Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – Unknown Dungeon
A huge mob of monsters stood before me.
Unlike normal dungeons, it seemed that there was a variety of monsters mixed in.
Each type would have different offensive capabilities as well as varied attack patterns.
Out of them all, there was a type of monster with an exotic color and appearance that caught my eye.
Using my Eye of Insight, I discovered the name of the monsters was Alrose.
“Oho. So that’s Alrose.”
Previously, I had mentioned Marble of the Supreme Ruler that Joker possessed.
That was the monster that was mentioned in the description.
A marble that would restore all your health and mana.
On top of that, your body would become immune to harm for 1 minute while increasing your offensive capability twofold.
If I take down an Alrose, I should be able to obtain the marble from it.
“I don’t think this is a number to take lightly though?”
There were just too many monsters around Alrose to only selectively target them.
Would I have to grab its aggro from afar using a single target attack spell from afar?
Or should I eat away at their ranks bit by bit starting from the corner?
However, these thoughts only lasted a moment.
“Wait. Why am I worrying about this?”
It was pointless thinking about this.
Even if their numbers were in the hundreds of thousands, or whatever fierce attacks come my way, it wouldn’t matter.
With just my Mana Shield and Meteor, these guys were nothing but a Mimic with attack capabilities.
And if they do have magic resistances, I still have my Formless Sword Aura and Piercing Sword.
A strategy that would be enough to cause fear in these monsters without sentience came to me.
First, I hid myself using Mass Stealth Jutsu.
Using the stats I received from Ghost and his goons, I ran with my newly increased speed.
I was planning to reach the center of the crowd of monsters.
“The strategy is to group them up and kill them all. Incinerate them to death. Beating them to death is the best.”
It was a simple run, but with each step I took, a portion of the swamp was crushed underfoot.
Sensing the noise and vibration, they looked towards where I was.
However, they shouldn’t be able to see me.
Probably just on guard due to the presence they sense from my run.
Just like that, I arrived at the central mass of all the monsters.
While passing by, I noticed that their size was quite different from what I noticed from afar.
Some were even large as the Devil Avatars I used.
Monsters the size of 4m were commonly spread amongst the rabble of monsters.
No matter where I looked, there were only monsters.
Perhaps other would feel different, but for me, this felt like heaven.
Now, I was going to begin my attack right here.
Those near me or come near me will die first.
Then the other monsters will come towards me, trampling over the dead bodies of their comrades.
This would allow a faster hunt rather than starting from a corner.
I conjured Meteor.
At the same time I attempted to attack, my stealth came undone and all their attention was focused on me.
[Experience 5,800,000]
[Experience 8,200,000]
[Experience 6,600,000]

I heard the notification sound of my experience continuously rising up.
To be honest, it was a huge amount of experience.
Taking into account that a level 34 dungeon monster gave 2,000,000 experience, this was amazing.
However, this wasn’t that important.
Ignoring that, I focused on the battle.
Looking outside the Mana Shield, I couldn’t see anything.
As if a grenade went off in calm waters, the shield continued to shake.
Of course, the reason why my shield shook wasn’t due to the monsters, but due to the destructive force of the transcended Meteors I was pouring out.
Despite not being able to see in front of me, I was able to locate their general position due to the Eye of Insight, allowing me to continue attacking.
It didn’t take long since I started the mass murder for them to thin out by half.
I had unleashed just a fierce attack that it was enough to make me worry if I destroyed any of the unique items or artifacts they may have dropped.
Monsters that were 4m in size were nothing more than giant firewood to me.
It was then.
I saw monsters breathing blue flames right next to me.
They were the Alrose.
If I had to describe their appearance, the best fit would be axolotls.
They looked similar to a certain salamander mascot for an automobile insurance company.
Contrary to their cute appearance, they breathed out flames in far greater volumes than their bodies.
“Goodness… They’re nearly cute enough to make me feel bad for killing then…”
The first move of spamming Meteors like crazy was to single out monsters from the rest.
It was aimed at those with physical attack resistances.
I expected this due to variance in the monster group, but it still surprised me to see that a single dungeon had monsters with both physical and magical resistances.
This meant that all monsters left, including the Alrose, have resistances to magic attacks.
Despite being cut down by half, there were still a lot of monsters surrounding me.
I immediately readied Piercing Sword.
Countless Butcher’s Sword poured out.
The teeth on the back of the blade glinted, almost as if waiting for my orders.
“I don’t think I can look.”
I couldn’t look at the Alrose being gruesomely butchered.
Despite being a monster, it was super cute.
The skill hadn’t transcended nor was it of the highest rank, yet they became torn chunks of meat before the A ranking Piercing Sword.
It must be due to the insane strength stat I had.
Unearthly howls and a huge number of monsters had filled the surrounding before, but they were all taken down in less than 10 minutes since my entry.
The floor was painted in blood red, while an awkward silence filled the air.
But why would that be of any importance to me.
The only thing I cared about was the loot.
Using the Eye of Insight, I began to search for any rare drops.
