Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Unexpected Event. Portal Explosion.
“You should not be afraid from just this!”
It was shouted toward the group of scared Awakened.
The owner of that voice was the magician ranker Yoon Jong-sun.
His gaze was focused only on the flying monsters on the horizon.
Without any trace of doubt, he was both bold and brave.
It could be due to the equipment he had on hand.
The Awakened around him felt something else from him though.
The aura he brought with him was something special.
He was strong and sharp like a whirlwind, but gentle as the warmth of the sun.
Around him, two healer classes stood.
It was for attack and defense buffs, as well as support skills that helped him recover a small amount of mana.
Looking at this scene, the Awakened began to whisper amongst themselves.
It was as if they were looking at a celebrity.
A guy who would only show up on TV and news was on the scene for a level 29 portal explosion after all.
“Is it Yoon… Yoon Jong-sun?”
“No way… That can’t be…”
“I’m sure of it. It’s magician ranker Yoon Jong-sun.”
As if replying to the whispers amongst them, he turned around and spoke calmly.
“I’m not sure if this old man can be of any help, but let’s stop them. It’s for our family and friends back home.”
“Ha… huh.”
“He’s the real deal?”
Words that seemed to belong in a novel.
The Awakened were astonished from confirming that this was indeed Yoon Jong-sun.
That only lasted a moment, as they gave out a fierce war cry. It was as if a thousand had rallied to their cause.
The Awakened assembled here did not come out of their own volition.
Even if they were the top 5% of their guilds, the level 29 portal monsters were a force to be reckoned with.
Each probably had their worries and fears about it.
A level 29 portal had never occurred before, after all.
But as soon as Yoon Jong-sun, a ranker that every Korean knew about, appeared, moral was through the roof.
Just from his words and presence alone, those around him regained their fighting spirit.
Yoon Jong-sun looked around to see those eyes that were filled with doubt now filled with determination instead.
With a smile on his face, he looked towards the monsters that were flying towards them.
His level wasn’t revealed to the public, but it was estimated that his level was around 550 to 600.
Korea’s representative top ranker, but he did not have a secondary class.
He had made his way to the top only with the magician class.
Due to the sponsorships he received from the corporate giants, there was a time when he was labeled as corrupt, only seeking money.
However, he only used his strength to assist his nation and his people.
His righteousness was known by many Awakened.
The monsters flew with ferocity.
Their forms could almost be seen with the naked eye now.
Yoon Jong-sun’s calm face seemed to show a small amount of dread.
Casting Silent, he spoke to the healers next to him on each side.
“These are not your average level 29 dungeon monsters.”
Both of the healers who could not find anything special about these monsters flinched at his word.
They both looked towards the monsters, and could not hide their astonishment.
“Something is wrong. General, when we entered the dungeon with you, the monsters were different in size.”
“That’s right. It looks like they’re at least 1.5 times bigger.”
“It’s going to be a difficult fight… Be prepared.”
“Yes general.”
Canceling Silent, he turned around.
More than a 100 Awakened stood before him.
He could not let the moral fall.
That’s why he had casted Silent so they could not hear.
Most probably never even entered the level 29 dungeon.
And even if they did hunt in there, they would have nowhere enough experience to compare to Yoon Jong-sun.
Looking at them for a brief moment, he spoke.
“This old man is planning to take command… Will you follow me?”
There wasn’t any who would disagree.
After all, the only hope they have of returning home safely was Yoon Jong-sun.
Taking their silence as agreement, he spoke to them again.
“The association magicians are delayed due to the Warp cooldown, and will be joining us in about 30 minutes. Let’s hold on until then.”
An unprecedented level 29 portal explosion.
There was no way that the association would sit still.
Since no one knew what could happen at any given time, ranker Yoon Jong-sun did not use the Warp skill carelessly, always having it ready.
The Warp cooldown was 12 hours long.
And just like the Blink spell, it did not have a skill level, so the cooldown could not be reduced.
He kept it off cooldown to make sure that he was able to get to the places that needed his help promptly.
However, he was the only one who did so, as others did not have a heart burning with righteousness like him.
Unless the rankers were commanded, they only moved quickly for their own benefits.
“Give us your command.”
“I’ll be your shield, so please be my spear.”
“What do you mean…”
“As you know, the monsters that are coming towards us are gargoyles.”
“Out of all the monsters humanity has fought so far, it is the most difficult monsters for us humans to take down. If you allow them to attack, your bodies will become petrified, turned into stone.”
The group began to nervously whisper amongst themselves.
Ignoring that, he spoke once more.
“The petrification occurs at a 50% chance, and even if you avoided that, their offensive capabilities are beyond your imagination. With your average health stats, it would be difficult to avoid being torn apart.”
