Novel Name : I Never Run Out of Mana

I Never Run Out of Mana - Chapter 43

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5 minutes went by slowly.
Park Hyun stood up from her set, and passed by my shoulder.
All three trainee secretaries followed her swiftly.
In the elevator, one of the secretaries pressed the button for the 12th underground floor.
Behind them stood Park Hyun and I.
Park Hyun spoke without a hint of emotion on her face.
“How about changing your mind now? Too much of waste for you to die now.”
“Didn’t I say before? Start reflecting on your actions. Well, even if you have a change of heart now, nothing would change.”
“Your foolishness is hastening your death.”
“Say that in hell, with all your goons next to you.”
“Even to the end… you do not take the opportunity give to you.”
“Let me ask one thing.”
“What were you trying to use me for?”
“Pfft. By the way, those glasses really suit you.”
Park Hyun was probably laughing at my question by suggesting that she already knew about the camera build into the glasses.
It didn’t matter though.
Whatever her goal was, the fact that she will die won’t change.
“Your ability to notice is something else.”
“But how unfortunate. The 12th floor we’re going to, no signal will go through. If we give the video from the lobby to the association, I can easily explain why you died within this building. Then I just have to get rid of that camera and it’ll end cleanly. Right?”
There was not a single incorrect word coming from the smiling woman.
If it went the way Park Hyun wanted, tomorrow’s papers will have the front page as this.
A man who forced his way into a guild located in the southern sector.
To gain entry, he had murdered 13 guards.
In an attempt to stop the man, all the guild members came.
While trying to put a stop to the man, he continued to struggle and perished doing so.
Something like that?
“A pretty good scenario.”
“Will it only be a scenario? I’ll be filming soon, so please look forward to it.”
“I think you’ll fit the main role a lot better, Park Hyun?
“I hope you keep up that confidence till the end. Heh.”
* * *
Ding. Underground, 12th floor.
At the 12th underground floor, the glasses became filled with black and white static, along with the sound of buzzing.
Guess what Park Hyun said in the elevator wasn’t a lie.
Most likely the camera built into the glasses is not functioning anymore.
Well it doesn’t matter now.
Thanks to Park Hyun’s overconfidence of a 100% victory.
I was now able to annihilate them without anyone noticing.
The underground area was very similar to somewhere I’ve seen before.
It was an area that exists in every association building, a perfect replica of the arena for guild battles.
The square ceiling. The floor, walls, and the ceiling were made of the same materials.
If there is one thing that’s different, there was spectator seating.
I wasn’t sure if it is illegal to have a place like this within the guild.
Could be a place to practice for guild battles.
I spent a brief moment looking about.
A leader-like beautiful elder ran up to Park Hyun.
“Noblesse guild 532 present, none absent! That is all.”
Other than the secretaries, I could tell that the elder was the general for the Awakened gathered here.
‘Oho? Look at this?’
There were far less people than what I saw at the guild war before.
I didn’t know the total number, but I was sure that it shrank.
Following the elder who finished the report, Park Hyun stood the center of the guild members.
They were armed alike. In the center was Park Hyun.
A lady who had 500 guild members following her.
“After seeing all this, do you still think you can get out of here alive?”
“What do you think?”
“Impossible. There won’t be a corpse left to find.”
“Since we’re on the topic of corpses, if it wasn’t for all of you planning to use my mother, I was at least planning to let your corpses be returned to your respective families. But you already crossed a river you shouldn’t have.”
Hearing my words, Park Hyun instantly turned to stare at Sangmin and Jae Hyuk expressionlessly.
Other than those two, no one else would reveal that information to me.
Gaining back her facial expressions again, she spoke.
“You’re going to die anyways. After that, your precious mother’s life is not of any importance. She’s not needed. Isn’t that a relief?”
“Funny. But looks like the number of your members dropped? Guess you’re working them real hard?”
“Pfft. 21! People who made a stupid decision like you. You’ll be joining them soon.”
“Even with that face, you talk like a scum really well. So scary. Let’s fight already and get this over with.”
Soon as my words finished, magic flew from all directions.
The group had spread out in pairs of 40 to 50 like the time in the guild battles.
Park Hyun retreated to the rear.
By her side, 40 or so members including the secretaries stood to guard her.
I was positive that was the elite squadron.
Over 500 members had begun their attack simultaneously.
From one side, high class magic was being cast.
While keeping distance, all classes poured their ranged attacks relentlessly.
To attacks like this, using Frozen Shield or Reflect Shield was a bit too dangerous.
Even if it took some time, it would be best to continue keeping up the Mana Shield I casted before.
As if getting rid of weeds, I felt the battle would go a lot smoother if the weaker ones were removed first
I raised my hand and received their spells.
In a split second, Louver’s Ring absorbed massive amounts of mana and sent them to the bracelet.
The bracelet shone with bright radiance.
The next skill would be an empowered skill more than twice as strong as the regular cast.
Since I was using Mana Shield, I could only cast a spell with one hand.
That’s why I needed to choose an effective spell.
