Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 – Should Have Not Met (3)
The crack that was formed by his fists weren’t filled with swords.
His subordinates that he hid were filled to the brim there.
I immediately banished Iceberg.
It was supposed to block his attack, but there was no point in using it anymore.
They were all emitting a red glow.
The tear in the air wasn’t big enough for me to confirm their forms properly.
It was then.
The tear suddenly grew big enough to cover the ruins of the city.
Almost as if opening a bag of chips, the tear had grown big in an instant.
When the background behind him was completely enveloped in darkness, I could clearly see their forms and numbers.
It seemed that there were roughly three thousand there.
They resembled dolls, but didn’t appear to be human.
Pale blue mist were escaping their mouths.
With their forms hunched over, they fidgeted around with their sharp fingers.
Were they monsters?
As I cleared dungeons and defended monsters against portals, I had defeated a vast variety of monsters with different levels.
However, I had never encountered these monsters before.
These monsters weren’t from the Unknown Dungeon either.
Zekill opened his mouth.
“Seems you’re quite surprised.”
“Try to jeer at me once more! You say that the portal explosions failed? You claimed that I did not have many subordinates left!”
“I’ve waited for 20 years! For this day!”
“What are they? Those monsters?”
“Kuha! Did you really think that the portals were blown up just to cause superficial harm with the monsters inside of them! Massive amounts of magical energy are already present in this world. The monsters that escaped through portals connecting to the world of monsters died here, adding on to the flow of mana. All for this day!”
Zekill was saying things I could not comprehend.
Monsters had appeared here on this planet through the portals explosions.
When they died, they left behind magical energy behind, and it seemed that he summoned these creatures using that very same energy.
This would mean that Zekill could control these beings.
My confusion only intensified.
At the same time, I thought of the portal explosions in Gapyeong and Incheon.
It was revealed to me that the portal explosions in these two areas weren’t prepared by the radical faction.
This meant that either the portal explosions occurred naturally or was set off by another party.
The worst case scenario meant that there were those with the same goal as Zekill out there.
“So, you’re saying that you used the magical energy to summon them?”
“For a kid, you catch on pretty quick.”
Zekill pointed at the creatures behind him and continued to speak.
“If they all die… Hue… Huehahahah! A greater magical energy residue will be left behind. And a greater one after that! More! More! More! Far stronger! Do you understand now! Eventually, I will dominate the entire world!”
“Oh boy. Who are you to summon them?”
“Kuhaha! Think about it thoroughly in hell!”
“Right. Seems no one is a pushover until they get hit. Guess I’ll be a little bit patient for now.”
Zekill’s hand pointed towards me and commanded them to attack.
I wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or not.
To be honest, I had no idea what was happening at all.
I just wanted to pull the radical faction that was being a thorn on my side by its roots.
I didn’t know what magical energy or a demon realm was all about.
There was only one thing I could do now.
Killing Zekill.
“That just means I don’t have to touch them, right? Pretty easy.”
“Do you really think it’ll be easy as you assume! Kuhahah!”
“I’ll just have to confirm it myself then. Now shut up and become an addition to my stats.”
I move at an insane speed.
Using my strength stat that was beyond 20,000, I pushed off the ground to move.
And the very same strength stat would be used to swing this sword to lob off Zekill’s head.
“Haaa…. Ha…….”
“No way…..”
The impossible had occurred.
The creatures that escaped from the tear leapt to become his meat shields, being cut apart as they tried to defend Zekill.
It was obvious that they would guard Zekill.
On top of that, it was probably to summon even more of these monsters.
However, what I was surprised by was their speed.
Even if they had the advantage of being closer to Zekill than I, they had recognized my movements and reacted against it.
I couldn’t believe it.
They were on a whole different level compared to the monsters that I had faced so far.
“…. These bastards….”
To make sure that they couldn’t predict my movements, I kept altering my stance as I moved.
However, the results were the same.
These creatures already saw through my movements perfectly.
Tens of hundreds of them used their bodies to block my sword.
I could hear Zekill’s laughter coming from between the gaps of the creatures, almost as if he had predicted this ahead of time.
“Kuhaha… Ku! KUHAHAHA!”
“These troublesome pricks.”
“Oh my. Looks like you can’t handle this difficult combat, hm? Kuhaha!
“It looks like you summoned them to die? Since they die easily from being cut apart half-assedly. Not sure about their offensive or defensive capabilities, but I’ll give credit to their speed.”
“Credit….. What an arrogant word for someone who will be subjugated. You can’t make progress with your wild flailing. Hurry up and kill more. I require more magical energy. I’ll summon more powerful evil spirits for you!”
“If you wish, I’ll do that. But even though I could supply as much magical energy, it’ll be difficult for you to summon anything.”