“However, my Titan Boots will prevent the petrification. I will also be taking on all their attacks. If you could pour your attacks according to my command, then all of us can return home safely.”
“Sounds good to me.”
Finishing his little speech, his gaze returned back to the ocean once more.
And then.
As he raised his staff into the air, a powerful light powered out.
Suddenly, it was as if all the gargoyles were targeting only him, and rushed him accordingly.
The skill he had casted was called Crowd Clown.
It was an aggro skill that made all monsters within a large range only target him.
Almost half of the 500 gargoyles who were known as Mage Gargoyles began to pour their attacks on him.
Lightning bolts the size of soccer balls smashed directly into Yoon Jong-sun.
Quickly casting shields, he was blocking their attacks.
Both the healers also began casting buffs and shields on him.
Blocking their fierce attacks, he shouted.
“Frost! Use AoE freezing magic!”
To his command, they all began to cast their spells.
Each had their own skills to use, but all of them were of the frost attribute, giving off a blue glow.
Waiting for spells that had a casting time, he made sure everyone was ready before giving the command.
“Toward the Mage Gargoyles in the rear! Now!”
* * * *
Each time after clearing the level 28 dungeon, at least three text messages came out.
Using the data that was sent from the dungeon clears as a basis, the system determined who would be helpful to the cause, and sent texts accordingly to the target recipients.
It was the same for all the Awakened gathered here.
Those who were preparing to enter again had their phones constantly ring from all the message alarms.
The portal had exploded after 9PM.
It seemed that it wasn’t taken care of, even though it was nearing 12AM.
Unlike the succubi portal explosion, which was taken care of in 1 hour, it seemed that a difficult battle matching the portal level was occurring at this very moment.
Finishing my 16 hours hunting, I headed towards the portal that I casted before.
Using Warp for the first time, I couldn’t help but be surprised.
After I put my foot through the gate, I was sucked in.
In a blink of an eye, the surroundings had changed to the midget’s office.
‘Who knew it would be this useful.’
I felt stupid for not using it all this time.
At least the hunting grounds I went for weren’t that far away from the dungeons.
Exiting the empty office, I grabbed a taxi.
It was to head home.
It didn’t take long to arrive at home.
Mother was watching the TV in the living room.
“Did you come back?”
“Yes. I’m home.”
“What about food?”
“I ate around there.”
“Oh you. You should at least eat a homemade meal once a day.”
Hearing my mother’s nagging, which I didn’t mind at all, my gaze went towards the TV.
It was about the level 29 portal explosion today.
Following my gaze, she spoke.
“No matter what channel I turn to, it’s all about that.”
“How is it?”
“Didn’t you receive any texts?”
“Yes. It did come, but it was too far away for me to go…”
“Yoon Jong-sun or Yoon Jong-sun, apparently he’s at the frontlines blocking the monsters. He’s strong despite his age.”
‘Yoon Jong-sun… I met him at the dungeon where Louvier and Gwidon appeared.’
“Apparently since this is the first level 29 portal explosion, they’re struggling.”
“I see…”
“Go take a shower and rest. You worked hard today.”
“Yes. It is late. You rest as well, mother.”
Even after confirming mother returning to her room, I could not take my eyes off the TV.
After the portal exploded, high ranking officials were swiftly making their way towards the association headquarters.
Countless reporters surrounded them, camera flashes blocking their vision.
Kim Ho Jin’s face appeared as well.
“People from the association, of course.”
* * * *
They had gathered at the association headquarters.
From the vice division leader to above him, all had gathered due to the portal explosion today.
The president of the association, Choi Man Seo, spoke to the man by the beam projector.
“Begin the briefing.”
“Yes. This is the first time a level 29 portal has exploded. Currently in the frontlines, Yoon Jong-sun is spearheading the operation. In 10 minutes, other ranker magicians should be arriving…”
Before he could finish talking, the president spoke with ferocity.
“Hey. We already know all that. I’m asking if there is any new information! If we don’t take care of this portal explosion properly, the association will be disbanded, and we’ll all be done for!”
“Yes. This is coming in from some of the association members who are currently deployed. All monsters that have appeared at Jebu Island seemed to be gargoyles from the level 29 dungeon, but seemed to be at least 1.5 times bigger in size.”
“What? Is this true?”
“Yes. Ranker Yoon Jong-sun agreed as well. It is accurate.”
“Oi, head researcher. What’s happening?”
The focus of the room headed from the president to the head researcher, who studied monsters’ weaknesses, ranked them, and came up with strategies to fight them.
Adjusting his glasses, he replied.
“I… This has never been reported before.”
“What do you even do? Do you want to get destroyed by the public?”
“There is one thing I’m suspicious of…”
The head researcher, after shrinking away from the president’s yelling, carefully opened his mouth.
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