Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – Coming To Me On Your Own
It’s been a week since I met with Se-Jin.
Since there was no follow up, I could tell that Se-Jin did not make the report.
I’ve only delayed the inevitable annoyance I would have to deal with, but time was essential to my growth.
I couldn’t help but feel relieved.
And if this report made me known to the world, the association as well the government will not leave me alone.
My time to train would be decreased as a result.
Not only would I lose time, but Jin and his group would be able to confirm my growth, which could lead them into acting quicker than if they were left in the dark.
All I wanted to do was quietly earn money and laze about…
Learning about my infinite mana ability, these bugs keep swarming around me.
If there is a fly in the room during summertime, it’s obvious one would kill it and proceed to sleep.
Bugs are just bugs.
Rip their wings so they cannot fly.
And step on them to kill them.
* * * *
The day after, I tested out the S ranking skill Formless Sword Aura.
The skill wasn’t very complicated.
It casted each time I swung Banwol Jincheon.
Of course I could toggle it on and off as I wished.
But why would I toggle it off when I have infinite mana.
I knew nothing about wielding a sword.
However obtaining this skill allowed me to wield them without any issues.
I casted the sword aura on the Cerberus found in the level 21 dungeon where magic did not work.
As expected of a high ranking monster, it tried to avoid the attack by reading my killing intent.
I had aimed for its throat, but it received my attack with its back.
A huge amount of blood spilled from the deep wound, but it did not budge an inch.
However, it could not resist or react to the attack that followed.
“Ku.. Kaa…”
Exactly as the skill description read. After the first hit, the target cannot read or detect my sword aura for the next attack.
It did not have the time to determine where that attack was coming from and avoid it as well.
It had to receive my attack with all its senses sealed away.
The skill could destroy a level 21 monster in two hits.
Of course the first one was to apply the skill effect.
So really, it only took one attack to take it down.
From the sword to my hand, I could sense the tendons and bones being sliced apart, down to the minute details.
It gave me quite the goosebumps.
Almost like fighting your first Black Ghost in a dungeon?
However all monsters in the dungeon were just money to me.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Meteor and Iceberg both have leveled quite a lot.
I already have Awakened both skills after all.
After reaching level 100, both skills had their cast time and cool downs reduced by half.
The 10 minutes it took to both cast and wait for cool down had been reduced to 5 minutes.
If I was able to reach level 100 again after Awakening them, I would be able cast them without any cast time or cool downs.
Fire Shock and Gravity Laser had already reached level 100.
I had now arrived at where I can level up no more.
I had one Awakened Essence left!
I was planning to use them on either Formless Sword Aura or Glacial Field, depending on whichever hit level 100 first.
If I was able to master A+ and S ranking skills, I’d be something akin to those cheat-like characters.
* * * *
That’s how my hunting ended for that day.
Trying to get rid of the disgusting smell covering me, I was heading home.
Over encumbered with all these Blood Stones, I didn’t think I could be happier right now.
Since most Awakened avoided this dungeon, the area was quiet and still.
The restaurants and bathhouses were quite far away.
I was turning a dark corner that did not have a street light.
A bright red light came into view in front of me.
That light, I knew that glow.
I could tell it was Jin at once.
I could not make out the face, but it was almost as if that disgusting smile was visible.
Even if this area wasn’t dark, the shadowy mask would be covering it.
I was half glad to see him.
I was going to kill him one day. He came on his own.
I walked towards him.
Since I had just left the dungeon, the shield from Louver’s set was on.
And I was wearing the Lich King’s armor set.
I would only take 40% of the damage he dealt.
Casting all my shields, I walked towards him.
One more thing. I believed.
He was calmly staying in place.
“It’s been awhile, kid.”
He spoke in a mocking tone, as if taunting me.
His eyes were filled with confidence.
Was it because I wasn’t able to land anything the last time I attacked?
There was no way I was going to let him walk away alive today.
Pushing down my anger, I spoke to him.
“I said you will die the next time we meet. Did you think it was a joke?”
“Heh. Always a funny kid.”
“The offer to work with us. Did you think about it?”
“Offer? To take over the world? Not even funny. You know even villains don’t dream about that stuff nowadays?”
“Going against the flow till the end I see. Can’t be helped I guess.”
“What. I guess the order from above came? Kill the kitten before it grows into a tiger?”
“Since you already know, guess there is no need to explain.”
“Do I look like a kitten to you still?”
To my question, he pulled out his weapon.
He had never used a weapon before.
Instead he pressurized the air to use Assassin Weapon Throw before.
Him using a weapon must be a lot more deadlier.
“Even if you get in the way, you cannot change the tide.”
“Those with strength take control. Those without can do nothing but follow… Not very different from the current affairs, no?”
