Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – 100+500 Event
At the level 30 portal in Changwon, Choi So-Hyeon, who was standing in Jong Ho’s way, fired many single cast magics.
She was considered second to none in terms of the amount of experience she had with dungeons.
That was why she knew there wouldn’t be that many monsters coming out of the level 30 portal.
However, the monsters weren’t coming out all at once.
Instead, they came out one at a time in intervals.
She could consider recklessly entering the portal, but it was too dangerous to do so.
That was why instead of using AoE skills that put a heavy toll on her mana pool, she was using single target spells that costs less mana in comparison to buy time until enough of them gathered where she could use a powerful AoE to finish them off.
Jong Ho knew well about the skill she was using, for thousands of that spell of stored in the Balrock ring he was wearing.
Roughly 10 monsters were currently outside the portal, and each of them were hit once by Explosion that she had casted.
The intense flames from this single target spell would not extinguish until the target was completely destroyed, allowing a constant damage over time.
On top of that, So-Hyeon used teleport to get in the center of the mob before casting Frozen Spear in an attempt to stop their movement.
Frozen projectiles flew out in the radius of the spell.
The intense flames burned at their chest while frozen spears pierced their bodies, forcing them to slow down as they chased at her.
‘Guess rankers are called rankers for a reason.’
Jong Ho blankly stared at the fight, amazed at how she was doing the most amount of damage possible while keeping the mana costs low like a true professional.
That didn’t last long though.
In an annoyed voice, Choi So-Hyeon, who was kiting all the monsters shouted out at him.
“How long are you just going to stand idly by?”
“Ah…. Ah! Sorry!”
“At least pull the aggro of the additional mobs coming in!”
That was right.
It was true that she had cleared the level 28 dungeon by herself, but the current portal they faced were a level 30 one.
It would be difficult for her to face this portal alone.
Jong Ho replied in a bashful tone with an accent that of a country bumpkin.
“That’s…. So you’re saying you want my help?”
“Are you seriously asking me that? I can’t believe it!”
Her pretty face were filled with scorn as she continued to complain.
Despite having a small frame, she spoke with great pride.
Jong Ho couldn’t help but find this display to be cute.
The charisma she carried when she was blasting spells into the monsters were nowhere to be found.
Muttering to himself quietly enough that she couldn’t hear about how she told him to go away before, Jong Ho ran forward while replying loudly.
“I’m. Going!”
Jong Ho grabbed So-Hyeon’s arm and tossed her afar.
Using his high strength stat, he had tossed her.
It was to make sure that she wouldn’t be in the radius of his spells, as it wasn’t a targeted spell.
Her eyes, which was already wide open due to how Jong Ho acted before, only opened wider.
She landed on a boulder safely.
She had flown roughly 20m.
With a shocked expression, she spoke.
“Kya! What are you doing!”
“Just wait a bit.”
So-Hyeon could not continue speaking after what she witnessed next.
Jong Ho, who she had thought to be a warrior class was casting Fire Shock in front of her very eyes.
She could also tell at a glance that the spell was far stronger than her own Fire Shock.
The size and amount of falling flames were greater, and even the patterns of the fire were unpredictable.
It was completely different from what she had been using so far.
The monsters gathered up by her were covered in Fire Shock that Jong Ho casted.
The massive damage made the monsters howl in agony without ever being given the chance to attack.
The skills in the ring stored by Min-Cheol also had a cooldown time.
It followed the growth of the one who stored the skills in the ring after all.
Fire Shock had a 3 minutes cooldown, and the monsters weren’t completely defeated yet.
Thinking about what skills to follow up with, Jong Ho unconsciously spoke to himself what he had in mind.
“With Meteor, they should die in a single hit. I think the radius is too large to use right now though? Isn’t there something else more appropriate?”
Hearing his monologue from afar, she could only cough in shock.
While Fire Shock was still active, Jong Ho decided upon Iceberg.
The monsters already endured massive amounts of damage.
If he landed Iceberg at monsters in pairs of two to three, they should die instantly.
Of course, there wasn’t an issue to cast Iceberg for each and every monster separately though.
“Im… Impossible….”
“Huh? What did you say? It’s too loud for me to hear you.”
“Fire Shock. Iceberg. The size and damage of your spells are unlike anything I’ve seen before….”
The monsters trapped within the iceberg were shattered to the point where it would be difficult to identify their form, and the pieces were spread all over the floor to boot.
When the sounds of destruction finally stopped filling the air and the air settled, Jong Ho used Teleport to get to So-Hyeon instantly.
“What did you say?”
“Did you not say anything? Did I hear wrong…..”
“I… Iceberg….”
“Yes. Iceberg. What about Iceberg?”
“D… Did you A… Awaken it?”
“I think so?”
She had already learned Meteor Call and Iceberg.
However, to think that these spells could be leveled and Awakened to the point where they both did not have cooldowns or cast times was something that she didn’t even dream of.
On top of that, these skills consumed massive amounts of mana.
But this man was spamming Iceberg as if it was nothing.
So-Hyeon could only stare blankly at Jong Ho’s face.
It was then.
Something started to float above the corpses of the shattered monsters.
