“Thanks to you, I think I can relate to Buddha a little more. So what’s the message….”
“Shut up! My fellow demons were taken by a lowlife such as yourself! Their magical energy is condensed within your body. Despite being just a human, you seemed to have killed a lot of monsters. So many in fact, that it’s enough for even Sir Berdan to take notice of you. Keruru. Surrender your magical energy to Sir Berdan.”
“Sir Berdan’s demand is as follows. 100 days! Wait, no. I guess it’s 88 days from now. 88 days from now, head to the demonic realm and become a sacrifice for Sir Berdan. If you do so, we shall remove the portals connected with the demonic realm and spare the rest of you humans!”
“If I go to the demonic realm, can I meet you with you? Berdan or whatever his name is, I’ll let him have a painless death. You shriveled green skin on the other hand, I don’t have any plans on letting you have an easy death!”
“Pathetic human who cannot even use magical energy. You’re even arrogant to boot! If you do not become a sacrifice and come to the demonic realm in the next 88 days, he has told me to that he shall annihilate this world.”
“Oh, is that the plan. If he’s to come here, he’ll have to spend all of his magical energy. Wouldn’t it take 40 years plus 88 days, not 88 days?”
That’s right. It was like that with Zekill before.
To come to this world from the demonic realm, one would probably have to use up all their magical energy.
That was why Zekill had bided for 40 years in order to recharge his magical energy.
It wasn’t an imminent crisis, but one that would occur a very long time from now.
“40 years from now…… It seems I’ll be nearly 60 years old. I would’ve married by then…. I wonder if my wife is pretty? Well, enough of that. Hey, shrivel skin!”
“Keru? What is it, human!”
“Tell your great king this. Tell him he can come whenever he wants. Get here and spend all his time charging his magical energy, wasting away his years. Just make sure he stays out of my sight, okay?”
“Ke kell kell kell kell! Amusing. Human is amusing!”
“You dare compare Sir Berdan with the likes of Zekill!”
“One of his abilities is Dimensional Travel! For him, traveling through dimensions into this world can be done with his eyes closed!”
“What will you do? Will you willingly become a sacrifice and enter the demon realm? Or will you be eliminated along with this world? Ah! Ah! Of course, the moment Sir Berdan arrives here, all the puny humans would become meals for him!”
“Wait…. Something doesn’t add up. There’s plenty of Awakened other than me who have vanquished countless monsters. Wouldn’t he gain a lot more magical energy if he arrives here and wipes out all of humanity? It doesn’t make sense to only have me come over. Shrivel skin, if you’re selling phony medication, you should at least make a good sales pitch.”
He spoke while clapping.
I didn’t know why he was doing that.
It even made me wonder if there was a style of comedy like this in the demon realm.
The goblin continued to speak.
“You can think that far, human? Unlike how you look, you’re quite smart.”
“Just who do you think I am…..”
“Shut up! It’s a piece of cake for Sir Berdan to come over to this world, but he’s very busy! For the advancement of demon society, he agreed to a peace treaty. However, if he leaves his seat, it could destroy the balance in the demonic realm!”
“Then he just shouldn’t come in the first place. The more I hear you talk, the more confused I get.”
“So what you’re saying is that I should go to the demon realm in 88 days and become a sacrifice. If I do not, he will destroy this world. However, he is busy so he cannot come to Earth.”
“That’s right!”
“Think I’m going insane. So what if I don’t go to the demonic realm? Berdan won’t come to Earth either way. Alright. Let’s say I go over there. Is there any guarantee that he won’t mess with this place?”
“Sir Berdan is busy! He does not have time for those weaklings without much magical energy!”
“Hey…. Listen well, you little green monster. You said that he needs my magical energy, right? He picked me because of my magical energy, correct?”
“That’s right!”
“Is there a hidden camera somewhere! This is frustrating.”
“Enough! Just come to the demon realm, human!”
“Ha…… Alright, alright. I’ll go. But how do I go? Hm?”
“88 days from now, a giant gate will open! You just have to go through it! Those without sufficient magical energy in their bodies will instantly be obliterated without a trace the moment they cross through.”
“So I can go in? Where does it open?”
“88 days from now, a giant gate will open! Go there! That’s all you have to do.”