However, my priority was finding more of the Marble of the Supreme Ruler.
A surplus of bloodstones were present, similar to sand at a beach.
However, they only amounted to a lantern lighting up the dungeon to me.
There was no reason to carry stones when gold and diamond were in front of me.
“There’s no room for you in my duffle bag.”
Kicking away the stones with my feet, I was searching for the items.
Suddenly, I was curious of the staff I had and my status window.
This was a staff that had blocked Meteor as if it was blocking Ice Orb.
I looked at the staff in my left hand.
-Roa’s Staff-
*Absorbs all magic attacks until the durability of the staff expires.
*(Sealed) Cannot be used by anyone but the original obtainer.
“Is… Is that it?”
I thought to myself that I should beat this Roa fellow half to death if I ever come across him or her.
I mean, who makes a weapon with such little concern like this!
The ability of the staff was amazing, but there were no stats attached to it.
This was also sealed as well.
It could not be used unless it was the original owner.
Previously, however, Butcher’s Sword had absorbed Twin Blades of Asura to become stronger.
By doing so, it stolen half the stats that the twin blades had.
However, there weren’t any stats attached to this weapon.
Did that mean that it was impossible to use it strengthen my weapon?
Despite the concern, I planned to take it with me.
While inside a dungeon, I did not have the luxury to check if it is possible.
It could be similar to how Banwol Jincheon did not absorb the twin blades when taking down Joker.
With a doubtful hope, I held tightly onto the staff.
Glancing at the loot, I changed my view towards something else.
It was to check at my status window.
400 lackies of Ghost must’ve had quite the levels, as well as the 30 guardians.
On top of that, Ghost himself was taken down, so the stat gain should be insane.
[Level: 381]
“Already level 381? Well, I can’t exactly ignore the sheer amount of experience I gained from just this dungeon.”
Worried and anxious, I took a peak.
[Class: Magician]
[Ability: Does not run out of mana.]
“Yes, this ability. I thank it tens of times each day.”
Now it was the time for the stats to be revealed.
It was true that I was excited due to my expectations.
Finally, I checked the status window.
The first thing that caught my eye was strength.
Looking at it, I couldn’t help but stammer.
Strength: [610+20+300+2200+350+7150+1594] 12,224
“T…. Twelve…. Twelve thousand….”
My body had frozen, but my mind was still going, trying to figure out where all these crazy strength stats have come from.
One at a time, I calmly figured them out.
The 610 was from the points I invested while leveling up.
The 20 was from the Skull Ring, while the 300 was from the armor that Joker left.
350 was from my sword absorbing the Twin Sword of Asura.
But….. the stat that was over 7 thousand….
I had my doubts, but it was the truth.
I thought that I had obtained a massive amount of stats, but after looking at it directly, no words came out.
On top of that, the bonus that Butcher’s Sword carried gave 15% additional strength from total strength, granting me near 1600 points.
It was a situation where I should be screaming and dancing in joy.
However, I felt rather calm and collected instead.
I didn’t know why, but perhaps this is what it means to be at peace.
The peaceful feeling that I will no longer be under threat by anyone else.
After that, I check my mana.
Mana: ∞
Just as expected, the infinity symbol stayed, and there was no change.
The next thing I checked was my dexterity.
Dexterity: [310+150+3211] 3671
The dexterity stat had risen quite a lot as well.
The 310 was from my investment via leveling, while the 150 was from the upgraded Butcher’s Sword.
The 3,200 came from those I’ve slain.
Since dexterity was a stat that was usually invested last, I didn’t get as much as how much strength I was able to obtain.
The last thing that was left was stamina.
Stamina: [1010+300+24,322] 25,632
“Ah… Maybe I shouldn’t have entered the Unknown Dungeon?”
As expected, I had obtained the most on the stamina stat.
Unless it was a specialized class like the blacksmith, no classes existed that would avoid raising the stamina stat.
The amount of stat gained was beyond sensible.
It almost made me wonder if there was any point in obtaining any artifacts here.
And then I bursted out in laughter.
“Pfft! This is insane!”
The reason why I laughed was due to the final fight I had with Ghost.
I had fought against him without checking the stats I had obtained.
That’s why I put so much effort in avoiding his attacks.
It was a fierce attack pattern that left nearly no room to strike back, after all.
The amount of shields I had and the duration of them were limited as I received the skills beyond ranking.
However, if I look at my current stats, there really wasn’t a reason to have that resolve for the final confrontation after all.
Forget the shields, I could’ve just stuck on him and swung my Formless Sword Aura at him.
It was probably beyond my imagination the fear Ghost felt when he received my attacks as I lost reason from the Wild Beast state.
Imagine a flurry of attacks from someone with stats like these….
Clearing my mind of such thoughts, I quickly moved.
It was for the people who would be worried about me, even now.
“Loot and fast clear. Let’s go!”
While moving my body towards the massive horde of monsters in the distance, my foot caught on something heavy.
“Wait. What is this?”
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