Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 – 100+500 Event (2)
I couldn’t see any more monsters.
I wasn’t sure if the portal was completely destroyed.
However, I would be able to find out soon.
Those that followed Dark Lady’s orders to jump into the frigid waters of the sea would be returning soon.
When they return to see this scene, they would probably be shocked.
Other than Dark Lady and her personal guards, all of her forces were wiped out.
It wasn’t that surprising.
It was an obvious result.
To think I would be able to meet them while on my way to defend against the portal.
I wasn’t sure if I’d be lucky like this again.
It was almost like a buy one get one free event at a market.
The wavebreakers were devastated due to the explosions from the Rag and the barrage of spells I cast.
Despite that, not a single corpse remained of both the Rag and the radical faction members.
It was because I annihilated them as if they never had existed in the first place.
Their combat capabilities weren’t all the different from Ghost’s forces.
Barrages of Meteor Call with black intense flames came down.
Even a single one would have been enough.
What was left of her forces retreated to where the sea and the deep water marker lay.
Behind them was the ocean, while in front stood an insane man.
At this point, they wanted to die by drowning instead of facing him.
On top of that, I wasn’t even fighting seriously.
I was slowly advancing forward, taking care of them as quickly and cleanly as possible.
I was a human being as well, so how could I be unfazed when kill other humans?
I considered them as those that shouldn’t exist, treating them as monsters with a human form as I fought them.
Dark Lady’s eyes were covered in fear.
She didn’t think even for a second to lower her massive shield.
Steam rose from the Butcher’s Sword I held in my hand.
The fresh blood hadn’t gone cold yet.
Lifting my sword up to my shoulder, I pointed at her.
Noticing how she quivered, I spoke.
“Did you wait long?”
“M…. Monster…..”
“Hey. The monsters are you guys. You’re killing people who’ve done nothing wrong. Isn’t that right?”
“It’s obvious that the weak are ruled by the strong!”
“You said something good for once. Don’t you know that I’m about to apply that law here into practice?”
“You’re the weak ones here, so accept your fate peacefully.”
“No matter how strong you are, you are nothing before Zekill….”
“Ah! Zekill? Hurry up and call him here. I’ll let you live until he arrives. Since that’s all the time you have left, make sure to take in all the fresh air while you still can, okay?”
“You little! Uwaaaa!”
It was Dark Lady’s first attack, who had been defending the whole time.
A weak Assassin Weapon Throw that wasn’t even a skill beyond ranking.
Any assassin classes such as Jin would have this kind of skill.
My Mana Shield shook a bit due to the high level of the skill, but it was meaningless against me.
“Assassin Weapon Throw. For a leader, this is too pathetic to be considered an attack you know?”
“You little!”
At Dark Lady’s command, 60 of her personal guards and protectors charged towards me.
There was no willingness to fight in their eyes, and who could blame them.
They had seen my absolute power after all.
Despite that, they charged like moths to a flame at her command, making me question what was going on in their heads.
They knew their fate, yet they still went.
“I acknowledge your loyalty towards your leader. However, do not expect it to earn you anything from me.”
“You dog! Uwaaa!”
I did not use any skills.
I had merely gripped my sword and charged forward with just my strength.
A simple stabbing attack.
However, the speed of it allowed me to pierce all their bodies in a single movement, like an arrow leaving its bow.
Not only that, but the armor that protected their body and their form were popped like a balloon.
Not a single cry or trace of them were left.
Only a mist of blood remained.
My attack continued.
My Mana Shield and body were dyed red as if I had dipped myself in a can of red paint.
The only one left was Dark Lady.
It seemed that she had no plans to fight me.
Joker and Ghost.
Both of them had fought me because they had believed in their own powers.
The ends they met were cruel.
Now, I walked towards her who had no longer a will to fight.
“If someone else saw this scene, they must think I’m a killer who has killed hundreds of people or something, huh?”
“You can’t be like this already. The sun shows it’s only midday. It’s still too early for you to meet the reaper.”
A swing of my sword cut the shield in half.
The only things left in her hand was the handle of the shield and a shortsword.
I was going to obtain the information that I was not able to obtain from the other leaders out of her.
When I first faced of Joker, I wasn’t in a situation where I could obtain information from him.
His power was almost enough to overwhelm me after all back then.
If it wasn’t for Reflect Shield, it was possible that I would be the one that was done in rather than him.
For the case with Ghost, I was blinded by the rage that he had tried to harm my mother, and the Transcended Formless Sword Aura’s special skill Wild Beast activated, so I defeated Ghost while I had lost consciousness.
To destroy them at their roots, I needed to use Dark Lady.
“Let me live… PLEASE LET ME LIVE!”
“No. You’ll die.”
“Ah…. AHHHH!”
“But I’ll let you choose how you’ll die.”