“….. I knew cancer didn’t just occur without a reason. There’s always a reason.”
“Are you coming, human?”
“I’m coming, you little shit! I’m coming with a nail clipper to destroy you!”
“Keruru. Of course, you fear my presence! Yes, yes. I knew you’d come without resistance!”
“88 days from now, a giant portal, right? If I go through there, I will arrive in the demon realm, correct?”
“That’s right!”
“Alright, Mr. Green Monster. I got it clearly, so can you fuck off, okay?”
“You must come, human!”
“You must come! I command you!”
Look at how that disgusting looking green goblin rants.
I was not just boiling mad, but downright steaming.
Why could he speak properly, or at least explain things completely through?
I was sure that he was testing me.
Ignoring him, I headed home.
Even still, I could hear him shouting behind me.
“Human! Are you scared! Are you listening because you’re scared of me! Keruru.”
I immediately dashed to where he was in a instant.
He was dancing in a fashion that I’ve never seen before.
I spoke.
“Oi, monster.”
“I said I’m going. Just please stop appearing in my dreams. I need to sleep so that I can bring fresh magical energy to the demon realm.”
“Kerurum…. Ok. I, Sir Karin will reward you as such. Be thankful.”
“Whew….. Yeah, thanks. Now just leave. Stop making such a ruckus.”
“I am the only one here who gives commands! Even if you don’t say it, I was already on my way!”
“PHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is it really true that a monster spoke?”
“I’m telling you, it’s the truth.”
“Are you sure you’re not trying to make me laugh? Pfft!”
“His voice is like this too. ‘Kerururu!’ I thought I was going insane.”
“Ah, this is comedy gold.”
Jong Ho was laughing to the point where tears were coming out.
It was due to me trying to mimic what the goblin Karin said to me.
After laughing for awhile, Jong Ho asked.
“Whew….. I can finally calm down a bit. Is that the reason why he was appearing in your dreams this entire time?”
“Yes. From then on, I could sleep in peace.”
“Wow. He’s really tiresome.”
“There’s 86 days left. The gate will open after 86 days. He said that I would arrive in the demon realm if I go through there. He asked me to become a sacrifice by first going to the demon realm.”
“So, you’re really going in?”
“Hyung-nim, do you think I’m crazy?”
“I’m not even sure if that gate even leads me to the demon realm. Even if it did, I don’t know the way back.”
“That’s why I asked. I thought you were going in there without much concern.”
“I’d really like to go in and rip apart that goblin immediately. However, I can’t do that. The one thing I know is that the demonic races in the demon realm are looking for a lot of magical energy on Earth. Due to the collateral damage of the fights between demonic races, we’re getting caught in the crossfire.”
“Hmmm… Do you let out some kind of pheromone or something? It looks like all the baddies are coming to you.”
“That’s what I’m saying. I wasn’t sure if what the goblin said was the truth, but it looks like I need to start preparing for the 3 months ahead.”
“Yeah, I hope that isn’t the case, but just in case it’s good to be prepared.”
“Ah. Forgot to give you these due to laughing too much from the ‘Keruru!’ Pfft!”
Jong Ho’s spittle flew out once more as he laughed.
He pulled out the skill books from his bag that he brought.
It was the Chain Explosion and In Storm spells.
He must have picked them up from the midget’s office on his way back from hunting.
I obtained the two skills on the spot.
To determine their worth, it seemed that I’d have to level up the skills to see.
Since it was a S and S+ ranking spell, it should be quite strong even if the levels are low.
There’s a saying that there’s a mountain over the mountain.
After taking down the radical faction, now the demon realm was harassing me.
If what the goblin said was the truth, this was a crisis that couldn’t be compared to the radical faction.
If the demonic races do bring monsters to Earth, the damage dealt by them would be enormous even if we could defeat them.
If I had a bit more information, I wanted to immediately head through the gate and suppress them all.
Instead of fighting on our own turf and causing collateral damage, I’d rather fight on their lands and cause chaos.
I was surrounded in a wild storm.
I wasn’t sure how it would end, but I was suffering in a lot of ways due to it.
The only thing I could do was quietly complain to myself.
“Ha……. I’m not sure what sins I’ve committed in my past life, but this is difficult. So difficult.”
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