Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – Adding A Rhythm To Growth
After Kim Ho Jin and his associates left, I entered the dungeon without any issues.
However, when I tried to re-enter the dungeon by presenting my license, the machine replied.
-Invalid ID-
I tried once more, but the result was the same.
The ID was suspended.
‘They already suspended the ID that short span of time?’
I had predicted this ahead of time though.
Because the owner of this ID was nowhere to be found at the level 28 dungeon after all.
It was obvious that the ID would be suspended.
They also changed the identification machine as well.
Due to my ID being suspended, I could not hunt anymore.
I still had my ID with my name on it, but if I used this, it was the equivalent of me admitting that I was the one using the forged ID to enter the level 28 dungeon.
Even if I took breaks between the runs, the bugs would get in the way of using my talents fully.
That’s why the message I sent before entering the dungeon was to the midget.
I was planning to purchase at least 10 of these IDs.
The reason was as follows.
If I kept clearing the dungeon by swapping between the IDs and solo clearing, all the data sent would increase their suspicion and it wouldn’t be long before they suspend all my IDs.
They’re already suspicious of this whole thing already.
The IDs would only be good for one use then.
Then instead of using them one at a time, by using them all at once, it’ll look like I’m entering as a party.
My thoughts were interrupted.
A call from the midget came.
Instead of taking the call at the dungeon entrance, I used blink to get some distance before taking the call.
My stealth was not taken off as well for the same reason.
I spoke as quietly as I could.
I was using the Eye of Insight, but it was possible that there were others observing me without me knowing.
“Yes. What occasion would it be this time.”
“Just as the message said.”
“How many do you need?”
“How many can you get today?”
“Hm… As you know in this market, there’s not enough money for all the goods out here.”
“Then please get me 10.”
“Yes. I’ll be there in 2 hours.”
“Yes, yes. Understood.”
He didn’t seem very happy, and showed it in his reply.
Right before I hung up, I stopped myself and spoke his name once more.
“Ah. One more thing!”
“Yes. What would that be?”
“I need all the IDs to date before 2000.”
“Yes, that shouldn’t be hard.”
“Also make sure they’re all of different classes. That wouldn’t be hard, right?”
“Of course, of course. I’ll see you at the office in 2 hours?”
“Yes. I’ll see you there.”
The reason why I wanted variety in classes as well as the IDs to date before 2000 was that I didn’t want them to have suspicions if this was an actual party or not.
If the date was that far away, most people would’ve quite high in levels.
Even if they entered the level 28 dungeon, it wouldn’t be that suspicious.
After hanging up, I now had 2 hours of leisure time.
I knew exactly what to do with those two hours.
“Yes. Hyung, it’s me.”
“Hm. What’s up?”
“Out of all the level 28 dungeons, can you find out which one has the greatest popularity?”
“Why? Did your ID get suspended?”
“Yes. About 40 members from the association showed up.”
“Guess they really have their sights set on you.”
“I’ll be counting on you.”
“Alright, I got it.”
“Ah! Hyung, could I meet with you in 1 hour?”
“Sure. But why?”
“Hm. I’ll be visiting you in an hour.”
“Sure. Call me when you arrive.”
* * * *
After receiving my phone call, Jong Ho went outside of his house to greet me.
Not sure if he was about to go hunting, he was wearing simple clothing that one would wear under their armor.
Recently, he’s been hunting from late afternoon till dawn.
Not sure if he has a specific reason for doing so, but it seemed that the group he hunts with seem to hunt at that time as well.
Seeing me, Jong Ho happily greeted me.
“Yo. Bro.”
“Hello, hyung.”
“What brought you here today?”
“Surprise gift?”
“What. Doesn’t look like much of a surprise with the expression on your face?”
‘Oh boy. This guy.’
I gave him both Banwol Jincheon that I was holding with each of my hands.
“Use this, hyung.”
Hearing my words, his expression grew stiff.
And with a rare serious voice, he spoke to me.
“I’m going to the level 28 dungeon, so I have no need for a blade.”
“Do you know how much this cost? Do you know how many essences you need to purchase this?”
“Who said I’ll give it to you? I’m lending it to you.”
“Why? Why not hold onto it?”
“To use the ID and the gross fake hand imprints, I won’t have enough hands to hold the weapons.
And they could also make a lot of noise. It’s really annoying, so you should use them instead.”
Hearing my reasoning, a smile appeared on his face.
Guess he couldn’t hide it.
I mean it is a rank M/A Banwol Jincheon after all.
With the current B ranking weapon he was using, it was on another level altogether.
If you factored in the bonus strength stats the weapon provided, it was a weapon at least 5 times stronger than his current one.
With a face full of happiness, he asked.
“Can I really use it?”
“Looking at your expression, it looks like you’re already using it though?”
“Hey you! You’re supposed to pretend that you didn’t see it.”
“Since hyung is a dual wielding warrior, seems it met its master.”
“Yeah… It really is a surprise…”
“You do admit, huh?”