“Will you die painlessly like the subordinates before you, or will you feel hellish pain unlike anything you felt before as you slowly die out, it will depend on your choice. Do you understand?”
“You can’t die that easily.”
Dark Lady had tried to stab her throat with her shortsword.
Rather than suffer unimaginable pain as she met a cruel death, she had tried to kill herself.
But did she really think that I’d let her go to hell so easily.
I immediately grabbed her wrist and shattered it.
On top of that, I grabbed her knife and stabbed it in her shoulder.
I did not know how strong the shortsword was.
It didn’t matter though.
Due the the strength stat I possessed, even a toy knife could penetrate her tanker class body with ease if used by me.
“Are you despairing on joining the radical faction, only to end up like this? We’re just getting started. Let’s do this properly. Yeah?”
“Oh. Perfect timing. They’re here.”
I could see 30 radical faction members that had left to check the portals swimming back to shore.
They swam quickly to the ruins of the wavebreakers.
Looking around for a brief moment, they prepared to fight.
These walking stat points of stats dare do such a thing.
“So you’ve arrived? Were the portals sealed properly? They became dungeons, right?”
“Are you okay, leader!”
“You dare do such a thing!”
“They really don’t hold back. Only one of you will survive. I’ll ask again then.”
Commander Yoon Jong-sun and Ho Jin were able to destroy the level 35 portal that exploded in Paju successfully.
It was a portal where magic attacks went through.
Ho Jin was a warrior class and he had given the Balrock ring to Jong Ho, so he wasn’t able to do much.
However, thanks to the commander’s orders, he was able to at least draw aggro of the nearby monsters and cast AoE shields on the platoon.
After ending the call with Jong Ho, he was waiting on the commander’s next orders.
It was then that an Awakened of the association was approaching at high speed.
After saluting the commander, he spoke.
“Reporting the current situation!”
“Yes. Please begin.”
“Currently the 3 portals in Incheon and Changwon has stopped vibrating and from the lack of damage to the nearby areas, we can conclude that they have been taken care of.”
“On top of that, Paju has been taken care of by you. The areas where Lee Sang-Ho, Kim Hye-won, and Shin Geon headed for have also been taken care of.”
“I see. Thank you for your hard work. Out of the portals left, is Yangpyeong the only one left that would be susceptible to magic attacks?”
“Yes, that’s correct. However, we have received news that the damage in Busan is severe. We lost contact with all the Awakened that were deployed. Even the drones we sent to scout have gone missing as well.”
“Hm…. Is that so…. Alright. Please let me know if anything else comes up.”
“Yes! Understood!”
Finishing his report, he headed down the mountain and out of sight.
Ho Jin, who was listening next to him spoke.
“Commander. The portal in Yangpyeong will be taken care of soon as well.”
“Is that so. Then I guess I’ll have to head for Busan.”
“Something feels off. Even if we discount the drones, it doesn’t explain the loss of contact with the Awakened.”
“I do agree with that as well.”
Leaning towards the commander, Ho Jin whispered.
“It is confirmed that the portal explosions were caused by them.”
“If it’s of this magnitude, it’s a sign that they’re on the move.”
“I think so as well. Then what you’re trying to say is…”
“Yes, that’s right. I believe that all the Awakened that headed for Busan have been done in by the radical faction.”
“However, since it was an area that the association wasn’t able to deploy their forces to, a massive amount of members of the various guilds headed there. Their levels and the gear they were equipped are nothing to scoff at. Wouldn’t it be a stretch to say that they were all done in?”
“If my guess is correct….”
“Someone beyond a leader ranking is there. To be precise, the overboss of the organization.”
“If that’s the case, this is extraordinary. We’ll take care of the portals in Yangpyeong. It’s shameful of us to ask this, but could you have Min-Cheol to head for Busan? I shall be going as well, of course.”
“I shall request of him to do so.”
“Yes, thank you.”
They were right.
Dark Lady was deployed to Wolmi-do.
Pierro was deployed to Gapyeong’s Carbongsan.
Finally, the leader of the faction had headed for Busan.
The reason why contact was cut off with the Awakened that were deployed there had been predicted perfectly by Ho Jin.
The portal had exploded at the peak of the mountain of Busan Gamman-dong’s residence.
There stood Zekill, guarding the place.
The portal had already exploded perfectly, pouring out countless monsters.
The area fell into ruin, and the damage to the area was only spreading.
Countless people lost their lives.
On top of that, many Awakened from various guilds lost their lives to Zekill.
Zekill stood next to the portal, overseeing the monsters wrecking havoc.
However, there was something odd.
The monsters weren’t attacking Zekill, even though he wasn’t stealthed.
It was almost as if the monsters thought of him as their own, ignoring him completely.
Zekill looked at the city that was being destroyed, yelling out a line filled with lunacy.
“Destroy! Devour all the trash before you!”
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