Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – Ghost Is Moving (2)
It’s been 3 days since I’ve headed to the level 25 dungeon.
I had Ho Jin return me one of the Banwol Jincheons and was holding onto it tightly.
It was because Jong Ho and Ho Jin were going to use Balrok ring to hunt, so they wouldn’t need the extra strength stat.
I felt that I had to get a sword to replace this soon.
This wasn’t the first time I gave and then took this back. Despite owning it, I kind of felt bad.
In the taxi that goes to the dungeon for the first time of the day, I could see a few familiar low level dungeons passing by.
The entrance to the dungeon was far emptier than usual.
It’s probably because a lot of schools were starting up again after the break.
Most of the Awakened were high schoolers, so dungeons below level 10 were always filled with Awakened my age.
There were a few that Awakened in their later years, but most would be forced to go to school without a choice.
Thinking about that, a feeling of superiority took over for a brief moment.
It’s been three days, but this Unknown Dungeon’s gate did not appear.
The Lich King dungeon and Door to Hell had opened after nearly two weeks, so it was too early to determine if this is the wrong method.
I was clearing this for the Unknown Dungeon, but the experience I was earning here couldn’t satisfy me.
After all, I had tasted 2 million experience every two kills in the level 34 dungeon.
It’s reasonable that I wouldn’t feel any excitement from the experience I’m earning now.
Another factor would be how much I’ve leveled up in a short time, and the experience required to level up increased to match that.
Out of theories for the formation of the gate I discussed with Jong Ho, I was hoping that the second theory of the Unknown Dungeon having a low chance to appear to be correct.
If the last theory of sacrificing a certain number of lives was true…
To have that many people enter the dungeon?
You could only get so far by promising to run people through the dungeon while hiding your identity.
But in the first place, how could I kill those innocent people.
On the other hand, I was stuck thinking how good it would have been if the battleground where I took out the Noblesse guild was a dungeon instead.
I had the all-purpose ID from Ho Jin and Mass Stealth Jutsu that made me invisible to all.
The association and the Awakened entering the level 25 dungeon would never know of my existence.
“Is today another swing and miss.”
Originally, I had only planned on investing 3 days to find the Unknown Dungeon.
But now, I had changed my mind.
By leveling up, I could become stronger by obtaining 5 stat points every level.
But if I grew a lot more than my current self, the time it would take to obtain those stats via level up would take longer.
On the other hand, say that I’ve obtained an amazing artifact.
For example, the Asura Twin Blades that Joker had.
It’s a weapon that gives you 200 more strength and dexterity points than Banwol Jincheon.
It was this strong, even though it was the lowest quality that could drop.
I would be able to obtain 80 levels’ worth of stats in one go.
The Unknown Dungeon was the answer for me.
It happened when I was about to head home after hunting.
A lone man was roaming about in front of the dungeon.
It wasn’t just today.
For several days, it appeared as though he was searching the area from the same spot repeatedly.
It didn’t seem as though he was looking for a party or was trying to hunt.
It wasn’t enough for me to become wary of him, but I also couldn’t just ignore his strange demeanor.
It happened while I was stealthed, passing him by.
I could hear his mumbling.
The spell Silent absorbed all the sound I made, but sounds from outside came just the same.
I couldn’t see his face due to the helmet he was wearing, but I could definitely make out the words he was saying.
“He’s…. here…. Little… boy…..”
His pupils were shaking like a leaf.
The movement of his body was awkward, almost as if he was uncomfortable.
I thought he had a disability of some kind, and tried to pass him with some form of consideration for him.
However, the words I heard next made me hesitate.
“Joker… dead… Little… boy…. Killed… him… Kuhaha!”
I swore without realizing.
The man just mentioned Joker.
Perhaps it was me overreacting because I was too conscious of Joker.
But if you put together what he said, he said that Joker died due to a little boy.
It’s too much to be just a coincidence.
‘Is he from the radical faction? There shouldn’t be anyone who knows my identity other than Joker…’
I decided to inspect him some more.
It was to determine if he was just insane, or he was trying to find me after finding out my identity.
I was absolutely sure that he couldn’t see me.
He continued his monologue for a very long time.
All he said was what I’ve heard before, completely repeating himself.
Just like that, an hour had passed.
Nothing stranger occurred, so I thought I was being too sensitive and was about to leave.
Suddenly, he took in a deep breath and was violently shaking.
His eyes became focused, and his body steadied itself.
It was almost as if very talented actor had finished acting for the cameras.
Sniffling, the man spoke.
“Wow! It’s cold. I can definitely feel it… Strange?”
While saying that, his eyes met mine.
It was then!
“Pfft! Found you. Don’t stay hiding like that and come out!”
‘What? There’s nothing behind me. Was that for me? There’s no way I could be seen!’
I hurriedly check the location of where I left the Warp opened.
On top of that, I focused so that I wouldn’t miss any of his movements.
While looking at me, he continued to speak.
“Pfft! In the movies, if I say something like this, they come out. Guess I wasted my time.”