It was not loot that the monsters dropped.
It was something without a solid form with a blueish soul like fire.
One could compare it with oni fire.
Ten oni fire floated up, matching the number of monsters slain.
These flames were absorbed quickly into Choi So-Hyeon’s body.
Seeing this, Jong Ho asked.
“What is that?’
“What did you absorb.”
“M… Mana…”
“Huh? You absorb mana after taking down monsters? Wow… You had such a cheat-like ability like that. That’s amazing.”
“I don’t think it should be surprising to someone who can spam Awakened Icebergs like nothing though?”
It didn’t take long for the level 30 portal to dissipate and change into a dungeon.
The two of them had stopped the portal on their own.
It would have been possible for Jong Ho to do this alone, but thanks to So-Hyeon’s understanding of skills and combat experience, it could be said that the defense was carried out perfectly.
Looking at him, she spoke.
“I think it’s over now.”
“Yes. Thank you for your hard work.”
“This is something I was curious from the start. I’ve never seen anyone spam cast Awakened skills before or even heard of them. What kind of ability do you have?”
“This… This isn’t mine. I’ve borrowed it all. As you know, I’m a warrior.”
With a cheesy smile, Jong Ho avoided the topic.
She did not pursue it further, but instead asked another question.
“I’m not sure if I follow. Whatever. Where are you going to next?”
“Hm…. I think I need to contact my hyung-nim and dongsaeng 1 first. Are you going to go defend against another portal?”
“Well, I guess I’ll have to go to the ones where magic works against the monsters there, right?”
“Then please wait a moment. I’ll go confirm.”
Jong Ho called Ho Jin.
It was to find out the next location to go, as Ho Jin was with the commander who would know plenty about the current situation of the explosions.
-ring ring
“Hm…. Are they in the middle of a heated battle?”
Right as he was about to hang up, he could hear Ho Jin’s voice over the phone.
“You’re safe, right?”
The moment the call connected, Ho Jin was already showing his concern for Jong Ho’s well-being.
At his question, Jong Ho answered.
“Of course. Is hyung-nim okay as well?”
“Yeah. Just dissipated a portal.”
“Thank you for your hard work. It’s the same here.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Was there no contact from Mr. Min-Cheol?”
“Yes. Haven’t had any contact with him.”
“Right. Since there are two portals there, he must be very busy.”
“That can’t be helped. Could you tell me the next location that magic works on by the way?”
“Oh…. Just a minute.”
For a short while, he could hear Ho Jin speaking with someone.
It didn’t take long for Ho Jin to continue speaking.
“From what I’ve found out, magic works on the level 34 portal in Yangpyeong. However, since it is a high level portal, I think it would be better if you waited until the situation with Mr. Min-Cheol is resolved before going. The association is unable to spare manpower for that location as well, so the area has been sealed off for now. I’m guessing it’s not urgent to go there as of yet.”
“Hm… Understood, hyung-nim. I’ll go contact Min-Cheol.”
“Yeah. Please take care of yourself. Contact me right away if anything happens.”
“Yes! Take care as well, hyung-nim!”
Ending the call and turning around, he found that Choi So-Hyeon was in a call with someone as well.
Probably gathering intel from Awakened that she knows of regarding the current situation.
Jong Ho then called Min-Cheol.
“Yes, hyung-nim!”
“Huh? Is it already over?”
“No. I’m still in the middle of it.”
“Hey. It’s already dangerous enough as it is. Call me after you’re done.”
“It’s okay.”
-huff huff
He could hear Min-Cheol’s labored breathing.
But stranger still was that the sound of horrifying screaming could be heard above that.
It definitely sounded like the cries of human beings.
“…S…. Sa.. Save me!”
“KU…. KUHH!”
“Hey! Min-Cheol, what’s that sound in the background! It sounds like a critical situation to me?”
“Ah. It’s nothing much. Some monsters acting like humans.”
“Is… Is that so? That’s really strange. Well, until everything is taken care of, don’t let your guard down. Be careful!”
“Don’t worry about it. Is Changwon taken care of?”
“Those monsters are quite loud to be honest. Yep, I’m about to head to the level 34 portal in Yangpyeong for now.”
“Ah. Understood. Since it’s dangerous, please don’t approach it recklessly. I’ll finish up here quickly and head there.”
Ending the call, he spoke to her.
“Looks like the lv 34 portal in Yangpyeong can be affected by magic. Will you come with?”
“Are you using Warp?”
“No. I used it to get here, so there is a lot of time until I can use it again.”
“Same here….. Let’s go there for now.”
“Busy, so busy!”
The monsters that landed on the beachfront were charging in.
On top of that, the underlings of the radical faction were coming as well.
Without a moment’s rest, I was casting magic nonstop.
The Rag was a type of monster that caused a massive explosion.
The destructive force was enough to annihilate anything within 3m radius without a trace.
The areas where they exploded formed ditches, almost as if bombs were dropped there.
Due to them exploding, the underlings of Dark Lady were dying as well.
Looking at this scene, I couldn’t hold my anger back.
“Nooo! You pigs! Those are my stats…. Stop greedily looking at them and get out of my sight!”
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