He took out a short sword the size of an upper arm.
He continued while giving out intense amounts of killing intent.
“Those you tried to protect, even they will bow their heads and wag their tails to the new world.”
“Did you know you made two huge mistakes. Should I let you know?”
“One. Without knowing your place, you pulled out a weapon in front of me.”
“Ahaha! Amusing as usual.”
“Two. I’m one heck of a mama’s boy!”
Finishing my words, I casted Hold and Bind towards him.
His feet was bound tightly, and he could not move at all.
I stabbed him with Piercing Sword.
However, just as before, only black smoke remained where he was.
This wasn’t a dungeon, an area designated by the association, or even the Noblesse guild.
If I used anything like Meteor or Iceberg, the ruckus would bring in tons of people.
While hiding his form, I could only listen to the sound of his laughter.
“Ahahaha! Again, kid.”
‘I have to kill him quietly. As painfully as possible too.’
An attack towards my head.
The short sword Jin was holding onto was stabbed into my shield.
It didn’t take long for the weapon’s form to disappear, as well as the shield to recover.
His attacks with a weapon were different from before.
Even with the 40% damage reduction, he had caused this much damage to my shield.
‘Awakened Assassin Weapon Throw. His attack skill with a weapon. Such power.’
A few seconds after the attack, a red glow flew in front of me.
Going through all my shields in one hit, the short sword scratched against my armor.
Aiming for the heart and neck, the weapon was stuck into the shoulder plate.
I was casting Mana Shield.
It was definitely a skill beyond ranking.
“KUHAHA! Seems you’re quite shaken, kid. Is it because the Mana Shield you trusted so much has become useless?”
His voice coming from the shadow was filled with confidence.
Recasting my shields, I grabbed both Banwol Jincheon with one hand.
If it was a regular sword like the one made by the blacksmiths, it would not be possible.
But the Banwol Jincheon that Gwidon dropped was plenty capable of doing so.
Once more came his cross cut attack.
He appeared before me again.
“Are you planning to grab me with your left hand or something?”
“Looks like you enjoy playing hide and seek. I really dislike running around to catch someone though.”
“Childish words from someone who’s about to die.”
Swinging my 2 stacked swords, it sounded like the air was being cut apart.
I had casted Formless Sword Aura.
As if sneering at my pathetic attempt, he casually hid his form.
It was then.
Almost like grabbing smoke, I held him by the collar.
“Fun huh? Guess hide and seek is over? Now you’re it.”
In panic, he attacked in a flurry of slashes and kicks.
Attacking as if an animal with both feet, trying to rip apart his opponent. Reminded me of a wild animal, maybe like a cat.
Oh well. Without much concern, I slammed him to the ground.
With my near 1800 strength, the ground split.
The shock made his body go limp, as if a building that lost its foundations.
However there was no need to worry.
Most assassins raise points into dexterity, so their recovery rate is incredibly high.
This kind of injury should heal within moments.
He can’t die yet.
Red blood flew from a fit of coughing.
Still, I did not let go of him.
Well, it could be fun to let him go so I can catch him again and bring him to near death.
However, I could not waste time, even if this is an area that’s desolate for the moment.
The reason why I was able to catch him as he hid his form in the shadows was the Eye of Insight skill that the midget got me.
A skill used by priests, it gave the user the ability to see through objects.
It was used for monsters that used stealth. And for detecting bosses.
However, the skill level needed to be higher than the monster’s skill level for stealth.
One amusing thing I found is that this skill did not work on mimics.
You could only find it by swinging blindly through the air until you hit something.
I had gotten the skill to level 100.
Jin’s Shadowstep was either level 100 or something below that.
Unlike Shadowstep, which gains experience each time it is used, the Eye of Insight gains experience per target hit.
To monsters that weren’t using stealth, their weaknesses were revealed.
It was, without a doubt, a very useful skill.
What if Jin’s Shadowstep was above level 100? What made me so sure?
Even if an assassin placed all their points into mana and kept using that skill for 40 years every time it was off cool down, it was impossible to master it.
At level 100, it would take 97 million experience to level up or so?
From his mouth, a painful moan came out.
“Kuhuk! Kuhuh!”
“There’s no time. Hurry up and heal.”
Facing the red glow from him, I continued to speak, expressionless.
It didn’t take long.
Almost as if his neck was realigning, he began to heal back up.
“Kuh.. how did you…”
“I’ll start the questions. You don’t have to answer all of it like a good boy. You’ll be telling me everything anyways.”
“Per question, 1 cm.”
“What… do you mean…?”
“Every time you avoid my question. The amount of your body that you’ll lose. It’ll be cut away instantly.”
I took off his mask, and stared at him with the eyes of a hunter looking for its prey.
“Where are they? Where are your bosses at?”
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