“I admit 100%.”
Jong Ho held both weapons with each of his hands.
I went behind him massaged his shoulder.
Jong Ho was confused and asked.
“What are you doing? Are you planning to end your life soon? Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
“Come on, you’re going to have to stand tall and proud in front of the guys who are about to hunt. You’ll have to be ready.”
“Ah. That’s true. I guess I’ll have to warn them to not let their jaws drop too much.”
“Anyways, I met with you today to give you this. I’ll be going now.”
“Sure. Thank you. If you need it back, just let me know, okay?”
The day I get back my Banwol Jincheons is the day I’ll be taking down Joker and the radical group.
* * * *
After meeting Jong Ho, I headed to the office to pick up the 10 IDs.
As I asked, all the IDs were dated before 2000, and with a variety of classes.
Giving the price they asked for, I left.
I finally arrived at the Awakened market.
It was to purchase the skill I needed to ensure smooth sailing with my task of leveling.
“Please come in.”
The store assistant welcomed me with a stiff greeting.
“Do you have the warp skill book?”
“Of course.”
The assistant finished answering me and guided me through the store.
Out of all the skills books filling the store, the assistant brought a tall step stool to reach for the warp skill book way up above.
After using a smartphone to scan the skill book, the book was handed to me.
“It’s the Warp spell.”
“Yes. Can you ring me up?”
“Do you not need any other items?”
“Ah. Please give me Silent as well.”
Warp was a skill that most classes obtained as part of the basic skill set.
It’s a skill book with a 12 hour cooldown.
It made a gate to the location I wanted to arrive at.
I wish that it would let me travel back and forth, but it was only a one way trip.
But for someone who hunts for more than 12 hours a day, it was not a problem.
It was a skill that made a barrier which blocked out all the sound around it.
It was to silence the ID terminal when I was trying to sneak in.
‘Guess I’m done preparing. Shall I go?’
Listening to the advice that Jong Ho gave to me about where the most populated level 28 dungeon is, I headed for Hanam.
I wish I could get there immediately using the Warp skill, but it only allowed the user to teleport to a place they’ve been before.
Guess I’d have to use the taxi this once.
* * * *
I finally arrived at Hanam’s level 28 dungeon.
I could not see the regular crowds of people I was used to seeing at the manticore dungeon.
All of them were from guilds or through connections.
Because it was a dungeon that was difficult to clear on just a whim.
About 100 Awakened members were outside of the dungeon, maintaining their gear.
With a party of 8 to 10 per group of course.
The level 28 dungeon was long and had many monsters.
A 10 man party took 1 hour to clear it once.
Most Awakened used up all their mana after one run.
That’s why it would take so long to prepare for their next run.
I had to be hidden while using the terminal.
And not only did I have to use one ID, I had to use at least 8 along with the fake fingerprints.
If it was a low level dungeon that had many people constantly entering and exiting, I would never get close enough.
Stealth only hid my body, not turn me into a spooky ghost or something.
In front of the dungeon entrance, I casted Warp.
The Warp was connected to the midget’s office.
I could connect it to my room, but it was safer to connect it to the office instead.
The gate that was spawned was the shape of a portal before it exploded.
But instead of being purple, it was blue.
Since the skill had a 12 hour cool down, I casted it to start the cool down early.
‘Guess I’m done preparing to return home.’
From a corner far away, I casted Mass Stealth Jutsu.
Then I moved toward the entrance, looking around to make sure I was in the clear.
Because I could not progress if a group was ahead of me, getting ready to enter.
It would take a minute, but it was good to be sure.
Other than talking about gear or discussing strategies, they weren’t doing much.
‘Guess I’ll go?’
I stood in front of the terminal, and casted the Silence spell.
It was a level 1 skill, but the range was quite far.
Even if the level was low, it should be able to easily block out the noise from this machine.
As I used the IDs, I kept a good watch around me.
‘Because of all these bugs, I have to live like this.’
After that, I used the fingerprints.
Everything worked as planned, and I was able to enter the dungeon.
* * * *
“Wew! I thought I was going to suffocate.”
Entering the dungeon, I was able to complain aloud.
Since I didn’t have to look out for prying eyes, I could relax.
It should be okay to talk in this isolated space.
With powerful skills in each hand, I charged forward.
Since this run was delayed for two hours, I tried to do it faster.
After killing all the dust lizardmen, I arrived at the end.
The boss was waiting for me.
Union Lizardman was its name.
Eating all the corpses of the lizardmen, and even running off with their armor and weapons, this was the boss of the dungeon.
The disgusting bugs from before, it was kind of obvious I guess.
They grouped up to form the shape of a giant lizardman, hence the name.
With the armor and weapons they’ve taken, they haphazardly put together this frankenstein of a monster.
The inside was filled with bugs that looked similar to water striders, controlling the mass of bugs as if a single body.
It was disgusting, but I had to face it nevertheless.
Because the armor they drop is amazing.
“Please drop this time!”
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