Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 – The Luckiest Man
[Drain Monarch has been successfully enhanced.}
[Magic power increased by 10%.]
[Does not apply if the equipment is unequipped.]
There were only 100 Gems of Magic Power.
Looking at the success rate of the other gems, even a single success would be difficult.
It said 10% chance, but in reality, it would be surprising to have a 0.01% chance instead.
But as I just witnessed, the Drain Monarch ring had been enhanced on the first try.
“I knew I was a lucky guy!”
20 minutes ago, I was the very definition of unluckiness, but that was no longer the case.
If thousands of these lesser gems were the appetizer, the Gems of Magic Power and Gems of Blessings were the main dish.
Thanks to the Gem of Blessings, the Titan Boots already received such an amazing bonus effect.
I didn’t feel any exhaustion at all despite staying up for two days, but instead felt awake as though I had taken anti hypnotics.
I was the proof that there was no end to humankind’s greed.
I had obtained 3 Drain Monarch rings in the Unknown Dungeon.
Since 3 duplicates dropped, one could think of it as misfortune.
However, this ring had the bonus effect that I needed desperately.
If I used the Gem of Magic Power, the item could be destroyed.
You could think if this one as a spare.
The ability on it was as follows.
-Drain Monarch-
*Recovers 1% of the damage dealt to enemies as stamina.
*If a single attack deals 70% or more damage of the target’s max health, Monarch’s Authority skill activates.
*Monarch’s Authority: Summons servants of Marice, Monarch of Blood.
*Magic power increased by 10%.
Just from the name, one could infer that the ring had the ability to steal the health of the enemy.
Out of the artifacts I’ve gathered from the Unknown Dungeon, there were only a few with bonus skills attached to them.
Well, the only thing from it that I really needed was the ability to absorb stamina.
Generously, the description explained the skill in great detail.
“Is it like with Ghost, summoning those that one absorbed previously?”
My thoughts didn’t remain on the skill for long.
My attention shifted to the magic power bonus instead.
I had high expectations for what this newfound power could do.
I took out the M/F ranking sword that I got from Jong Ho before to test out the enhancement conditions of Butcher’s Sword.
Taking off my my enhanced ring, I casted Frost orb at it.
If it was the dungeon, I would have poured down Meteor, but this was my home sweet home.
Even if it was made with nanomaterials, it wouldn’t be durable enough to take my Meteor.
Despite being the lowest ranking F spell, it did quite a lot of damage due to being level 200.
It wasn’t enough to break the sword, but it completely froze the sword to the point of unusability.
Checking its power, I condensed an Explosion in my hand.
It was a fireball that wouldn’t go out until the target was reduced to ash.
If I threw this at the sword, it should melt instantly.
I moved the condensed Explosion near the sword.
To do a test, I needed the sword in its original condition so I could compare and find the differences.
I needed the frozen sword to thaw out so it would return to its original condition.
Thankfully, the sword was completely thawed out without breaking.
Confirming that, I immediately equipped the Drain Monarch Ring.
Soon, I would be able to find out what the magic power stat meant.
“Now, shall I see the force of 10% increased magic power?”
Preparing the Frost Orb at my fingertips, I fired.
“Shit! What… What the?”
Was the durability lowered due to having been frozen and then thawed out?
Was it because I wasn’t able to return it back to its original condition before testing?
Almost as if throwing a stone at a glass vase, the sword shattered into pieces.
It didn’t turn completely into dust, but the pieces were scattered everywhere.
Gathering them up, I quickly dashed outside.
It didn’t long to arrive at my destination, which was the Awakened market.
This was the place that I first sold the bloodstones that I earned.
The middle aged owner happily greeted me.
“It’s been awhile since you’ve come here. How…. Is the Awakened life treating you well?”
“Wow… It’s been a very long time, but you still remember me?”
“Of course. You’re the one bought Lightning Spray with the money from cashing in the stones.”
“Feels good to be remembered.”
“Hoho. Is there an item you’re looking for? Or are you here to cash in stones?”
“I’m here to buy a decent shield.”
“A shield? Weren’t you a magician? Well, um…. Would you be okay with a D or C ranking one?”
“No. I would like the A ranking ones.”
“Huh? A, A ranking ones?”
I could see the surprise on the owner’s face.
It’s to be expected, since he knows that I’ve become an Awakened only 5 to 6 months ago.
At the time, I didn’t even know what Awakened credits were and how to use them.
But here I was, trying to purchase an A ranking shield.
If it was a regular Awakened, it was hard to tell if they really had the money to buy it or was joking.
With a flustered look, the owner continued.
“We do have A ranking shields. The price though….”
“With one Awakening Essence, how many could I get?”
“You can get at least 4. But why do you ask…?”
“Here it is.”
“No… No way!”
I put the essence on top of the register.
To others, this would be a jaw dropping item of extreme value, but that wasn’t the case for me.
I had an entire pouch filled with these index finger sized Awakened Essences.
Picking up the essence, the owner moved about rapidly to confirm the authenticity.
Looking at me, he finally spoke.
“Due to the item being used as a trade medium in extremely expensive trades, I needed to check the… If you felt offended, I can apologize.”
