Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Smash, Charge (7)
“Kuh! Ugh!”
A single instant attack towards me.
All 3 level 100 shields shattered pathetically.
I had even Awakened the Reflect Shield.
An amount of damage I never seen or even heard of.
At my stomach, two holes each the size of my fists appeared.
Like an open facet, blood poured out.
My organs began to spill out one by one.
‘Ma… Mana Shield!’
I fell on my knees.
Both Banwol Jincheon had left my hands a long time ago.
This kind of a lethal attack, I have not received since the Kelvacore.
With all my strength, I covered the whole in my stomach.
Despite that, blood continued to pour out without any signs of slowing down.
Who did it. A person who’d be able to deal such an insane amount of damage with precision.
Regaining my composure, I casted heal with the hand that was covering the wound.
With the other hand that was holding onto the ground, I focused to make sure I continued casting Mana Shield.
The 200 or so left, as if waiting for this final chance, was firing off all their highest ranking magic and physical attacks on me.
If I did not level up my heal to 100, I would not be able to get out of this dire situation.
The punctured stomach began to heal.
My body began to regain the warmth lost from all the blood loss, as well as the color that was turning pale beforehand.
It was quite the dire situation.
Everything almost ended in one attack.
“Ha.. Ha… That was dangerous.”
It was a crucial mistake to cancel my Mana Shield due to time constraints.
My wound healed perfectly.
Now that it came down to this, I could not abandon the Mana Shield.
Guess I have to use one hand to defend and the other to attack.
My highest damage skills Meteor and Iceberg both had a cast time of 4 minutes.
And they also had the cooldown of 4 minutes.
Instead of those 2 skills, I had to use the lower cooldown Fire Shock to cause as much as damage as possible.
Each of my hands held Banwol Jincheon once more, and I glared at them with fury.
Watching me regain my composure, their faces filled with fear.
Some of them even began to back away.
It’s to be expected though, since there was someone using skills from all classes without a care in front of them.
With fearful looks, they looked to one another.
Those who were backing away dashed towards the exit.
However, it was only for a moment.
Those who ran towards the exit, their heads were chopped off by the secretary with the sunglasses before they could even get near it.
Cleaning the blood off the blade, the secretary said to the shaking crowd.
“Fight. Master did not give the order to retreat.”
The body that had its head chopped off was still standing.
Like a fountain, blood began to spray from the neck.
Those around the headless man could do nothing but cry.
The secretary pointed his sword once more at the crowd.
Only now did they seem to have snapped out of fear.
I decided to take care of the extras after I take care of Park Hyun and her guards.
I couldn’t continue to waste time.
I casted ‘Brave’s Protection’, its red hue enveloping me.
Increasing my attack power, I swiftly dashed to Park Hyun’s location.
30 minutes left!
Due to the long fight, seems they’re running out of mana.
They did pour all their skills at me.
Definitely low on mana.
All warriors stopped their ranged attacks and began to close in for close quarter combat.
They were in my way to Park Hyun.
“Out of my way!”
Extras that aren’t even being protected by the healers.
One Fire Shock was enough.
The Awakeneds that tried to Cut, Heavy Slash, and use such skills became ash.
Despite burning them to ashes, the flames still burned fiercely.
I ran through them, spreading fire.
At my 1700 strength stat slashing, those resisting were hacked apart.
Blue, the devil avatar arrived near Park Hyun.
It was the only one still alive.
It raised a giant knife that looked like a table knife to the skies.
On the blade, there were bloody remains of its victims.
The blood of the Awakened that were chopped apart without remorse were frozen into icicles from the frost aura.
With its roar, countless icicles began to fall from the sword.
However, Park Hyun and her guards did not react.
The avatar’s skill that rained icicles were about to swallow them.
It was then.
“Block it, Shetrick.”
Park Hyun opened her mouth.
The elderly lady standing within the group.
The one who had reported the total count of the assembled to Park Hyun.
Staring at me directly as I charged at her, she raised her hand and released a massive flame tornado.
The fierce ice attack disappeared without a trace.
Seemed to be a magician class.
‘Definitely someone to worry about.’
Her focus changed from me to the avatar.
Since the skill became useless, it swung its sword.
Suddenly, the staff that the elder was holding onto became huge.
It turned into a sword made of magma, pulsing molten rock as if alive.
Arriving to the giant avatar’s head, she precisely struck without any wasteful movement. With that, the avatar was destroyed instantly.
