Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – Ghost’s Ability
“Woah, woah. Don’t get so worked up now.”
I dashed towards Ghost.
My body felt very different from before.
It was to be expected, as I had stolen stats from hundreds of radical faction members.
It couldn’t be compared to the 5 points one would get from a level up.
The change was enough for me to confirm without a doubt.
The distance between us was only 10m.
Ghost stood there, relaxing about with a nonchalant smile on his face.
It was then.
Raising his hand 90 degrees from his side, he pointed behind me.
And then he spoke.
“What will you do?”
Ghost asked as he pointed behind me.
Naturally, I looked towards where he pointed.
I was aware that it could be a trick, so I casted the most powerful defensive skills of a paladin class, Iron Skin and Holy Block.
Turning around, I saw something important that I had forgotten about.
“That….. That is…”
“Kuku. Do you know about it? What that is?”
There stood the portal leading to the Unknown Dungeon.
It really took a certain numbers of sacrifices to form.
The portal in the level 25 dungeon did not form no matter how many times I ran through it.
Since all the monsters in the dungeon were taken out, the exit portal had also appeared.
Noticing that I had lost my focus to the portal, Ghost laughed as he spoke.
“Oh… It looks like you know. Did Joker tell you about it before he died?”
“Is that not so? Do you know why I brought all my subordinates in here?”
“It couldn’t be….”
“Kuku. That’s right.”
His bright smile instantly crumpled.
“I was in there for 5 years. Would it be more accurate to say I was trapped in there? The living hell I went through… Even now, if I think about it, my entire body shudders.”
“The reason why you brought them all here… It was for everyone to die so that you can head in there?”
“Correct. After I feast on your ability, it won’t be 5 years. I could take down that place in a single day and leave.”
“Feasting on my ability? You’ve been saying things like how tasty my ability looks or about feasting on it. What really is your identity?”
“Are you curious? Hehe. You’ll soon know.”
“Ah. That’s that. Do you know why you were stuck in there for 5 years?”
“Hm… That’s because I didn’t prepare at al-”
“Wrong. That’s because you were weak. It’s the same even now!”
Since I was already near him, it was only a matter of time before I got to Ghost.
However, Meteor wouldn’t work against him.
The staff that he held easily consumed the transcended Meteor almost as if mocking me.
I also didn’t have any information regarding the weapon he was holding onto.
It was possible that he could only block attacks that were fire type based.
Another possibility was that he would consume the attack and send it back to me.
Well, it shouldn’t be a problem since I do not have any attack skills that were beyond ranking.
Swinging my Butcher’s Sword, I casted Iceberg at the same time.
I was hoping that his staff could only block fire type attacks.
I couldn’t help but swear.
It wasn’t because my attack failed.
Contrary to my expectations, the sword that I swung that was enchanted with the Formless Sword Aura hit directly on his wrist.
I was planning to cut off his right arm that was holding onto the staff and pour down Meteor like crazy.
Was it the power of all the stats that Butcher’s Sword absorbed?
From the hand that was cut off, blood poured out like fountains.
‘How much did my strength stat increase by….’
“Ah….. AHHHH! How could you!”
Grabbing on to the wrist that had been cut, it was as if he was throwing a complaining fit.
On top for that, he quickly put on the helm that he took off before.
Acting like this despite receiving an attack that would greatly affect the battle, I was sure that he wasn’t sane at all.
Now he shouldn’t be able to predict the next Formless Sword Aura.
I wasn’t sure how many points had been added, but an incredible amount of strength stat was added.
If I was able to also proc Wild Beast as well, he would perish without as so much as a squeak.
As he backed off, I moved closer while speaking.
“You sure are energetic, even until death.”
“Ow, ow! It hurts!”
“Joker must have been something else. After meeting him, you don’t feel like much of a challenge.”
“Kuku. It’s all messed up. Guess I’ll use it a bit more before I throw it away.”
Making a strange noise, he charged towards me.
The short sword in his left hand changed to a giant sword in an instant.
In an instant, he appeared behind me.
Almost as if hesitating for a moment, he stretched out his arm and swung the sword.
It must be the True One Strike.
It was a single powerful enchanted attack that was beyond ranking.
If there was one difference, it was that One Strike only had a 3m range, but True One Strike had nearly 10 times the range and damage of the attack.
“If that was your final attack, you chose the wrong opponent!”
The greatsword was equivalent in size with a male body.
But the Butcher’s Sword easily blocked it.
Instead of just relying on skills, it was time to show off my physical strength that had been greatly increased from before.
Nearly a hundred Sword Auras went towards him.
The aura stopped before Wild Beast could even proc.
His entire body was torn apart as he collapsed, already dead.
As I said before, Joker must’ve been quite powerful.
Ghost was also a leader of the radical faction, but to be so easily defeated like this.
His golden armor was already torn apart to the point where it was beyond recognition.
“Guess it wasn’t that good of an armor.”
I immediately looked towards the staff instead.
It definitely had an incredible ability.
