Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 – Thank You for the Meal (2)
The attacks of the assassins that aimed to get the first strike were blocked by my Mana Shield.
Since they were high levels with great skill, the shield shook a lot.
However, the shield would not be broken unless a skill beyond rank was used.
Even if they did, my other shields would block it, and the Mana Shield itself had a 30% chance to block it as well.
They were divided into 8 squads.
One of them who hid their form reappeared with a yell.
Casting enchant to power up his assassination weapon, he threw it at me.
It was an attack from one of the leaders of the squadrons.
On top of that, those around him were pouring all their buff skills onto him.
“Focus on buffing our squad leader!”
“Here. Take this!”
The throwing weapon left his hand, flying with deadly intent.
The attack was buffed by several classes, raising the damage and attack speed.
The speed and power was confirmed by the shockwave it gave off as it flew.
The attack flew true towards me.
However, such a pathetic attack only became fodder for my Mana Shield.
Despite the attack being a failure, the owner of the weapon continued to mix in Teleport and stealth skills to launch rapid attacks in succession.
However, against someone like me with an ultimate ability, he easily lost his life.
I wouldn’t allow any more attacks.
Measuring up his power and sensibility, he appeared to be quite weaker than Jin.
I guess it was unfair of me to compare him to someone who worked directly underneath Joker.
I grabbed him by his neck.
Looking directly into his eyes, I spoke.
“The tom foolery stops here.”
His neck was twisted due to the incredible amount of force I held him with, and his face was a mess with all the tears and snot that covered it.
Flailing about, it seemed that he couldn’t breathe properly.
Struggling with his entire body, he suddenly looked up.
Almost as if seeing something that he shouldn’t have, his eyes that were bloodshot due to the vessels popping only great bigger.
Only then did he stop resisting, almost as if giving up on everything.
His breathing didn’t stop, but he had accepted the tragedy that was about to unfold.
That was right.
The upper portion of the dungeon was filled by 6 flaming meteors.
They were witnessing meteors covered in dark flames, something they’ve never seen or heard of before.
The amount, light, and size was enough to make them cower in fear.
Upon seeing this spectacle, the other squadron leaders began to shout urgently.
“De-Defensive formation!”
“Block it! Block!”
Following their orders, each member began to cast their skills.
Out of the bunch, the skill that caught my eye was from a shaman class, who used the skill call Cube.
It spawned room big enough to fit everyone in his squad, causing his squadron to be hidden from sight.
“Hide and seek, huh…. Then a crazy ‘it’ will find you.”
It was amusing to see the spectacle before me through the Eye of Insight.
They had gathered into a small room, each casting their own defensive skills.
The location was hidden, far away from where the other radical faction members were.
A 50 member squadron had used all their defensive skill, so they must’ve thought the Cube was a safe haven.
But those thoughts would change very soon.
“I wonder if that could block a transcended Meteor?”
I spread the grouped 6 meteors apart.
Each one landed exactly where I wanted them to.
“Ku… Kuuck!”
Its power was something else.
The Cube that was far away ceased to exist without a trace.
Not even their corpses could be found.
I only had used a third of the meteors, but to think that it would do this much.
In the previous fight with Noblesse, I had used a level 40 Meteor Call.
However, they gathered in a defensive formation and successfully blocked it.
I guess the difference now is that in the past, the skill required casting time and had a cooldown, so continuous follow up attacks couldn’t be done.
However, the transcended Meteor’s destructive force couldn’t even be compared to its predecessor.
Forget about preparing to defend, they couldn’t even utter a squeak.
It wasn’t just the Cube area that suffered like so.
Once near 400 strong, now only about 50 remained at the most.
Even those that survived were coughing up blood, holding onto their bodies with what few limbs they had left.
The man that I held in my grip had long since perished, hanging limply.
The temperature of the dungeon was enough to cook the flesh of the average civilian.
The scent of blood only grew thicker with the heat.
I was locating their position for a follow up attack.
The expression that Ghost had on, however, was not pleasant for me.
Roughly 60 were still guarding him.
In between them, I could see Ghost smiling.
He had lost hundreds of his followers in less than a minute.
Perhaps even excited at this scene, his body began to shake.
“Disgusting pervert.”
I couldn’t help but comment.
I quickly decimated those that were left in one swoop.
After all, I didn’t have any time to waste on them.
While I was catching my breath, Butcher’s Sword began to slightly vibrate.
They had vanished without a trace.
All of them should be at least level 300 Awakeneds.
No. They were probably far higher in terms of levels.
I was able to steal 5% worth of stats from all of them.