“Starting from your wrists, your entire body will be cut apart. I’ll start now. Show time.”
“Hm…. Quite persistent you are.”
“Ha. My my. Ridiculous.”
Even though the numbers decreased as they died as meatshields, there were still an enormous amount of numbers left.
Just with Zekill’s gesture of pointing towards me, packs of them came.
Their sharp nails and incredible speed were used to leave cuts on me.
The injuries only amounted to this only because of my ridiculously high stamina stat.
I had 50k worth of stamina stats after all.
Even for me, it was difficult to see their movements.
Casting all the buffs on me, I casted Meteor.
The number summoned were 6.
If I couldn’t do any damage to Zekill, I planned to annihilate all of the meat shields and kill Zekill while they were respawning.
“Kuru. Kelkeru.”
As soon as they saw Meteor, they covered Zekill with their bodies, forming a protective barrier.
Their bodies melted down into one huge half circle.
I thought it as a quite the pesky ability for creatures such as monsters to have.
I poured down Meteor on them.
At the same time, I casted Eye of Insight.
I had to find Zekill as soon as they all perished.
There was no way I could see his form without it, since the massive flames and intense impact from Meteor would make it impossible otherwise.
“Got you.”
No matter how strong Zekill was, in front of my attack, he was nothing more than an Awakened beginner.
WIth my precise attack, I cut off one of his arms.
Zekill’s eyes that were dark as night became larger.
It seemed that he was rather shocked.
Purple blood spewed forth from his shoulder.
The blood was rather thick, similar to thick mud.
There more I thought about it, the less it made sense.
Purple blood?
What kind of nonsense was this.
“What are you?”
I grabbed a hold of his neck.
I did have the Eye of Insight, but it would be annoying if he suddenly hid his form and continued to summon more demonic spirits.
In front of my absolute power, all he could do was suffer as he choked.
Without Ghost or Dark Lady, this would have been impossible to even dream of.
The overboss of the radical faction was on his knees from one hit without being able to strike once.
Even his current form looked pathetic.
There were many things I wanted to ask him.
Magical energy, demonic spirits, and even the purple blood that just spewed out were all on the list.
Looking into his pitch black eyes, I spoke.
“Thanks to you cheering me on, it looks like things wrapped up nice and easy.”
“To think that I would end up like this against a lesser lifeform. This is impossible….”
“Speak. What are you?”
Even though he was suppressed completely, he was attacking away.
The reason why he did not carry any weapons came into light.
His hand morphed into a weapon and attacked me.
“Ha. This bastard.”
A pathetic attack aimed perfectly at my heart struck.
It barely pierced the armor, but it was far too weak to go through my body.
It felt as though a needle had pricked me.
“That’s right. It’s not enough with just one arm.”
“Next is your leg. I asked what you are.”
I stabbed my sword into his abdomen and reduced the strength of my grip on his neck.
He hung powerlessly to the ground.
Letting out labored breathing, he began to speak.
“Did you say something about a lower species? Just how much of a superior species are you to kneel before me like this?”
“Kuh…. Kuh…..”
“I am one of the 4 demonic races in the demonic realm.”
“Demonic race? This is quite the news. When are you making your debut as an author? Seems you’re writing a fantasy?”
I turned the sword that was embedded in his abdomen.
I no longer wished to hear anymore bullshit.
His agonizing cries rang even louder.
“I don’t like repeating myself.”
“Purian, Lubeta, Keruoh, Dabehneh. These are the four demonic races of the demon world.”
“First talking nonsense about magical energy and demonic spirits, then purple blood, and now talking about monsters that seems to possess some kind of intelligence. To top it all off, you’re telling me about demonic races?”
“The 4 demonic races are gathering strength to obtain one another’s territory.”
“Out of the four, I rule the Purian, which is the weakest out of them all.”
“That was why we avoided the eyes of the other demonic races and tried to increase our magic energy here on Earth in an attempt to win the war.”
“Hey. It’s been 40 years since the first portals formed. Didn’t you say that you came here 20 years ago? If you already have conflict in a setting like this… What should I do. It makes me want to cut again. Don’t you agree?”
“Kuhuk! 40 years ago, the devil king who was from the Lubeta declared a ceasefire. It was to reduce the bloodshed between the races and to expand to new territories. However, the other 3 demonic races used that time to grow stronger while keeping up appearances.”
“So the place you selected was here?”
“That’s right. I used all of my magic energy to connect the demonic realm with this world, forming portals. After that, I used the corpses of the monsters that died outside of the portals to recover my magical energy, waiting for this very moment. But I was foiled by a single human, even though your species are so puny…..”
“Quite the amusing story. But you know….”
There was a need for me to obtain more information from him, even if what he spat out were nothing more than lies.
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