“No. It’s fine.”
I purchased 4 A ranking shields and left the market, then headed into a nearby dungeon.
“Now the starting conditions are all the same. If I can see a clear difference, it means that magic power increases the damage of the spells…..”
I put each shield on a different cardinal direction far from me.
“If it’s an A ranking shield, should I at least use Lightning Spray? I could also check the 30% increase in lightning attacks as well.”
As expected, magic power increased the damage of magic spells.
However, 10% magic power did not equate to 10% increase in magic damage.
Without the ring equipped, the A rank shield was destroyed in 10 hits from the Lightning Spray.
While wearing the ring, it was shattered into pieces in 7 hits.
There were 50 Gems of Magic Power left.
I could enhance them safely by enhancing all the rings with the first stack before moving on to the second stack of enhancements.
Alternatively, I could risk it all and push on enhancing one as much as I could.
It was hard to decide, because I didn’t have that many gems left.
If the ring breaks, I could never get that 10% magic power increase on it forever.
“That’s why gambling is so scary. It makes you expect a ton from a very low chance.”
I used the rest of the gems on the rings that weren’t enhanced to second tier yet.
Due to my growth, I didn’t need the shield from the Louver set that much anymore.
If the ring successfully becomes enhanced again, I was planning to equip Drain Monarch even if it meant giving up the set bonus of Louver.
That’s why I was cautiously enhancing it, one gem at a time.
However, the failures continued.
[Enhancement failed.]
[Enhancement failed.]
[Enhancement failed.]
[Equipment has been destroyed.]
The ring popped just like that.
In an explosion of dust, it blew away into the wind.
I became the unlucky man once more as another ring was destroyed.
“I’m going crazy! Whew….. I think only 3 are left?”
Maybe due to being focused so much, I was sweating despite the chilly weather.
The enhancement failures and the destruction of the rings was driving me boiling mad.
Only 3 gems remained.
Seeing the effect of magic power enhancement firsthand, I couldn’t give up like this.
“Yeah. No matter which ring I equip, as long as I can raise the magic power stat, the gains are massive.”
I picked up one of the many accessories spread across the floor and put the gem next to it.
It didn’t matter what the original effect the equipment carried.
The 10% magic power increase was what was really important.
[Enhancement failed.]
[Enhancement failed.]
I couldn’t help but hold tightly onto the gem with enough force to the point where I wondered if it would be crushed.
The last Gem of Magic Power.
[Drain Monarch has been successfully enhanced.]
“What? Drain Monarch has been enhanced? What the fuck…. Holy shit!”
I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I got goosebumps.
The hand that was holding onto the gem also had the Drain Monarch equipped and had been activated to enhance.
If I was really unlucky, this ring could have been destroyed as well.
I was shaking for a while as beads of sweat covered me before I was able to think again.
“2… 20% It succeeded?”
Damn. Who knew I was the luckiest man in the world.
It was a mistake.
With enhancements, there was no acceptance or denial for activation unlike when you learn skills or Awaken skills.
This happened because the enhancement would be attempted via gem activation just by placing it on an equipment.
To think that it would be followed by such luck.
“Yeah! Woo!”
I couldn’t help but shout.
I was able to achieve something that could be considered a life changing comeback.
Stretching my arms up, I laid down just like that.
Then I began to think of what I’ve obtained with my battle with Ghost.
It was as if all the stress I got due to him evaporated all of a sudden.
‘Over 30,000 points worth of stats. Gems and Transcendence Essences. The bonus stats I gained from the gems. Out of all of them, the best is magic power.’
My moment of grinning ear to ear didn’t last long.
I urgently stood up.
It was because of the Roa’s Staff that had easily absorbed the transcended Meteor. 1
It was a weapon that absorbed all magic until the durability of the weapon ran out.
However, it was an artifact that couldn’t be used unless the user was the original owner.
I had just remembered that I brought it back with me, hoping that it could be absorbed by the Butcher’s Sword.
“A staff with no stats…. Would it be possible to use it to enhance Butcher’s Sword?”
I immediately headed into my room and brought back the staff.
After placing the sword next to the staff, sparks immediately began to fly from the sword.
Now I was sure that this was an artifact that absorbed weapons that had lost their owner.
-crackle crackle.
It didn’t make long for the staff to lose its form.
It was completely removed from existence, absorbed by the sword.
Before, the sword had absorbed Joker’s Asura’s Twin Blades, growing sharp jagged shark like teeth at the back end of the sword.
Now, a jade colored gem was embedded into the handle, glowing brightly.
I was sure that this was a sign that the weapon was absorbed completely.
“No way. Hey. That can’t happen. Perhaps. How can that make any sense?”
Inwardly, I had very high expectations.
However, I was trying to hide that feeling by being pessimistic.
Just like that, I looked over at the insane stats on the Butcher’s Sword.
-Butcher’s Sword.-
*Strength +2200+350
*Dexterity +150
*Total Strength increased by 15%.
*Two handed.
*Obtains 5% of stats from slain enemies.
“Absorbs all magic attacks. (88/250)
“Let the celebratory music play!”
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