The amount should be tremendous.
A level 300 Awakened roughly had 1500 points of stats.
5% of that would be 75.
I would be gaining stats worth 15 level ups.
On top of that, I had taken out 400 or so.
‘75 times 400 would be…. 3… 30,000?’
I was already achieving cheat like growth from my limitless mana.
But the amount of stats this crazy sword absorbed could be considered even more cheat like.
However, out of the stats I gained, some belonged in the mana stats, and those were useless to me.
Strength: 100
Mana: 100
Dexterity: 50
Stamina: 50
If we take into account that some had the stats such as this, the stats I would be able to gain per sacrifice would be something like this.
Strength: 5
Mana: 5
Dexterity: 2.5
Stamina: 2.5
I would be like so.
I wasn’t sure how many points I would receive if I took out the mana stats from the healers and magician classes, but it would still be a crazy amount of growth.
Excited, I was about to check the stats on my sword.
“Beautiful. Your ability is incredible!”
Ghost put on a playful childish look as he trotted towards me, clapping his hands together.
Those that guarded him followed behind him.
It wouldn’t be long before they’d lose their lives to the black flames.
Were they coming to attack me without giving me any time?
I checked the cooldown of my shields quickly.
The grip on my sword tightened a little further.
Ghost spoke.
“Level 200 Meteor? You’re able to create 3 per cast? Wow. Your ability is… really tasty looking…”
“You’re crazy.”
“To annihilate 400 opponents instantly.”
“They were your subordinates. I heard that you went through something similar 15 years ago.”
“Kyaha! That’s right. Was it like that? But.. that’s because they were weak? Because. They. Were. Weak.”
“If I think about it now, it’s embarrassing how I was with them, even for a moment.”
“I don’t want to hear it. Are you going to fight together? Or should I start sending off your subordinates first?”
“Hm… But I want to see more though? That tasty looking ability, I mean.”
“As you wish.”
He looked towards his guardians behind him and spoke.
“You lot can’t die in one hit! Alright?”
“…Yes, leader!”
“We’ll take care of it.”
“Kuhuhu. That’s right! Give me the best show… Now. Go, quickly!”
They quickly charged in.
Each keeping a certain distance from me, they had surrounded me.
‘Not planning to die in one hit by not grouping up?’
That wasn’t a problem for me at all.
Cooldown? Cast time? That didn’t exist for me.
It was just that I’d have to fire in several directions.
If it came down to skill control, I was confident due to casting more than anyone else.
Flaming meteors flew down from above.
Not towards those surrounding me, but towards Ghost.
“Hm? This is against the rules.”
‘What! This is impossible.’
The Meteor Call that I cast towards him had disappeared without a trace.
The speed of my attack doesn’t even give time for defensive measures.
However, that staff held in his hand had sucked in all the meteors.
Not only did his class and ability stay hidden, but a weapon that absorbs even Meteor.
I didn’t expect it to be an easy fight, but now I was thinking that it was going to be difficult.
“How dare you! Protect our leader!”
“No, no. Don’t worry about me and continue to fight. I’m really looking forward to this.”
“Yes?… Yes!”
The confusion that Ghost caused only lasted a moment.
They began to pour their attacks at me.
A man with a spear and axe came towards me.
Spinning his body rapidly, he neared me.
My shield was being slice apart.
It was definitely a skill beyond ranking.
Mana Shield wasn’t able to activate, but instead Reflect Shield was being cut down while retaliating.
The skill effect looked just like Whirlwind.
‘Guess they’re not his personal guards for nothing.’
I wasn’t able to let my guard down even for a moment.
When I was about to cleave his head off with my sword, a Phoenix flew towards me with great speed from above.
It was a ranged skill used by the ranger class, allowing hits on not just ground targets, but aerial targets as well.
It was an A ranking attack skill, so all it amounted towards me was a red crow.
However, I wasn’t sure what ability it may have.
It didn’t make sense, but it’s important to be always prepared.
Since my offensive capability was thousands of times greater than theirs, there was no need to overdo it.
‘An attack that is more defense oriented.’
The fire bird that flew towards its mark was obliterated.
When they all tried to attack at the same time, I used Glacial Field to spawn a frozen area on the ground.
While their movements slowed, I cast Meteor Call.
Instantly approaching them, I landed Formless Sword Aura directly on them.
Without being able to do anything at all, they perished.
“KU… KUUH! Leader!”
Looking at them, Ghost complained.
“Hey! I told you not to die in one hit. I wanted to see his physical attack skills too…..”
“I’ll show it to you personally. Oraaa!”
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