Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – Should Have Not Met (2)
In an instant, I defeated the monster with many arms that went by the name of Mutant Ogre.
Starting from their split head, I ripped its body to shreds.
They were a lot sturdier than I expected.
It had 100% physical resistance as well as some magic resistance.
However, they stood no chance against my attacks.
After taking them down, it didn’t take long before the sound of a helicopter filled the air.
It was probably the helicopter that Ho Jin, Jong Ho, and commander Yoon Jong-sun were riding on.
I summoned massive Meteors in the sky so that the helicopter would recognize that it was me and land nearby.
I had finished defeating all the monsters heading from Choe-jeon Bang to downtown.
Due to the start of the Gamman-Dong portal, there was no way to know how many monsters were left.
After covering the nearby area in dust, the helicopter’s propeller stopped.
The members within came out one by one.
Out of those that stepped out, there was someone that I didn’t expect to see.
It was the Korean magician ranker Choi So-Hyeon.
When the portals exploded previously, she didn’t make any moves.
However, she was here with the commander.
It made me realized once more just how big the impact of the explosions of the portals was this time around.
I had only seen her on TV.
Looking at her in person, I could tell that she had a hidden smile that the cameras could never capture.
It was enough to justify why she had the popularity rivaling that of celebrities.
After looking around the surroundings, the commander came up to me and spoke.
“So, you were already here before us.”
“Yes. The monsters nearby have been mostly taken care of.”
“Right, good work. Have you not found the location of the overboss yet?”
“Yes. I know that Zekill is here for sure, but I haven’t found his exact whereabouts. Despite looking for him while taking care of the monsters, I haven’t seen him at all.”
“I heard as I was coming here that you took care of one of the leaders of the radical faction. Is it true?”
“Yes. Did you hear from Ho Jin?”
“Yeah. Hey! So what I heard wasn’t the screams of a monster! It was the sound of people dying! How can you lie so easily like that?”
“Ah…. I’ve never thought of them as people….”
“Even still!”
“Mr. Min-Cheol, are you hurt anywhere?”
“Yes. As you can see, I fine.”
“But who is that person in the back….”
“Ah. You already know, right? Ms. Choi So-Hyeon. Met her at the Changwon portal and came together.”
“Is that so. Glad to meet you. I’m Kim Min-Cheol.”
She had the fear and respect of all the Awakened, as well as being the goal for them to reach.
Against monsters, none could match her combat capability in the entire world.
Only a few months ago, I also had the burning desire to become as strong as her.
The strength, wealth, and title she had, I envied.
But now, the situation was completely flipped over.
She had seen the countless magic pour forth from Jong Ho’s ring.
With just that, she must have realized that she wasn’t the best anymore.
On top of that, I was easily more powerful than Jong Ho and the commander.
I could sense her gaze that was filled with caution from the start.
However, that didn’t matter right now.
“Please speak.”
“There is an unknown number of Mutant Ogres between here and the portals still alive. I had only taken care of those that were heading to center of the city.”
“I see. From the damage done here, I can see that they shouldn’t be made light of.”
“Yes. Thankfully, as I fought them, I found out that magic does work against them. However, it looks like they have quite a lot of magic resistance.”
“Hmm….. Not only do they have physical resistance, but magical resistance as well? This won’t be easy.”
“That’s why we cannot separate our forces right now. It would be too difficult for a single person to face against one.”
“Not only that, we do not know when Zekill will approach.”
“You’re right. If that’s the case….”
“Firstly, I’ll go find Zekill myself. Of course, I’ll take care of any monsters I come across.”
“Min-Cheol, will you be okay alone?”
“Don’t worry about that, hyung-nim.”
To Jong Ho, who had tears in his eyes with worry, I raised three of my fingers at him.
It was a gesture to show that I had gained 30k worth of stats.
He must’ve heard by now that I had taken care of Dark Lady’s forces at Incheon.
Seeing this, he was quietly repeating to himself something about 30k with a blank expression.
The commander, who was clueless as to what was going on between the two, continued on.
“If that’s the case, we’ll hunt the monsters together and rendezvous at the portal. Would that be okay?”
“Yes. Sounds like a good plan.”
“All right.”
“You must have heard from Mr. Ho Jin that Gapyeong Calbongsan has Pierro situated there.”
“Yes. After hearing that, I did not deploy any Awakened there.”
“Yes. From what I found out by questioning Dark Lady, they were only ordered to intercept those who were trying to get to the portal. Even if we head there after taking care of this, there shouldn’t be that much damage there. Of course, this is not accounting the damage from the monsters……”
“I had hoped that it was a portal where physical attacks would work but…. All of the magician class Awakened have headed to Yangpyeong. The damage they took is so severe that it’s difficult to describe it with just words.”
“Guess all we can do is take care of the situation here as fast as possible.”
“That’s is the case.”