After making me worry like that, he looked around for the last time and went through the Warp.
I was sure that he was from the radical faction.
They say that a sad feeling regarding predictions are never wrong.
It looked as though he was urgently searching for me.
On top of that, the ability he carried didn’t seem to a joke.
Without any information, he was able to find out about Joker’s death and my location.
‘Damn it. I thought it finally became quiet….’
“Sir Zekill! All preparations have been made.”
“Good work, Dark Lady. I’ve heard that you’ve prepared 4 portals in total.”
“Yes, that’s correct. Two places for level 29, one level 30, and one level 31. This is how it’s been prepared.”
“Good… An hour after 20:00, blow them all up at the same time.”
“Also, use association president Choi Man Seo to find the location of portals near level 40 and start operations there.”
“Are you perhaps worried, Dark Lady?”
“N.. No, sir Zekill.”
“Our first goal is to get this nation expelled from the world wide organization for Awakened. The monsters from the explosions will be only a problem to take care of after. The damage that the association will take from trying to stop that will be a plus for us.”
“Yes. Understood. I’ll summon Choi Man Seo so that it can be prepared as soon as possible.”
Zekill took a sip of his tea.
He had a satisfied expression on his face, perhaps because he heard what he wanted to hear.
After that, he spoke to Ghost, who was seated next to Dark Lady.
“I heard that you went to the level 25 dungeon location in Seodaemun. Is it true?”
“Hm… How did you find out? That’s right. I went.”
“What’s the reasoning. The reason for why you’ve been there for a couple days. Perhaps, it has to do with Joker….”
“Hey… Why would Joker be at the level 25 dungeon. I sensed someone with a decent ability, so I was thinking about recruiting him.”
“The current state isn’t like usual. You probably know already. Assist with Dark Lady’s project.”
Almost like a child being lectured by their teacher, Ghost replied with a sad expression.
He was a man who couldn’t be figured out.
Drinking his tea once more, Zekill spoke with a serious expression.
“Joker…. No news of Joker yet?”
“Guess the Unknown Dungeon is pretty fun? I can’t get a hold of him at all.”
Dark Lady was barely restraining herself at how Ghost was addressing her boss.
Ghost was addressing the overboss Zekill, the one she followed, in a way that was no way proper.
Dark Lady sharply glared at Ghost.
Figuring out the meaning behind her glare, he made a goofy face and nodded his head.
“Ghost. Do you also not sense Joker’s location?”
“Yes. It’s so silent, it makes me wonder if he’s really dead or not. It could be that he’s hiding from us on purpose too.”
“Insolence! Damn Joker… How goes with managing the group Joker used to lead?”
“Currently, the sub leader who has a secondary class is leading in his stead.”
“If he does not show up until the next portal explosion I’ve ordered, bring him here. It won’t be long until we get into business, so we can’t have him sit at the rank of temporary boss forever.”
“Yes. Understood.”
“Will you go?”
“I look forward to the chaos that will be arriving soon.”
Finishing his words, his form was hidden from view.
Dark Lady, who was left in the house office, asked.
“The words you’ve said last time to me. Is it true?”
“What? About eating together if you come to Gangwon? Of course! When? When will you come?”
Dark Lady quietly took out one of her weapons, a short sword.
After that, she asked the same question again.
Sensing the serious mood, Ghost spoke.
“Hm… Guess I can’t get out of this willy nilly.”
“Joker is dead.”
Perhaps a bad omen or a good one, the man that searched for me in front of the dungeon could not be seen anymore.
Like a bug that enters one’s room and then disappears, the anxiety felt was far greater than relief.
It was because I wouldn’t know when it would pop out to surprise me.
After that, I continued to run the level 25 dungeon for two days, but the gate did not open.
If I didn’t know his identity, it may have been different. However, I could not waste any more time.
I temporarily put aside finding the Unknown Dungeon, and instead focused on my secondary plan, which was to obtain as much as benefit as I could from the level 34 dungeon.
It was for the defective essences and possible artifacts that could drop.
If there was one thing that worried me, it was that the man from before would suddenly come visit me out of nowhere again.
Just like how he appeared at the level 25 dungeon, he might do the same at the level 34 one.
If that happens, I’ll have to end him.
There’s no way that this could turn out well.
If I had definitive proof that he was from the radical faction when we first met, I would’ve ended him right then and there.
However, I only had a hunch right now.
I asked Ho Jin to find me another location with a level 34 dungeon since it could be dangerous to stay in the same spot.
Pushing aside pointless thoughts, I tried to head to the dungeon when it happened.
-crack. CRAACK!
“What the? Is this an earthquake?”
Even inside the abandoned mineshaft, the shaking was intense.
I thought of it as one of the recently common earthquakes, and continued to move once more.
I was thinking, no, hoping that the rumbling was an earthquake.
However, it didn’t take long for me realize that it wasn’t one.
The sound I just heard now was Monster Fear.
Since this was a place that people didn’t live in, one could guess that it was the sound of wild animals, but I was sure that this was the howling of a monster.
“Did another portal explode?”
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