I had used Louver’s Bracelet to cast Devil Avatar.
But she was skilled enough to take that out in one hit.
Blue did its job.
He distracted them and bought me time.
I could’ve gotten to them faster using Teleport, but there is a reason why I ran at them.
It was because I was in the middle of casting Meteor Call.
The casting finished, and a level 40 Meter was falling atop of them.
All tanks came together.
No matter what kind of a tank you are, it wouldn’t be enough to block an attack like this.
The armor they wore shattered apart into dust.
But guess they used all the mana they had left to use defensive skills.
There were still 3 secretaries, Shetrick, and Park Hyun herself still standing behind them.
I took another step towards them.
‘Gravity Laser.’
They had spent all their mana, and could do nothing as the laser enveloped their forms.
Max range. Area of effect. There was no way the extras could live.
Now, 5 were left.
The final bosses.
I stood before them.
An icy aura began to form at the tip of my sword.
It took 4 minutes to cast.
Putting the sword on my shoulders, I asked.
“Do you still think I can’t escape alive?”
“… You arrogant little shit.”
Holding onto her wand with enough force to cause cracks, she grinded her teeth.
There was only one way out of this battlefield.
And it was behind me.
“You said you’ll be going to the guild battle soon? Guess you don’t have anyone to bring anymore. Maybe you could put some of the bloody chucks of flesh back together.”
“I’ll rip your tongue out!”
“Ah. Let me ask. The attack that broke all my shields. Who did it?”
“Looks like it’s not the four left here. Must be the assassin who tried using the Dagger Throw?”
Obeying her command, the three secretaries pulled their swords out and charged.
They moved as one, striking at me in one fluid movement.
Their attacks had no chance to work on me.
The bloody sword was blocked by the Mana Shield, shaking in its tracks.
Pulling back their swords, they fixed their stance and stuck right by me.
Looking at their attack with leisure, I focused only on casting Iceberg.
With incredible speed they slashed.
Trying to cut down my shield with Whirlwind?
“You think you can cut me? Try using a blender. You got 2 minutes until you get sent to the afterlife.”
The sunglasses man casted Piercing Sword like a madman.
Countless swords came towards me.
But they didn’t move as he intended.
It was a skill that caused damage by going through the target repeatedly.
But the swords that were blocked by the shields fell to the floor weakly.
The swords continued to pour, but the result was the same.
“1 minute.”
It was then.
I was casting Mana Shield without a doubt.
But how could this be?
My wounds were reopening.
This wasn’t an attack skill that was beyond ranking.
And there was nobody nearby who had that capability.
Even if there was, this wasn’t an injury from an attack.
That’s it. It was Park Hyun’s ‘Status Negation.’
The skill was used to return the target back to its healthy status before receiving an injury.
However, this bitch had used it to return me back to the state of being injured.
Since it was a healing type of spell, Mana Shield did not recognize it as an attack and could not block the skill.
The secretary’s Piercing Sword targeted my whole body once more.
If I can just focus, I can make it.
Seems his mana also ran out.
Piercing Sword costed 10% of your max mana afterall.
It also looked like the Whirlwind used before took a lot as well.
Yelling out what was a mix of screaming and yelling, I finished casting Iceberg.
Immediately I poured healing on myself.
With its massive range, even Shetrick got caught up despite being positioned far back.
Almost like doing puzzles or a rubix cube, the inside of the iceberg shifted.
With it splitting the targets apart and the massive temperature drop at an incredible rate, Iceberg delivered a massive amount of damage.
Shetrick was holding on using her Mana Shield.
However, there was no way she had the mana capacity to receive a level 40 Iceberg.
Other than Park Hyun, the targets were shattered apart to the point where it was hard to recognize their forms.
I was too busy healing to watch them die though.
“Making a hole in my stomach twice. Damn! I won’t let you die so easily. Park Hyun!”
“M…monster! You monster!”
Park Hyun started to back away, trembling like a leaf.
Even if she was a murderer, she was at her own execution.
If someone saw the noose that would hang them, they would probably have this expression.
She too was a person.
I healed enough to be able to move around again.
One of the 4 that was trapped in the Iceberg, I could see a piece containing a wrist.
The wristwatch read 7:45 pm.
“There’s still 15 minutes left!”
Even I’d admit that only a devil would say those words.
If you asked how far can humanity’s cruelty go…
The answer could be the mass murder I committed today.
“For you bitch, this is only the beginning!”
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