First I used the monster in a pocket! Devil Avatar.
Even now, I was not used to the Howling they used every time I summoned them.
Blue, Yellow, and Red.
Frost, lightning, and fire aspects were summoned, one of each.
I think my luck is pretty good.
There probably are members who have high resistance to one type of element via passive skillbooks.
Thanks to Louver’s Bracelet, the summoned had a far larger body than what they usually had.
The summoned avatars began to blast spells without remorse.
They attacked anything I determined them to be enemies.
That would be all life forms in front of me.
Awakened with low resistances due to being low level began to fall one by one.
Jae Hyuk and Sangmin were included in this.
Didn’t really care for Jae Hyuk, but I did have a soft spot for Sangmin.
However. Now knowing everything, I did not need emotions like that for this.
The battle ground the Devil Avatars went through, only annihilation stood in their wake.
Charred black, bodies that were shattered to pieces. There were bodies covered in blood, barely still alive.
The avatars didn’t hesitate for a second, continuing to attack.
To the injured, healers began to cast healing spells from afar.
The battlefield was enveloped in chaos swiftly.
The healers couldn’t focus because the screams were mixed with the sound of battle.
They couldn’t leave formation and go around healing.
To the healers, I casted Hold and Bind.
“No need for doctors!”
There was a reason why I didn’t use an attack skill on them directly.
Healers. A class that raised their mana stats primarily.
If they casted ‘Flash’ that all classes can use to try escaping…
It would get annoying.
To end it quickly, they needed to be targeted first.
Hold and Bind were no longer single target skills, but had become AoE due to being leveled up to 100.
Other than a few high level healers, all were frozen in place.
A giant stone golem’s hand rose from the ground and grabbed their feet.
A net shaped Hold tied them up in place.
They couldn’t move a muscle. I used Flash to approach them instantly.
To the approaching reaper, instead of running, they couldn’t even move gasp in horror as they were stuck in place.
To the grouped bunch, I caste Fire Shock.
‘Awakened Fire Shock’ struck with bursts of flame.
I didn’t even look behind me.
There was no reason to look at the pathetic deaths of those who couldn’t even move or scream as they died.
After 10 seconds of its duration, I couldn’t even find a single trace of them.
It was possible because the skill level was at 134.
Park Hyun, who was far away, wasn’t panicking a little bit.
If her thoughts of me having ‘high mana regen rate’ was correct, my mana shield should’ve been broken already.
But unlike her expectations, I was absorbing all the magic being thrown from all directions without any issues.
Moving in front of those she was being guarded by, she began taking command.
“A ranking healers! Retreat back to your assigned areas!”
With one word from her, those who had ignored both Bind and Hold with ease were absorbed into their respective groups.
The healers stood in the center of their formations.
“Cast Mass Heal! Tanks, bards. Cast defensive skills! All magicians, cast your highest ranking spells!”
Mass Heal was a skill that allowed healing on the injured within a certain radius.
The mana cost was equivalent to the amount healed, so it was a heavy costing skill that only healers could use.
I didn’t have enough time to take out these pinheads one by one.
I had to take them all out and get out quickly.
I was against time from the start.
The reason was that Noblesse had a guild battle to attend to in 40 min.
If they didn’t attend, the association will contact the guild.
Because to not attend was against the agreement made with the opposing guild and with the association.
The punishment depended on the times they didn’t attend.
There were cases of all guild members not being able to enter dungeons, or even losing their Awakened licenses.
And the entire guild is currently at a location where signal doesn’t work.
The association hunters that will come looking for the guild that’s missing will be suspicious of the building that is sealed shut.
And if they see the horrible state of the inside?
I was going to get blamed for everything that happened, since I didn’t have a single bit of alibi.
With Iceberg and Meteor Call were at level 40, the duration had been lowered to 4 minutes.
But to hit all those who have spread out, the affected area wasn’t big enough.
I was casting Gravity Laser and giving them continuous damage.
However it wasn’t doing much, as they had already formed up ranks.
Even if the skill was Awakened, it couldn’t go through all the magicians’ shields and the tanks’ defensive skills.
“Damn. I don’t have time for this.”
Finishing my thoughts, I stopped casting Mana Shield.
The shield stopped covering my body.
Immediately, I casted Reflect Shield, Frozen Shield, and Spirit Armor.
At the lowest, they were level 100 spells. It wouldn’t break against attacks like these.
I casted Flash to get between the two formed ranks.
One on each of my sides.
Around 100 people were clumped together.
Eyes of the Storm. And Typoon Hole!
Above both groups, a massive whirlwind formed.
“Let’s see how long you last.”
Both skills spun them at an incredible rate.
Spinning at massive speeds, it already started to pull in everything.
Those who had already spent their mana were swept off and grinded to a pulp.
No matter how much defensive skill they use, they won’t last long.
They were receiving a massive amount of damage from the synergy between the two skills.
All perished within 3 minutes.
The grey tornado had become red with blood, and shredded bits of meat flew about everywhere.
The rain of blood colored my next target in red.
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