“If Zekill heads for the commander…. Jong Ho hyung-nim.”
“Please detonate a Meteor in the air. I’ll take that as a signal to head there immediately.”
“Alright, I got it. Be careful.”
“Yes. All of you, be careful as well.”
“Yes. Then I’ll be off.”
After Min-Cheol left, the commander spoke while looking towards Jong Ho, Ho Jin, and Choi So-Hyeon.
“Did you say that your name is Jong Ho?”
“Yes, that’s right, commander.”
“Right. I heard your accomplishments from Ho Jin.”
“Everyone is probably aware of this already, but this fight won’t be easy.”
“Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we can only trust in our boy Min-Cheol.”
“Is that person…. that amazing?”
Choi So-Hyeon frowned as she asked.
She didn’t doubt Jong Ho because she had seen his ability firsthand, but that kid seemed barely fit to be a high schooler.
For even the commander to say something like this, this was a situation she could not understand.
At that, the commander continued.
“Thank you for coming out to help, Ms. So-Hyeon.”
“It may be difficult for you to acknowledge that, but it’s the truth.”
“I do not know of his ability as well. However, that’s not the important thing now.”
“How about hoping that this battle ends with us being safe for now.”
“Thank you. As our boy Min-Cheol has said, we need to work together right now.”
“Monsters will be monsters, but Zekill is probably a bigger threat.”
At his words, everyone nodded.
“Mr. Jong Ho.”
“Yes, commander.”
“Our mana is limited.”
“Please handle the offensive.”
“Ah… Yes! Understood.”
“Ho Jin, So-Hyeon, and I will use the minimum amount of mana possible to focus on the defense.”
“So-Hyeon. Please assist the attack with Jong Ho just enough for you to recover mana with your special ability. I believe that you already understand any attacks beyond that would only serve to weaken our defense.”
“Yes, commander. Understood.”
“From where we stand right now, please cast your defensive skill on the personal diagonally to the right of you. I’ll say it again. I’ll cast mine on Jong Ho. Jong Ho will cast it on So-Hyeon. So-Hyeon will cast hers on Ho Jin. Finally, Ho Jin will cast it on me. Even if our formations change, this rule does not change. Understood?”
“Then let us go. There cannot be any more losses.”
With the commander in the lead, they tread forwards to subjugate the monsters.
With Jong Ho’s attacks, the monsters shouldn’t be too difficult to handle.
However, when Min-Cheol and the commander’s worry of Zekill approaching near comes true, it would become a difficult fight.
“Where is he?”
With my massive strength stat, I kicked off the ground and rapidly scanned around the area.
I searched everywhere to the point where I returned to the location I started at.
However, Zekill was nowhere to be found.
The buildings from the portal to here were all destroyed, which made it more difficult to find the monsters and him.
From far away, I could hear the sounds of destruction from the spells Jong Ho was spamming down.
Even as I took down the monsters, I continued look towards the direction of the sound to check.
It would be a huge crisis if Zekill appeared there first.
It was then.
An intense gale blew.
It was so intense that without the shield, I wouldn’t have been able to open my eyes due to the dust kicked up.
A cyclone of debris from the buildings and dust came towards me.
I felt it then.
Zekill was in the eye of the storm.
Almost as if to tell me that my instincts were correct, I heard his voice.
“Have you come here of your own will!”
The sandstorm cleared and I saw his form in front of me.
A giant man roughly 3m.
An equally massive tattered cloak hung from his back, and he was equipped with armor dark as midnight.
His eyes were dark to the point where I found it strange.
As I was inspecting his form, I noticed that nothing was in his hands.
That meant that he had no weapon.
I spoke towards him.
“Are you Zekill?”
Instead of giving an answer to my question, he replied back with a question.
“Joker. Ghost. Dark Lady. You were the one who killed them all.”
“Looks like you know me well, so there won’t be a need for introductions.”
“Pathetic weakling.”
“Looks like the portals that you worked so hard to prepare are nearly cleared up. What shall we do?”
“The only thing that’s left is you and the discarded small fries in Gapyeong.”
Instead of being taken back, Zekill was laughing out loudly.
Was he that confident in his strength?
That was the only logical conclusion that I could come up with right now.
After laughing for awhile, he spoke again.
“This is enough.”
“With the portals that have exploded so far, it’s already enough.”
“What are you saying?”
After speaking gibberish that I couldn’t understand, he curled both of his hands into fists.
Then he punched the air on each of his sides.
Almost as if there was an invisible wall, the collision caused the earth to buckle.
Just like the skill Joker used before, a crack formed.
It must be the skill that Executioners have, just like Joker did.
I was sure that many sword auras would form and pour out from there.
“Are you also an Executioner?”
I casted Iceberg around him, just like the time when I had blocked Joker’s attacks.
However, nothing came out of there for despite a lot of time passing by.
When he punched the air once more…
“…… What the……”
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