As I was trying to pick up the staff…
It was heavy enough to make me let a short grunt.
No matter how much strength I put into it, I wasn’t able to lift it up.
This didn’t make any sense.
My strength wasn’t enough?
No way.
Perhaps it needed mana, since it was a staff after all.
But that made even less sense.
I had infinite mana.
If it’s a weapon that requires a certain amount of mana to use, there wouldn’t be any weapons in the world that I couldn’t lift.
I tried to check it with the Eye of Insight, but I couldn’t.
Nothing like this happened before.
Then I heard a noise that was enough to get my ears ringing.
“Until the owner dies, no one can obtain it.”
Out of reflex, I slammed Meteor down.
Ghost was definitely standing there.
However, his corpse was definitely behind me.
In the same clothes he wore before, he was standing right next to me.
According to him, weapons that were bound to an Awakened could not be checked, even with the Eye of Insight.
Looking at my shocked face, Ghost spoke.
“It’s kind of sad to think that it would end that quickly. Now we really start.”
“The one you killed just now? Hm. He’s the one with the greatest presence, even if his skills are worthless.”
“Many presences exist in Ghost’s body. We all coexist in that single place. However, it would be probably difficult to see the others, because you’re going to die by my hands.”
His speech and the mood had changed from before.
Thinking about what the previous one said regarding these forms and abilities, it seemed that Ghost was able to absorb the ability and personalities of others.
Then the answer was clear.
I’ll repeatedly kill him until there were no more presences left in his body.
“Tens or hundreds, I’ll kill them all. I hope that all the pain you feel will be sent to all the others as well….”
With a single movement from his hand, an intense Howling was heard.
It was a summoned being.
Checking with my Eye of Insight, I found out it was a S+ ranking King Suwoo.
“You have quite the powerful summoned being. But I also have my own as well.”
With a cast, three giant Avatars spawned.
Electric type, fire type, and frost type were summoned.
Even if the skill was an S+ ranking skill, there were three level 200 Avatars.
Their combat prowess could not reach mine.
My side definitely has the advantage.
“Go. Butcher them.”
Summoned beings that were known for their huge size fought amongst each other.
Their blood and Fear filled the air.
I only looked at them for a brief moment, as I turned my attention towards Ghost.
If he was a summoner, without a summoned being, he wouldn’t be that strong.
Your overconfident attitude, I will see to it that it crumbles before my eyes.
“I’ll cut you apart as well!”
“Hyung-nim. Do you think something happened?”
“Hey! Don’t say that, even as a joke.”
“Ha…. I think I’m going to go crazy with worry.”
Jong Ho and Ho Jin were waiting outside the level 34 dungeon, sick with worry.
Min-Cheol told them to go home, but how could they.
Ghost and his subordinates had hidden themselves in the dungeon.
Just like that, 20 minutes had passed as they stamped their feet with anxiety, unable to enter the dungeon as they stood near it and only being able to wait.
Even if they entered the dungeon now, they would enter a different instance.
The picture in the smartphone that Min-Cheol looked at before entering definitely had his house in it.
It was definitely a dirty trick to make sure that a fight couldn’t be avoided.
However, Min-Cheol said to not enter even until the very end.
It was because he thought that the two of them wouldn’t be able to handle it.
Min-Cheol believed that if his opponent was strong enough to operate on his own, he was definitely at least the right arm of the Overboss.
Since they couldn’t ignore Min-Cheol’s words that were full of confidence, the two of the were standing guard here.
Jong Ho hated himself for not being able to do anything in this situation.
First Noblesse, then Joker, and now Ghost.
Despite growing a lot stronger, he was far too weak to fight against them.
The first meeting between Jong Ho and Min-Cheol wasn’t that great.
A child had appeared in front of him, requesting to board his vehicle when he was hurrying to move so that he could receive some of the rewards for defending against the portal explosion.
Even now, he found himself laughing when he thinks back to that time.
He couldn’t even think of what would’ve happened if he had pushed Min-Cheol aside instead.
Thinking about his own personality, it wouldn’t have been far fetched to say that he might have.
Half a year had passed since that meeting.
All sorts of incidents kept occurring, and Jong Ho was right there by his side.
However, he was feeling feeling a different kind of anxiety this time.
For some reason, he didn’t feel good about today.
He definitely knew firsthand about how strong Min-Cheol was.
On top of that, he also knew just how much experience Min-Cheol had obtained.
However, now, in this situation…
“How… How long has it been?”
“Haha. Maybe I mistook the time of entry, hyung-nim.”
“It’s been over an hour.”
“Hey. There’s no way. Are you sure that you didn’t misread it?”
“Well shit! This doesn’t make any sense!”
Just like that, one hour had passed since Min-Cheol had entered the dungeon.
Thinking about the time limit regarding dungeon entry, at least one of them should have exited.
Or perhaps, both had perished in there.
The outside of the dungeon that the two were guarding was eerily quiet.
“What is this! Why isn’t he coming out!”
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